Time is Now


Humanity now is Palestinian

What Palestinians have seen is a worldwide scene

I think you agree

Fasten your belts, hold on tight

The ride is about to go berserk

Bellies of usurers wobble on screens

Stuffed, wealth vulgar obscene

Money-lenders smirk as the world goes down

Financial collapse, foreclosure, disease, lock-down

Baby-killers run amok, invincible they feel, with egos grandiose

Splashing purity’s blood on Lucifer’s shrine

Their soul-void eyes, lifeless blackholes

Raging, flames of fury and hate


Against God Almighty, declared unholy war

Against Life itself, waged bombastic strike

Sucked life out of Life, starved the poor

Made sick the frail and killed the pure


This is the calm before the storm

Darkness to descend, followed by dawn

No ifs, no buts, and no delay

Gather your crumbling self, run outside

Rejoice in a mountain, embrace the land

Kiss the soil beneath your feet

Sow a seed, inhale a rose, hug a tree

Water with your soulful tears

Sprinkle with your powdered heart

A dash of agony, if need be



Let those who care, plant some more

Let those who have, share with those in need

Silence your words, speak with deeds

Bake a loaf, the hungry feed

A sip of water give to the parched

Be it your kin, neighbour or foe

It is time now, to be a Palestinian


Creator of Life is wide awake, I promise you

All loving, all patient, also all aware

Divine Intervention, a mighty blow

Awaits the vain who take life in vain

Enemies of life, plucked, once and for all

The wealth they’ve amassed burned to ashes

Kingdom of gloom perished to doom



Keep your calm, remain in sync

Contain your fear, tend love serene

The One in Charge won’t let you down

Light will shine on Earth anew

Flowers will smile, Meadows will sway

Butterflies will dance, children will play


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