A letter from Paul Grenville

Dear Nahida

I just read your piece, "You want a solution" so I have got one Palestinian perspective. I am English, born in 1956. I have never been to Palestine. But I know enough history to know that it was my nation who marched into Palestine in 1917 and gave a huge boost to the Zionist colonization which eventually made you homeless and stateless. This is my piece, below. It is on the site. I agree with your piece. It is better than mine. Ethically speaking, the Israeli state is a simple case of theft, murder and genocide. But it has only been partially "successful", unlike the American state, also founded as a result of the theft of land and the genocide of many indigenous peoples. So there is hope.

Just some questions. How can the "Zionist occupiers" give back the land and rebuild all the 500 destroyed villages and still live there? They will never never do this. I do not think the Zionists want a solution, as in peace. I think they can live with war, with torture, with genocide, and with the wall. I think they have to leave. They will only leave when things become too uncomfortable for them politically. This can only happen when the America stops financing its little colony. The defeat of Zionism will lead to an exodus of Zionists from the country. Jews who remain will not be Zionists. Palestinians will start to come home. There will be justice.

Then another question: who are the occupiers? 90% of the Jews who went to Palestine before 1948 were Europeans. They form most of the Zionist establishment today. After 1948 they recruited all the Arab Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Russian Jews, and so on. These are all profiting from the theft of Palestinian land and resources but mostly they are not the ruling class, the political Zionist elite. Today Jews can live anywhere in the world, free of persecution. There was never any need for a Jewish state: even today only 40% of the world’s Jews live there. The Nazi genocide of the Jews was a moment of history, a consequence of fascism. Did the European gypsys, also murdered by the Nazis in their concentration camps, get a state of their own?

I have just finished reading Hakim Kaneenah’s book "A doctor in the Galilee: the life and struggle of a Palestinian in Israel". I highly recommend it. He shows just what is possible for the Palestinians living right in the heart of the occupation state, in the Galilee. He also shows all the methods by which the Israeli state keeps the Palestinians in subjection, and how much collaboration is going on.

I shall keep my promise never to visit Israel. Being a tourist in a country signifies that you agree with what goes on there, and especially in the case of Israel, with its sickening worldwide media campaign, and a worldwide movement on its side,

with best wishes,  Paul Grenville                            



I shall visit Israel


I shall visit Israel when the olive trees are in bloom


I shall visit Israel when Arabs can marry Jews


I shall visit Israel when the fabrication of history has stopped


I shall visit Israel when Torah Jews are no longer beaten up in the streets of Jerusalem for reminding their fellows of the commands of Moses –


Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not bear false witness


I shall visit Israel when the speaking of Arabic in certain neighbourhoods no longer causes heads to turn


I shall visit Israel when the learning of Arabic is mandatory in school


I shall visit Israel when Arab and Jewish children all go to the same schools


But will it still be Israel?


I shall visit Israel when the 7 million refugees’ descendants have a country they can call their own


I shall visit Israel when the invaders have left or those who remain have made peace with the invaded (not the other way about)


I shall visit Israel when West Bank settlers have gone and no longer shoot to kill the natives as a patriotic duty


I shall visit Israel when the shooting of children has stopped


I shall visit Israel when the spirit of Fanon has moved the peoples to withdraw this dagger from the Arab breast


I shall visit Israel when the people of the Pale have fled to Europe as their colony collapses


I shall visit Israel when the hands of Generals and Rabbis are no longer choking the throat of Palestine


I shall visit Israel when the Wall has been torn down and all the other walls have gone


I shall visit Israel when the house demolitions have ceased


I shall visit Israel when to be born Palestinian is not a reason to be humiliated and spurned, hunted and spied upon


But will it still be Israel?


I shall visit Israel when Jews have stopped arriving from far away and calling it their land


I shall visit Israel when the expulsions of Palestinians have stopped


I shall visit Israel when Gaza is no longer the cruel laboratory experiment in slow genocide that it is today


I shall visit Israel when her planes have stopped bombing and strafing towns in Gaza and terrifying the people at night with sonic booms


I shall visit Israel when the Lebanon and Gaza have ceased to be testing grounds for bodies blackened and deformed beyond recognition by new weapons


I shall visit Israel when Israel has ceased to invade her neighbours on the slightest of pretexts and cause devastation


I shall visit Israel when 11,870 Palestinian prisoners and 51 Palestinian MPs have been released from jail and pardoned for acts or words of resistance


Against a state that for 60 years has been taking their country by force of arms, terror and the law of the powerful


I shall visit Israel when the routine practice of torture has stopped


But will it still be Israel?


I shall visit Israel when Lieberman has left the country


I shall visit Israel when the illegal villages have been made legal


I shall visit Israel when the Bedouin of the Negev are free to live as they wish


I shall visit Israel when Arab towns and villages have been granted the same status and funding as Jewish ones


I shall visit Israel when the land has been shared by all Semites


I shall visit Israel when the rich white Jews no longer freely water the lawns of their villas in Tel-Aviv,


Those on the West Bank have to buy their drinking water and the people of Gaza have nothing safe to drink at all


But will it still be Israel?


I shall visit Israel when the people of Gaza reach a great white city North of Jaffa, raise the flag and live there


I shall visit Israel when Al-Quds has become the capital


I shall visit Israel when the Jewish state has become an unhappy memory


I shall visit Israel when Nazi war crimes against the Jews are no longer the excuse for every imaginable cruelty in a land to which they came as uninvited guests and remained as conquerors…


I shall visit Israel when the name of Israel no longer causes fear and hatred of the Jews


Because Israel has vanished from the page of time


When these conditions prevail


I shall be happy to visit Palestine when the olive trees are in bloom

Paul Grenville  July 2008


A Genuine Peace Movement Cannot be Zionist

A Genuine Peace Movement Cannot be Zionist
August 19, 2008
By Jason Kunin

"Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’" – Angela Davis


It’s common practice among those of us outside Israel who have been frustrated by the hostility and intimidation we encounter whenever we voice criticism of Israel to point to the fact that there is greater freedom to criticize Israel in Israel. "Look at the critical articles published in Ha’aretz," we will say. "Look at the Israeli peace movement. Look at Peace Now and Gush Shalom." Tactically, this is a useful point to make in an argument. I know because I’ve used it myself.

