Hard Talk

Hard talk

Zionists occupiers… Heed my call

most people, I do believe in dialogue and civilized coexistence, like
most people I long to live in dignity and freedom in my homeland, like
most people I yearn for peace and justice for every human, like most
people I like to foster loving and trusting relationships with all
decent individuals; however, our problem with the Zionist occupiers is
not about hate and distrust as they like to believe, it’s not about
security as they constantly declare, nor is it about dialogue or lack of
it thereof!

Our problem with them is not confined to the many
aspects of their occupation, human right abuses, checkpoints, walls,
collective punishment and assassinations.

The origin of our
problem is as profound as a the roots of a fig tree, buried deep and
covered up with piles of dishonesty and deceit, yet its fruits has the
pungent taste of supremacy, arrogance, racism, dehumanization, theft,
and war crimes, and no amount of fig tree leaves could conceal or

So, to unearth the core of the problem and spell the
truth-out loud and clear, I am going to direct my words towards the
Zionists of all shades and affiliations.
Furthermore, I am going to
be to honest and blunt here; as the catastrophic situation that they
have created does not stomach glossing over any longer

Zionist occupiers:

I must
warn you; that what I am going to say is not going to be very pleasant,
it will taste as bitter as the chilling years of your occupation, as
cold as the barren roots of our uprooted olive trees, and as sour as the
dry lips of dying babies at your military checkpoints.

My words
will be parched, choking and hard to swallow; it will be as rigid and
impervious as the cement of your apartheid wall

My words will
smell of tear gas and burning flesh of infants while cuddled in their
mothers’ arms after an air raid

My words will be burning hot like
a bullet penetrating the head of a little boy as he picked a stone to
throw at his oppressor

My words will be sizzling with blazing
fire like the one ton bomb dropped from afar at a neighbourhood of
sleeping women and children

My words will be gushing causing
excruciating pain and discomfort because it stems from the depth of my
wounded, distressed and agonised soul that was tormented by your people
for the entirety of my existence.

Zionist occupiers heed my words

Our problem with you is
not a “conflict” between two warring parties, who are similarly wrong
and equally guilty as you shamelessly often describe… NO… NO… NO

problem is one of aggression, oppression, colonization, theft, and
occupation on your side, and one of being oppressed, exploited, and
occupied on our side.

It’s one is of a crime of theft of a whole
country and the ethnic cleansing of a whole nation by your people on the
one hand and a displaced and dominated population on the other


To equate the
two is nothing but an act of deception and a manifestation of moral

A whole lot of your people came from ALL over the
world, stole our homeland, dispossessed and expelled us, took over our
homes and farms, destroyed our villages and history, occupied our
country, oppressed those who stayed behind, killed and maimed who dared
to demand their rights or attempted to assert their humanity, demonized
and subjugated us to a racist, bigoted and ruthless set of laws that
don’t apply to yourselves; then you come with chilling cold-heartedness
and assert that both parties are equally guilty!!

Which planet
are you living on?
By what principles do you abide?
What ethics do
you follow?

Have you ever questioned the morality of your
actions as multinationals who gave themselves the liberty to come to our
homeland -which I am denied the right to live in- take it over by
violence and bloodshed, then settle there on the ruins of the villages
you’ve annihilated, dwelling in the homes of some dispossessed
Palestinians, for no other justifications than the dominance of your
Jewishness and the fact that we are not Jews?

Does that not smell
of rotten racism, arrogance and supremacy to your clogged-up

The only crime that our people committed is that they
existed on the land of their ancestors which you proclaimed as a God
given-right to Jews only.

Your people have destroyed our culture,
denied our existence as human beings, treated us for four generation
with sheer cruelty, ruthlessness and contempt, and subjugated us to
inconceivable savagery and humiliation, and denied us even the right to
defend ourselves on our stolen Palestine under the pretext of

On top of all that your people have lied and lied,
until they believed their own lies, you managed to brainwash yourselves
with packs of cover-ups and masks of reality until truth became so blur
and obscured, so much so that most of your people refuse even to
acknowledge their own crimes of theft of a whole country and disposition
of a whole nation

You stole the land of our ancestors and
forefathers under the claim that some few thousands years back in
history, some people who followed your religion have lived there, and
apparently secured a contract with God affirming the eternal ownership
of this land

How dare you give yourselves these abhorrent
privileges of taking over someone’s home and homeland just because you
belong to a particular faith?

What does an American Jew, a
Russian Jew, an African Jew, a Japanese Jew, an Indian Jew or a German
Jew has anything to do with the Land of Palestine?

