Ideological Institutionalised Supremacy


     Architect of Apartheid in Israel:

“If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist”



     Ethnic Cleansing and the Israeli “Center “

“now you start to see where the supposed center and the far right really line up, and it’s not just the center, it’s EVERYONE ALL THE WAY to merits, to the EXTREME END OF THE ZIONIST LEFT, they REJECT THE IDEA THAT ISRAEL IS A STATE FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS and they all engaged in this mock debate which really is over the size of the cage Palestinian will live in, jumbo size, or small, because they ALL AGREE ISRAEL HAS TO ENGINEER A JEWISH DEMOGRAPHIC MAJORITY against the will of the indigenous Palestinian population, the question is how to do it” ~~~  Max Blumenthal author of Goliath – Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

Bearing this in mind, as well as acknowledging the ideological supremacy amongst “israeli” Jews, the question which begs an answer is: why do many of the Jewish anti-Zionist left continue to deceive Palestinians into believing that “one state for all” is what they should pursue as the best solution, instead of FULL LIBERATION?


Role and Racism of Jewish communities







Beit Iksa… My village

Just 5 miles away from the heart of Jerusalem, my besieged village has been converted to a concentration camp, where villagers are entrapped with only one access to the outside world, through an international-border-like checkpoint. The original road which connected Beit Iksa to Jerusalem through Beit Hanina has been permanently blocked, No one is allowed to enter except people from the village.

There is about 1200 people living in Beit Iksa, on an ever shrinking land due to military confiscation, but the vast majority (estimated 10000) are still living in exile, prevented from returning home by the Jewish-Zionist occupation.

The village was attacked in 1948, forcing the villagers out into refugee camps, leaving the old village centre completely destroyed, while the looting and burning the rest.

The villagers were able to return back to their half destroyed village after cease fire in 1949. My mother at the time was seven years old.

In 1967, a war to which I was an eyewitness, aged also seven years old, my village was ethnically cleansed for the second time, but this time those of us who evacuated in search of safety were never allowed back.

As the village was under heavy bombardment, the villagers with their fresh memories of the echoing cries of slaughtered families of Deir Yassin, panicked and started fleeing in all directions.

A group of families ended up in a nearby village, Beit Duqou, where we were kept for six days, in what I thought to be an underground shelter – only to find out 35 years later that it was a big tomb in the village grave yard.

My father who was in Syria at the time, sitting his final exams in Law School, was unable to cross the borders to be with us. The borders were open only in one direction, people were allowed, helped and encouraged through loud-speakers to leave Palestine for their own safety.

Searching for a place of safety for her five children, my young mother, alone, frightened and unable to feed or protect her children decided to join my father and to take us to a place of safety until war was over.

It has been forty six years since then, we are still waiting to go back home.

13 copy

The checkpoint of Beit Iksa, looks more like a concentration camp entrance

Beit Iksa used to have one road, which also used to connect the village to Jerusalem… It has been permanently closed for at least four years now.

Picture 243aaaa - Copy

Picture 241aaas - Copy

My village was ethnically cleansed and partially destroyed in 1948

IMG_2211aa - Copy

Picture 1014a

Picture 1046aa

Picture 1015a

IMG_6001aa - Copy

Grandfather’s bakery

Picture 1048 - Copya

Picture 1014a

Picture 1047a

Picture 1034a

Picture 1040a

Picture 1035a

Picture 1029 - Copya

Picture 1031aa


IMG_2388 - Copyaa


Picture 1024a

Picture 1025a

Picture 970 - Copyaa

Picture 1022a

Picture 1023a

Picture 962aa

Picture 1018a

Picture 955aa

Picture 1016aa

Picture 1017a

Picture 952 - Copyaa

Picture 949aa

Picture 948aa

Picture 943aa

Picture 935w copy

Picture 944aa

My great grandmother’s house

IMG_2219aa - Copy

Picture 1021a

IMG_2267aa - Copy

IMG_2380 - Copyaa

IMG_2268aaa - Copy

IMG_2262aaa - Copy

My head was stuck between those rails when I was 2 years old
I tried again but I couldn’t fit my head in this time