The truth is, unfortunately, that this much vaunted criticism within Israel – by the liberal media, by the so-called Israeli Left – is overwhelmingly inclined to blame the oppression of Palestinians merely on specific leaders or policies. Uri Avnery, for example, the founder of Gush Shalom and one of the most far-left public figures in Israel, writes a regular syndicated column in which he blasts the brutality of this or that general, the cruelty of this or that politician, the unfairness of this or that law. He’s often quite incisive and witty. Avnery, like most of the Israeli left, is a Zionist – a critical one, to be sure, but a Zionist nonetheless who believes that a good movement has been corrupted by bad leaders and who periodically scans the horizon for the leader who can finally set Israel on its righteous path. [1]

Israeli violence and oppression, however, is rooted not simply in a few laws or politicians, but in the ideological foundations of the state itself. The problem, in short, is Zionism. Any opposition to Israel rooted in Zionism can only seek to mitigate Israeli apartheid and racism, not end it, because apartheid and racism are what Zionism – and by extension, the Israeli state – are all about. Zionism is rooted in the fundamental premise that the state be a Jewish state and that it occupy the physical space of an ancient Arab Christian and Muslim culture. Because it is impossible to achieve these two goals simultaneously without violence and racist oppression, you cannot have a genuine peace movement that is Zionist.


In mainstream Jewish circles, hardly anyone self-identifies as a "Zionist" anymore, though almost everyone is. Today, it’s probably more common to hear words like "Zionist" and "Zionism" used by Palestinian solidarity activists than it is by "supporters of Israel," a newer preferred term for a Zionist. "Supporting Israel," however that gets understood, is simply for many a natural function of being Jewish, whereas the term Zionism, even if it amounts to the same thing, makes supporting Israel sound rather ideological. Which of course it is.

One of the functions of ideology, as Marxists have long argued, is to embed beliefs that support a particular set of power relations into "common sense" so that they become invisible. Antonio Gramsci called this "hegemony." When a theory or system of beliefs passes into a reflexive pattern of thought, it has transformed into ideology, and this is exactly what has happened to Zionism. To be called a Zionist is somewhat like being called "white man" if you happen to be a white man: you may acknowledge the accuracy of the description but resist the "politicization" of a position you regard as neutral.

Support for Israel, of course, is not neutral, and in order to begin to undo the damage that such support has caused over the past century, the first order of business is not just to name it, but to expose its ideological nature. Like whiteness, it is wrapped up in positions of power and privilege that white Jews, like me, don’t often acknowledge we have. Yet for those of us who truly wish to see an end to the destruction of Palestine and its people, it is not enough to protest merely what Israel does, because what Israel does is an extension of what Israel is – namely, a Zionist state.

Zionist ideology informed Israel’s creation, guided the foundation of its bureaucratic institutions, set the terms for its relations with its neighbours, and established a sophisticated global network of organizations, campus clubs, and schools to sustain and perpetuate Zionist ideas in Jewish communities and beyond. It continues to guide the state violence that has created one of the world’s largest and longest human rights catastrophes. True, many people on the Zionist left try to identify a moment in Israel’s past when this "Jewish liberation movement" turned into something terrible. For some it was the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. For others, such as those in the Peace Now movement, it was the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. For still others, those with a more radical analysis, the problems go back to 1948, or even, as Hannah Arendt argued, to the 1942 Zionist Congress that shut down for good all discussion of a bi-national Jewish-Arab state. Indeed, there are still a few purists with a knowledge of Zionist history who idealize the "cultural" and bi-national Zionism of Hebrew University founder Judah Magnes and the philosopher Martin Buber. Yet the fact is, despite liberal fantasies that try to locate some primal moment in Zionist history when the movement was still pure and good, Zionism is and always has been a fundamentally racist movement shaped by the most violent and oppressive ideological forces of the nineteenth century. It is a testament to the racism of even the most enlightened Zionists – the ones who supposedly promoted Jewish-Arab cooperation – that Judah Magnes referred to Arabs as "half savage" [2], and Martin Buber lived after 1948 in the confiscated house of Edward Said’s family, despite their letters imploring its return.



To understand the basis of Zionism, it is important to start not in the 1890s with Theodore Herzl and the Dreyfus trial – the point of origin from which Zionist history usually begins – but about a century earlier, to the flourishing of Romanticism in Germany and Europe in general. Rejecting the supremacy of reason that had governed European thought during the neo-classical age, the Romantics emphasized the centrality of emotion, irrationality, and spirit. (Many were borderline mystics, fascinated by the supernatural and Eastern religions.) Against the backdrop of an emerging Industrial Revolution, which precipitated the emptying of Europe’s countrysides and the swelling of its cities, poets, philosophers, and intellectuals began to romanticize the vanishing peasantry and contemplate the "divinity" of nature. Those who tilled the soil and worked the land were viewed as closer to nature, and therefore closer to divinity and spirit. Blut und Boden, or "Blood and Soil," was a term that emerged in Germany by the late nineteenth century with the emergence of Romantic Nationalism, which held that nation states derive their legitimacy as a natural consequence of the organic unity of the people and the land. Blut und Boden eventually became a slogan of the Nazi party, popularized in the 1930s by race theorist Richard Walther Darré. [3]

Meanwhile, as the nineteenth century progressed, European imperialism and the colonization of "the darker nations" flourished. African slavery was still widespread, and even where it was outlawed retained enormous legitimacy among the ruling classes. Successive generations of physical and sexual exploitation of African slaves, mind you, had introduced the "problem" of miscegenation – a problem because light or white-skinned slaves threatened to unravel the fiction of race. Jews, newly emancipated from their medieval ghettos and "passing" for gentiles, posed a similar challenge to the racialized social order. Science, however, rose to the occasion, and soon the best scientific minds of the day produced a highly elaborate and eminently respectable science of race that persisted until the early twentieth century. This racial science had some interesting things to say about Jews, which in turn were absorbed into Zionism.

