The question of faith

Having lived in the West for decades, and having witnessed how religion is used, misused and abused by every corrupt, arrogant and greedy, I understand and sympathize with the views of atheists and agnostics who tend to throw the baby with the bath water as a reaction to such malevolent behaviour by some of the so called religious people, institutions or entities.

In my approach and personal experience, I beg to differ with the observed generalization, blame and hostility against religion.

When George Bush claims for example that “God told him to attack Iraq”, and when I read that Jesus said “love thy neighbour as yourself”, unlike the former, the latter resonate in my most inner being as meaningful, Godly, profound, beautiful, and true.

When discussing Belief Systems (including Atheism), one must distinguish between the principles of a given ideology and the practice of those principles by followers or those who claim to be followers.

The ideals and principles are the pure form of a belief system, and the practice is the human interpretation and implementation of those ideals.

The existence of people who try to justify their bad deeds, control or manipulate others by hiding under the banner of religion does not pollute the principles, nor does it change the fact that their deeds are in contradiction with these principles.

Abusers and fanatics of every ideology exist; criminals and those who act evil for their self interest or out of ignorance also exist in every society.

Coming from a different background, with different exposure, understanding and experience with regards to religion and faith-related matters, I certainly have arrived to and hold a different view, which is not as hostile to religion as yours.

Allow me to explain:

Arriving at where we are in our understanding of the world has much to do with our long painstaking quest for answers through our diverse and profound personal experiences, and of course directed and predisposed by our intellectual capabilities, emotional capacities, cultural influences and psychological tendencies.

We all arrive to this world without a choice of our own, and as soon as we open our eyes to the wonders around and within ourselves we are driven to question, and to long for meanings that explain our existence.

Our curiosity is magnified as we grow.
Drawing on my personal experience, this inquisitive curious mind was no different from anyone else, as a little girl I parched and yearned for answers.

I started asking questions and thinking about the world and later on about my very own existence, and about God, at a very young age.

As a toddler I lived in a small village in Palestine, I was fascinated by my surroundings, the trees, birds, flowers, people, but more so the sky, how vast! How beautiful! How perfect!

It was always urging me to look at, at first to admire and then to question. I spent endless hours staring at it day and night.

As I grew a little older my fascination and curiosity grew deeper, I started to look for meanings and explanations, trying to make sense of what’s around me.

“What is all this? … Why is all this? … Who am I? … Do I really exist? … How and why I can comprehend the fact that I exist? …. Why am I here? … Is there a purpose to my life? If there is, what is that purpose?”

Endless questions burned in my little head.

I thought and contemplated for many years, I used to be drawn into this inner world of mine searching for meanings and answers.

The only explanation and conclusion I was ever able to arrive at was always that there must be a mastermind, an intelligent power, a supreme Being, a perfect designer who is greater than I, who is more intelligent than I, and who is more loving than I.
My perception of that Being is what I call “faith”, “spirituality”.

Later, and as I went through certain spiritual experiences I came to feel God in the real sense.

(By spiritual experience I mean an inner awareness or realisation which might be described as a profound feeling in which you are overwhelmingly moved to a state of boundless joy and serenity, with a sensation of total awareness and nearness of a Sublime Most Loving Presence which is far Greater than you are and far more Loving than you are, to whom you are ever so grateful, as well as being intimately close to all what you perceive in this vast universe).  

As I prayed, an overwhelming, sublime, gentle, subtle, loving, magnificent presence engulfed me.

Words always fail me and fall very short, for I can’t put that feeling in words.

God for me was as real -if not more- than my own reality. So in my own perception God is a certainty; however, that does not give me the right to impose my perception upon others.

Now then, if faith and the concept of God provides a logical explanation to my existence, and if it helps me understand myself and the world around me in a rational manner, if it can give me a sense of fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction, if it enables me to survive adversities of life with minimum trauma and more patience, grace and sanity, if it fills my soul with love, joy, peace and tranquillity, if it makes life more fun, more enjoyable and my experiences more real and intense ; then how and why should I complain or deny?

After all there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. My logic concludes.

As seen from above, and taking me as an example, my embrace of faith was an organic evolvement and a natural outcome to my specific circumstances and life-journey; I did not find faith through indoctrination or manipulation; but rather through genuine inner quest for meanings and thirst for answers.

Through my fascination with this breathtaking beauty that I see all around.

Through my amazement, astonishment, and wonder at my ability to think and use logic and reason.

Through the heart melting awesome feelings that engulfed me as I felt my baby’s hand wrapped around my finger.

Through the superb fabulous sensation as I caress a soft velvety rose and as I fill my being with its sweet scent that leaves me speechless and awe struck.

Through the marvellous, splendid and magnificent sensation of love that captures my soul and overwhelms me with infinite joy and bliss

Having said that, I also found that my faith helps me through my suffering, it enables me to rise above and overcome hardships and adversities

My faith gives me inner strength; I don’t need rely on anything; people, things, or mind-blocking substances to cope with the adversities of life, pain, worries or sorrow.
My faith is my inner strength.