If you think
we are some kind of brainless retarded human beings who lack your
“intelligence”, “emotions” and “morality” and who would just disregard
what happened to them sixty years ago, and who would be happy to live as
your inferiors in their own homeland; you better think again

are sick and tired of witnessing your crimes for decades on end
are sick and tired of your deception, false claims and the pretence of
innocence and victim-hood
We are sick and tired of your orchestrated
peace processes and leading-no-where road-maps

What is needed at
this stage is not dialogue and reconciliation, what is most urgently
needed is to STOP ALL your incessant ugly racism, supremacy, aggression
and assault, to put a halt to your crimes, and to take a serious look in
the mirror as a whole “population” and see what monsters have you

You need to address within your immoral and utterly sick
society the obscene injustices you’ve inflected upon us
You need to
deal with the hideous, corrupt, aggressive, militarized and wicked
society that you have become

Before worrying about hate and
distrust that engulfs you, you aught to be worrying about the crimes of
your people and the injustices they have committed -and still
committing- and how to facilitate for justice to run its course, and how
to restore back the rights of millions that you have violated.

requires an inner reflection of you as a whole people, it requires an
honest and sincere look within yourselves, serious questioning of the
“history” that you were taught, a bursting of the bubble that you are
living in, it requires that you stop all your acts of aggression, theft
of land, humiliation, murder, and destruction of our community, and
above all, it requires that you step down from the high ground that you
placed yourselves on, and be prepared to GIVE UP ALL the privileges that
you have bestowed upon yourselves by the “virtue” of your Jewishness!

also requires restoring our rights back including the right of return
of all refugees, AND the compensation to ALL those who suffered from
your Frankenstein creation of the racist Zionist entity.

To those
blood-soaked criminals who come frothing with fake words of peace but
get incensed and infuriated when they hear the word justice, I would

Masters of lies and

I would like to see you talking to the Nazis
who abused you without asking them to acknowledge their crimes

would like to see how you respond to those who deny the holocaust

would like to see you turning a blind eye to Hitler’s crimes and moving
forward without asking for justice or compensation

Masters of terror and deceit

do you want us to move on with out YOU acknowledging your crimes of
theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide, yet you demand that the whole
world acknowledges the crimes of Hitler against you?

Masters of arrogance and conceit

could you deny our Catastrophe and your responsibility for it, yet
insist and make sure that anyone who even doubts (let alone denies) the
holocaust or the number six millions has to pay severely by imprisonment
and loss of livelihood and even life?

Masters of mischief and evil doing

had sent you many warnings; that you do not transgress or do mischief
in the land, but your arrogance, self interest, greed and supremacy are
blinding you from seeing the evil you are doing

Instead of
acknowledging your crimes and establishing justice, you are still in a
state of total denial, carried away with more crimes, more lies, and
suppression of truth

Instead of repentance and accepting that you
have wronged us, you try to silence our faint voices causing more
deception, concealing the truth and sinking deeply in the abyss of
immorality and wickedness

Your Jewishness, your self
interest, your love of material gains and you drunkenness by power is
what you worship now not the God of goodness, peace and justice

warning to you now is the same warning given to your ancestors by many
prophets and prophetic voices:

You are descending deeper in the
hole that you dug for yourselves by your evil deeds, your denial of
truth, and by your inability to ask for forgiveness

The crimes
that you have committed against us are indeed painful and agonizing, but
it’s only done against our physical bodies, our souls are out of your
reach and forever intact; however, it’s your own souls that you are
disfiguring and destroying, if only you knew

Unfortunate, pitiable and deceived souls

have lost your humanity and killed your own souls if only you could see

and until you acknowledge your crimes and correct the wrongs you have
committed there will be a dark bleak and desolate future awaiting for

And this is not a threat; it is a promise

Mischief makers

They cry
peace, but what they mean is war; they scream freedom but what they mean
is enslavement; they shout democracy but what they mean is democracy
for their own kind.

The Quran describes such people whose words
contradict their deeds:

“And when it is said unto them: Make not
mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. Are not they
indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. (2:11-12)”


“And We gave (Clear)
Warning to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that twice would
they do mischief on the earth and will become tyrants and behave
insolently with extreme arrogance.” (17:4)

“When the first of the
warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants of mighty
prowess: They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a
warning (completely) fulfilled.” (17:5)

“Afterwards, we will give
you a turn over them, and will grant you an increase of wealth and
children; we will give you the upper hand.” (17:6)

If you do good, it will be for your own
, but if you do evil, it
will be against your souls.
When the prophecy of your second
transgression will come to pass, sadness will cover your faces. They
(your enemies) will enter the mosque as they did the first time, they
will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.” (17:7)

“It may
be that your Lord will have mercy on you, but if you revert to
transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated hell
as a final abode for those who conceal the truth.” (17:8)

