What can be more treasonous or more poisonous than inviting a hard core ULTRA ZIONIST rabbi, (who supports the GENOCIDE of Muslims, and promotes the DESTRUCTION of Al Aqsa mosque to build the temple of Dajjal), to lecture and poison the minds of innocent, impressionable, young Muslim students, during “Discover Islam Week”, no less?




2 Responses

  1. The concept that an event destined for young people, with the objective being “Discover Islam”, would be poisoned by the introduction of a zionist jewish rabbi supporter of genocide against Muslims, linked to abominable racism and Crimes Against Humanity, follower of a dogma promoting wars of aggression and forever vengeance, is flatly repugnant.

    Repugnant even more, is that this poisonous evil propagator is served by a Muslim Imam, is even more repugnant.

    The event is destined fora youth who loves peace, and expresses curiosity and optimism in very troubled times. Islam is a proposal of peace, a system of faith that can be helpful to them all their lives. To bring a judaic rabbi to this event supposing to bring answers to the youths’ spiritual quest, is equivalent of serving them arsenic laden food for thought.

    It is an abomination, a betrayal beyond anything i could imagine possible.

    It raises massive suspicion as to this Adam Kelwick, Ustadh, or Imam, or Chaplain as he likes to call himself even so there is no such a thing as a “chaplain”in Islam.

    Discover Islam, but bringing a propagator of hatred and supporter of children murder, which would sell the youth a fake image of “kumbaya” of “we all have common cause”, of “we’re all Abrahamic religion” blah blah blah, has the toxic effect that this youth will be disoriented, and imagine that the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity, the jewish-zionist-israel collective of which this Dan Lieberman is a fervent adherent to, would be equivalent, equal to Muslims, and innocuous.

    Young people deserve that we offer them proper alternatives and choices, and the intellectual and spiritual and ethical tools and options they need to be savvy and constructive future citizens and positive social participants, not victims or worse, parasites.

    Apparently this suspicious Imam/Ustadh Kelwick brought this sordid rabbi zionist Liberman supporter of killing children, on several such yearly Discover Islam events at this University !

    To poison the minds of young people is simply repugnant

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