It gives me a sense of purpose, it gives my life a meaning, it gives my mind a sense of direction, it gives my heart endless fulfilment and fills it with boundless love, and it gives my soul overwhelming sensation of joy and delight.

My faith brings to me none but the most pleasant, most amazing feelings of contentment, tranquillity, peace; that life could be raging around me but I am sitting there ever so calm, ever so still, ever so safe, as if sitting in the eye of the storm.

My faith enthuse me with hope, happiness and bliss that nothing, absolutely nothing in this life I’ve ever experienced can be weighed against, measured up to, or compared with those intense wonderful experiences.

It is like trying to describe the feeling of your magnificent love to some one who’s never been in love before.

The feeling of exhilaration of intellectual stimulation, the joy and delight of being in love and feeling loved pale into insignificance compared to the overwhelming enchantment and ecstasy that the soul enjoys in one moment of closeness and inspiration.

Can I ever give it up for anything? Can I ever swap it with the entire material world and all of what’s in it?


Not even if I were to be chopped and diced into pieces or burnt at the stake.

Finally, I consider my choice to have faith as an essential part of my Human Rights and my right to Freedom of Though in as much as I see it anyone’s right not to have faith, as long as neither of us impose his/her belief of others, nor cause others harm through it.
This article was born as comment in response to Jonathan Blakeley’s comment about religion. I thought I could share it.

 That moment

If I was to use all the words
Of all languages
Ever used by poets
Since time began
I’d never be able to describe
That moment

If I was to collect all the masterpieces
Of all the works of art
Ever designed
By man’s imagination
I could never repaint
That moment

If I was to live
All my past, present
And future
In pain, fear, and sorrow
Absorbing the suffering
Of all humanity
Since life began
It’s a price worth paying
To experience
That moment

Thank you for giving me
A taste of paradise on earth
If only for a moment

Thank you for opening a window
In my confined heart
In the here and now
Into eternity and infinity
If only for moment

Thank you
For blessing me with
That moment


Lightning strikes
Thunder rumbles
Wind blows
Gales bluster
Tornados threaten
Hurricanes rage

Aware of it all

There I am
Sitting…so… still





I am


In the eye

Of the storm



Are you a “Certified Cuckoo”?

In the land of the insane, it is of no use to have a brain !

Like the ideological, authoritarian, cemented narrative of the Holocaust, 911 has become an ideology revealed by the establishment. You are forbidden to discuss, read about, question, or investigate except through the parameters defined by them, on their terms and as laid down by their think-tanks.

Failing to conform would grant you the “lunacy” title, you become a “conspiracy theorist”, a “certified cuckoo” living in “LaLa-land”.

Complying with this, the “Thought Police” of some “Friends of Palestine” demanded the removal of any information, links or even mention of 911 from the group’s website.

Having your “best interest” at heart, they want you to stop looking at “controversial topic”, to stop asking questions, and to overlook any inconsistencies or contradiction… In their eyes “Earth is Flat, and it is “anti-Semitic” to question that, pure and simple.

You see, it’s all for your own good; limiting your capacity to use your brain, will save you much valuable time and effort. Reducing your ability to think, will remove the burden of hard work from you. They will do all the work on your behalf, what more do you want?

If it’s my head you are relying on….
but if it’s my head you relying on,
you gotta realise
you got to save yourself…. save yourself, YEH!
Robert Wyatt

Have a look at this:

911 A Conspiracy Theory

Remember, the motto of the “Thought Police”

. . . It is “cool” to be a “fool”

Types of Souls

This is a rough translation -with some additions- of an Arabic poem of unknown author… I would like to share

There are People with volatile souls

They shine and rise at times,
but their glow fades away as they fall other times

They offer you bouquets of roses,
but they do not bother to remove the thorns

As soon as you pick up the rose, so beautiful,
it injures your fingertips

But the sweet scent helps you endure

You gaze at the person who gave it, you smile despite the pain

Those souls are weak, do not be stingy by withholding yourself
from holding them with your wounded hand

Walk with them to the end of the road

Be sure that they will never forget your kindness, ever

Your blood staining their hands will never fade away with passing of time

It will remain a witness to your purity!