ONLY thing that could save you -arrogant zionists- from a bleak and
painful future is to reverse your evil ways of oppression, arrogance and
greed, and join the civilized world and behave like normal human beings
with justice and compassion

mischief makers perceive not

Lovers Don’t Rape




Sweet Jerusalem


What did they do to you!
Claiming your love
But cause you none

But sorrow and pain


Sweet Jerusalem
I heard you crying that night
Your frail beautiful frame
Trembling… aching… diminishing…

Your sad eyes avoiding mine


Sweet Jerusalem
I want to crawl towards you…
To kiss the aromatic scent

Of your ancient alleyways


Fall on my knees… repenting…
At Damascus gate, howling
I failed you… I let you down


Sweet Jerusalem

I want to embrace


That blue stripy dress of yours
Bury my face… bury my shame


Asking your forgiveness

I’ve witnessed the crime

Sweet Jerusalem
I want to kneel down
Put my arms around you
Caress your weary brow
And murmur
Pardon me my dearest
I am sorry sweetheart
Sweet Jerusalem
I want to untangle your jet-black hair
Comb your gorgeous curls
Adorn your plaits with rainbow ribbons
And whisper… habibti
You look stunning today
Habibti… now show me

Your most charming… much missed smile




The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story!


We have heard the Palestinian side of the story,


as you can see from the images below:

    Now, let’s see the other side


    of the story, shall we?

    The carnage, the destruction, the annihilation,

    the pain, and the horror caused by qassam rockets:

(the world must donate some billions to help us reconstruct the damage)

(I didn’t know that Palestinian spoke Hebrew!!)

(WOW… What a precision!! THREE rockets tucked neatly in ONE hole!)

(it’s worth a pose for a photo)


The Worm is in the Can

The worm is in the can

Imagine for one moment the corridors of power and influence, from presidential palaces to military command centres, being populated by the likes of Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists etc, who utter such racist nonsense that one race had been responsible for most of humanity’s great achievements, that they are more apt at ruling the world’s affairs!

Imagine for an instant that such dangerous extremists were offered glamorous receptions and confidential meetings with Presidents, Queens, MPs, Generals! Imagine their influence so overt, that in front of US’s White House for example, the traditional Christmas Tree would be replaced by a GIGANTIC symbol of this racist ideology…!

Imagine EVERY single one of the 50 Governors of the USA submissive enough to make proclamations reflecting recognition and admiration of these racist supremacists, calling them even the “world’s most influential…”

Can you imagine such folly ???

Well, the REALITY is far worse

Not only does this folly exist, but the racists in question in fact consider their own “race” as unique, superior morally, intellectually and spiritually, and totally distinct from the rest of humanity.

They even believe to be “gifted” with additional “divine” souls whereby the rest of humans only have animal souls

They pretend that God created them for a special mission and gave them the central role of leadership of humanity.

Whilst the political fringe, such as KKK or white supremacists etc, are insignificant and loathed, exposed and opposed by all parties whether mainstream or progressives, the extremists who have REALLY infiltrated all corridors of power are celebrated and promoted, and their destructive racist ideology is covered-up, muted, taboo.

This group with its sectarian ideology and predatory methods, has become a radical, and perhaps pivotal component of the very forces which have transformed our era into a tragic calamity; characterized by the collapse of economies, by corrupt and inept governments, by endless wars of destruction, by social regression, by colossal pauperization, etc etc, setting our planet ablaze.

It is critically important to scrutinize, expose, challenge and oppose the networks implanting this sectarian ideology inside the hubs of power.

The group is called Chabad-Lubavitch, who are Jewish Hasidims. Under a thin varnish of relatively innocuous religious fundamentalism, their malevolent totalitarian ideology is barely hidden.

At closer inspection, a hideous reality quickly appears from under their friendly facade, on one in particular should raise alarm: the brainwashing and indoctrination of masses of Jewish children to be their future soldiers. The fake pretext of transmitting Jewish values and identity is aimed mainly at non practicing Jewish parents, who easily and understandably fall into this trap.

The sadistic violence and disrespect for life, the blunt racism and belligerent amorality, transpires through their internal publications, and is blatant in their methods inside occupied Palestine, since about 100 years. Simultaneously, their networks are on a global path of placing their people in key positions inside western governments and institutions.

A few examples to document the nature and activities of this global warmongering group:
I came across this website of the AFL. American Friends of Lubavitch nationalmenorah.org

Examine the “gallery”, and consider the level of permeation and influence that they have achieved; feeling so much at home in USA’s Capitol Hill/Congress, in Universities, at the White House, at the International Monetary Fund, the Pentagon where they get offered celebrity receptions.

Please scrutinize the Zionist Chabad-Lubavitcher websites carefully; and uncover the endless, irrefutable body of evidence of their infiltration and their manipulation of American policy.

Imagine your reaction if those websites and pictures depicted Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Minister of Finances etc, together with KKK, BNP or other racist, supremacist, war and violence crazed nutcases !

