Only love grew

When I was a little girl
My home was a tree-trunk
On a white cloud
Up…up… in the sky


In this world of mine
The sun shone forever
All seasons were spring
And love grew everywhere

Yesterday is gone and its tale told. today new seeds are growing
In gardens… on trees
In the streets
On roof tops
In the rivers
In people’s hearts
And on their tongues


Visitors to my world
Wondered how
And why
Hate didn’t grow
Hate couldn’t grow


The secret was
In this world of mine
People could read
Each other’s minds
So, they came to understand


How others feel
What others mean
Why others do
And where others stand


That’s why
In this beautiful world of mine
Only love grew


Soul songs


Would an electron stop spinning?

Would a photon cease vibrating?

Would earth lie down to sleep?


Thus, the poetry of my soul

Gushing out regardless

Throbbing in deafening silence

Wether anyone is listening

or I sing alone




Inner beauty

6 - Copy


Zooming in

Getting closer

Expecting a tedious bore


To my surprise

I found a pearl
Hidden in the deep

By layers of my ignorance

Picture 345

Thrill is never over
Every layer I peel
Reveals still
Beauty beyond imagination


I wonder
What will I find
If I ever get to the core


Indoctrination 101

Just come with me

I want to take you out


I want to hold your heart

In my little palm



Take you out, just for a day

Show you the world



Drifting with the breeze

Sitting on an autumn leaf



Flying with humming birds

Bouncing on clouds



Riding backs of dolphins

Diving with blue whales


9-19_sidney_t670 2

Sliding on a rainbow

Painting ruby skies



I want to take you out

Show you the world



Gliding between mountains

With colourful butterflies



Surfing seas and oceans

Swimming in the Nile



Floating between galaxies

Counting night stars



Racing with twilight

Travelling throughout time



I want to take out

Show you the world



Holding on your hand

Clinging to your heart

Just come with me


Come with me

Al-Jazeera Jewish-Zionist team

محمد نور- فرقة هارموني باند Mohammad Nour – The Harmony Band

Look who is training terrorist !

* * *

Soul Whispers

* * *

I think of You

Splendid thoughts

Buds  through my soul

Sublime and beautiful

* * *


* * *

Majestic waves

of love so great

Runs through my being

Serene and graceful

Tender and pure

* * *


Those who robbed Palestine have NO moral or ethical argument whatsoever, so they got into the habit of using two fig leaves to cover their nude morality: Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial.

Accusing Palestinians or human right activists of being hateful, racist and antisemites because they EXPOSE and DETEST the ideology of SUPREMACY rampant amongst the occupiers of Palestine, yet simultaneously keeping MUTE about such supremacy within, is hypocrisy at best, and active deception at worst.

What a bizarre configuration imposed upon Palestinians; they are called racist for fighting racism, they are called antisemites while being Semitic to the core, they are obliged to defend the rights of their persecutors before their own,  they are expected to study and sympathise with the history of their occupiers before their own current ongoing ethnic cleansing and slow genocide, they are supposed to care more for the feelings of those who genocided them for over six decades before they care about their liberation, and they are demanded to fall in love with the “humanity” of their occupiers and express that love in no uncertain terms otherwise their own humanity is in doubt and would be put on trial.

It defies belief to watch such scenario written, directed and acted by some alleged “supporters” of Palestine;  they call activists racists for being ferociously against all forms of  racism, while they consolidate the racism of their own by propagating such accusations as a smoke screen to silence truths and conceal ugliness in one shot.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must walk away from the distraction of those who insist on injecting our struggle with banners of “fighting antisemitism”, or “fighting holocaust denial”, these are NOT our battles, these battles belong to ADL and its ilk.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must come together to dialogue, explore strategies and hopefully work for  unified aims with clear vision without having to tiptoe around their thoughts along the path for freedom, and without having to sacrifice their aspiration of liberation on the altar of sensitivities of their persecutors and for the sake of not offending their oppressors.


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