“I have a Dream…”


I dream of liberation of Palestine.

My dream is not blurred by illusions or hindered by hardships. A cornerstone for a Liberation movement is clarity of vision, to keep our objectives in focus.

It is perhaps the disproportional difference of power which makes our aims and vision look like foolish dreams to those who think of themselves as being “realists”.

It is unrealistic to fight against a tyrannical occupation force with deference and only meek means of persuasion and appeasement, because it never stops the crimes, never pushes back the tyrant. Instead, it confirms the tyrant’s authority, which in return will trigger him to pursue unchanged his ruthless methods of conquest and enslavement.

It is realistic and can not be ignored that only creative and surprising means of pushing out occupying tyrants, be it radical, will defeat a tyrant equipped with overwhelming military powers and determined to annihilate the conquered. The uncompromised principle is the key to liberation.

An unrestrained vision toward clearly defined objectives can not be intimidated or suffocated by “facts on the ground”, as these “facts” are the artificial fruits of a temporary force, and not the timeless result of natural unconstrained evolution. To omit this evidence would negate the possibility of peaceful change and evolution. Strictly no human achievement would have ever been possible throughout history, without aiming toward what seems impossible.

In any negotiations (let alone with one’s oppressors) raising up the ceiling of demands is a prerequisite to achieve the nearest possible level of your objectives, hopes and expectations.

Palestinians do not demand anything else than the implementation of their inalienable, historical and human rights. Palestinians have not fallen to discouragement, not lowered their honest expectations, and it is our duty to continue to plant hope, to nurture imagination and to foster optimism.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” according to Albert Einstein; if that is true in the field of “hard” sciences like mathematics and physics, as I believe it is, it is even more true in the field of humanity and social sciences.

Through imagination, we leap beyond the boundaries of the known, the permitted and the understood to embrace the entire universe and further afar, where questions bounce back and forth and answers run forever.

People who managed to open their eyes to the truth about what happened to Palestine are generally astounded by the steadfastness and persistence of Palestinians;

How come they never give up!

What is it that keeps them going!

Why are they able to survive against all odds!

How are they able to stand up to such oppression with such little means!

How can they endure such losses with faces still smiling!

Where do they get their strength from!

The answer to all these questions lies in one word; Free-spirit

A spirit that has its worldly roots intertwined with the soil of its land while its branches extend to heaven

A spirit aware of its potential and weaknesses; is only answerable to its creator

A spirit that thrives and blossoms through the wisdom of its ancestors and prophets

A spirit that cherishes its two wings of freedom: Faith and Hope

If small numbers, lack of means, limited abilities, and restricted resources were to be considered as limits, instead of mere obstacles, no prophet or visionary would’ve left a mark in our human history.

To confine ourselves only to “what we can do here and now”, nullifies any forward strategy, and brings upon a future similar to the unacceptable present occupation and oppression, though it might be dressed differently. This is not an option.

If Palestinians were to comply and abide by the rules of the game as defined by the colonial “super-powers” the sheer word “Palestine” would have disappeared by now. There would be no mention of us anywhere, and yet we achieved already so much. We have more than ever the strength to resist, to dream and to force our way to expose and defeat the criminal Zionist project. If you ponder as to what has kept the Palestinian’s plight for Justice and Liberation alive, the answer is our inflexible determination.

May be in that sense Palestinians ought to become an example, an inspiration for a global movement of Resistance against the New World Order.

The human spirit is magnificent when allowed to fly, and the extent of achievements can be astounding when we set our imagination free.

From this perspective I view the world, as a Palestinian, a Muslim, and a human being, and it is from this starting point that my own thoughts and words emerge.

When I write, I never do so as politician, never as a leader, never as a negotiator, never as chairwoman, and certainly never ever as an army general.

When I write, I do so as a mother whose main concern is to take part in preparing the grounds for a better future for her children, grand children and other children of the world, a world where justice is the foundation, peace is the cement and compassion the warmth that adds comfort to this sustainable building.

I write as a child, who believes she can find an answer for every question, imagine a story behind every picture, hear music in the passing of breeze, see wonders in the most ordinary, a child who sees miracles in every common incident.

I write as a visionary whose worldly limitations does not hinder her from looking forward and rejoicing in what she sees way beyond the horizon, and if possible bring that horizon nearer.