For the racist, sectarian, destructive entity Israel, the ultra-orthodox “Hasidims” have become the core ideological fundament, “Chabad Lubavitch” being an essential component. They constitute the bulk of the settler-movement with all its naked immorality, arrogance, thievery, and murderous deeds

Were the nature of Chabad Lubavitch known, the world would be nauseated to its bones with those arrogant monsters boasting about their spiritual divinity, intellectual uniqueness, moral superiority, democratic exceptionality, military dominance, and victim-hood exclusivity


Ari Fleischer: Reform Lubavitch,
by James Besser,
Baltimore Jewish Times, 10/26/2001, V.262, N.8, p. 30

“Like that of most high-ranking White House officials, press secretary Ari Fleischer’s life has been an exhausting blur since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But he took a few hours off last week to pick up an award from American Friends of Lubavitch, and to help boost the group’s extensive Jewish outreach efforts on Capitol Hill — efforts that Mr. Fleischer, a former congressional staffer, has supported from the beginning. He was given the group’s Young Leadership award and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) was the night’s honoree at a dinner that drew hundreds of Washington political bigwigs, Capitol Hill staffers and Washington money people.

Mr. Fleischer was an early leader and co-president of Chabad’s Capitol Jewish Forum, which brings together lawmakers and congressional and administration staffers for Jewish events study … In a show of bi-partisanship, both Mr. Fleischer and Mr. Lieberman lavished praise on the active Chabad effort that emphasizes the army of young staffers in government and political jobs.”

For those who don’t know who are and what is Chabad Lubavitch, these quotes will give you an insight to the teachings and beliefs of those supremacists who are roaming freely in the corridors of world power with their hands on the red button:

Chabad lubavitch’s Ideology:

Jews are godly beings with divine souls:

“There are two different and distinct entities: the human being, and the Jew who is part of G-d

We are a G-dly people, we have G-dly souls. Our place is in Heaven, in fact higher than Heaven because Heaven is also a created place, and we are a part of G-d”

“We are to treat other Jews as Divine beings, because that’s what they are”

Rabbi Manis Friedman



Jews have an additional mission and entitlement to leadership

“….. the Jew has an additional mission, and therefore an additional soul.”

“It is this soul that gives the Jew the power to be G-dly in a human world, and supernatural in a natural universe.”

Rabbi Shlomo Chein



“The world wants leadership and who are they going to look to for moral leadership if not the Jews?”

“A Jew is therefore a G-dly being sent to this world on a mission

Rabbi Manis Friedman



We have proved ourselves to be the leaders of enlightenment, progress and revolution wherever we have traveled..”

If it were not for Jews, there would be no concept of human dignity, of meaning and purpose, of the right of every person to education and knowledge, of social justice and of the value of world peace

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman



“We are Jews because G-d chose us to be His “cherished treasure from all the nations… a kingdom of priests and a holy people” (Exodus 19:5-6).

“We are Jews because G-d chose us to play the central role in the implementation of His purpose in creation”


Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


“The Jewish soul is the energy given to the Jew to be able to carry out this mission…… The soul can perhaps be explained as a “microcosm of G-d“.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein, Director of Chabad @ UC S.Cruz in California and editor of askmoses.com



“there are different levels and qualities of soul…….. it is true that the soul of the Gentile and the soul of the Jew differ in their nature…………… the Jews are a people chosen from among the nations of the world.”

“our belief in the chosen-ness of the Jewish people…………..but rather the deep-felt realization that this uniqueness carries with it great responsibilities and special obligations……………. holiness being the essential aspect of the Jewish soul”

“inasmuch as G-d has given us the innate capacity to attain the very heights of the spiritual and the holy, it is only right that we learn how to recognize this incomparable Divine gift


“The spark of Mashiach, comprising the deepest point of the soul, is the activating force fueling leadership potential.”


Israel as Leader of the Nations

Israel would be “a light unto the nations,” leading mankind toward a perfected future.”

“when the true story of history is finally told, it will be shown to what extent the Jewish People influenced history, helping lead the world to its eventual Messianic climax.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


Jews as the “conscience of the world…. In a redemptive state the Jewish People will reassume their more natural role as the head, leading the world to a new age.”

“The natural inclination of the Jewish People is to elevate themselves to the level of mind and leadership, which naturally uplifts the entire world.”



Israel been able to maintain its unique, essential nature and thereby greatly influence the world

Every attempt to assimilate among the nations has brought disaster

“Even after the nations recognize the source of light emanating from the Jewish People, there will still need to be a separation.”



• Jews are different from human beings in their actions and consequences of their actions:

“A Jew, although he has transgressed, is a Jew.”


Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe



“When a poor person comes to a Jew and asks for something to eat, the Jew is actually lowering himself to give the poor person a meal…”

“When a Jew gives tzedakah, he‘s basically a Divine being accepting human obligations; he is basically humbling himself, lowering himself into the worldly human condition. When a non-Jew gives charity, he is basically a human being trying to elevate himself to something more Divine”

“So we can’t say we’re ordinary people like everyone else because they see that we’re not like them, we’re a Heavenly people

, “Yes, we’re different, we’re special, we’re Jewish, we’re created from G-d’s thought. Yes, we are chosen and we therefore must live up to that title.”

Rabbi Manis Friedman



• Jews are essentially and fundamentally different from human beings:

“It aims to “normalize” the Jew, redefining him as a universal citizen of the world. “We are the same as everybody else, although we have our own customs, language and land.” It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we are not the same as everyone else. We are essentially different. We have a life mission that is totally different. We have a soul that is totally different. We have totally different spiritual needs. We have totally different spiritual conflicts.”

By Rabbi Eliezier Shmetov, the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Montevideo, Uruguay



“A Jew is a different kind of creature with a different soul

“a Jew is a piece of G-d

“So we can’t say we’re ordinary people like everyone else because they see that we’re not like them, we’re a Heavenly people”

our holy souls, which we had all along, which make us Jewish

Rabbi Manis Friedman


“Contrary to the hopes of our egalitarian society and legislation insisting on the sameness of men and women (let alone the sameness of people), the fact is that it is a secret of Torah that Jews are functionally different from non-Jews. This is not an easy concept to accept in the beginning of travels in Torah. We have been educated to believe a series of fictions in our generation, one of which is that there really are no differences between people. Clarifying this fiction should not be confused with the noble ideal of equal rights and opportunity for all. Nevertheless, man remains different from animal, man from woman and Jew from Gentile.”

Jews as different in levels of mercy, modesty and acts of goodness

“A Jew is different in that he has a neshomah, an additional level to the life force of other human beings.”



“We have learned that Jews are functionally different from non-Jews in that they have a neshomah, a part of G-d Himself;”



“the distinguishing element of the Jew is the Neshamah (soul) that every Jew possesses. The soul of the Jew is different than the soul of the non-Jew. They have different characteristics, potentials and needs. Every Jew has essentially the same type of soul as any other Jew.”

Eliezer Shmetov, Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Montevideo, Uruguay



• The Uniqueness of the Jewish Soul


By AviLazerson, Jewish Magazine, Mai 2003“The soul, which is an emanation from G-d, a “piece” of G-d in the body, a entity that was one with G-d before”

“The soul, which is an emanation from G-d, a “piece” of G-d in the body ………………. It is this yearning that is so frustrating for the Jew to fulfill. Not through riches, and not through wisdom can the soul be satisfied, but only through connecting to G-d.”


• Spiritual DNA of Jews is different

Jewish soul bequeathed to you by your Jewish forbears. It is, to put it in other terms, your spiritual DNA.”

Naftali Brawer, rabbi at Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue



• Jews have Divine souls, humans have animal souls

Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul), Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul)

Jews, as we shall see, are different from Gentiles. Jews have a spiritual purpose, Gentiles a physical one.1 This can be compared to hands and feet.”

every Jew has the nefesh (life force) of every human being known as the Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul). His additional soul, neshomah, is also known as the Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul).”



• Violence against non-Jews

West Bank Chabad- settler rabbi: “Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel”


“Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book “The King’s Torah” that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.”

• Violence against non-Jews

West Bank Chabad- settler rabbi: “Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel”


“Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book “The King’s Torah” that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.”

“It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

Sacred war of extermination

From Jewish encyclipaedia


Fate of Amalek:
“David waged a sacred war of extermination against the Amalekites …………………….so that it seems as though the nation had actually been exterminatedToday’s amalek: Iran and Palestine


“Schmuel Derlich and Israel Hess have promoted the idea that the Palestinians are the new Amalekites and must be dealt with accordingly. Apparently Netanyahu has altered this line of thinking to identify the Amalekites with the Iranians …”“That would mean that we have to ANNIHILATE THEM.”


“AMALEK…..The ONLY GROUP OF PEOPLE G-D ORDERED US to RID THE EARTH OF”.“the Palestinians are becoming more and more a PROXY of AMALEK. That would mean that we have to ANNIHILATE THEM



“I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven!”“you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. DO NOT FORGET!”

Hence – THE L-RD WILL HAVE WAR WITH AMALEK FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION until Israel has done what the L-RD commanded.


