Celebrating Sexual Orientation, the Road to Liberation?

I cannot help but notice the striking commonalities between two  politically active groups who perceive themselves as uniquely “oppressed”, perpetually “persecuted”, “hated” and “marginalized” :
  •  A small part of their perception of the self has become their entire identity
  •  They display symptoms of victim-hood syndrome and excessive sense of persecution
  • They exhibit intense craving for, and demanding of world-love, by hook or by crook
  •  They use slander and ad hominem attacks as means to win the debate, against those who stand by in bewilderment, and against those who don’t celebrate with them their self-obsession and self-adoration
  •  They criminalize those who ask questions, show signs of concern or express different opinions, share some doubts or dissent


In recent years, the entire Western political paradigm has been encapsulated in two main campaigns: the first being the right of LGBT to proselytise their lifestyle (specially amongst children) and to publicly celebrate their sexual orientations, and the second being “israel’s right” to defend itself.

The spectrum of political debate has shriveled to two pivotal topics, spinning in the orbits of “same-sex love” on the Left and “israel adoration” on the Right.

The candidate/ party who are most able to exhibit more love and support to both are the most likely to climb up the political ladder resuming leadership.

The more dedication a candidate/ party shows to both LGBT and the Jewish State the more chances of scoring high on the scale of “civility”

Too much time, energy and money has been invested in expressing “pride” of sexual orientation, and in publicly celebration sexual behaviour, all with the blessing and support of the political “elite”, world leaders and dubious institutions.

What a devious way to divert attention from scrutinizing the REAL issues of PERSECUTION, OPPRESSION and INJUSTICE !


The global and annual LGBT exhibitionist celebrations -under the banner of fighting for human rights against “persecution”, is coupled with persistent attempts to insert this “fight” in every other liberation and/or human right movement.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 00.56.29

Juxtaposing the six colours ( hijacked rainbow bright colours which are for CHILDREN, which lures and attracts the little ones) over every other flag, became the litmus test for measuring the “progressiveness”, “civility” and “worthiness” of support of any particular organization, country and movement.

Does this not cause people to THINK, that maybe something is not quite right here?


Why on earth should “progressiveness” be defined by how much one takes pride in the sexual behaviour of a small group of people?

Why on earth should mankind be classified and divided according to their sexual preferences?

Why on earth should anyone be called “hater” and “intolerant” if one says they do not like their children, nor themselves to be exposed to live-porn?

Why on earth should anyone be labeled as “homophobic” If they kindly request from their brothers in humanity to keep bedroom acts where it belongs, in the bedroom, and spare our children the obscenity of premature exposure to unwanted sexuality or nudity?

How can such a request be considered “persecution” and “oppression”?

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Logic of the absurd

If you are a Palestinian fighting for the freedom of your people and the liberation of your homeland, you have to give up your alienable rights to the land, and flatly aplogise for not liking very much the idea of sharing your home with your rapists, otherwise you would be called “racist antisemite” who wants to “ethnically cleanse” Jews, “persecute” them and deprive them from their “human rights”.

If you are a Palestinian who cherishes his history and traditional values, you have to give up your ethics and culture, start competing with “israel’s Pride Parade”.

You need to understand that your support for the “gay pride” public celebration of the particular sexuality of a very small segment of the population, is the first and conditional step toward the liberation of your homeland.

In order to succeed in defeating your oppressors, you have to make their sexuality  your number one priority; compete with “israel”, organise PPP “Palestinian Pride Parades” which are bigger, more radical and louder than that of “israel”, otherwise you would be seen as a “backward Arab” and you would be called “intolerant homophobe”.

For whose agenda?

We began to feel the pressure demanding to insert sexual orientation as an”integral” part for our movement, which is extremely insensitive and divisive move at this stage of our struggle.

We began to feel the heat of abuse because we express concern for our children and ask for some sensitivity towards our culture

Having the view that sexuality is a private matter does NOT mean one is hateful or homophobic.