I write as a poet in the hope that the melodies of my songs would help to keep going those who march for justice, freedom and humanity.

I write as an artist who paints images not of a world that she sees but rather of a world that she loves, yearns for and endeavours to see.

I write as a sky-gazer, who can still see stars despite the light-pollution.

I write as an idealist flying toward an idyllic world.

I write as a dreamer, who will never stop dreaming, until my dreams become reality.



About dreams.
From the womb of agony
Dreams are born
Sweet and pure
We nourish
and groom
And watch
them grow
After living in us
Long enough
They come alive
Before we know it
We start living in them
Dreams and realities
“There is only a fine line
That divides dreams and reality”
They say
In my world
There is no line
My dreams and my reality
Are one and the same
Blending in
As colours unite
New hues are born
From blue and yellow
Gentle green emerges
As red embraces blue
Vivid violet comes to life
My universe is a rainbow
Of many… many colours
No lines
No divisions
My dreams
and my reality merge
As if smudged
By an artist brush
I… like a feather
Drift in between

Palestinians versus the Samson option blackmail

versus the Samson option blackmail

  •       In his article Alan
    Hart concludes that after the inevitable failure of the two-state
    solution there is “only two possible end-game scenario

  •         Zionist-awakening scenario:In
    one Israeli Jews come to their senses and accept that their best and
    actually only hope for a future with security and peace is the One State
    solution – a single, democratic state in which all of its citizens,
    Jews and Arabs, would have equal civil and political rights.”
  •          Armageddon
    : “In the other foreseeable end-game scenario….. The
    anti-Israel outrage of citizens of all faiths and none around the world
    would be such that the governments of the major powers, including the
    one in Washington D.C., would be obliged to punish the Zionist state
    with boycott, sanctions and divestment
    ” In which case the zionists
    threaten the world to take it down with them if they go down.
In other words Mr.
Hart is telling us that the Palestinians and the world have no option
but to gently and tactfully deal with zionists, otherwise any pressure
on “israel” even through boycott and sanctions will cause the world
demise. Therefore, in his opinion, all what the Palestinians and the
world can do is to “un-brainwash” the zionists, to keep trying to
“educate” them and work at healing their psychologically messed-up
minds, their collective “insanity” or else… it’s Armageddon!!
This is clear cut blackmail to the world.

Hart conveniently omits the third scenario; namely, the Palestinian

The Palestinians who have miraculously survived and
endured a century of oppression and ethnic-cleansing without losing
their hope or their humanity

Palestinians who have perplexed the world with their courage,
steadfastness and sacrifices

The Palestinians who love their
trees as much as they love their own sons and daughters

Palestinians who love their land more than they love their own selves

Palestinians whose determination and bravery against all odds have
inspired the world

Palestinians with David’s stones who confronted ruthless Goliath and
conquered his delusions of hegemony, expansion and conquest

Palestinians whose legendary heroism has astounded humanity; from the
buzzing streets of Texas to the remote quiet villages in Japan

The Palestinian scenario is the option
that refuses neither to bow down to oppression nor to surrender to

The Palestinian option is the Hizbullah and Salaheddin

A few thousands
dedicated resistance fighters of Hizbullah managed to defeat and kick
out from Lebanon the fourth most powerful army in the world after 22
years of occupation

Salaheddin, the Muslim Kurd, with his
dedicated and courageous army have liberated al-Quds (Jerusalem) after
200 years of Crusaders’ occupation and colonization and kicked the gory
invaders out.

Already, by electing Hamas, Palestinians have made
their choice, their scenario of the “end-game” is neither Armageddon nor
the waiting game of appeasement, conciliation and un-brainwashing of
their tormentors

Palestinians have chosen the Hizbullah and Salaheddin scenario;
RESISTANCE until EVERY inch of Palestine is liberated and EVERY refugee
is back home

Palestinians, after a century of intimate
knowledge of their oppressors, have reached their threshold of patience.
They are not prepared to wait any longer for the illusionary awakening
of the “humanity” of their oppressors, nor are they prepared to accept
thieves and murderers as guests in their homeland

They understand more than anyone else that
the magical awakening of a dead-conscience is not possible, nor is it
rational to keep waiting for thieves to give up their illegitimate
privileges and give back the stolen lands and property to its rightful
owners, the Palestinians.

