The Future of Palestine

Future of Palestine


the Palestinians, cannot accept any solution that does not address the
MAJOR issues in this lopsided “conflict,” those major issues are:


1)       We are equal in our humanity therefore should be treated equally


2)      We have been wronged; our rights, our land and our identity have been robbed from us and must be given back


3)      Jews
are neither an ethnic group nor a special people, they have no
privilege over us or any other human being, and hence, they cannot
claim ownership of
Palestine simply because of their Jewishness


could the world expect the Palestinians to recognise Israel’s right to
exist as a Jewish state, when in fact that is not only killing the
dream of every Palestinian refugee of returning home, but it also gives
a precedence to a unique situation.


exempts the Jewish people from being treated like the rest of humanity,
as based on their Jewishness alone, they demand special treatment,
preference, and exemptions from all the laws that bind the rest of


They demand to take over someone else’s land for a claim that this right is given to them by God


They demand to have superiority over another group of people who don’t share their Jewishness


demand that the world should acknowledge their right to go back 3000
years in time based on a claim that some people who share their faith
in Judaism had lived in Palestine in antiquity, yet they are horrified
that we ask to go back to our homes from which we were driven out 40 or
60 years ago!


A cousin of mine, who is Palestinian of course but was working as a teacher in occupied/ stolen Palestine (the zionist entity that some call “israel”)


cousin was trying to be friendly to a Jewish teacher, so he said to
him: “you know, we are both cousins, we are all children of the same
grandfather, we must find a way of living together in peace”


The reply of his colleague was chilling

said: “yes indeed we are cousins, but you must remember that you are
the children of Hagar, the slave woman, and we are the children of
Sara, the free woman; therefore, you must realize that you the
Palestinians, will be forever our slaves”


This nauseating mentality IS the root of the problem in Palestine:


This supremacist attitude

This arrogance

This contempt of the other

This superiority complex



they justify their attack and occupation of the already inhabited land
of Palestine by a claim of a God-given right made exclusively to the
Jewish people


they see themselves superior with the false claims such as being God’s
chosen people or being light unto the nations or of making the desert


Thirdly: they want to preserve a Pure Jewish state at all costs; even if that means dismissing the rights of all others


they, unlike any other nation, are getting away with every violation of
human rights imaginable without ever being held accountable for their


Are we ever going to see a change of attitude within this community?


It’s only through a real alteration of the Zionists’ mind-set that a solution could become possible


We, the Palestinians, we can compromise, we can negotiate, we can share, we can give much, but ONE thing, and ONE thing only, that we CANNOT negotiate, nor compromise, and that is our HUMANITY


We might be able to forgive the zionists, and move on


We might be able to share our land even with previous enemies


But what we will never be able to do is accept them as our superiors


Nor would we welcome them while they are still committing their crimes of murder, theft and oppression


Reconciliation is only possible with a revolutionary change of attitude within the Zionist community


And that’s is not up to us to do


The ball is in their court now, and has always been


It’s up to the Jewish people themselves who live in occupied Palestine to work on that change, if they want to spare themselves God’s justice


can take oppression for so long, but there comes a time when a
threshold is reached, then things could literally change overnight


Their might will not protect them then


What will, is what they’ve managed to preserve of their humanity


As for those who wonder about Hamas:

It would be helpful if you have a look at this scholarly article on Hamas by Khalid Amayreh


with regards to violence and attacks on civilians, Hamas is not proud
to kill any innocent person, it has continuously offered cease-fire and
a complete halt of attacks on civilians but that was ALWAYS rejected by


Hamas offers to renew cease-fire with Israel

Friday, June 16, 2006



Israel rejects Gaza cease-fire offer

Sep 21, 2007



Ehud Olmert rejects Hamas’ offer of cease-fire in Gaza Strip



Olmert rejects Hamas cease-fire offer

Tue., December 25, 2007




April 25, 2008



Israel rejects Hamas cease-fire offer as humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza

Fri Apr 25 08



Coming to the point of israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state I would say:


start with; there is no country/ government/ system/ regime on earth
that demands the right to exist and makes that demand “holy” and


Yet again, israel,
with its self-proclaimed righteousness and with the virtue of its
special-ness, feels entitled to ask those whom she robbed them of their
homes, of their dignity, and of homeland to recognise her right to
steal and thrive at cost of their genocide and ethnic cleansing!