There are people with child-like souls

They are like children even at sixty

Their smiles, their jokes, their curiosity, their actions, their lives, their colours

Every thing about them is child-like

You cannot resist falling in love with them

Such souls are beyond description

You probably feel grateful towards them

As with them you feel free to allow the child in you shine

With them, you leave behind all matters of concerns of the adult world

With them you sob over a piece of chocolate, snatched from you
you crack up flying on a seesaw or a swing

What is most delightful is that you can easily make them happy
a smile and a little doll make them feel they own the world

How wonderful are children

How wonderful are people with child-like souls

There are people with pure souls

In their company, you radiate with deep appreciation

With them you don’t feel inferior, nor superior

They never hit you with a glance of hatred, jealousy or contempt

Never gaze at you with anger

Never attempt to harm you

To the contrary

They always embrace you

With all the warmth of the cosmos

From within the tenderness of your soul, they embroider gardens of hope

In their heart, lies the honesty and truth of the entire world

May Allah be pleased with them

There are people with warm souls

In their company you cannot but love

You love them, you love to be near them

You love their voices

You love their beauty

You wish you could protect them with your own soul

You wish you could remove all their pain

Even your selfishness loves them

You keep praying, praying, praying

that you would be reunited with them eternally

There are people with ordinary souls

Maybe .. you call them so, because you don’t know them

But be assured, that even those

Their souls must have a gift of some sort

Try to discover it

There are people with wrathful souls

In the vastness of their existence, there is never satisfaction nor contentment

When you come close to them, the misery of the entire world would grow inside you, engulf you

Nothing satisfies their hunger

Nothing fills their void

Nothing surpasses their arrogance

Nothing curtails their greed

Nothing pleases them

Nothing gives them tranquility

But they cannot be content with that

They try to push you to view the world through their dark glasses

Stay away from them… away… away

“It Is Forbidden for Anyone to Buy or Read This Book”

Says Rabbi Dr. Jacob Immanuel Schochet

As I surfed the net, I came across several items, from different sources, the pieces appear unrelated, but with a tiny scratch to the surface, some disturbing image begins to emerge:

The first item is a letter by Rabbi Dr. Jacob Immanuel Schochet addressed to his congregation, in which he expresses his “authoritative view” [sic] and joins the global ban on this book written by a fellow Rabbi.

He declares the book to be “heretical” and confirms “It Is Forbidden for Anyone to Buy or Read this book”. The book is called “Kosher Jesus“, yet Rabbi Schochet could not bring himself to even pronounce the name “Jesus” or print it in his letter, he uses instead the letter”J“!

He elucidates:

“Regarding the recent controversy surrounding a book released by Shmuley Boteach entitled ‘Kosher J’ I am writing this letter to express my authoritative view in response to those who have sought my opinion on this matter.

While it is not normally my style to write letters of condemnation, having read the book, I feel it poses a tremendous risk to the Jewish community and therefore imperative to state my halachic (Jewish legal) opinion that it is forbidden for anyone to buy or read this book, or give its author a platform in any way shape or form to discuss this topic.”

In this second item however, we read an article by a young man complaining about his experience in a Yeshiva school, he talks about what he calls exposure to non-Jewish sources of information.

The young man starts his article with this comment: “When I was in Yeshiva, my friend was “busted” reading a non-Jewish novel. Guess what was his excuse and what the Director did to him

Coming from a student, I expected a critical article from a rebellious young person, against that kind of restriction and practice. To my shock and dismay, the young man instead was criticising parents who allow their children to be “exposed” to “schmutz” (filth/ dirt) of non-Jewish sources of information! Worse, in his piece he argues that EXPOSURE to non-Jewish sources is actually a form of abuse !! he goes on further advising parents to be a “living example of what a Chossid is. Even if it is fake“.

His message to Jewish parents was clear:

Please do your children a favor and bring them up in a warm Yiddishe Shtub (home) that is illuminated by the light of Chassidus (many hear this under the Chuppa and forget that one fast …) and keep the schmutz out

In the third item, we are confronted with an even more bizarre situation where reading becomes a crime punishable by law: 7 years in prison for reading the Torah !

Then we end up face to face with the absurd; where contradictory laws are fabricated and enforced to permanently oppress and shackle the mind; where even involuntary thoughts that creeps into the mind which does not conform to an imposed narrative, and where modest aspirations of basic human rights would throw the “culprit-thinker” behind bars:

One begins to wonder if the time has come to start watching out our dreams, were last night dreams “permissible” or not? and if not what sort of dreams is “allowed”? and failing to dream the right dream what sort of punishment should one expect? and how best to conceal “forbidden” dreams before ending up in prison?

But the mind is such a naughty thing, curious as it is, it keeps nagging;
where does this attitude towards knowledge and the concept of “forbidden knowledge” come from?
Why is that in this day and age, some still believe that it is their business and divine right to act as Thought Police; to block the flow of information and to classify knowledge as permissible or forbidden?
Why is it that some suffer with such uncontainable ego, that they think they are somehow intellectually, morally or spiritually more able/entitled to decide what is good for people and what is not?

The picture becomes clearer when you start examining some sources to discover that this kind of attitude towards control of knowledge and filtering of information, does not erupt in a vacuum; rather, it has its historic and ideological background. The fire behind the smoke appears to be related to a common belief amongst ultra Orthodox Jews that they are forbidden from taking knowledge from non-Jewish sources, and non-Jews are also forbidden from learning from religious Jewish books.