Racial science was predicated on comparative biology and depended upon observable difference, which was not always evident among the pale Ashkenazi Jews of Europe. Jewish physiognomy was scrutinized for signs of "blackness" and darkened in representation. In art and literature of the nineteenth century, the Jew’s "exotic" features were exaggerated or made more pronounced. The hair was black (or red, to symbolize the devil), the eyes dark, the complexion swarthy. The physiognomist Johann Caspar Lavatar wrote of the Jews’ "short, black, curly hair, their brown skin colour" [4]. In The Races of Men (1850), Robert Knox described Jewish physignomy as having "an African look" [5]. During the Middle Ages, Christian art had always emphasized the metaphorical blackness of the Jew – the black synagogue would be juxtaposed against the white church, for example – but racial science tried to make this metaphorical blackness into a literal blackness that was inscribed in the biology of the Jew. In both Jews and Africans, blackness was further associated with diseases, such a congenital syphilis, which would also be the marker of moral degeneracy.

The problem was that many European Jews simply didn’t look black. Many had fair hair, light eyes, and Slavic or Nordic features. Here’s where another nineteenth century science, sexology, came in to shore up racial science. Sexology, a now antiquated discipline that was established by people like Richard von Krafft-Ebing and Havelock Ellis, established a "scientific" basis for normative sexuality in men – aggressive, strong, heterosexual – and a "degenerate" sexuality – passive, weak, homosexual – that was soon widely associated with the Jew (who was usually configured as male). Jews were seen as prone to "neurasthenia," a condition "discovered" by the physician George M. Beard in which the finite "nerve force" of the body is depleted resulting in weakness, lethargy, fatigue, paleness, and stunted sexual development. Neurathenia, which mirrored Krafft-Ebing’s masturbatory illness, was believed by Beard to be brought on by "over-civilization." It was a by-product of the increased pace and technology of industrialized society, and was confined exclusively to "highly evolved" races. It was frequently associated with "superior intellect." Sandar Gilman, who has made a career writing about racial science, notes that in medical literature of this period there was a virtual "interchangeability of the image of the neurasthenic and the Jew" [6].

Jewish accomplishment was thus made the marker of sexual dysfunction and racial degeneracy. The Jew was unathletic, a bookworm, a sissy, a degenerate (and probably a homosexual). A creature of the city, the Jew had no connection to the soil – from which sprang life and energy and health – and thus had no connection to or place in the gentile national body. The Jew was deracinated and therefore diseased and degenerate. In was in these terms that European anti-Semitism, which would soon turn so deadly, was framed.

Zionism was nurtured in this intellectual climate, and it accepted virtually all of these premises. Zionism concurred with the anti-Semites and scientific racism (as it later became known) that yes, the Jew was deracinated and weak and degenerate and "over-civilized." To reverse this degeneracy, Jews needed to connect with the soil from which they sprang, the Biblical heartland and birthplace of the Jewish people. (Never mind that, as Paul Kriwaczek notes in his recent book Yiddish Civilization: The Rise and Fall of a Forgotten Nation, many of the Jewish people of Europe were descended from gentile European converts [7].) "Blood and Soil" is as central a concept in Zionism as it was in Nazi fascism. The confluence of racial science, nineteenth-century sexology, and Zionism was embodied in the physician Max Nordau, an early and prominent leader in the Zionist movement who openly hoped that Zionism would create of a new race of "muscle Jews" that would revive the degenerate Jewish race. Martin Englander, another prominent early Zionist, wrote in The Evident Most Frequent Appearances of Illness in the Jewish Race (1902) that Jews’ disposition to neurasthenia was cultural, the result of "over-exertion of the brain" [8] caused by two thousand years of diasporic struggle.

So at root, Zionism is not just racist, but anti-Semitic as well, and it was rightly perceived as offensive by the vast majority of European Jews when it first emerged. Religious Jews, of course, rejected Zionism on Talmudic grounds – there could be no Jewish state until the Messiah – but Zionism was also heartily rejected by secular Jews, who were still largely committed to the Enlightment project and were put off by Zionism’s assertion that they were eternal strangers in their nations. Jews they may have been, but they were also Europeans who had contributed to their societies, valued European culture, and had little interest in relocating to a strange and "primitive" new land where life would be hard. Opinion, of course, would change with the rise of Nazism. By the end of the Second World War, the surviving Jews of Europe had almost universally adopted the Zionist narrative.


In Philip Roth’s short story "The Conversion of the Jews," the young protagonist, Ozzie Freedman, complains about his mother’s response to a plane crash. Scouring through the published list of victims, she finds eight Jewish names, and "because of the eight she said the plane crash was a ‘tragedy’" [9]. Roth here pokes fun at a tendency among Jews to focus only on Jewish suffering, though he also captures in a nutshell Zionism’s approach to Jewish history.

Naturally, Jewish history should focus on Jewish suffering, as well as Jewish triumph and other matters concerning Jews. That is, after all, the point of Jewish history, and there are valid reasons for why we need it. In recent years, post-modern theories have challenged "grand narratives" of history as partial and selective and traditionally serving the interests of power, all of which is true. For several decades, historians have attempted to correct the distortions of "official" historical narratives by writing specialized histories of marginalized peoples, such as women, workers, people of colour, and LGBT people. The purpose of such histories is to reinsert a people or social class back into a historical narrative that has excluded them and to see their contributions to a history that, through the very inclusion of their narratives, is changed and broadened. Jewish history has done and should do the same thing.

