Supremacy as an Ideology

If you are anti-racist who cares about humanity and the future of humanity, please download this power-point presentation and keep it as a reference file

Supremacy as an Ideology

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  1. Nahida, I’m unable to open this file. Probably my fault ! Joseph

    On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 12:19 PM Poetry for Palestine wrote:

    > Nahida Exiled Palestinian posted: ” If you are anti-racist who cares about > humanity and the future of humanity, please download this power-point > presentation and keep it as a reference file Supremacy as an Ideology ” >


  2. Can you please use your Keynote and EXPORT this presentation into a Powerpoint document, ie a .ppt or pptx files. Thank you.

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    • I am sorry but I am not sure how to do this, as I don’t have Powerpoint

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      • Nahida,

        Same here, am unable to open KEY files such as the one in link. I do not have power-point neither. As to convert it to another format, it seems to require a cloud account, which i don’t use.

        This is quite annoying, as the topic of this presentation is capital, currently, as true information is completely suppressed.

        For example Google, which is the most common ‘search engine’ (a misnomer as it only regurgitates one set of views). In Google search, the words ‘supremacy as an ideology’ yield tens of pages, of which 99.99% mention only ‘white supremacy’. As if no other supremacist ideology past or present would exist. It viciously conceals three capital facts:

        -firstly Google conceals the damning reality that ‘jewish supremacist ideology’ is the main supremacist racist ideology of our time, and it also conceals the enormous volume of Crimes committed present and past, to further the aims of that specific ideology.

        -secondly it also conceals the fact that the ubiquitous resurgence of all racial ideologies, including the sordid primitively racist ‘white supremacy’ garden variety in recent years are arguably concocted, fomented, organized and financed mainly by judeo-zionist organizations.

        -thirdly, it undermines science, by promoting the toxic nonsensical theories that there would be an inherent ‘superiority justified by race’. These theories constitute regression into dark ages and superstition, as they these racial theories have been debunked by science a long time ago.

        The aim is the destruction of the delicate social fabric and culture that were factors of peace.

        That our identity would be based on the ridiculous notion of ‘race’ is totally absurd, and socio-toxic. There is only one human race.

        To find the race subject popping up simultaneously everywhere like a disease, and in such magnitude, should by itself be sufficient to realize that ‘race’ and ‘supremacy’ are used as a weapon from the arsenal of weapons used against humanity by the same villains, to split and conquer.

        I hope you will be able to provide a link usable by the lesser techno-savvy people like me.


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