Who is trying to bluff the Palestinians?

A critical view of Alan Hart’s proposal to Palestinians

Alan Hart, a friend and supporter of Palestine, invited ALL Palestinians, at home and in Diaspora with all their political shades, factions and affiliations to unite and “call israel’s bluff”


July 27, 2010

He writes: (emphasis mine)

“They could do so with a joint Fatah-Hamas statement to something like this effect:

“We cannot and will not recognise Israel’s “right” to exist because it has no such right, but we are a pragmatic people and we hereby declare that we are prepared to recognise and live in permanent peace with the reality of an Israel inside its borders as they were on the eve of the 1967 war, with Jerusalem an open, undivided city and the capital of two states… We further declare that our pragmatism extends to accepting that the right of the dispossessed Palestinians to return must and will be confined to the Palestinian state, which means that many of those who wish to return will have to settle for compensation for the loss of their homes and their land.”

Alan Hart recapitulates:

“The point of the article above is only that I believe the Palestinian leadership should now say, in the most explicit terms, that most Palestinians are still prepared to live in permanent peace with an Israel inside its pre-1967 borders.”

Our friend wants the Palestinians to attest their good-intention publicly, once and for all and demonstrate to the world and to the occupiers of their lands that they are only interested in peace, they “should” reassure their rapist murderers, “in the most explicit terms” that they want to “live in permanent peace” with a “Jewish state” encroached over 80% of their land!! In other words, Palestinians are strongly advised by our friend to pull their acts together, organize, unite and hurry up, sign the statement he prepared for them in which they sign off permanently their RIGHTS to their OWN historic land of Palestine. Furthermore, he wants the Palestinians to declare publicly and permanently that they are giving up their right of return!

These are precisely the demands of our enemy!

Total Surrender, nothing less nothing more, and that’s at a time when the Palestinian struggle and resistance are finally gaining global support and momentum.

By doing so, Mr. Hart reflects better his domain of interest and expertise; namely zionists and “israelis”, but not Palestine or Palestinians. Had he any real knowledge of Palestinians, he would’ve known that Palestinians do NOT surrender. More than a century of struggle, sacrifices and extreme anguish did not weaken their fortitude to resist, nor did it destroy or even abate their aim of return and of the liberation of all of Palestine.

Now, the question is:

Why Palestinians should NEVER recognize “israel”?


Why REAL friends of Palestine should NEVER insist or even ask that Palestinians recognize “israel”?
Amazingly enough, Alan Hart’s own articles prove that he knows perfectly well the answer to those questions; but he apparently assumes that Palestinians have a memory span of a fish!

On Oct 16th, 2009, he wrote: (emphasis mine)

legitimacy was the only thing the Zionists could not and cannot take from the Palestinians by force.”

“The truth of the time was that the Zionist state, which came into being mainly as a consequence of pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist UNLESS … Unless it was recognized and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved.”


On one hand, Mr. Hart acknowledges that “israel” has no right to exist unless explicitly recognized and legitimized by the Palestinians -ONLY the Palestinians, and he also acknowledges that “israel” is craving for this recognition.

On the other hand, Mr. Hart now volunteers, on the bases of his good name, to obtain that recognition by temptation and persuasion, regardless of the miscarriage of justice that would cause, and the irreversible harm this would inflect on Palestinians.

To this effect, it is with condescension that he makes the misleading demand that ALL Palestinians should on his say-so show pragmatism and unite to recognize and legitimize the Jewish state on 80% of their land.

What would Palestinians lose if they accept Mr. Hart’s proposal? what is in there in his scheme for Palestinians?

What would happen if ALL Palestinians including Hamas and the Diaspora are CONNED into recognising “israel” within the 1967 borders, (under the pretext of “calling israel’s bluff”)?

There are two outcomes:

At best; the conscience of the “israeli” occupiers would suddenly be awakened and they would accept the Palestinian offer, in which case the Palestinians would’ve signed off their right of return, and signed away 80% of their historic land of Palestine, forever!

And at worst; the zionists would just continue to ignore the Palestinians and their lawful demands, and would clutch onto the ONLY document that would give them the legal power to legitimize their entity, namely the surrender of the Palestinians to their occupiers to achieve complete and final take over the entire land of Palestine!

By being aware that “israel’s” legitimacy is unobtainable by force, and nevertheless suggest the Palestinians should call “israel’s” bluff, i.e. recognise it within the 1967 borders, Mr. Hart in effect volunteers to achieve for the zionists the “legitimacy” they are craving for, through a final and comprehensive declaration of recognition and legitimization of the Jewish state from those very oppressed and dispossessed, the ONLY ones who could grant that legitimacy to the criminal state.

Whether at best naïve, or at worst cunning and deceptive, Mr. Hart’s suggestion would leave all Palestinian losing everything with absolutely nothing to gain.

Furthermore, under the double pretext of realism and extreme disproportion of power, Alan Hart uses intimidation to blackmail Palestinians with his “knowledge” of the “seriousness” of the zionist threat of nuclear annihilation;


“Always in my own mind is what Prime Minister Golda Meir said to me in a BBC Panorama interview and from which I quote in my book – in a doomsday situation Israel “would be prepared to take the region and the whole world down with it.”” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26662.htm

It appears that Mr. Hart uses the carrot and the stick to bring Palestinians to line and trap them to surrender their rights and land, once and for all.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Mr. Hart is doing a great job on behalf of our oppressors.