The Zionist narrative, however, has opposite aims. Because it is underwritten by a belief that Jews are eternal outsiders everywhere but in the Biblical homeland, a Zionist framing of history minimizes Jews’ connection to their societies, thus removing them from history. Jewish suffering during the Holocaust – which, it should be emphasized, was immense and not to be minimized – takes on a different meaning when it is divorced from its the larger context. There is no disputing the murder of millions of European Jews during the Second World War, just as there is no disputing the fact that they were killed simply because they were Jews, even if they did not self-identify as Jews. These are incontrovertible facts. But how different the facts take on meaning when you say, "the Nazis killed three million Polish Jews" than when you say, "six million Poles – about 22% of the population – were killed by the Nazis, half of whom were Jews." To frame facts in this way, however, is to risk being accused of "minimizing" the Holocaust, though one could easily argue the opposite, that it enlarges the tragedy. The Zionist narrative of the Holocaust, unfortunately, discourages Jewish acknowledgement or identification with the suffering of others (unless, as in the case of the Kurds or Darfur, it happens to coincide with U.S. and Israeli interests). Many Jews, for example, are unaware that the Israeli government refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Back in the eighties, a cross erected near Auschwitz on the site of a Carmelite convent to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Christians who died there was relentlessly opposed by Jewish groups, who insisted the camp remain a symbol of Jewish suffering exclusively, for if Auschwitz were anything but an exclusively tragedy, it would undermine the argument for an exclusively Jewish state. (Auschwitz, we should remember, is the first stop on the "March of the Living," a Zionist program that follows the visit with a trip to Israel.) Even no less a person than Elie Weisel, the famed Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, has opposed the inclusion of a Romani memorial in the U.S. Holocaust museum, though the Nazi campaign against them – the Porajmos, as they call it – was equally devastating proportionally. Indeed, unlike the Jews of Europe today, the Roma still face pre-Nazi levels of oppression. In Italy they have even been reghettoized.

Zionists argue that the Holocaust proved correct Theodore Herzl’s thesis that no matter how well they assimilated into European society, Jews would always be regarded with contempt and were always in danger of being stripped of their recently won rights and killed. Yet a basic fact that hardly seems to need mentioning yet which rarely does get mentioned is that the Holocaust spread only to those countries under Nazi occupation. The Holocaust did not happen in England, for example. And while it is true that anti-Semitism was rampant throughout Europe and that the Nazis found no shortage of eager collaborators among the nations they occupied, Jews only lost their rights and lives under the rule of one nation, Nazi Germany. The Holocaust, in short, was a Nazi phenomenon, not a universally European one. Though Daniel Goldhagen has tried his best to prove that almost all Europeans were "willing executioners" to Hitler, few professional historians regard either his thesis or his argument with much credibility. As Hannah Arendt pointed out in both Eichmann in Jerusalem and in her magisterial study of anti-Semitism in The Origins of Totalitarianism, the Holocaust was an inconsistent affair that varied from country to country, "taking almost as many shapes and appearances as there existed countries in Europe" [10]. In Bulgaria, for example, the population overwhelmingly defied Nazi-imposed anti-Semitic laws so that by the time the Red Army liberated the country in 1944, "not a single Bulgaria Jew had been deported or died an unnatural death" [11]. In Denmark, 8,000 Danish Jews were transported by sea to safety in Sweden in what is one of the most remarkable rescue operations initiated by ordinary people. Even the vicious Vichy regime in France, which had few qualms about turning over to the Nazis Jewish refugees from other countries, made efforts to give comparative protection to its own French Jews. So to say that the Holocaust proves that a violent anti-Semitism lies like a sleeping dog beneath the surface of all gentile nations is an oversimplification and distortion of history. Zionism, however, only retains its credibility if all gentiles are closet anti-Semites.

"If it is true that mankind has insisted on murdering Jews for more than two thousand years," Hannah Arendt argued, "then Jew-killing is a normal, and even human occupation and Jew-hatred is justified beyond the need of argument" [12]. Arendt warned that this "thesis of eternal antisemitism" was dangerous and would "absolve Jew-haters" of their crimes [13]. And yet this belief in eternal anti-Semitism is what informs the political program of Zionism and justifies the need for a Jewish state to protect Jews from the next round of anti-Semitic violence that will surely come. As Arendt noted about Israeli attutides toward the Holocaust during the Eichmann trial, "In the eyes of Jews…the catastrophe that had befallen them under Hitler…appeared not as the most recent of crimes, the unprecedented crime of genocide, but, on the contrary, as the oldest crime they knew and remembered" [14]. Certainly, this is how history appears if, like the mother in Philip Roth’s "Conversion of the Jews," your focus is only on the tragedies that befall the Jews. Jewish persecutions, however, have always taken place in the context of other persecutions. The Jewish expulsion from Spain in 1492, to take one example, was a catastrophe, though so was the Muslim expulsion that followed in 1497. The violent transfer and expulsion of populations, to say nothing of persecutions, were, alas, among the terrible but not uncommon features of the rule of kings during the period in which the Jews of Europe experienced their worst treatment. Mahmood Mamdani offers an even broader perspective on the Holocaust when he notes that the Nazi intent to destroy the Jewish people as a whole was "unique – but only in Europe" [15] and that, in fact, "the first genocide of the twentieth century was the German annihilation of the Herero people in South West Africa in 1904" [16]. Indeed, as Sven Lindquist points out in The History of Bombing, one of the things that made Hitler so monstrous was that he fought a "civilized war" as if it were a "colonial war," and European powers had traditionally made distinctions between the two. ("Civilized wars" follow the laws of war. "Colonial wars" do not and often see the extermination of "lower races" as a biological necessity.) This has implications for how we understand the annihilation of European Jewry as well. Summarizing Lindquist, Mamdani writes:

The Nazi plan…was to weed out some 10 million Russians, with the remainder kept

alive as a slave labor force under German occupation. When the mass murder of

European Jews began, the great Jewish populations were not in Germany but in

Poland and Rusia, where they made up 10 percent of the total population and up to 40

percent of the urban population ‘in just those areas Hitler was after.’ [17]

No people on earth who have survived as a people as long as the Jews have enjoyed an absolute and uninterrupted protection from persecution. Yet this is precisely what Zionism demands as the right of all Jews. Moreover, it argues that this eternal safety can only be safeguarded by an exclusively Jewish state and a regional monopoly on nuclear weapons – ironically, conditions that guarantee a state of perpetual war. One hears often how Israelis long to be considered just a "normal" state. Yet the model of "normality" that Zionism looks to is the nineteenth century imperial state, with all of its fascist trappings, such as the belief in "Blood and Soil," the promotion of a muscular national character, and the mythology of an exclusionary national identify based on a common racial/ethnic background. As the rise of Nazism resulted in the Jews of Europe being stripped of the privileges of "whiteness," which anti-Semitism defined in contrast to the Jew, emigration to Palestine under the Zionist project allowed Jews to regain their whiteness, which in this new context was defined against the indigenous Arab – but only if a colonial relationship were maintained. A whiteness that is defined through its dominant position vis-s-vis darker-skinned people is also part of the "normality" that Israel craves because it is based on the "normality" of whiteness in imperial Europe.