“While Jews are commanded to learn the entire Torah, Hasidic Gentiles are obligated only in those parts that pertain to the Noahide Laws and related concepts…… A gentile receives great reward for studying relevant parts of Torah, but faces death from Heaven for delving deeply into forbidden partssource

Idolaters — those who follow false gods and false religions, such as Buddhism or Christianity — are forbidden to learn any part of Torah at all, except those specific teachings that will bring them to repent and become Hasidic Gentiles. We are therefore forbidden to teach idolaters any parts of Torah they are not allowed to learnsource

“Gentiles who are oseik in Torah related to the Noahide Laws achieve the holy status of the cohen gadol; gentiles who are oseik in other parts of Torah are liable to death penalty“.
Talmud Bavli, Avodah Zarah 3a source

“Hasidic Gentiles have a portion in Olam HaBa; Christians and Muslims do not, because they are kofrim baTorah”.
Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Teshuvah 9:2 source

Teaching Torah to non-Jews

“Idolaters have no business studying any portion of Torah.”
“Torah study is forbidden to idolaters.”
“Indeed, if an idolater were to studyTorah, especially Kabbalah, they would place an irrevocable curse upon their souls.” source

Idolaters will never be able to understand Torah and/or Kabbalah properly all the while that they cling to unclean beliefs and practices. Therefore, such Non-Jewish individuals have no place in Torah study and are thus not welcome here in” source

“A Gentile who engaged in Torah is punishable by death. He should not engage in anything other than their seven commandments alone.”source

“A Gentile who studies Torah is punishable by death, as it is said: ‘Moses commanded us the Torah as an inheritance,’ for us it is an inheritance, and not for them”. source

The prohibition against teaching Torah to non-Jews is well known to students of Jewish law.” source

“A person unfamiliar with the extensive rabbinical literature devoted to this topic may perceive a certain tension, and perhaps even contradiction, between a recognized need to disseminate religious truths and an almost xenophobic reluctance to share the greatest repository of such truth—the Torah.
Yet even a cursory examination of the relevant sources dispels the notion that while the community of Israel jealously guards its spiritual wealth, it refuses to share these riches with others. On the contrary, it is unique among Western religions in its willingness to share its teachings without seeking to impose its observations. This necessarily involves a vocation of teaching despite the stricture against teaching Torah to non-Jews. The latter, while based on substantive philosophical considerations and of definite halachic import, admits of sufficiently broad exclusions to assure that Israel remains true to its role as a lamp unto the nations. p192″ source

“The Gemora in Sanhedrin (59a) states explicitly that a non-Jew who studies Torah is liable for death.” source

“The prohibition against teaching an idolater Torah is only applicable to the six hundred and eleven mitzvos that Moshe taught us. The other two, I am Hashem your God and the Unity of God; one would be permitted to teach to them.” source

The above would’ve been somehow less disturbing if such exaggerated sense of worth and entitlement, such grandiose image of self, and such delusion of entitlement to censor and withhold knowledge were only confined to ultra Orthodox fanatical groups, or if it were only restricted to the inner circles of the artificial Zionist entity, however, this is proven not to be the case.

This obsession with the entitlement to “educate”, to filter the flow of information and to select intellectual diet for others, this pushy strive for dominance, to be in control of people’s minds, this bizarre trend “we know best” is not limited to some weird rabbinical rulings of some ultra Orthodox Talmudists, Nay, it permeates deep into the secular sphere, even outside the Zionist entity.

Recently, we have witnessed the unfathomable secular manifestation of this obsession, played out in the most crude and ugly manner as events unfold:

When excommunicating and censoring fellow activists is portrayed as normal;

When banning books and picketing Launch of books becomes “progressive activism”;

When intellectuals become targets because they desired to retain independent minds and choose to exercise their freedom of thought;

When even concert and cultural events do not escape the heavy hand of thought police of our time.

One is entitled to ask then, since when using one’s own brain and acquiring knowledge needed “permission”?

How can one be expected to exercise his/her freedom of thought, freedom of expression, or any freedom in general when books and sources of knowledge become forbidden fruits?

How can humanity hope to progress or arrive to any understanding of the other, if communication processes are jeopardized and access to information are blocked?

How can some self-appointed Thought-Police and Political-Commissars feel entitled to ban books or forbid others from reading or communicating with each other?

What level of cultural grandiosity and intellectual supremacy one must espouse before they embark on banning books, restricting knowledge or blocking debate?

I conclude with the following:

Those who appoint themselves gatekeepers at gates of knowledge, minders of minds of others, or guardians to grounds of wisdom are no less than Intellectual Supremacists.

In other words, those who consider knowledge as a threat are themselves THE THREAT. period

Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings
— Heinrich Heine

Setting the records straight

Setting the records straight

We see attacks on Jews who might be involved in the pro Palestinian Movement simply because they are Jews” claims Steve Amsel

This sentence is a huge falsification and obfuscation of truth.