His proposal serves nothing but to finalize the zionist project by achieving the permanent Jewish conquest of Palestine.

Incidentally, terminating the Palestinian human right to return to their homeland, trampling over the souls of millions who raised the banner of freedom for over a century, trashing and thrashing their sacrifices is not much of a concern to Mr. Hart. What he worries most about is to prevent the rise of anti-Semitism, and to secure the permanent presence of a Jewish state on the occupied land of Palestine, be it as it may at the cost of slaughtering justice at the alter of the “Chosen”, and extinguishing the candle of freedom in the service of the “Light unto nations”

Mr. Hart’s proposal would trap Palestinians to become an archetype of disintegration and worse, it would offer the jurisprudential grounds justifying future wars of conquest and aggression.

What a stark contrast with the pertinent, insightful and astute suggestion offered  with great sincerity by Dr. Francis Boyle, expert in International Law

“The Palestinians must sign nothing and let Israel collapse!”

With all due respect, I wonder if by enticing Palestinians to “call israel’s bluff”, was Mr. Hart trying to bluff the Palestinians?


Now we know who created the universe !!

“Jews brought about the existence of the ENTIRE creation”
said the Rebbe Menachem Schneerson!


Thank God I have listened to this before having my dinner, it left my stomach churning of sickness and disgust


Every Jew, men and even women and children, brings about the existence of the entire creation, they become masters over the world, and thus every single creation owes them recognition for this good”

“Being that through the Jew all beings were created, he therefore becomes the master over all of them

“The Jew is in complete control, particularly over physical matters. The physicality of the world itself has to recognize the good that the Jew has accomplished”

“Through the Jews they came into being, and their true existence is through their unity with the True Being”

Since G-d and the Jews are one, each Jew becomes a True Being, and thus able to bring about all of creation”

“He (the Jew) therefore has control over all of creation and not only that, but they owe him thanks and are indeed thankful”

Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, Excerpt of Sicha 21 Elul, 5749

Meet the Rebbe

This supremacist ideology is precisely the axiomatic nucleus of zionism; an ideology which tries to justify and authenticate to its followers the conquest of other people’s land and homes, the annihilation of this people’s freedom, existence, and even lives
An ideology that installs sick delusions as quoted above, in the minds of its followers (Breaking Taboos) , namely that they are not just God’s “Chosen”, but moreover that they are God himself! They are THE creators of the ENTIRE universe!!
Such lunacies would be tolerable if existing at the fringe of our society, behind closed doors, perfectly inside mental institutions.
Unfortunately, these deranged lunatics have penetrated the hubs of world powers, both political and military, White House, Pentagon, Capitol Hill, IMF, you name it, where they have succeeded to hijack a significant leverage of control already enough to incite wars and cause massive bloodshed and poverty across nations, entire global regions.

Those who dismiss the catastrophic ramifications of this dangerous ideology, and who then turn a blind eye to its power-grabbing criminal followers, deflect the resistance movement towards the glittering puppets thus shielding the REAL criminal puppeteers.

A Strategy of Liberation


NO… These are not photos from a Synagogue

They are taken in the Pentagon!!

They are photos of Chabad members celebrating Chanukah in the Pentagon

The ideology of the Chabad Lubavitch movement is teaming with racism and supremacy that has no match in any other racist group, because they believe that: the essence of the J-ws is totally different from others; Jews are distinct creatures, with distinct DNA, and that the Jews have an additional divine soul which makes them God-like creatures, Jews are morally, intellectually and spiritually superior to other humans

Such Racist ideology finds open doors in the Pentagon, the White House, Capitol Hill and amongst the world parasites of IMF (International Monetary Fund)


Is it surprising to find out that the supremacist Chabd Lubavitch feel at home with the IMF as they celebrate together:


please look under the title “A World Of Light Chanukah at the IMF”

please look under the title “A World Of Light Chanukah at the IMF”

Meet the Supremacist Jewish Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Some still insist that Chabad is a “fringe group”, that “has no influence” and that exposing their supremacist ideology, their level of influence and the harm they do is a “distraction” !

Watch Benjamin Netanyahu Ordered by Chabad Rebbe to Hasten Jewish Messiah’s Coming


Netanyahu Recalls the Rebbe’s Advice – Sep. 24 2009

Watch how they plot how to brain wash Americans

How they plot to steal more land

Watch the devils and be amazed!


Their roadmap to peace !


Now we come to learn from the horse’s mouth Why do zionist Jews talk to Palestinians ?

Why do they indulge into endless “peace talks” and “peace processes”?

Listen to the Chabad Rebbe’s answer:

“The talks are only, so the public shouldn’t say that Eretz Yisroel is not interested in peace”

And here, we hear the supremacist Chabad’s Rebbe whispers to Uri Savir, the israeli ambassador to US:

“The Americans ultimately have no choice, because they are dependent on God’s choice, but God places the free choice in the hands of the Jews including to choose contrary to His wishes, and He believes strongly in the Jewish people

Lubavitcher Rebbe explains to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu that “all that is required for the Divine presence is ten Jews”


Here the Rebbe declares shamelessly that:

“The Jewish people and God are literally one” !!!
“the soul-root of a Jew is higher than any other creation”


Why is it that this kind of racism, supremacy, power and global out-reach are not challenged?

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