Zionists did not immigrate to Israel to be neighbours. They had no interest or intention of learning the local language or contributing to the local culture, as one normally would when moving to another country. Zionism, rather, was predicated on taking over the land and replacing the local culture, not fitting into it. And yet Zionist history refuses to interpret Arab resistance to Jewish immigration during the Holocaust as resistance to this colonial project, not hostility to Jews per se. Nonetheless, pointing to Arab complicity in the Holocaust serves the myth of eternal anti-Semitism and justifies not only the need for a heavily militarized Jewish state but also the on-going brutal treatment of the indigenous people of Palestine.

As for the actions of the Zionist leadership during the actual Holocaust, much has been written about their efforts to prevent other countries from taking in Jewish refugees of Europe, lest the availability of potential immigrants to Palestine be depleted. The World Zionist Organization, for example, boycotted a thirty-one nation conference held in France in 1938 that was convened to discuss the problem of Jewish refugees. As Ben- Gurion said, "If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by Transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would chose the second." More extreme Zionist factions, such as Irgun, actually tried to form an alliance the Nazi government. The young Zionist who wrote the letter making the proposal, the man who noted the "common interests" that existed between the Zionists in Palestine and the Nazis government, was the future Prime Minister of Israel Yizhak Shamir. [18]


Liberal Zionists – and I would say that most Jews today are probably liberal Zionists – believe that there exists a solution to the conflicting national projects of Jews and Palestinians: a two-state solution. Like the oft-cited "critics" one finds in Israel, liberal Zionists may openly dislike one or another Israeli leader – maybe Sharon, maybe Netanyahu – support the creation of a Palestinian state, and occasionally even express sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians. If you ask them why such a two-state solution has not yet come into being, they may blame Palestinian leaders for "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity," as Abba Eban once obnoxiously remarked, or they may, if they’re really liberal, blame the Jewish settlers for holding the Israeli government hostage. Regardless of why liberal Zionists believe a two-state solution has not yet come into being, they will all share a belief that Israel’s leaders have consistently sought peace.

Where does such blind faith come from? Partly from the fact that it’s true. Israel’s leaders, in fact, have consistently sought peace – on their terms! Since 1948, they have sought peace with their neighbouring Arab states – provided they accepted Israel’s regional supremacy and were willing to drop completely the subject of the Palestinians (which would include any compensation or financial assistance to countries that have taken in Palestinian refugees). They have also sought peace with the Palestinians – but provided they relinquish any claims to their land, forget their history, and, preferably, disappear off the face of the earth. True, since the first Intifada, Israel has taken a more moderate stand and has genuinely sought peace through the creation of a Palestinian state – provided that such as state be completely demilitarized, split into reservations, confined to a minimal amount of the most worthless land, governed by a puppet police state that will do its bidding, and produces for the rest of its existence not a single individual who will engage in any act of resistance. Any Palestinian leader unwilling or unable to meet these expectations has been declared by Israeli leaders as an unsuitable "partner for peace," and they have likely believed it in all sincerity. This is because, if you buy into the Zionist project and its thesis of eternal anti-Semitism – which entails that another Holocaust could erupt at any moment – it is impossible to conceive of any compromise that does not simultaneously preserve a strong Jewish state and ensure the weakness of everyone else, lest they become the next Nazi Germany. It is impossible as well to conceive of any solution that does not allow Israel to retain its status as a "white" nation – remember, this is the model of "normality" that Israel seeks – and therefore any settlement that would see Israel become part of the Middle East is precluded. (Israel’s soccer team, not surprisingly, plays in the European league.)

Liberal Zionists who insist that a two-state solution along the 1967 borders is a reasonable compromise are really only in disagreement with hard-line Zionists over how much stolen Palestinian land should be kept for Jews’ exclusive use. And since few liberal Zionists, because they are Zionists, are willing to concede the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and there can be no true justice – and therefore no guaranteed peace – without the right of return, two-state Zionism will always be a dead end. Moreover, two-state Zionism is ideologically unprepared to accept the reality that the settlements and settler roads have made a genuine two-state solution possible, leaving only the options of a one-state solution or eternal apartheid. If all you buy into of Zionism is the thesis of eternal anti-Semitism, you will always opt for the latter before the former, for you will be unable to compromise the so-called "security" guaranteed by a Jewish state.

For those who have grown up with Zionism programmed into them from birth, there are simply certain places that the mind cannot go. For this reason, Zionism is the greatest obstacle to peace. Challenging it, unfortunately, is no easy feat since it has become an integral part of all Jewish community life everywhere. The Jewish school, the Jewish camp, the Jewish campus clubs, the Jewish day care, the local Jewish community center, even the shul – in all of these places one absorbs Zionist ideology through osmosis. Unless you belong to one of the anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox sects such as Neturei Karta, to reject Zionism is to tear yourself apart from the connection to friends, family, and Jewish life. Increasingly, there are small anti-Zionist Jewish spaces opening up, and though they are marginal and not always accessible, their importance should be underestimated. Only if there exists the ability to participate as an anti-Zionist and a Jew in some sort of Jewish life will the risk associated with breaking from Zionism diminish. And only by rejecting Zionism can we who are Jewish break free from the trap we have created for ourselves, the trap of a Jewish state.


Jason Kunin is a Toronto teacher.  He can be reached at jkunin@rogers.com.



[1] See, for example, Avnery’s cautiously optimistic column on the election of Amir Peretz as Labour leader. (http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/22362). From the vantage point of Perez’s brief but brutal reign as defense minister during the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, this is a good example too of how misplaced Avnery’s hopefulness was and always is.

[2] Letter to Felix Warburg, Sept. 7, 1929. Reprinted in Wrestling With Zion: Progressive Jewish Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Ed. Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon. (New York: Grove Press, 2003.)

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Implications for a two-state solution

Zionism’s Use of the Holocaust

The Origins of Zionism

Zionism as Ideology

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You think you could defeat my will to be?!


You think you could defeat my will to be?! 


To those zionists thieves and murderers who rattle on about peace but have deaf ears to the word JUSTICE


They blather about understanding, but are blinded to their crimes of theft, violence and superiority that thwart any hope of reconciliation.