Contrary to what Mr Amsel and his cohorts want people to believe, when we Criticise some Jewish anti-Zionist persons or groups, we do NOT do so “simply because they are Jews“:

We criticise their obfuscation of truth, by acting as filterers of information, attempting to prevent people from learning about issues, vital to understanding the Palestinian catastrophe;

We criticise the hysterical manner in which they react against people who attempt to examine and understand the global and powerful Jewish-Zionist networks and lobby and it’s ramification on Palestine and the Palestinian cause;

We criticise their hypocrisy in the way they frantically accuse people of racism simply because we expose and oppose one of the ugliest forms of racism, while they turn a blind eye to what we came to know as Jewish racism (no motion is presented to PSC to oppose that kind of racism);

We criticise their irrational performance, appointing themselves as “Thought Police” and “Political Commissars”, forbidding people from reading what THEY deem unsuitable, or associating with those who THEY condemn to be excommunicated;

We criticise their primitive and tribal behaviour, insisting to protect the interest of Jewish communities despite the irrefutable fact, these communities are by a good majority supportive of “Israel”;

We criticise their perplexing protecting the future interest of Jewish-Israeli genocidal occupiers, which is no doubt contrary to Palestinian interest;

We criticise their pushy dominance on the solidarity movement, and their insistence to steer it and to define its aims and objectives rather than leaving that mainly to Palestinians on whose behalf was the campaign created;

We criticise their irritating arrogance by insisting to impose their definition of words and concepts (like anti-Semitism and Holocaust-denier) leaving no room for other intellectuals to put their case or views;

We criticise their detrimental and harmful agenda, (divergent from the Palestinian agenda) on the Palestinian movement and on the shaping of the future of Palestine;

The fact remains that many of those whom they accuse of “anti-Semitism” are themselves either have Jewish ancestry like Richard Falk, John J. Mearsheimer, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, Jonathan Azaziah, OR Semites themselves like: Samir Abed-Rabbo, Ramzy Baroud, Nahida Izaat, Sammi Ibrahim, and sameh Habib.

So, to come whining and shouting “anti-Semites”, “anti-Semites” whenever confronted with truthful, sincere and scrupulous criticism is not only childish and wasteful, but –and time will tell, is also counterproductive if not destructive, and will only yield more trivialization of the word they have misused and abused so much, namely “anti-Semitism”.

For us who engage in that type of intellectual criticism, the fact that those -whose agenda and actions we criticise, are Jewish is irrelevant, it is absolutely not the issue, they could be of any racial or religious background. What we criticise is THEIR POLITICS and THEIR AGENDA which we redeem more geared to further the interests of Jewish “Israelis” and organizations and communities supporting them, rather than Palestinians, hence it is harmful to Palestine.

The fact that THEY are Jews or define themselves as Jews is extraneous, except in the detail that they USE this reality as a pretext to attack and defame activists and intellectuals who disagree with them and who dare to criticise their agenda. They USE this to excommunicate activists and intellectuals who care deeply about Palestine and whose prime objective is the LIBERATION of Palestine, and whose main concern is the protection of interest of the long-oppressed Palestinians.

So, Mr. Amsel, (yourself an occupier and part of a system that bans me and millions like myself from returning back home, and yourself ban me from even commenting on your blog) would you please get your facts right; we do NOT criticise some of the Jewish supporters “simply because they are Jews“, this is a big dishonest and misleading lie, which only mirrors the ADL and Alan Dershowitz type of lies .

Poison in the Cake

The typical Zionist hasbara method of systematic attempt to discredit any genuine Resistance Mass Movement, is brilliantly exposed by Jonathan Azaziah thorough analysis of the case of Uri-Avnery, allegedly a “humanist” and “peace activist”. Not surprisingly, the same method and tactics are used by another UK “humanist” and “peace activists”. In this case Tony Greenstein takes it upon himself to discredit the Islamic Resistance Mass Movement which was also elected by majority Palestinian into government in 2006.

After a long campaign along with his partisans “Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods” JBIG, Mr. Greenstein managed recently to insert a sugar coated motion that would act as a diversion of PSC and lead it away from total dedication of supporting the oppressed Palestinians into fighting side battles of ADL and BOD of British Jews type.

Hence they have managed to steer the solidarity movement away from prime aims of marching to help Palestinians in their struggle of Liberation, into getting stuck with fighting alleged “anti-Semitism” and dealing with accusations without proof, endless debates and in-fights that would only weaken, distract and waste valuable time of the movement. Altogether, these amount to dilatory tactics allowing the Zionists to brutally finalize their Jewish national project.

Under the pretext of fighting anti-Semitism and racism, the hijackers aim to obfuscate and cover up any study or scrutiny of Jewish supremacy and racism which was not even mentioned in the motion about racism, presented by JBIG and adopted by PSC.

Under the pretext of fighting racism and anti-Semitism the goal of the hijackers is to block and prevent serious investigation of global Jewish-Zionist networks and organizations in their respective Jewish communities world wide, and their role in supporting, defending and protecting the criminal Zionist entity.

Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, they aim to justify the need of the perpetual existence of a “state for the Jews”, a “homeland for the Jewish people” in Palestine, an “Israel”, a “safe-haven” where the “eternally persecuted” Jews can finally call “home”, where they can exercise their “sovereign rights” to be a “nation”; be it as it may, an invented one, and be it as it may at the expense of another nation and the almost total extermination and dispossession of another people through wars of conquest and genocide. They call their omnibous solution, a Secular state for ALL its citizens. Hence preparing the ground of the soft, cultural, factual and permanent TAKE OVER of Palestine (early Zionists called that type of soft takeover, Cultural Zionism).

Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, our detractors want to impose on Palestinians to give up their rights to resist and defend themselves, they want Palestinians to abandon the idea of reinstatement of their stolen land, and to impose on them the acceptance of sharing permanently their land with those who oppressed and dispossessed them for decades, those who have systematically violated, desecrated and destroyed the beloved land of Palestine.

This obfuscation, control, manipulation and exclusion of many activists including Palestinians is nothing but a tool that would only help the finalization of the Zionist project with all its abhorrent criminality, lunacy and cultural supremacy, all while clothing it with a softer -yet no less domineering, no less supremacist, no less ugly face.

The finalization of the Zionist project basically means securing the foreign Jewish-Zionist implant in someone else’s land.

I, an exiled for 45 years, and with me millions of Palestinians either exiled or languishing under the iron fist of an illegitimate occupation, we refuse to give up our sovereign right to fully Liberate our Homeland from this malevolent atrocious occupation.

Of course the likes of Greenstein and co, would like the world along with PSC members to believe that there is absolutely no Jewish link, and there is absolutely no Jewish connection or dimension in the catastrophe that befell upon Palestine!

Non of the occupiers is Jewish;
Non of the IDF is Jewish;
Non of the settlers is Jewish;
Non of their supporters outside Palestine is Jewish;
Zionism is a not a Jewish movement;
The “promised land” is a not a Jewish concept;
Even “Ha Torah Ha’Melech” Is a Zionist and not a Jewish book.

If a Zionist is a Jew, it is anti-Semitic to mention it; if an anti-Zionist is a Jew, it is mandatory to point it out.” Gill Kaffash

Of course according to our detractors this sentence is “anti-Semitic” !



The image above of “Ha’Torah Ha’Melech” was posted on Greenstein’s blog. It was presented as a “Zionist” Orthodox book. When I pointed out to a Jewish friend the hypocrisy, the lie and deliberate falsification in such representation, and when I asked her: “since when Torah, and Talmud and such books have become Zionist books?”, mysteriously, a “damage-control”, “counter-productive” little birdy whispered something to Mr Greenstein who immediately replaced the previous image with this one:


Beyond Belief

Recently, we have witnessed a zealous campaign orchestrated by certain Jewish-anti-Zionist elements inside the solidarity movement in UK, resulting in the alienation and excommunication of Palestinians and other dedicated activists up and down the country.

Such elements left no stone unturned to ensure the exclusion of activists, the removal of articles and the elimination of links to Palestinian websites from the Solidarity websites. THEY demanded the removal of materials which THEY consider “racist” and “anti-Semitic”, according to THEIR OWN definition, and on the sole evidence of THEIR SAY-SO.

One example of entities involved in that campaign, can be found right in my local Friends of Palestine group (LFOP) of which I used to belong before it was seized by crypto-zionists *****.

In this local case the entity is called Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice, MJPJ, and is affiliated with JFJFP. The plot became public matters when these MJPJ, endorsed a vicious letter of libellous accusation of racism, and association with Holocaust deniers. Subsequently they also disseminated false information, altogether to further their dubious political objectives, i.e. smearing, crippling and interfighting.

They attempt to justify their actions by expressing alleged “concern(ed) that credence should not be given to contributors who are holocaust deniers or racist”, which defies logic and evidence to the contrary. And so this same small MJPJ group who endorsed the removal of my article and of the link to Palestinian websites, the removal of articles which examine Jewish-Zionist global networking and the role of world Jewish communities in supporting the Zionist entity, simultaneously demands that links to Jewish-Israeli campaigning groups should be added on LFoP Website; “… links to Jewish campaigning groups like ICAHD, New Profile, Combatants for Peace and Jewish for Peace.”

But it gets worse, and it even defies belief: On the same LFoP website from which they demand Palestinian articles to be removed, this same Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice (MJPJ) has published a hagiography of an “Israeli peace activist”, who notoriously is a convicted paedophile and a child-rapist.