Muslim societies are concerned for the welfare of the whole society, and not just the pleasure of a few.

Exhibitionism and public display of sexual activity is deemed harmful for society, specially the most vulnerable and most worthy of protection, namely the children.

Premature exposure of young children to sexuality is like force feeding a newborn with chilli con carne and beefsteak followed by few cigarettes and an alcoholic drink.

Children are not designed or ready to cope with sexual activity as much as babies are not ready to digest heavy meals.

It is not rocket science to know that such early exposure is harmful to children.

When I expressed my concern for children, I was attacked, ridiculed, accused of being “racist”, “Homophobic”, insulted and threatened of being blocked by one prominent activist for Palestine.


It is obscene that a self-profiled “supporter” of Palestinians, would completely ignore, reject and campaign to change fundamental aspects of Palestinian culture, ethics, model of society etc.

The Palestinian model of society has been successful in peacefulness, harmony,  tolerance and family cohesiveness, since centuries and more, contrary  to the imposed “Western” model, which arguably has failed in these respects.

What sort of support are we seeing, when in essence it asks us to abandon our cultural identity?


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Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 13.05.36

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    • It wasn’t private messages, it was public post, but then the person deleted it

      Alhamdulillah I am in the habit of saving, so I had it saved before it was deleted


      • I feel glad you saved it My Sis.. it’s better to leave that person’s name open too I think, might embarrass that person for having such a silly logic that someone who scrutinize this gay campaign matter as someone who had an experience of being molested in the past. That’s total whack.


  2. Bravo! Excellently penned, well thought out, and right on the correct moral compass.


  3. Thank you so much for your insight Nahida
    Next time they will ask us to abandon our identity, culture and religion and follow a jew zionist jewish leader to please the supremacist “sons of God” … actually it already started by nominating a jew to lead our activism in the name of “humanity” !!


  4. Excellent post Nahida! You always hit the most important topics and you do it best. Its ironic how people continue to slander you with incoherent unconscious reactionary projections, claiming you’re homophobic. Although everyone should have universal rights and freedoms… sexuality is the core of our being, and when that has been perverted by our institutions, politics, and media then, depending upon the resilience of the culture, everything goes with it down the slippery slope of De-evolution, or not. This is why there is such massive agenda at hand to try and pervert the natural balance of the cultures of this world… where homosexual rights and perversions are elevated as the guiding light of all nations. It goes without saying we are not homophobic, or anti Gay… the thing is that not all of us are interested in knowing or advertising something so personal… or having another persons sexual orientation program shoved down our throat contaminating our personal freedoms, and that of our children and culture… and that’s a huge canary our detractors refuse to look at, speaking of universal human rights. You have a right to feel good about who you are without the need to advertise it to the unwilling. People have the universal right to refuse sexual orientation programming from being shoved down their throats… and we stand for that. Gays for the liberation of Palestine… have any of us even asked the Palestinian people before using that banner along with their struggle? Why advertise our orientation? Who cares? We are not Palestinian and last I checked, they aren’t advertising outside of Soro’s cloud sourcing and funding and his Open Society Institute. Should I get my black and white hetero tie-dye-tee going on, and is anyone going to even notice? Not really, I’m not really biased in any way like that. I don’t need a picket sign to feel comfortable being straight. My ultimate opinion rests with God and from what I understand God doesn’t care what peoples sexual orientation is, only that they are not harming themselves or others… or imposing their orientation upon others against the will of society. However when it comes to law, politics, media, education, and public power, that which influences public perception and our children’s destinies, those who are vulnerable and susceptible to personal manipulations, it is not up to any government or any tiny minority alone to choose what is or is not right for the people… its up to the individuals to decide. Some people have an issue with that, and you should keep that close to your heart. Palestinians have a very coherent and sacred society that is deeply rooted in traditional values, and its up to them to choose their own destiny. Maybe you should listen to Palestinians like Nahida. Stay away from these parades and groups if you care enough about your families and your nation. They don’t help you. Have you ever tried being okay about yourself without the need to advertise it? Most of the worlds population is fine with you, if you are. What is more important, being gay (only a portion of what you really are inside your heart) or the lives of children around the world being blown to smithereens with our tax dollars, and Rothschild’s usurious monetary system that has you living as a slave in your own nation, teetering on the verge of total annihilation. Putting an end to these wars and other things here are much more important than the right to wave your pale cock at passing children. Why bother? What is the point?