Those who claim that peace can be achieved without stopping their apartheid, human right abuses, supremacy, arrogance, oppression and occupation


Pay attention mouthpieces of Hasbara lies and deceit


WHEN I, along with the seven million Palestinian refugees are allowed to return back home


AND when all the refugees are compensated for all the years of agony in exile


AND when you bring to an end all forms of your aggression, violence, and terror and land theft


AND when you release ALL Palestinian abductees


AND when you give back all the land stolen from us by the might of your guns


AND when you freeze the illegal flood of Jewish colonizers who deluge from all over the world


AND when you dismantle all the illegal colonies


AND when you terminate all your stock of arms and WMS


 THEN and ONLY then you could come to talk to us about peace and about the future.


But until then, we reserve the right to resist your oppression and crimes until you -willingly or unwillingly- change your evil ways and stop your terror and theft.


And btw you wouldn’t be doing us a favour if and when you stop your terror, and when and if you give us our land and our rights back


It’s the least you could do to save your disfigured souls


The favour is not to us at all, but rather to your poor scorched souls that you managed to allow it to sink so low in wickedness, corruption and inhumanity by acts of theft, terror and with lies as the icing on the cake to justify your ugly crimes


Despite all the armaments, arsenal and WMD that you have, all of this might you brag about, is absolutely zilch in our eyes; simply because it’s artificial, it’s an outer superficial shell that masks your pathetic, scrawny and shaky reality.

It is not authentic strength

That’s why when I address you, I look through this camouflage, I see only your essence; feeble weak, dependent, spineless who hide behind guns and tanks to conceal your frail entity

Yet on the other hand, we have nothing of the “impressive” weapons that you possess; but we feel much more powerful, even our little ones, and that’s because our strength -that you will never defeat- is genuine, it comes from within

The equation is simple:

you have the MIGHT but we have the RIGHT,


RIGHT is greater than MIGHT


 The light of truth is more potent than the gloom of falsehood

That’s why we need no hasbara; the truth flows from our hearts to our lips to people’s hearts like a stream; powerful, pure and simple

We have nothing to hide, for our conscience is clear

Nothing to fear, for our inner strength is real


Your threats, aggression and lies are hollow

They mean NOTHING to us


Truth and lies

like to be groomed

be prepared in advance


not in a funny way

No amount of make-up can hide its ugly

No trimming or adding can make it flow in

incoherent, pitiable and frail

to the ear as much to the heart

however, is spontaneous

Honest, eloquent and natural

It has a power of its own

The glory of truth has the qualities of

No amount of darkness could kill or

Delicate, sublime, inspiring and pure

with its splendour

a waterfall;

flows gracefully from the heart

no training for her to shine

relentless, elegant and beautiful




Do this you
lose….. Do that I win


No fear in
my heart



You could
imprison me!


With that
you ONLY imprison my physical body

My joyful soul
you cannot restrain

Out of your

Forever FREE

Floating in
contentment, tranquillity and peace

your despondent captive souls

Behind bars
of your aggression and hostility

Walls of
your guilt, fear and insecurity



You could
kill me!


But my
poetry is unassailable

The minds of
many already impregnated with my words

As soon as
you make me a martyr

Those seeds
would be infused with life


Hubs of love

Like rays of
sunshine… warm… tender… invigorating

Giving birth
to a jubilant dawn


Hubs of love

Like summer
rain… pure… cleansing… revitalizing

through hearts and minds


Hubs of love

They’d bloom
and multiply

buoyant hope

Blossoming… verve and




No escape


In my heart dwells the pain of the oppressed

Rivers of their wounds pour down

Drenching the ocean of my sorrow


I am the voice of the voiceless

The howl of little ones as they fade away


My whispers shoot like bullets

In the ears of the wicked

My words explodes

Before his eyes

Muting his lies


He looks away

Pretending not to see

Not to hear

My murmurs pierce his bubble

My tortured shadow follows

No escape


He runs to bed

Covers his head

Sleep might rid him of me


My chopped limps chase his dream

He drowns in my tears

In my blood

Unable to breathe

Unable to cry

No escape


Time passes




 Then he dies




Only to be greeted with my smile

He’d hoped he’d never see

As he was chained and dragged away

To meet his deeds


No escape


26 – 12- 2007


Wolves in sheep clothing



Iman Hijjo, murdered in her mother’s arms @ 4 months old


  Palestine Pictures 477




Wolves in sheep clothing


Yesterday (19 August 08), I joined the very ominous sinister site “mepeace” using the name Iman (above photo); I posted one link to the film “The Iron Wall” and only 10 pictures!!

Within less than 15 hours I was totally banned, my IP was blocked, and I can’t access the site even to read!


Now, to those blood-soaked criminals who come frothing with fake words of peace but get incensed and infuriated when they hear the word justice, I would say:


Masters of lies and dishonesty


I would like to see you talking to the Nazis who abused you without asking them to acknowledge their crimes


I would like to see how you respond to those who deny the holocaust


I would like to see you turning a blind eye to Hitler’s crimes and moving forward without asking for justice or compensation


Masters of terror and deceit


How do you want us to move on with out YOU acknowledging your crimes of theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide, yet you demand that the whole world acknowledges the crimes of Hitler against you?


Masters of arrogance and conceit


How could you deny our Catastrophe and your responsibility for it, yet insist and make sure that anyone who even doubts (let alone denies) the holocaust or the number six millions has to pay severely by imprisonment and loss of livelihood and even life?