The convicted Paedophile Ezra Itzhak Nawi (Hebrew: עזרא יצחק נאווי‎; born 1952) was forty years old at the time of committing his criminal act, and his victim was a fifteen years old child. Source

“He has had other convictions, including illegal use of a weapon and possession of drugs – he freely admits to smoking hash – for private use”. Source

“According to Ben-Gurion university professor Neve Gordon, in the video Nawi is seen disarming a Palestinian woman of a rock she had picked up some minutes before the alleged assault.” Source

“Nawi is on record as saying that, “I’m here to change reality . . The only Israelis these people know are settlers and soldiers. Through me they know a different IsraeliSource

Worse still, the paedophile rapist glorified by MJPJ, who “disarmed a Palestinian woman” of her stone of resistance, and who engages with Palestinians “to change reality” and beautify the face of “Israelis” is a Jewish-Israeli, former IDF who served in the a combat engineering unit, while his victim was a Palestinian child. The same paedophile Ezra is praised as an “Israeli” Ghandi by another self-proclaimed “supporter of Palestine” in the UK, who also took a leading role in the recent fiasco at AGM of PSC, to ensure that PSC stays focused on its “aims” of “fighting anti-Semitism” and “educating” people about the “unquestionable ideological dogma of the primacy and exceptionality of Jewish suffering”. In civilized countries, children welfare comes before any other. Child predators and convicted paedophiles are prohibited from having free access to children, children are protected by law. The opposite is true if you happen to be a Palestinian child living under “Israeli” occupation, and most certainly the opposite is true in the case of the convicted paedophile Ezra Nawi:

“For the last decade he has set up summer day camps for their children, brought in projectors to show them films, and taken them on trips to Jericho where, for the first time in their life, they can have an opportunity to swim.” Source

“I’m not just another activist” . Ezra brags. “Over the years I’ve come into contact with dozens of supporters from all over the world….. The fact that in Ireland and Europe they care about methis is our strongest weapon.” he proclaims. While Palestine, Palestinians their heartrending struggle and their incessant sacrifices fades into the background as the “light” of this “hero” illuminates the scene and his plight captures the hearts of the world of activism. Never mind the ten thousand unknown, unnamed Palestinians languishing in “Israeli” prisons many of them for decades. Never mind the hundred of thousands of Palestinians who have been in “Israeli” prisons at some point in their lives. Never mind the hundreds of Palestinian children who are still being tortured, raped and abused by “Israeli” terror squads. The value of life of Palestinian people cannot be compared to that of Ezra Nawi, the “extraordinary human being” who is certainly “not just another activist”, and who “deserves” hundred of thousands of letter of support from across the globe. Let me get this right: LFOP’s Jewish-anti-Zionist members engage in defamation against a Palestinian co-member, under the typical Zionist false and ludicrous pretext “anti-semite racist” allegation. They then demand the removal of articles and links to Palestinian websites. Then the same individuals engage in implicit promotion of an Jewish-Israeli who has been convicted of statutory rape of a Palestinian boy, by portraying him as a Jewish-Israeli humanist hero-victim! All this, we are supposed to believe “for the sake of Palestine”. I for one, doubt it is the agreed position of the majority of LFOP’s members, that MJPJ is given a virtual platform to promote on one hand the welfare of paedophile-rapists predators whose victims are vulnerable children living under duress of occupation, and on the other hand to use the LFOP website to dupe its members toward concentrating their efforts to yet another “Jewish-Israeli-hero-victim” and thereby diverting their energy, time and attention away from the Palestinians.

Activism that involves the promotion of the welfare of such an individual is at best detrimental to Palestinians and their children, as the promoters ignore as irrelevant the behaviour of paedophile-rapists “Israeli” predators whose victims are vulnerable Palestinian children living under duress of occupation, and at worst criminal as their praise and promotion indicates an implicit apologetic endorsement of such behaviour. This is appalling.

How could MJPJ and LFoP fail to perceive the distasteful obscenity of such positioning. Indeed recently some of us met a refugee from Gaza. A brilliant young man who has suffered atrocious torture and statutory rape by Israeli soldiers. He almost died under torture. Almost two decades after the facts, his body is still covered with shocking scars, and his soul is affected by far worse scars. Due to his tormentors, he had to escape from Gaza for 21 years. He was not there when his father died. He was not there when all his siblings were killed during the winter 2008-09 Israeli invasion. While improbable, it can not be excluded that this Jewish-Israeli rapist for which MJPJ wants you to concentrate your activism on, could well be the rapist and tormentor of this young Gazan refugee; and as a matter of fact, there is at least one verified Palestinian victim of this Jewish-Israeli predator “peace-activist”.

And yet, MJPJ has the gall to ask from supporters on LFOP’s website, to be active for the sake of this Jewish-Israeli rapist paedophile, and to campaign for him, and even present him in glorifying terms, almost religiously gloating in admiration for him!!!

“His name is Ezra” “Without Ezra…..” international activists would not be able to stay in south Hebron villages. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinian school children would still go the long way, under attack. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinian farmers would not be able to go to their land. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinians would still be attacked by settlers. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinians would have no one to call when they worry, under attack. “His name is Ezra”

…. Wow, all this by himself, single handedly?