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  5. Salaam dear. an excellent post on political aspects of the LGBT culture. Last year, I posted the medical aspects of this culture. I hope you and your readers will enjoy it.

    On September 5, 2014, the UK’s Cambridge University released a report which claims that homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are “more likely to have mental health problems” than normal people.

    The report is the result of a national survey carried out by eight psychology professors of the University.

    The survey was mailed to 5.56 million randomly sampled adults registered with a National Health Service general practice (representing 99 % of England’s adult population). In all, 2,169,718 people responded (39 % response rate), including 27,497 people who described themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

    According to the study, some 12 percent of lesbian women and almost 19 percent of bisexual women reported mental health problems, compared with six percent of heterosexual women.

    Some 11 percent of homosexuals and 15 percent of bisexual men reported mental health problems, compared to five percent of heterosexual men.

    The report further found that the sexually-deviant population was also more likely to report fair or poor general health: 22 percent of homosexuals and 26 percent of bisexual men, compared with 20 percent of normal men; and 25 percent of lesbians and 31 percent of bisexual women compared with 21 percent of normal women.

    Lesbians, homosexuals and bisexual men and women were 50 percent more likely than heterosexuals to report negative experiences with primary care services, according to the study which was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

    In August 2014, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former chief psychiatrist for the Johns Hopkins Hospital also reported that “transgender” craze propagated by the western mass media and the so-called “gay rights” groups is in fact a mental illness and its promotion is aiding and abetting mental disorders.

    An earlier study conducted by Dr. Arnold A. Hutchnecker, a New York psychiatrist, for the American Psychiatric Association and published on October 25, 1972, titled Mental Illness: The Jewish Discease, concluded that “although all Jews are not not metally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection”.

    The above explains why the Zionist entity is the most popular destination among LGBT tourists, a great majority of gay rights movements are funded by the organized Jewry, and there are more LGBT people among the 12.7 million world Jewish population than non-Jewish communities.

    In early June 2010 – it was reported that a prominent Israeli psychiatrist, Moshe Yatom, committed suicide. He left a note which said that Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had sucked the life right out of me. I can’t take anymore.

    One week after Moshe Yalton’s suicide – Yigol Peleg, who had been treating Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, also committed suicide from an overdose of valium. His suicide note stated that Yalton’s failure to cure Netanyahu has provoked widespread despair in Israel’s psychiatric community, which fears a therapeutic remedy for doublethink is much more remote than previously believed.



  6. P.S

    The name of the activists which has been concealed id Greta Berlin

    FYI Greta, I have never been “molested” as a child. In fact I have never been touched inappropriately by a man or a woman. I was mature 23 when I got married. My beloved late husband was the first man in my life.

    But that is not the point, the point is if it was indeed the case, and if I was “molested”, your sneering nasty comment would’ve been not only insensitive, but also utterly cruel, totally heartless and really catastrophic. The fact that you fail to see that is beyond me!

    Your odious comment, and in the context of the discussion, was intended to hurt and insult, reflects a very ugly side of you which I never thought you had.

    It shows how you VIEW and TREAT those innocent people who were abused as children.

    Your nasty comment which you repeated more than once, shows not only that you have no sympathy for adults who were abused as children, but you are willing to cause tremendous pain to them also.

    Worse, your nasty comment which was meant to hurt, ridicule and chastise, implies that you HOLD abused children RESPONSIBLE for what happens to them, which is despicable.

