O You Little Ones, For You I Grieve



For Alisa and Gabriel, and for every child that lost their precious life, or ever suffered abuse, satanic ritual abuse, or cruelty in any shape or form

For every child that was let down by our ignorance, apathy, or lack of action

I stand before you hanging my head in shame for my inability to help in saving you from the evil that befell upon you

All I can tell you is that I grieve for you every moment of my existence. With every grain of my being I reject the evil that is harming you, and I pray to be able to take part (no matter how small) and to help putting an end to it all.

Who made the children cry

Who tried to steal their souls

Who screamed horror in their innocent ears

Who spewed terror in adrenaline-filled hearts

Who chased them up in bushy jungles when all was dark

Who hunted them down like pheasants or sparrows

Who chained them below in creepy dungeons

Who torn tiny fearful bodies apart

Who left them shaking in their beds at night

Wet pillows, trembling limbs, frozen sights

Glazed looks, depleted senses, numbed emotions

Praying never to rise up, or see daylight

Eyes tightly shut to fend off endless nightmares

From which there’s no waking up or running away

Who are the devils in human form

Walking grey corpses, deadly dead eyes,

Souls sold to Lucifer for money, power or fame

To them I say I loath you

I cast you away with all my passion

May you reap what you have sown

You worked for Hell with vigor

You earned it well as eternal home

Not Made to Order



Poetry is not a structure

Not a mind proposal or brain design

Has no angles no corners no lines

No building blocks or cement to hold

Cannot be forged or made to order

Neither produced on a magic board

Nor constructed by thinking more

Organically flows from a different realm

Chasing footsteps of fairies unseen

With butterflies it floats serene

Grips, throbs, sways and blows

Leaving a tail of stardust behind

Sometimes like a river

Quietly runs within your veins

As it matures a barrage burst out

Madly gushes through your soul

Lightening, thunder and a waterfall

Sometimes like a tree

A seed so small no one can see

Slowly digs roots deep down below

Calmly rises above the ground

As time goes by soaring it stands

Sometimes like a flower

Wild ethereal subtle refined

Not of this world but Heavens above

An angel’s whisper graceful sublime

Tickles your heart with balsam divine

Of Life and Death



Materialists say:

Death is the End

Of all there is

Consciousness annihilated

Dreams, tears, struggles,

Kindness, morality, aspirations

Deleted… permanently

As if never existed

Thoughts, emotions, ideas, artistry

Love, laughter, memories, joys

Wiped out

Entirely… Eternally

Without a trace

Only matter exists

When a body dies it disintegrates

A lump of flesh

A pile of decaying compounds

The saint and the foe in the same hole

No feelings, no conscience, no loss no gain

No awareness, no future, no joy, no pain

People of faith say:

Death is nothing but a new beginning

A birth into a world supreme

Expansion of consciousness

Beyond time and space

Explosion of feelings, creativity and perception

Far beyond material experience or worldly restriction

A transformation from density of matter

To sublimity of the soul

An awakening to the majestic Truth

From the confinement of illusion

As if a mystic dance of subatomic particles

Constantly traveling, forever arriving

Perpetually swaying

Entangled in a mysterious web of duality

Yearning to the oneness of the Divine

A breathtaking journey, matter to wave, darkness to light

Life and death are intertwined

super imposed

A galactic twirl spiraling up in a glorious cosmic tale

Now, you !

 What do you say?

Examine Your Loyalty



This is just a whisper in the ears of Jewish “supporters” whose blind loyalty to Jewish “israelis” obfuscates their reason and disturbs their sense of justice:

Palestinians have been fighting the monster that is the Jewish state, for seventy years, against all odds, against extreme disproportion of power, and against the betrayal of friend and foe, yet there is no weakening in their will to resist and no sign of them giving up any time soon.

Generation after generation they have held their ground and vowed to continue their struggle until the FULL LIBERATION of their land. In their songs, in their weddings, in their funerals, in their celebration of the birth of their babies, in their schools, in their trips, in their prayers, in their mosques, in their churches and even in their dreams, that is because they LOVE their land in a way that you can never feel or understand, thus their willingness to sacrifice

Ard أرض in Arabic means Land, and Erd عرض means Honour

Palestinians say loss of one’s Land is loss of one’s honour

So if you want to help them achieve FULL LIBERATION, putting aside all other tribal interests and tribal distractions, so be it, otherwise spare us your help and stick to fighting your own little battles with bogus “antisemites”

Do You Really Want to Help?



Jewish “israelis” and Jewish anti-Zionist advocates of ODS (One Democratic State for all):
Your brethren have stolen three decades of our lives selling us the lie of two state “solution”
So how many more decades are you planning to steal luring Palestinians with the impossible mirage of “one state” knowing fairly well that your genocidal supremacist brethren would never agree to??
Why can’t you be honest for once and tell the world that your brethren’s ideology of “chosenness” is incompatible with inclusiveness and peaceful coexistence?
The ONLY good thing you could try do as Jewish “israeli” peaceniks and if you are truly sincere in your remorse and you want to RIGHT the wrong of your people is to leave Palestinians alone and don’t try to “kosher solve” our problem and WORK ON YOUR PEOPLE
Go to YOUR BRETHREN and try to PACIFY them,
Try to STOP them from WAGING WARS
Try to STOP them from WAGING more global WARS
Try to STOP them from destroying this world
Or maybe you could work on the DEMILITARIZING your genocidal entity and REDUCING its THREAT to WORLD PEACE, that would be a good idea wouldn’t it!

President Bush, accompanied by Chabad Rabbis, is seen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, after signing the Honor of Education and Sharing Day Proclamation. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Have You Ever Heard of Pearl?


My four years old grandson Yusuf had this conversation with his dad

Yusuf: I took Allah’s eyes and and showed you Pearl

Dad: what do you want me to see about Pearl?

Yusuf: Because you’ve never heard of her before

Dad: Tell me about her

Yusuf: She’s a beautiful girl and she has this face …

and her eyes… her eyes are like shimmering…

they are actually glittery

Dad: Really

Yusuf: Yeah

Dad: WOW


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