Masters of mischief and evil doing


God had sent you many warnings; that you do not transgress or do mischief in the land, but your arrogance, self interest, greed and supremacy are blinding you from seeing the evil you are doing


Instead of acknowledging your crimes and establishing justice, you are still in a state of total denial, carried away with more crimes, more lies, and suppression of truth


Instead of repentance and accepting that you have wronged us, you try to silence our faint voices causing more deception, concealing the truth and sinking deeply in the abyss of immorality and wickedness



Your Jewishness, your self interest, your love of material gains and you drunkenness by power is what you worship now not the God of goodness, peace and justice


My warning to you now is the same warning given to your ancestors by many prophets and prophetic voices:


You are descending deeper in the hole that you dug for yourselves by your evil deeds, your denial of truth, and by your inability to ask for forgiveness


The crimes that you have committed against us are indeed painful and agonizing, but it’s only done against our physical bodies, our souls are out of your reach and forever intact; however, it’s your own souls that you are disfiguring and destroying, if only you knew


Unfortunate, pitiable and deceived souls


You have lost your humanity and killed your own souls if only you could see


Unless and until you acknowledge your crimes and correct the wrongs you have committed there will be a dark bleak and desolate future awaiting for you


And this is a promise


Mischief makers


They cry peace, but what they mean is war; they scream freedom but what they mean is enslavement; they shout democracy but what they mean is democracy for their own kind.


The Quran describes such people whose words contradict their deeds:


And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. Are not they indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. (2:11-12)”





“And We gave (Clear) Warning to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and will become tyrants and behave insolently with extreme arrogance.” (17:4)


“When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants of mighty prowess: They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled.” (17:5)


“Afterwards, we will give you a turn over them, and will grant you an increase of wealth and children; we will give you the upper hand.” (17:6)


If you do good, it will be for your own benefit, but if you do evil, it will be against your souls. When the prophecy of your second transgression will come to pass, sadness will cover your faces. They (your enemies) will enter the mosque as they did the first time, they will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.” (17:7)


“It may be that your Lord will have mercy on you, but if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated hell as a final abode for those who conceal the truth.” (17:8)



The ONLY thing that could save you -arrogant zionists- from a bleak and painful future is to reverse your evil ways of oppression, arrogance and greed, and act like civilized human beings, with justice and compassion


But mischief makers perceive not



You want a solution ? !! Here it is




You want a solution ? !! Here it is


To the zionist thieves:

If the zionist occupiers truly want peace… peace is nigh

Glamorous writings, pretence of humanity, lengthy debates, polished sentences, and cloak oneself with fake peace lyrics, cannot conceal the SIMPLE REALITY:

The ONLY way to PEACE is through JUCTICE

All they have to do is to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property

Palestine should be reunited with her beloved people

Villages should be allowed to rejoice with embracing their treasured farmers who’ve been forced out

You want to have peace, zionist occupiers?

You will get it if and when you:

Give back all stolen land and property

Allow all dispossessed refugees to return home

Stop your people from stealing our land

Stop your people from constructing an apartheid wall

Stop your people from building settlements on stolen land

Stop your people from demolishing our homes

Stop your people from dissecting our land with checkpoints

Stop your people from bombing us

Stop your people from shooting our children

Stop your people from imprisoning our youth and elected leaders

Stop your people from having different laws for different people

Stop your people from suffocating our freedom

Stop your people from turning our towns into concentration camps

Stop your people from causing us more suffering (which never ceased for almost a century)

And Pleeeeeeeeease, stop reiterating this blather that both parties are guilty!!!

We were living peacefully in OUR HOMELAND which the Zionist decided to STEAL and COLONIZE

Under all human and divine laws; we have the right to DEFEND ourselves from those who wanted to STEAL, OCCUPY and COLONIZE our land

YOU and YOUR PEOPLE have NO right to ATTACK us and CLAIM our HOMELAND just because you are Jewish and that God gave you our land!

Reconciliation comes AFTER you and your people GIVE BACK what was STOLEN from us, namely our PALESTINE

GOT that, zionist occupiers?

Read it several times until it sinks in

I reiterate, what is needed is for the THEIF to give up what he has stolen BEFORE any reconciliation begins

You CANNOT steal the land AND keep it then plead innocence, ask for forgiveness and reconciliation WHILE the real owners are starving, in ghettos, languishing in refugee camps; exiled and dispossessed

You and your people MUST GIVE BACK what you have stolen and GIVE UP your privileges that you have bestowed upon yourselves because of your Jewishness, namely the so called “right of return” (Aliyah) to each and every Jew, from each and every race, country and corner of the globe


A whole country

Your people have ethnically cleansed my people

Your people deny me and my people the right of return to our homes and orchids

My own personal land was confiscated and they built the colony of ramot alon on it!!

Yet, you still have the guts to come pleading innocence, pretending to want peace but offer us scraps of our STOLEN PALESTINE !!!

You stole the land and want us to accept that as a “forever-reality”, and accept YOU as partners of a peaceful future without giving us our rights and land back??

Furthermore, you dare to equate our legitimate self defence, resistance, and struggle for justice and freedom with your crimes of theft, ethnic cleansing and AGGRESSION!!

Our struggle against the occupation is not -as you try to present it- tit for tat hysteria and love of violence; it’s a struggle to gain back what was stolen from us, to gain back our freedom, and our rights

NO … NO… zionist thieves and occupiers

This sick kind of immorality is nauseating

If you truly want peace… you ought to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property before asking us to have peace with you

STEALING our Palestine is the biggest robbery in history:

If some homeless steals a house that belongs to someone else, this is theft, and it will always be, no matter how many people or judges vote for it to make it OK, no matter how many petitions or court orders are obtained by the thief in the name of his suffering or poverty.

Theft is theft.

Stolen property that was acquired by force against the wish of the rightful owner could never become lawful, moral or authentic right of the thief.
The stolen home can never become rightly owned by the thief even if he calls it “home”

Palestine was STOLEN unethically and immorally by the Zionists.

When Zionists violently, unethically, and with the use of genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing acquired our Palestine, the land was already belonging to someone else.
It was already owned by its native people

When Palestine was divided, Palestinians (the true owners of the land) were never asked!! Their objection was dismissed! And heir wishes were ignored!

So, if the Zionists start calling our stolen homes and land theirs, it will NOT become theirs; simply because it was acquired forcefully, unethically, immorally, and even illegally.

The UN, Europeans, and the world community did not own Palestine, Palestinian did

A third party cannot give away to someone something which belongs to someone else! Even with the vote of the whole of humanity

What is immoral IS immoral

Palestine which was owned by the Palestinians was given away by Europeans to compensate for their crimes against the Jews

Neither the Europeans nor the world community have the right to do so

Palestine was UNETHICALLY acquired by the Zionists through a process of severe injustice: land grab, racist laws, ethnic cleansing, ruthless murder, and genocide

A whole lot of people who came from all over the world attacked us and STOLE our homeland, dispossessed us, oppressed us, and still do so: all in the name of a mythical claim that goes back thousands of years in history

This is by far the biggest robbery human history has ever known!