Israel feels no shame in demanding to be recognized as a racist entity (as a Jewish state)


feels no shame in demanding to exist at the expense of hundreds of
annihilated villages, hundreds of thousands of corpses, and millions of
homeless refugees


Israel feels no shame in demanding the right to build its nation on the destruction of another


feels no shame in expanding what she acquired by sheer brutality at the
cost of devastated landscapes and ruined ancient alleyways


feels no shame in demanding that the world should adore its glory at
the melody of weeping widows and howling of terrified little ones


Hamas and the Jewish state:


problem – as Palestinians- is not with the Jewish people nor is it with
Judaism; our problem is with the injustice inflected upon us for almost
a century now.


For no crime (except being Palestinians) we were made to be the sacrificial lamb of Europe’s sins, we paid the price for Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people.


Hamas nor any Palestinian would have any problem getting along with any
ethnic or religious group of people. As Muslims we’ve done that for
centuries. In fact the golden age for the Jewish people was when they
lived under Islamic rule and as they escaped the inquisitions of
Europe to find refuge and protection in Muslim lands.


we have serious problems with ethnic cleansing, injustice, oppression,
racism, fascism, tyranny, and the claim of superiority of one nation
over another.


Unless these issues are justly addressed and resolved, our world would remain in turmoil.


are constantly been asked to recognize “Israel’s right to exist as a
Jewish state”; but no one seemed bothered with the fact that “Israel”
never recognized “Palestine” or the Palestinians’ right to exist on
their own land. No one seems to be bothered with the fact that “
Israel” hasn’t and never had any defined borders that they want us to recognize.


But most importantly no one seemed to question the morality and ethical grounds on which “Israel” was founded.


not only has no right to exist as a Jewish state (for the apparent
racism that’s embedded in this definition) but also has no right to
exist as a state and a political system. Period.






The moral and ethical grounds upon which “Israel” was founded are extremely problematic: 


a) When the Zionists adopted Palestine as a home land for all the Jewish people they ignored the fact that Palestine had already its own native Palestinian inhabitants, with a very small Jewish minority of 2.5%.


The early Jewish refugees did not come with a friendly attitude with
intentions to live in peace with the native Inhabitants of
Palestine, but rather with the mentality of colonising and ethnically cleansing of the natives.



They did not come with olive branches in their hands; rather they came
with tanks and machine guns, they engaged in extensive terror attacks
on the native Palestinians, they were building their armed forces ever
since until it became the fourth most powerful state in the world today.


d) The natives were never asked and their opinions were dismissed by those powers who decided to give away Palestine -which the don’t own-


e) Israel’s recognition as a state (by the United Nations and the International community) was conditional to Israel abiding by UN resolutions <b>including the right of return</b> of Palestinians; which were never implemented by Israel.




continuous existence of such a state (as defined by the hegemony of one
particular group “the Jewish” over the rest of its citizens) is
deplorable logically, legally, and morally:


a)  Logically unacceptable;

 as by definition “”Israel
is a Jewish state; in order to maintain its exclusive “Jewishness” it
denies millions of exiled Palestinians their basic human right; namely
the right of return to their homes and their families.


b)  Legally unacceptable;

the inability of this entity to comply by the conditions laid out by
the international community, and inability to abide by any UN


c)  Morally unacceptable;

the fact that since its inception over the past 60 years, this entity
managed to prove to the world time and again the decay of its moral
fibre; as it sank deeply in the abyss of wickedness and inhumanity.,
through displaying her acts of terror, cruelty, and ruthlessness with
no shame or remorse.


continuous existence of such a state is morally questionable; as by
definition “”Israel” is a Jewish state; in order to maintain its
exclusive “Jewishness” it denies millions of exiled Palestinians the
right of return to their homes and their families ignoring their basic
human rights.


When Hitler called for a purely Arian state the world got up in arms against such an exclusive racists regime.


can such a state demand the right be recognized and to be secured when
the very foundation on which it was established are immoral? How such a
state should continue to exist when by its very definition it is
insular, exclusive, aggressive and racist?


I as a Palestinians would like to see is an all inclusive state of
Palestine, on the whole land of historic Palestine, a state for all its
citizens, where all races, religions living side by side on equal


state with no walls between its peoples; where no one is denied their
basic human rights for their religious or non-religious beliefs, no one
is denied justice for their race; no one is prevented from returning to
their homes on the basis of their ethnicity. If that should mean an end
to a racist exclusive Jewish state so be it.

(by the way the Jewish state is NOT the Jewish people)


And if I may speak as a mother, seeing my beloved Palestine divided is like seeing my baby chopped in half!

pains me enormously, I would rather accept to share my baby with an
impostor mother, who claims my baby as hers, rather than having him
sliced into two pieces


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