IMG_2393 - Copyaaa

IMG_2326aa - Copy

IMG_2335 - Copyaa - Copy

The home of my childhood

IMG_2616aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2619aa - Copy (2)

IMG_2624aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2627aa - Copy

IMG_2629aa - Copy - Copy

My paternal grandmother’s house

Picture 849aa

Picture 903aa

My maternal grandmother’s house

Picture 741w copy


IMG_6105 - Copyaaaa - Copy

A tour in the village

IMG_2453aa - Copy


IMG_2456aa - Copy

IMG_2646aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2448aaa - Copy


IMG_2672aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2682aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2684aa - Copy

Picture 124aa

IMG_2691 - Copyaa

IMG_7195 copy

Picture 163aa - Copy

Picture 161aa - Copy

Picture 202aa

Picture 200aa - Copy

Picture 198aa - Copy

Picture 211aa

Picture 229aaaa - Copy

Picture 230aaaa - Copy

Picture 233aa

Picture 240 - Copyaad - Copy

Picture 241aadd - Copy

Picture 248aa - Copy

IMG_7221 copy

IMG_7169 copy

IMG_2609aa - Copy

Picture 819aa

Picture 675aaa

Picture 833aa

Picture 830aa

IMG_2690aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2682aa - Copy - Copy

Picture 065 copy

Picture 066 copy

Picture 194 copy

Picture 683 copy 2

Picture 683 copy

Picture 705 copy

Picture 063 copy

IMG_2691 - Copyaa

IMG_2646aa - Copy - Copy

IMG_2329aa - Copy

Picture 243aass

Picture 759aab

Picture 760aab

Seventy years ago, my village which was once peaceful and totally self-sufficient, thriving on sustainable organic agriculture is reduced now to a concentration camp, deprived of basic survival rights. dependent on food aid from UNRWA

IMG_2636aa - Copy

IMG_2641aa - Copy

The view overlooking the hills, where Deir Yassin once stood

Picture 798aa

The colony of Ramot Alon, built on the STOLEN land

of my late husband’s family, causing so much

destruction to nature and the landscape

Picture 257aa

IMG_7189 copy

IMG_2679aa - Copy


Picture 850aa

IMG_2679aa - Copy

The view of Lifta and Jerusalem from Beit Iksa

Picture 883aa

In Palestine, I am a torn between the most

paradoxical emotions of

 uncontainable joy and excruciating sadness

Picture 033 - Copyaa - Copy

Picture 768 - Copyaa

Divine Love

Divine Love embraces all
Flakes of heaven
Falls like rain
Sublime and tender


Kind hearts abide with wonder
Share with all without constraint
Every drop blooms to oceans
Smiles aghast, grateful souls
Gift their love, received with passion
Cherishing life in utmost joy
Divine Love embraces all
Flakes of heaven
Falls like rain
From rugged hearts it slips unnoticed
Drizzled or drenched not a crack would open
Not a seed would bud
Not a weed would grow
 Its only lust, destroy destroy
Beating drums of own demise


Sometimes, beauty is mistakenly understood;

Assuming that

If someone is beautiful, they are always good,

When truth is

When someone is good, they are always beautiful


Heart songs

Each one of us is born
With heart songs inside

When the ride gets rough,

People become tough
Life rages with noise

Our heart songs faint

To the background
1239138_10200436429740031_1507599573_o copy


But each one of us is born
With many heart songs inside

A kind word, or a poem,

Caress of a tender hand,

Attentive ear,

A meal made with love,
Or a prayer said in silence
A gaze pure and gentle,
Heartwarming embrace,
A small act of forgiveness,
A glorious twinkle in the eye,
Or a radiant smile

piggy back2

When autumn falls
Don’t hibernate
Get out and about
Plough the meadows of your soul
Seeds of good deeds
Plant all around

Let love bloom

Let hope thrive

Open your heart

Dance to its singing
Paint the corners of your soul
Pink and lilac, blue and green
Then sway and shine
Sprinkle your joy
Extend your hands
Embrace the world

Is it me standing on my head, or is the world upside-down?