Jewish Wars of Aggression

“By contrast, war against nations “that lie very far from you” cannot be justified as a form of religious self‑defense. As typified by the wars during the reigns of kings David and Solomon, they are wars of pure expansion and aggression. Yet they too are God’s wars:
“…and when the Lord your God delivers it into your hand (verse 13)…and enjoy the use of the spoil of your enemy, which the Lord your God gives you (verse 14).””
milchemet reshut (discretionary war) – a war of aggression. The Torah permits such a war to expand the borders of Eretz Yisrael, to capture captives, or because the King of Israel decides that war is good for the country and for God”
Milchemet reshut is war against other nations to enlarge Eretz Yisrael and increase its prestige.”
Ki Tetzei
Rabbi Jacob Chinitz


“The special relationship of Chabad with the Israel Defense Forces is legendary. ”

Cherished by the soldiers of Israel………….. Visitation by Chabad takes place on an army-wide scale ……………..there is a highly-organized program of regular visitation by the “mitzvah tanks,” which have become famous on the Lebanese front”



“As the war intensifies in Gaza, and the prayers of all Am Yisroel are focused on Eretz Yisroel, Tzeirei Chabad, under the guidance of Rabbi Joseph Aronov, has decided to initiate a massive campaign directed toward the soldiers and the people living under fire. They are calling up Chabad “reservists” to volunteer and become involved with the spiritual war effort.”=====================================

A group of such shocking and disturbing ideologies and practices gets rewarded generously by world governments !!!!


Chabad of Vancouver Recipient of $1.2 Million Government Grants



Proclamation by the governor of Alabama,

From the website: nationalmenorah.org

“Whereas Chanukah celebrates the victory in the year 165 BCE……
Whereas the annual lighting of the National Menorah, the world’s largest, is the most visible celebration of this festival anywhere in the world and is attended by Senior Administrative Officials, Members of Congress, and the Diplomatic Core. The event is sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch, and Whereas the international the International Chabad-Lubavitch Movement is the world’s largest and fastest growing Jewish educational and social service network, with over 3500 institutions in 45 states and more than 70 countries
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Now therefore, I …. Governor of the state of Alabama, do hereby proclaim December 7th 2004, as the National Menorah Day”==================


“The name “Hanukkah” derives from the Hebrew verb “חנך“, meaning “to dedicate”. On Hanukkah, the Jews regained control of Jerusalem and rededicated the Temple.[2]”==============================

The Rebbe and President Ronald Reagan




The widely publicized lunacies of such organizations as Lubavitch are ominous signs of regression. From the perspective of a non-Jew, it’s hard not to notice the deep causal link between these lunacies, and the murderous, genocidal depravity that is a prevalent aspect of “israel” and its citizens.

The permeation of the world top positions, by groups who adhere to such corrosive ideology and the internationally growing, violent impact of this pervasive and supremacist doctrine, should be utterly alarming to all peoples who genuinely deplore racism irrespective of nationality, culture, ethnicity or religion.

It is crucially important to expose, challenge, and oppose such distressing creeds and to highlight their shocking influence!

One might wonder: “why excavate such issues now, why exhume hoary ideologies and waste time wrestling with it? These are only some foolish beliefs, and people are entitle to have their own”

This might be true to a certain extent, except that:

• This ideology is HARMFUL to life and to humanity.

• This ideology is entices racist, chauvinistic, supremacist opinions and policies.

• This ideology dehumanises and demonises those who are different.

• This ideology has invaded most sensitive key positions world wide

• And worse, this ideology invokes and provokes mass murder, genocide, and total eradication of others

That is why exposing and opposing such beliefs is not only a right but an obligation for any human who cares about morality, equality, social progress, human rights, justice and world peace.

“To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war.” —Ludwig von Mises
Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Supremacist and Racist Chabad at the Hub of World Power

I want to tell the world

I want to tell the world

AUTHOR:  Nahida

I want to tell the world a story


About a home with a broken lantern

And a burnt doll

About a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed

About an axe that killed a tulip

A story about a fire that consumed a plait

a story about a tear that couldn’t run down

I want to tell a story about a goat that wasn’t milked

About a mother’s dough that wasn’t baked

About a wedding that wasn’t celebrated

And a baby girl that didn’t grow up

About a football that wasn’t kicked

About a dove that didn’t fly

I want to tell a story about a key that wasn’t used

About a classroom that wasn’t attended

About a playground that was silenced

About a book that wasn’t read

About a besieged lonely farm
And about its fruits that weren’t picked



About a lie that wasn’t discovered

A story about a church that’s no longer prayed in

And a mosque that no longer stands

And a culture no longer rejoiced

I want to tell a story about a muddy grassy roof

About a stone that faced a tank

And about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down

About a spirit that cannot be defeated

I want to tell the world a story

Now light a little candle for Palestine

You can do it

Light a candle One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away

Just try it out

One ray of light
Wipes away the gloomiest
Jet-black nights
As the dawn breaks

Just observe

Can you see that
All the might of darkness
In the world
Cannot extinguish
The faintest flicker
Of a beam of light

Light a candle
One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away

You can do it


Did you hear me?

