Community Standards, Excuse me?


In this post I would share with readers the embarrassing truth about the fallacy of the so called Facebook (FB) “Community Standards” according to which they ban, block and delete posts and comments of people.

In the images below, you will see some of my posts (including poems) of which I was accused of breaking their “Community Standards,” banned, blocked or prevented from tagging people.

At the bottom of the page, you will see two images of pages that I reported because they were explicitly spewing hate speech against Islam and Muslims, but I was told by FB that these pages “do not go against” their “Community Standards.”

According to Facebook, calling Islam a “Dirty Cult of Pigs” and Muhammed the “Seal of Pigs” does not go against their “Community Standards,” yet these two poems, A Tear for the World and Evening Prayer, do. (!!!)







Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 02.24.47.png




Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 15.53.31


Here you can see that according to Face Book, calling Islam a “Dirty Cult of Pigs” and calling Muhammed the “Seal of Pigs”  does not go against their “Community Standards”


5 Responses

  1. Being Palestinian, writing poetry as a Palestinian, and supporting Palestine.

    For extremists these are all crimes.

    That’s why I pray for Palestine every day, and Jeremy Corbyn.

    Because I’m a Christian who believes in universal human rights for everybody,… Even for Palestinians!

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  2. Face Book was never what it pretends to be. It is a tool created by an evil collective, with one of their representatives at its helm. Their aim never was philanthropic. Their aim is malevolent. That is why it is almost a joke to call it “social media” and even more so having allegedly “community standards”.

    FB’s community standards are an euphemism for Orwellian barriers of speech wherein certain things are totally controlled, and when control is not enough, they are suppressed. These things are every significant criticism of “israel” and of its horrid ideological base and transnational networks. Also suppressed are the most significant Palestinian voices.

    By contrast, that which is promoted heavily, is all the arsenal of toxic weapons against precisely communities, amidst them of course the unlawful fomenting and propagating of hatred against Muslims and Arabs, arguably fomenting violence against these groups, and tearing apart of the social fabric of society, by promoting socio-toxic practices.

    In essence Facebook is not a social media, it is an anti-social media.

    Nahida Exiled Palestinian your examples are very compelling, and as it seems there is discussion in the USA of breaking apart Facebook, your post here with these examples should be presented to US lawmakers, despite the notoriously pro-israel corruption and arguably treason members of US’ Congress are engaging to.

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    • Thank you for your comment m, but to be honest I have no trust in the US legal system nor it’s lawmakers

      Therefore, I hereby present my case, and the case of all oppressed people throughout the world before the Most Supreme Court, the Court of the Most High, may God’s Peace and Justice reign

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      • Of course Nahida, the US judiciary is corrupt through and through. I totally agree with you. In fact it suffice to have a look at US’ Supreme Court Justices, whose majority happen to be, oh coincidence-not, of the jewish and zionist persuasion.

        However, i still claim that people like you as a individuals with knowledge and evidence, should be heard in hearings in US’ Congress. Do you remember the resounding appearance of George Galloway in front a bunch of corrupt and incompetent clowns in US’ Congress? It still echoes today. The seeds of awareness that are spread everywhere, here in your blog and in Congress, should not be dismissed. The matter is not to obtain justice from these corrupt clowns, because that is as you say not the right court, but the matter is to make a record, and that record to be heard, because each time a seed is heard or read, awareness amidst the masses is increasing.

        And inevitably that awareness will arrive at a critical point, and brake the barrier of silence, and the masses in anger revolt against their oppressors.

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