Blending In Love

When overwhelmed
I run outside
I chase my nightmares
Holding my hand
From strands of a rainbow
Gather some colours
In pots of gold

* * *
Back home, serene
I sit in a corner
With a thread of stars
And a bunch of flowers
I braid my song
Stitching my heart
On grandma’s robe

* * *
High from Heaven
Her eyes twinkle
Her smile glows
Seeing her baby
Comes back to life

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* * *
A splash of love
Falls from above
Graceful Divine
The weary soul
Swells up with joy
Tears of elation
Bows down and prays

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Don’t Miss Out

Get off your seat

Hold on very tight

Your fractured wings

And tearful soul


Meander outside

With a limping heart

A dreary story

A sack filled with pain

Wander in a meadow

Hug a weeping willow

Kiss a sleepy flower

Sway with the breeze



Flung open the gates

of your weary heart

Exhale all sorrow

Breath in the Light

Send waves of love

Up up so high

Violet and blue

Paint pink the sky

Awe struck in wonder

Bathing in splendour

Draw the world a rainbow

Up above the clouds


Watch God’s glory

Cascade like rain

Watch God’s wonder

Cascade like rain

Watch God’s love

Cascade like rain




My wounded soul is a patch work

Chopped pieces of stubborn memories

Fraying at the edges

Vivid all around

Refusing to fade away


Stitched together with a thread of love

Embroidered with hope

My soul became a piece of art

Suited for a museum


I Love, therefore I am


Empty handed, I came

Except of a heart

Full of love

and a soul full of awe



Empty handed, I shall leave

Except of a heart

Full of love

and a soul full of awe



​If you ever wondered who I am

If you’re curious to know

If you want to remember me

With anything, after my departure

Two words




I love my children, a bequest from above

A peek into Heaven, and a love pure, Divine



I love my grandchildren, a whiff of angels, a taste of paradise

Hope they imbue, trust they sow and joy they enshrine



I love my mum, my flowery tiara, my song of praise

Her life she gives with glee, her heart tears for every passer by



I love my father, my crown, my honour, my wreath of fame

In humble gratitude, gracious blessings, my head bows down



I love my siblings every single one of them

Afar in their bodies, in my soul, ever so near, intertwined



I love my friends and kin

Those who are nigh and those who are far

Meadows of wildflowers, sway around my soul


I love you, and you and you and him and her

I love you all with all my heart, with all my soul

Every child gaping in awe

Every baby who saw the light and every one who’s not yet born



I Love

Every wrinkled face, carved with pain

Eyes shimmering with hope, soul filled with grace

Arms tender secure, what a holy embrace


I Love

Every father grinding his whole

To see his lovelies giggling with joy

A burning candle to brighten the way

Dispel all horror, secure the home



I Love

Every mother enduring agony

Sleepless nights, growing fears, flowing tears

No strings attached, no hidden agenda

Just love so pure, unconditional, perfect, sublime


I Love

I love the rustling of leaves, whispers of children, singing of nightingales

I love the crashing of waves on the seashore

I love the scent of jasmine blooming, and roses rambling on a wall

I love the aroma of grandma’s bread, fresh out of her taboon


I love colours of the rainbow

Blazing red​, burning orange

Bursting yellow, refreshing green

 Enchanting violet, magical indigo, and calming blue



I love animals, I love fish, I love birds and butterflies

I love leaves and coral reefs and dreamy skies

​I love grass, I love rivers and oceans azures

I love pebbles, I love cobbles and brave stones

I love mountains, rocky hills and sandy shores

I love raindrops, snowflakes, and misty due

I love trees and flowers​, all shapes and hues



I love the World

With all what it contains

With all my heart and all my soul

Every swimming star, twirling galaxy and dazzling blackhole

Every dancing atom, every praying particle, every spinning positron


Above all and most of all

I love the One and Only

Majestic beyond words

Compassionate beyond dreams

Infinite Beyond the grasp of minds

Whose love embraces all



If my heart would have a hole

My love would leak and fill a pail

The pail would flow and fill a stream

The stream would flood and fill a river

The river would deluge and fill an ocean

The ocean would expand and overflow

Earth would gush and drench the universe

Beneath the Throne of the One Most Loving, Most High



Intellectual & Spiritual Imperialism


We came to “liberate” your women

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Show me the Way


Dear God

Ten years ago, I sent you a letter

Innocent, hopeful, trusting and pure

I gave me back to You

“Dear Most Loving

Here I am

An empty vessel

Lift me… Fill me… Use me

As You wish

My will is nothing

But Yours”


Today, I am back

Crawling on my knees

Knocking at Your door

Empty handed







Filled to the brim with horror and pain

Seeing evil in the eye, how could I not be?



I thought I’ve seen it all, before!

What a fool!



Dear Most Kind,


I knew it would be a rough ride


But, really, not that rough!