Original article published on 15 July 2008


Benevolent Occupier Allows Clothes to Reach Victims

Benevolent Occupier Allows Clothes to Reach Victims

As a gesture of its peaceful
intentions, Israel yesterday announced to great fanfare that it would
allow shoes
and clothes into the besieged Gaza Strip for the first time in three
. Israeli spokesmen said the import of the dangerous materials
was designed to ensure Gazans don’t fall too behind in the latest
fashion trends, and also to ostensibly clothe naked Palestinian males
who might pose
a serious danger to innocent Jewish girls

Clothes, which are notorious for their anti-Semitism, have long been a
favorite weapon of Palestinian terrorist hell-bent on the destruction
of Israel. As Anti-Defamation League president Abraham Foxman put it,
“the proliferation of clothes amongst Palestinian refugees reminds us
all that times have not really changed much since 1939.” But the US
State Department nevertheless welcomed the news, with spokesman PJ
Crowley applauding Israel’s latest humanitarian move. “Israel has always
shown that it is willing to make concessions for peace,” he said. “The
Israeli government is aware that most of the homes it destroyed in Gaza
have not been rebuilt, so the clothes will give their residents a source
of warmth that broken walls and shattered windows just cannot do. The
US will proudly reimburse Israel for the costs of these clothes.”

However, Palestinians scoffed at the idea that Israel pays for
anything that enters Gaza, with local merchants demanding that the
Zionist entity release the hundreds of tons of goods they have paid for
and which have been held in Israeli ports for years.

The ten trucks that will carry the new garments to be shared amongst
Gaza’s 1.6 million people will also contain a far more nefarious weapon:
shoes. It is well known that throwing shoes is a sign of disrespect exclusive
to Arab culture.
Once again Israel’s pangs for peace have driven it
to undertake such a bold sacrifice, risking the humiliation of its
occupying troops under a shower of footwear.

The hawks in Israel’s government have insisted that other, far more
dangerous materials remain banned from entering Gaza. As such, tampons,
books and children’s crayons, both of which pose a far deadlier risk to
Israel than Gaza’s homemade rockets, are still considered contraband.

My Mother, the Infiltrator

My Mother, the Infiltrator

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By Mohammad
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010

My mother is an illegal infiltrator. She has infiltrated her
where her parents were born and where she was raised. Her activities as
an infiltrator are as varied as they are nefarious: She takes my sister
to school, with the neighbor’s kids. She cooks and cleans her home. We
actually purchased that home so that she would have a base to operate
from once she had infiltrated. She goes to the gym (I suspect
infiltrators probably do need to stay in shape). She visits her
sisters; I can’t say for sure if they assist her illegal activities.
I’m sure they provide moral support at least. She helps care for her
brother’s young children. You see my uncle might have been an
infiltrator. They kicked him out of his homeland too, said he didn’t
have the right permit to live there. He actually did, but they didn’t
want to renew it. He was kept away from his kids for years. Eventually,
he was given permission to infiltrate again, but he died a few months
later, before this ruling came into effect. So maybe he became an
infiltrator posthumously. I don’t know.

I’m not sure when my mother stopped being a member of the community she
grew up in, or a resident of the town where she was raised. Maybe it
was when she fell in love with a dangerous inmate. It wasn’t a maximum
security prison back in those days-he’d actually been allowed to leave
Gaza to study. They met in university: she the future infiltrator, he
the future prisoner. They were in love, with each other and with
Palestine. And love is what screwed them up.

They decided to get married, and you just can’t do that if you’re a
Palestinian. It’s not up to you to decide who you marry and where you
live and where your kids will be raised or if you can even live
together in your own country. That’s all up to the Zionists to decide.
So they went ahead and decided that my dad can’t live in the West Bank,
because he escaped from that coastal prison. The same rule applies to
me, because I was born in Gaza. I tried telling them I didn’t want to
be born there, that I’d wanted to be born in Fallujah like my
grandfather, but it didn’t matter to them. We were both born in Gaza,
so Zionism had bestowed upon us Gaza IDs to prove it. They are in
Hebrew. I don’t read Hebrew.

So my mother went back to where she grew up with her eight siblings and
countless cousins and neighbors and friends and memories and all that.
She went back and tried to live her life again there in the West Bank.
But history always catches up with criminals; an unseen clerk in the
vast monstrosity that is the Israeli occupation authority had found her
guilty of marrying the inmate a couple of decades back. Her (Hebrew)
West Bank ID disappeared. She got the Gaza ID instead. And suddenly,
one night as she lay asleep in her bed, she became an infiltrator in
her own home, her own town, her own country.

Now she is a criminal, but it only seems fitting that a Palestinian
would be a criminal for living in their own home. It happened in the
lands occupied in 1948, so why shouldn’t it happen in the West Bank? I
haven’t seen her for a year, because I’m not allowed in and she can’t
get out. And now a mother might get torn away from her kids and sisters
and nephews and nieces and sent away, or maybe even thrown in jail for
seven years.

