Conditional Solidarity ! No Thank you


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Where is their abhor against Jewish supremacy?


No one displays CONDITIONAL solidarity with Palestinians as much as Jewish “supporters” do

When Palestinians question the absurdity of such stance, and point to CONFLICT of INTEREST, they are accused of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians request their Jewish “supporters” to condemn the rampant ideological Jewish supremacy and racism, again they accuse Palestinians of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians attempt to even compare their suffering to that of Jews, hell would break lose and they would accuse Palestinians of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians voice an opinion about the importance of examining ALL history, including the “holocaust” and WW2, without fear of being punished or criminalised, they are accused of “antisemitism”

It is perfectly understandable, nay justified that Palestinians do not particularly love their rapists and tormentors, or those who frantically support them

Furthermore, Palestinians, NOT Ashkenazi Jews, are the TRUEST SEMITES

Thus, calling a SEMITE Palestinian “antisemite” is one the greatest chutzpah ever

This NONSENSE has to stop

NO to conditional solidarity

Remove the word “antisemitism” from the Palestinian discourse


I call upon Palestine Solidarity Movement  NOT fall prey to such manipulation conducted by individuals or organizations with compromised loyalty who appointed themselves controllers of the flow of information and sole owners of language, entitled to define meanings of words and to exclude those who disagree, thus they take steer the Palestinian solidarity towards the acceptance of “soft” yet final and permanent colonization of Palestine, thus to eliminate the prime objective of the solidarity movement; the unconditional support of Palestinians and their quest for Full Liberation of All Historic Palestine.


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  1. Respect again

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  2. The Jews are not a race; nor are the Jews “Semites”. The Hebrew Bible often describes Jewish men mating with non-Jewish women, who were slaves, concubines, or prisoners of war. It is very unlikely that there was ever a “Jewish race” at any time in history. “Conditional solidarity” with the mostly-white Jewish invaders and oppressors is national suicide for the Palestinians.


  3. The statement by JfJfP captures so well everything that is problematic by many so-called solidarity groups for Palestine. They want to appear progressive but they really, really like the superior status that Israel accords them. Israel has opened season on Palestinian children, killing 2-3 a day, and it pursues (poor) people with a vengeance and makes them homeless, but for these “activists” the burning issue is anti-semitism. It is always about them, all the time. How tiresome they are. I’m sure most Palestinians would join me in wishing they would find some other cause to wrap themselves around.


  4. “Remove the word “antisemitism” from the Palestinian discourse.”

    I say remove the word “a-s” from all discourse. The word carries as a payload inherent and virulent bigotry by introducing unneeded differentiation of particular group – presumably (but not really) “semites.”

    It reflects the bigotry of any person choosing to use the word as a rhetorical weapon except when the purpose of the author is to remove the weapon from the vocabulary. It unnecessarily discriminates for the benefit of a nebulous ill-defined subset of humanity. It can always be beneficially replaced by generic and non-discriminating words like “bigotry” or “racism” or “religiousism” (such a word may occasionally be needed.)

    When I encounter the “a-s” word I feel as if I have just been subjected to another virulent slur I will only represent here is “n-r.” Everyone will know what I mean because these word-weapons are so powerful they need not be spelled out. Their use must become simply too embarrassing for use in public.

    When I read or hear either of these words I look to the writer or speaker expecting to recognize either a careless or a sinister bigot. One other possibility is a deep thinking activist who is attempting to dissuade people from using creeping and sinister phrases intended only to demonize and intimidate.



  5. 1967 Green Line borders? No way. The only borders that can be recognized are those established in 1947.


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