Oh My Oh My… What a Jewish-Israeli hero we have here….!

What would poor internationals, poor Palestinians and their children do without him?

Does it not appear obvious, how obscenely manipulative this is?

This appalling obscenity did not happen in a vacuum, by sheer coincidence. Is it really difficult to comprehend that beyond all this attention, exaggeration and hyper-celebration of a such a persona there must be an agenda that is obviously divergent from Palestinians’ agenda?

Thus, is it hard to see that those who engage in diverting the attention from Palestinians to “Israelis”, from Palestinian suffering to “Israeli” suffering, from defending Palestinians to defending “Israelis” and from the aspiration of Palestinians to the aspirations of “Israelis” are indeed sabotaging the consensus that unite supporters of Palestine?

Is it not obvious that such diversion stands in stark contradiction with the general aims of any group that supports the Liberation of Palestine and Palestinians? How in the world would this reflect well on a group which calls itself “Friends of Palestine”?

So far, the picture does look pretty grim: they have alienated many activists, including the only Palestinian on board. No method was spared: lies, false accusations, defamation, personal attacks, meddling in private affairs and even psychological and emotional manipulations. Thus the humanist aims being polluted, discourse being stifled, information filtered, and without even realizing the Friend of Palestine group has been steered away from supporting the Liberation of Palestine, to supporting “peaceful coexistence” with “Israeli” war criminals and “former-terrorists” to be.

One would’ve hoped that a group calling itself “Friends of Palestine”, would have more capacity of independent thinking, and more astute ability to refuse to be hoodwinked or manipulated. How would this reflect on an organization that was established to support Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for Liberation? Considering the category of crimes Palestinians are exposed to, namely Genocide, considering the intensifying nature of such crimes, daily theft of land and property and the abhorrent hasbara that accompany such wickedness; these type of betrayals and crippling behaviour are a disgrace. But alas, the group has succumbed to the manipulations of few individuals who while hiding behind some faked efficiency which can be resumed in one sentence: “There’s nothing to think about or scrutinize, let’s go out distribute leaflets or let’s do a fundraiser”, thus preventing other members from perusing true understanding of the ENORMITY of the CATASTROPHE of Palestine:

Never mind using intelligently the individual talents and competences of LFOP’s members;

Never mind the ever-diminishing size of the group;

Never mind the abuse of the website and its potential by few members;

And above all: Never mind that the achievement of our goals of defeating the Jewish-Zionist occupiers of Palestine is simply not possible without comprehensive understanding of their ideology, their motivations, their method of operation and the VITAL ROLE of the global network of their supporters. Pity Palestine . . . Pity the World . . . to have such Control-Freaks and Political Commissars as “Peace-Activists” ! ***** crypto-zionists: They believe that “Jewish-Israelis” who occupied Palestine by wars of aggression have the right to keep what they acquired by conquest, have the right to colonize and reside in Palestine permanently (according to them giving land and property back to Palestinians will create another injustice!). ————————————————————————- ————————————————————————- From LFOP’s website:

“Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice is an independent Merseyside organisation that campaigns for peace and justice in the Middle East. We work closely with Liverpool Friends of Palestine, e.g. organising public meetings, doing educational work and participating in joint activities. We also are in close contact with other Jewish organisations with similar aims, across the world. Some months ago, Jewish Voice for Peace and Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky and Neve Gordon reported the arrest of one of Israel’s most courageous human rights activists. His name is Ezra Nawi. Since then, over 11,000 people have written 110,000 letters to the Israeli attorney general and various embassies, and 20,000 have watched the remarkable video of his false arrest for trying to stop the demolition of a Bedouin Palestinian home. The outpouring has been amazing, and has strengthened all of us working to make a moral and just world. But the message has not gotten through, not yet. In the last month alone, Ezra has been arrested four times, twice in Susya and twice in Hebron, only to be released a few hours later with no charges. The last time he was arrested was right after this campaign began. His name is Ezra Nawi We need more letters, more media stories and more activism. This time, we will not only direct your letters to the embassies but also to the Minister of Public Security demanding that the police stop harassing Ezra. Ezra is just weeks or even days away from the sentencing. He may be sent to jail. I find myself starting to imagine the unimaginable, life without Ezra. Without Ezra, it would be extremely difficult for international activists to stay permanently in the south Hebron villages so they can help and protect families. Without Ezra, the school children of Tuba might still be taking the long way to school to avoid walking near the violent settlers. Without Ezra, the farmers of Gawawis, a small village that was occupied by settlers, would not have been able to return to their lands. Without Ezra, the people of Tuwane might still be enduring attacks by settlers from the Ma’on outpost every Friday night, and have no access to most of their lands. Without Ezra, many of the families in the South Hebron area would have no one to call when they are under attack, trapped at checkpoints, or worried about their homes. Write a letter now so none of us has to imagine life without Ezra Nawi, not even for a day. His name is Ezra Nawi.

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