This is life under the boot of Zionist population control. Going back
to live in your hometown is now infiltrating. Marrying a Palestinian
with the wrong ID gives the army the right to split up your family. You
don’t decide where to live, or with whom. You can’t see your spouse or
your children at will. And when someone in the occupation army decides
to change the rules overnight, you know another aspect of normal living
will have become criminalized.


israel and the “delegitimization”oxymoron

Israel and the “delegitimization”oxymoron


By Alan

5 April 2010


Hart argues that in law the foundations upon which Israel
claims legitimacy do not actually exist and that “only the Palestinians
could give it the legitimacy it craved”. He says that “what
delegitimizes Israel is the truth of history”, which is why “Zionism has
worked so hard … to have the truth suppressed”.

For readers who may not be intimately familiar with English
terminology, an oxymoron is a figure of speech by which contradictory
terms are combined to form an expressive phrase or epithet such as cruel
kindness and falsely true. (It’s derived from the Greek word oxymoros,
meaning pointedly foolish).

Here, I’m going to confine myself to one question and answer.

The question is: How can you delegitimize something (in this
case the Zionist state) when it is NOT legitimate?

Balfour Declaration, 1917

Leaving aside the fairy story of God’s promise, (which even if true
would have no bearing on the matter because the Jews who “returned” in
answer to Zionism’s call had no biological connection to the ancient
Hebrews), the Zionist state’s assertion of legitimacy rests on the
Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the UN General Assembly’s partition plan
resolution of 1947.

The only real relevance of the Balfour Declaration is in the fact that
it was an expression of both the willingness of a British government to
use Jews for imperial purposes and the willingness of Zionist Jews to be
used. The truth is that Britain had no right whatsoever to promise
Zionism a place in Palestine, territory the British do not possess.
(Palestine at the time was controlled and effectively owned by Ottoman
Turkey). The Balfour Declaration did allow Zionism to say that its claim
to Palestine had been recognized by a major power, and then to assert
that the Zionist enterprise was therefore a legitimate one. But the
legitimacy Britain conveyed by implication was entirely spurious,
meaning not genuine, false, a sham.

Zionism’s assertion that Israel was given its birth certificate and
thus legitimacy by the UN General Assembly partition resolution of 29
November 1947 is pure propaganda nonsense, as demonstrated by an honest
examination of the record of what actually happened.

In the first place the UN without the consent of the majority of the
people of Palestine did not have the right to decide to
partition Palestine or assign any part of its territory to a minority
of alien immigrants in order for them to establish a state of their own.

Despite that, by the narrowest of margins, and only after a rigged
vote, the UN General Assembly did pass a resolution to partition
Palestine and create two states, one Arab, one Jewish, with Jerusalem
not part of either. But the General Assembly resolution was only a non-binding

proposal – meaning that it could have no effect, would not
become binding, until and unless it was approved by the Security

The truth is that the General Assembly’s partition proposal never
went to the Security Council for consideration
. Why not?
Because the US knew that, if approved, and because of Arab and other
Muslim opposition, it could only be implemented by force, and President
Truman was not prepared to use force to partition Palestine.

So the partition plan was vitiated (became invalid)
and the question of what the hell to do about Palestine – after Britain
had made a mess of it and walked away – was taken back to the General
Assembly for more discussion. The option favoured and proposed by the US
was temporary UN Trusteeship. It was while the General Assembly was
debating what do that Israel unilaterally declared itself to be
in existence
– actually in defiance of the will of the
organized international community, including the Truman administration.

The truth of the time was that Israel, which came into being mainly as a
consequence of Zionist terrorism and pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had

no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist
unless it was recognized and legitimized by
those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the
creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the
Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved
As it was put to me many years ago by Khalid al-Hassan, Fatah’s
intellectual giant on the right, that legitimacy was “the only thing the
Zionists could not take from us by force”.

The truth of history as summarized briefly above is the explanation of
why, really, Zionism has always insisted that its absolute pre-condition
for negotiations with more than a snowball’s chance in hell of a
successful outcome (an acceptable measure of justice for the
Palestinians and peace for all) is recognition of Israel’s right to
exist. A right, it knows, it does not have and will never have unless
the Palestinians grant it.

It can be said without fear of contradiction (except by Zionists) that
what delegitimizes Israel is the truth of history. And that is why
Zionism has worked so hard, today with less success than in the past and
therefore with increasing desperation, to have the truth suppressed.

Alan Hart is a
former ITN and BBC “Panorama” foreign
correspondent and a Middle East specialist. His Latest book Zionism: The
Real Enemy of the Jews, is a three-volume epic in its American
edition.  He blogs at www.alanhart.net
and tweets at www.twitter.com/alanauthor.
Centarsko - https://centarsko.com

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