Shame for Fame


I avoided writing about this topic, trying to give Palestine Chronicle and its chief editor Ramzy Baroud the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t think keeping silent is an option any more

In March 2011 I met Ramzy Baroud during his UK tour, I invited him to stay with us in my family home, where he was warmly welcomed. As we both were devoted to working for liberation of our homeland and advocating for justice for our people, I thought we had forged a mutually respectful friendship.

I continued to communicate with Baroud via email and Facebook, sharing my poems, thoughts, comments and articles with him, with hardly any response, if ever.  The communication was a one way street, but I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt and finding excuses, for he is such a busy journalist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.36.55

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.37.01


In December 2013, I posted a series of  comments on Palestine Chronicle of which PC editor published only three while censoring the most crucial.

Being one of my Facebook friends, I wrote to Mr Baroud privately inquiring about the reason of censoring my comments, I never received a reply.

Today, April 12, 2016, I notice that he had deleted me from his list of friends (not sure when),  I contacted him again asking for an explanation, again no reply.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 01.52.48


Also today, I noticed that the Palestine Chronicle team, which consists of “professional journalists and respected writers and authors“, has published one of my photos which I took during my visit to Palestine in 2012, without asking permission or giving credit.

Furthermore, in the same edition of Palestine Chronicle two poems are published: One is eerily the same topic and same title as a poem I published three years ago and had sent to Mr Baroud.

The second poem also bears almost the same title and has the same topic as one of my prose/poems, written in 2012, and is illustrated by my photograph that I used for the same publication, a photo that is significant because it depicts the garden that triggered me to write the prose/poem in the first place. Mr Baroud also received it via email at the time.

This is irrefutably not a coincidence, and is irrefutably an act of unwarranted hostility, an attempt by a fellow Palestinian to dispossess the intellectual rights of a fellow Palestinian author.

Ramzy Baroud, I am asking you for an explanation. What is going on? What has gone so wrong with you that you engage in such unfathomable act?

Why does Palestine Chronicle participate in censoring Palestinian voices and obfuscating their work, bordering on plagiarism?

Do we really need thought commissars in our movement of liberation?

Is it excommunication against untamed Palestinian voices whose narrative is not approved by anti-Zionist rabbis and lacking the kosher stamp?


This kind of subliminal attacks coming from a Palestinian, who brags of his father being a “freedom fighter” and who engages into yet another dispossession and attempted demoralization of a fellow Palestinian freedom fighter is beyond shameful

Is that the price of fame? Does Mr Baroud really think that it will not cost him discredit and shame?

Palestine Chronicle, Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.23.08 copy 2


Poetry for Palestine, July 8, 2011


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 01.21.41 copy 2

Palestine Chronicle, Saturday, April  9, 2016

As well as publishing one of Nahida’s photos without authorisation

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.22.51 copy 2



Poetry for Palestine, April 28, 2012


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 01.37.42 copy 2


11 Responses

  1. Wow..😵 what the hell is going on…my God :/ it’s healthy for the soul My Sis to be able to talk about this than to suppress it.. I support you with my soul.. It feels really sad this keeps happening to you..:( I will share this for sure.. Thank you..


  2. I am with you sister … Ramzy owes us all an explanation !!

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  3. There are few who can face the reality of the global consequences of the Zionist threat. If people bother to research what happened in the past and what is happening now, the picture is so disturbing that they retreat and try to find ways in which it can be absorbed into normal life. They can only succeed in doing this by excluding the voices of those who persist in facing the evil head-on, as you do, Nahida.
    The Zionist took over Palestine violently, and through cynical manipulation of powerful world leaders who were at the same time manipulating others. All, of them, then, concurred in re-writing, and continuously promoting, historical and religious narratives to support their own and Zionist crimes. To normalise an abnormal and dangerous state.Those hardy souls who see through the veil and protest at their falsehoods and crimes are silenced.

    Because it was not dealt with in the earlier centuries, Zionism has grown to spread it’s influence and control around the world and it’s power, militarily, politically, economically, morally, intimidates people, even those such as Ramzy Baroud who at heart is probably a decent man who genuinely wants a “solution” for his people. No excuse for his failure to respond to your emails and his use of your material without permission – an apology and public acknowledgement of your work is the very least he can do now. So sorry, dearest friend, that you are made to endure all this, but you endure for the sake of Truth and that is worth everything.

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  4. Did you know that Ali used to follow me in twitter? When I posted something from Gilad (cannot recall, now, what it was..) he told me he would not remain connected with me because I, “agreed with Gilad”. I told him, “no; Gilad agrees with me.” Ali went on to say that GIlad had been publicly disavowed by PSC. I asked him for proof of this. What did Ali send as proof? Ha! It was his own public letter, which he had sent around to all of PSC. (Not so much proof as Ali wanting his own way.) I ended the conversation and the connection. Ali blocked me, in his pro-iz intifada thing. C’est la vie.

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  5. Sad. The ranks never seemed very full but these days it’s starting to look pretty sparse when we glance to our left and right shoulders.


  6. I am sad that your photo was used in this manner for my poem, “Reflections on Palestine.” Please know I had nothing whatsoever to do with the selection and publishing of your photo with my poem.
    -Stephen Brackens Brinkley

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    • Thank you for your comment Stephen. As you notice I never mentioned you or blamed you in my criticism, and I truly appreciate you clarifying your position and leaving your comment here. Thank you. As you can see, I still have never heard, got clarification or an apology from Ramzy Baroud


      • Sister, I would like to revive, especially at this time, your Palestinian Declaration as it is most excellent, with the intent to gather a multitude of signatures and submit them to the UNSC, the heads of states of the UNGA, the Members of the U.S. Congress et al. I use a petition site that automatically delivers signatories to the Congress and can start it there. I would ask your permission to use the document you created dear sister. Please contact me via email at, on Facebook Messenger at or on Twitter @revhumanrights..
        Thank you, my sister.

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