Dear Most Wise


I am not asking you “why did You create evil”


I know You didn’t!


You just bestowed upon us freewill



Dear Most Loving


I am not asking “why don’t You stop them”


That means taking their freewill away


Dear Most Graceful


I am simply asking You for guidance


In this ocean of wickedness and gloom


What do You want me, little old Nahida, to do?


What can we in the Camp of Goodness do?


How can we stop this evil, once and for all?


Show me the way


Show us the way


Love the Land حب الارض



ما اروع حب الارض


حب الارض عبادة فهو يعمر القلب بالشكر والامتنان ويطلق اللسان بالذكر والحمد ويسمو بالروح الى مراتب القرب والعرفان ❤️

حب الارض مقاومة
فهو يرد على من يريدون تدمير الحياة باعتناق الحياة وغرسها والعناية بها حتى تثمر وتزهر

حب الارض شفاء للجسد والعقل والقلب والروح


❤️ ❤️

How splendid love of the land is !

Loving the land is a prayer, it fills the heart with grace and gratitude, moves the tongue with songs, prayers and praise, and elevates the soul in awareness and intimacy ❤️

Love the land is resistance !

It is a practical response to those who want to destroy life; by embracing, planting and caring for life until it yields and blooms

Love of the earth is a therapy and healing for body, mind, heart and soul 













Storm raging

Hearts in turmoil

Retreat, coil within

Kiss the land

Embrace the soil



Have you ever seen a bird die of starvation?

Trust like a bird

Flutter your wings

Sow a seed

Help it grow

Tend the land

The Provider will provide



In a bowl of purity

Mix some effort

Tsp of kindness

A dash of sincerity

Sprinkle more love

Grateful and gracious

Watch soil smile

A rainbow radiating

Sprouting divine



لاجئ مزمن، زمهرير الغربة القارس يزجك في اعماق الاماني الندية بحثا في ثنايا ذاكرتك المنهكة المفعمة بالحنين عن بعضك الذي اضعته ذات ليلة دامعة
تحاول بلهفة مرتجفة ان ترسم معالم زمن مضى وتلون وجوها مسح تقاطيعها ألم دفين، فتزرع زعترا اخضرفي غير موسمه ولا زمانه ولا مكانه، في بلاد بعيدة وبين شعوب غريبة لا تعرف للزعتر اسما ولا رسما ولا طعما
تترفق وانت تقطف وريقاته الغضة عسى بعطره ان يطير بك الى حاكورة بيت عتيق على سفح الجبل، حيث يرقد الحسون في عشه ويغفو السنونوعلى غصن شجرة لوز
تبني بيديك طابونا من الطين، عسى ان تحملك رائحة خبزه الى زمن جميل كان وما عاد او الى حضن جدة دافئ، وتترقرق جداول الامل المعجونة بالالم، دموع فرح حزين ويخال لك كأنما بال(طين) قد استرجعت بعضا من فلسطين
وتعجن وتخبز وتحشو فطائر الزعتر في بلاد العجم التي ما اعترفت يوما بك كتاريخ او جغرافيا او حقوق او حضارة ولسان حالك يقول لهم آه لو تعلمون، لرأيتم الثرى يباهي الثريا ان داسته اقدام اجدادي، فترد الثريا بل الفخر لي ان اخلاقهم علت عليّا



A chronic refugee, the bitter​ exhausting​ exile​ throws you into the depths of dewy dreamy aspirations​. You ran frantically searching​ for you​ between the folds of your exhausted, nostalgic memories, which ​you’ve lost​ on​ce upon a​ tearful night.

With trembling eagerness, you try to trace the features of a time long gone, and paint faces that had lost its miens, expressions and demeanor, to a deeply buried pain.

You sow za’ater seeds, during the wrong season, wrong time and wrong place, in faraway lands, amidst strangers who do not know its name, colour, scent or flavour.

You tenderly pick its budding leaves, hoping that its perfume would fly you away to a childhood orchard with an ancient house at the foothills, where a goldfinch dozed off in its nest, and a swallow slumbered on a almond tree branch.

You lovingly build a taboon, a clay oven, with your bare hands, hoping that the aroma of its bread would carry you away one day, to a distant land and a beautiful time which once was, never to return, or rock you to sleep, in the warm arms of your grandmother.

Springs of hope plaited with pain, gush through your anguished soul. Tears of grieving joy flow, so much so that for a moment, you would imagine that with a lump of terracotta clay between your fingers, a chunk of Palestine had been liberated.

Kneading, rolling, baking and stuffing za’ater pies in the land of Balfour, which has never recognized you, your history, your geography, your rights, your humanity or your civilization.

You scream silently: O you, if only you knew !  You would have seen the soil of my homeland boasting before the stars, that my ancestors had meandered over it. With a huge grin, the stars would respond: glory is all mine for their love, hospitality and kindness have surpassed my lofty skies.


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