Silent cries of babies dying pierce my ears

Deformed infants born, a nightmare called “life”

Corpses of bleeding whales paint the ocean pink

Lifeless grey trees, trunks chopped and dry

Bees falling dead “we don’t know why”!

Breathless sweet dolphins scattered by the seashore




Heavy nights descend like bricks

Hidden hands tighten around my neck

I’m breathing mud, I’m breathing sand

Is it just me standing on my head?

Or is everything around me, upside-down?




Destruction… “conquest” of nature

Radioactive waste… praised as accomplishment

Robbery in broad day light… a “Historic Achievement”

Progress… a family is no longer mum and dad

Liberty… measured in nudity per cm², put on display

Civilisation…  how many weapons  a nation could amass

Science… a tool of annihilation and a mushroom cloud

Charity… bailout of bankers adding to the trillions in their “empty” coffers

If we don’t give them that, our world would collapse… yes, collapse!

Economy… snatching the last piece of bread from a hungry destitute

Financial growth… interest goes up and up, while life goes down

Security… watching every move, recording every word, just to keep us “safe”

Technology… counting every breath, monitoring every dream only just in case

Defence…  watch out, every blink of an eye might be a “secret code”,

 Every social gathering could be a “sleeping cell”, call 999 only just in case


O dear Beloved God

How could such a small heart

Take all this pain



I don’t want to be here
I don’t want to take part
In this evil madness

All I want to be

Is a leaf on a tree

or a wild flower by the road side

Hide forever

Where no one could see

Look up into Heaven

Smile at angels as they pass by



No alternative to FULL LIBERATION

Promoting “one state” after the failure of the “two states” means in plain language:


1) Legitimizing the usurping entity of “israel”, worse, it is a call for promoting the enlargement of its boundaries, to encompass the ENTIRE land of Palestine, by annexing what remains of Palestine.

2) Wiping out the Palestinian Identity by giving Palestinians “israeli” citizenship, thus covertly calling for the “israelization” of what remains of Palestinians.

3) Inviting the Zionist entity to ANNEX and OCCUPY what is left of Palestine.

4) Blessing the invaders with the “right” to keep the LOOT of whatever they have captured through wars of conquest and aggression.

5) Enabling the invaders to ENLARGE and EXPAND their entity, a small step towards a “greater israel”.

6) Embracing the finalization of the Zionist project.

7) Campaigning to upgrade the Palestinians’ status from “occupied Palestinian” to “slave israelis”, living under the boot of Jewish supremacists who see Palestinians and other goyim as animals created only to serve Jews.

Are we so naive to engage promoting such insanity?

No alternative to the Algerian model of  FULL LIBERATION


Map of “greater Israel” engraved on 10 agorot coin

Let us Learn Compassion

Let us learn, brothers and sisters in humanity

Let us learn

Let us learn that JUSTICE is the backbone of all DIVINE Laws

Let us learn that COMPASSION and MERCY are the gift-wrap

Which makes our justice so sublimely beautiful

Just a thought


Our quest for JUSTICE through our pursuit of TRUTH is what should keep our intentions pure and our actions noble.

Our passion for humanity, beauty, harmony and equality is what allows love to grow in our hearts unhindered.

Like the Holy Land that is Palestine, it shines with goodness through the pursuit of its people for spiritual truth and by existing in harmony with nature and the pace of nature.

What makes it Holy and so breathtakingly beautiful is its embrace of that which is organic, pure and natural.

Thus, when we align ourselves in full harmony with the epitome of Nature’s Divine Laws, i.e Balance outlined with Beauty, translated in human terms as Justice embraced with Compassion, we become one with all there is.

If we slip, however,  into following the deceptive and oppressive methods of those whom we oppose, we lose the battle and it would be our defeat.


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