    For all the above, I have only one word to say, shame


  7. How does Hasbara LGBT spin affect and spin the minds of some?

    Hasbaratists use the accusation of homophobia against Palestinians in order to corner them in a defensive position, in which Palestinians (or supporters) try to refute those accusations, thus they fall in the trap. The trap being disarming activist from taking the INITIATIVE and going on the OFFENSIVE, which capitulates on their chances of winning the debate. Forcing them perpetually to REACT to a preset and calculated scenario, rather than ACT upon calculated strategy, and defining their own priorities and targets.

    When Palestinians and supporters REACT to accusations, they are diverted from being primarily concerned with the liberation of Palestine and its people into fighting unwindable side battles which are extremely DIVISIVE as well as energy draining.

    The place of such battles for social growth and reform is NOT within the liberation movement. Liberation movement is concerned with matters of LIFE and DEATH, and the sexuality of a minority or a majority for the matter does not score high on the scale of priorities

    It is vital that a strong pro-Palestine movement should not lose its focus and keep a clear vision and long term strategy which avoids the meek defensive position and plan a strategy of going on the offensive by exposing the IDEOLOGICAL RACISM and SUPREMACY rampant in the entire spectrum of Jewish “israeli” society which if intelligently exposed would gain Palestine valuable global support.

    In this day and age, racism has been finally understood by decent human-beings to be a thing of the past. It is viewed with revulsion and contempt, but when a majority of a society (by their own admission) becomes infected with such ills, then it’s up to the decent people of world to rise up and put an end to the twisted ideology that gives rise to such abomination.

    Focusing on THEIR RACISM and SUPREMACY, as inherent in the concept of the “chose-MESS”, could be one of our most powerful weapons that would expose and finally bring to an end the horrendous crimes committed by that criminal entity.

    Why allowing them to define the boundaries of the debate as well as steering the direction of our struggle?



  8. Is it “fear mongering” to observe that political activist and historian of gay rights movement and former president of Gay Activists Alliance namely David Thorstad was the founder of North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) ?



  9. […] What follows is a very important set of observations from a Muslim Palestinian activist. I know Gilad Atzmon has complained about Jewish subversion of the pro-Palestinian and BDS movement – trying to turn it into an impotent Jew-friendly joke that ultimately can’t succeed. […]

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  10. Greta Berlin is blocked on this blog, she threatened to block me, I decided to make it easy for her and blocked her first


  11. ///Any fair minded person could see clearly that the issues I am debating is not about “gay rights”, it is about the impact of the methodology LGBT choose to affirm those rights publicly, by politicising and proselytising their lifestyle in a way that affects impressionable malleable innocent children.///

    If that was all you were doing….. You missed the mark by taking it further with many absurd comments.


  12. […] on July 8, 2015 by uprootedpalestinians June 30, 2015  by Nahida Exiled Palestinian I cannot help but notice the striking commonalities between two  politically active groups who […]


  13. I find the logic of those who disagree with our stance on moral issues hypocritical. We too were born free and, therefore, free to have every right to adhere to our standards and traditions, whether others like it or lump it. However, while I do not support anything I consider unnatural or abnormal, I nevertheless strictly and unreservedly abide by “chacun à son goût”!


  14. This whole transgender, gay thing is a Zionist construct. It is almost as if to be anti gay is to be anti Semitic. There are deep and sinister undertones to this with links to Common Core teaching, paeodophilia and NWO. Obama is preaching to African Nations that they should welcome homosexuals? Why would Empire care? This is certainly not coming from the heart!


    • Transgender, gay thing not only Jewish construct solely, But in the walls of the Hindu Temple of Khajuraho in MadhyaPradesh, there is a wide depictions of Lesbian sex & even sex with animals like horse etc.


  15. I have a medical concern for people who decide to change gender artificially, that being: steroids, which are required as a daily injection to stay the gender one has decided to become artificially, have horrendous side effects, and unless injected daily, the person will go back to the characteristics and look of the gender they were born with.

    Are the long-term side effects of daily steroid use worth the temporary change of gender?


  16. Is Alf layla wa laylah contains homosexuality?


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