No amount of polishing or glossing over could change this ugly fact

If your people could acknowledge this grave injustice, and could feel our grievances and pain, and if your people could say: “we love this land and we would like to live in Palestine in peace as humans with equal rights, and responsibilities regardless of our religion or culture and without being superior lawmakers or oppressive thieves” and if they could say that they are prepared to give back what they’ve stolen; then we would welcome them as our brothers and sisters, we would be able to forgive them, and we would have no problem in sharing with them everything we have.

But if your people still insist in dismissing us as human beings, keep oppressing us, stealing more and more of our land, and keep enjoying the privileges that they claimed exclusively for themselves on our expense and continue to build their nation on the ruins of ours; while refusing to give us back what is rightfully ours, and then claim victim-hood, and plea that it’s not practical to go back in time and give the stolen lands and properties back, then the process of reconciliation cannot even begin!

Your people claimed Palestine by going back some 3 thousand years in time, and we are asked not to go back 60 years?!!!

At this point in time, we have NOTHING to offer, zionist thieves, we have lost everything, if anyone would be able to change this grave, vile, despicable, mad and evil situation, it’s your people.

You ought to be working on convincing your people to give back the stolen land of Palestine, and to work for the right of Palestinian refugees to return home

The way forward comes through acknowledging the crimes you’ve committed AND correcting them

The ONLY way to PEACE is through JUCTICE

Got that, zionist occupiers?

I repeat:

If you truly want peace… you ought to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property

When that happens, our land could easily absorb good Jewish people who wish to live in peace with us, in Palestine
But no zio-nazi superiority is tolerable:
Free yourselves from the master race mentality
Free yourselves from the arrogance of your might and power
Free yourselves from your paranoid delusions that God gave you this land

What is most urgently needed -to achieve lasting and real peace- is to STOP ALL the zionist incessant ugly racism, supremacy, aggression and assault, to put a halt to your crimes, and to take a serious look in the mirror as a whole “population” and see what monsters have you have become!

You need to address within your immoral and utterly sick society the obscene injustices you’ve inflected upon us
You need to deal with the hideous, corrupt, aggressive, militarized and wicked society you they have become

Before worrying about hate and distrust, you aught to be worrying about the crimes of your people and the injustices they have committed -and still committing- and how to facilitate for justice to run its course, and how to restore back the rights of millions that you have violated.

That requires an inner reflection of you as a whole people, it requires an honest and sincere look within yourselves, serious questioning of the “history” that you were taught, a bursting of the bubble that you are living in, it requires that you stop all your acts of aggression, theft of land, humiliation, murder, and destruction of our community, and above all, it requires that you step down from the high ground that you placed yourselves on, and be prepared to GIVE UP ALL the privileges that you have bestowed upon yourselves by the “virtue” of your Jewishness!

It also requires restoring our rights back including the right of return of all refugees, AND the compensation to ALL those who suffered from your Frankenstein creation of the racist Zionist entity.

Then and only then peace is possible

If you make a start by:

0) Stop all form of your terror

1) Stop the outrageous laws of Aliyah which allows any Jew to colonize Palestine for his/her Jewishness

2) Correct the wrongs you have committed by giving us our homes and land back

3) Address the racism in your monster creation, and restore our rights as human beings back, the right to live peacefully and move freely with dignity without humiliation and oppression, and with our humanity respected as your equals not your inferiors

4) Give all our refugees the right to return to their villages and towns

Then and only then; we can say: “we will forgive you”.

We will NOT say as your people do; “never forget, never forgive”

We will forgive you.

But wasting time by coming in here or creating myriad chat rooms in fake pretence of searching for peace, in an attempt to beautify a supremely ugly face of theft and occupation, and to conceal hideous crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide, without being ready to STOP your CRIMES or GIVE UP what YOU have STOLEN is FUTILE

In simple words:


Now which part of that sentence you don’t understand, zionist thieves?

Nothing left to say!







Today, I received thie email written by Lauren Booth

On Board Bulletin, from the FreeGaza
Friday 15th August

Today I was intending to write about about practical developments, here in the waters around the Greek islands. Of setting sail again, of bumpy seas and equally churning stomachs.

However, the subject of today’s bulletin has changed to that of; psychological terrorism. Over the the past 72 hours almost a dozen aggressive messages have been received by members of the group both on board the ships and in Cyprus. In Nicosia where twenty human rights campaginers including Hedy Epstein await to board the Freegaza and the Liberty, anonymous callers have been making threats to the general well being of all concerned.

Some of these texts, calls and answer messages focus on the ships being ‘blown up’ or ‘detroyed killing all on board.’ Unnerving enough. But today I can reveal even more pernicious acts of psychological violence on those both reprorting and supporting this effort to ease the blockade of Gaza by Israel.

Since Monday, some Palestinian campaigners, (who I will not name here for obvious reasons), have received phone calls made to their mobiles. In an increasing number of cases these threats are being made to family members of the crew who live in the occupied territories. Imagine for a moment hearing a relative report being told ‘you will see your uncle soon if xxx continues this action’ named uncle having been shot dead by the IDF

Now, it is my turn. Yesterday afternoon, on the 14th of August 2008, an anonymnous young man called my home in France as my daughters played hide and seek in the garden . This stranger spoke to my husband, warning him that ‘your wife is in great danger. These ships will be blown up.’

My husband asked how it was this person had obtained our private home number. No response was forthcoming, but the illicit threats carried on.

Who is behind these phone calls? Who benefits by upsetting the families of those onboard the Freegaza and the Liberty? Who would wish to unsettle journalists aboard as unarmed ships set sail towards the waters around Gaza and almost certain interception by Israeli forces?

You decide.

I will carry on reporting from the waters around Greece, Cyprus and who knows some day soon, even Gaza.

My husband will carry on recording these malicious calls to my home in France.

Silence is the bullies best friend. And.
Lauren Booth
Journalist and Broadcaster

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