The menace of Samson’s scenario
blackmail does not intimidate Palestinians nor does it suppress their
aspiration of the full liberation of their homeland for which they have
sacrificed the dearest, the most loved and the most precious.

Zionist are not, as claimed by Alan hart,
some innocent, intelligent, humane people who have been simply
brainwashed to be where they are and to do what they are doing!

by the sheer fact of taking part in colonizing a STOLEN land are
partners in crime

Whether religious or secular, zionists have
proven to themselves and to the world that they are a bunch of greedy,
arrogant, unethical, robbers and murderers:

    • Religious
      zionists believe that Palestine belongs to them because God gave them
      the land!
  • Hard core secular zionists believe that they have
    captured this land, created facts on the grounds, and whatever they
    have acquired by conquest becomes an inalienable right!
  • So-called “moderate” secular zionists are
    satisfied with the achievement of zionism’s goal of creating a homeland
    for the Jews in Palestine. Thus they ready themselves to simply abandon
    and discard the word “zionism”, and claiming that all they want now is
    peace, so they claim. The opportunistic discarding of the word “zionism”
    is nothing else than meaningless empty rhetoric, since it does not
    imply in any way or manner the restoration of Palestinians’ inalienable
    rights, the restitution of their land and property, and the compensation
    for their losses. Hence the claims of seeking “peace” by self professed
    “moderates” anti-zionists, ex-zionists, crypto-zionists, or moderate
    secular zionists, are vacuous and have zero value.
What matters to us is the fact that they
have created facts on the ground, engaging with them in “dialogues”,
“confidence building”, “peace processes” or asking politely with a
million please on top will not liberate the land they occupy nor will it
restore justice according to elementary standards of international law.

has taught us that the criminal privileged never give up their
privileges willingly, ever.

Secular or religious zionists will
never give up willingly any of their privileges acquired by
ongoing terrorism and genocide.

zionists have wasted a century of opportunities in Palestine, provoked
catastrophic wars in the Middle East, and caused economic havoc on the

Alas, the time of reckoning is rapidly approaching.

faint and anxious voices here and there, who have realized that the
zionist colonial project is doomed, try desperately to save what they
can of it by spreading the SOS calls, trying frantically to make the
zionists see sense. These attempts are as vain and as doomed as is the
zionist colonial project.

million copies of Alan Hart’s books will not add an ounce of humanity to
those who lost it by wickedness, nor can it unbend the crooked
mentality that became twisted by decades of evil doing; bulldozing
millennial olive grooves, demolishing world heritage, assassinating
mothers, babies, and elderly, attempting to annihilate the protectors of
the Holy land and descendants of the Prophets, namely the Palestinians.
The balance of power is shifting, the
Muslim world will not stay asleep for much longer, the world only just
began to wake up to the truth.

People of the world are opening
their eyes to the alarming level of zionist infiltration in their own
affairs; governments manipulations, media control, financial corruption,
and it’s not going to be an pleasant discovery.

The decades of
deception are over and the karma of retribution has begun.

blowback is going to take them by surprise.

Chances of repentance
are over and time is out.

The world will soon have to decide;
either to succumb to unrelenting zionists blackmail of mass genocide and
world annihilation OR stand up like the brave Palestinians and STOP
this madness once and for all

the world will regurgitate those who drive for its annihilation,
Samson-ists and Armageddon-ists.

The world will unite and rid
itself of this Frankenstein.
In the end,
zionists and their associates will not find many to shed tears for them,
nor will they find many open doors to welcome them.

The only open doors will be the doors of deportation.

Time, perhaps
another couple of thousand years, might help them to learn the lesson,
to be brought to their senses, back to humanity.

Then and only then, only when animated by peaceful
intentions, can they try to knock at Palestine’s doors again.

Not now, and not for a long time.

Nahida the exiled Palestinian

UN recognition of Israel is fatally flawed

Illegitimate… Illegitimate… Illegitimate

What legitimacy does Israel have? ——-> (NONE)

UN recognition of Israel is fatally flawed




6 June 2010

Christopher King argues that beneath Israel’s litany of crimes
against the Palestinians, and most recently its murder of humanitarian
workers aboard the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla, lies the fact
of its own illegality.

The true nature of the so-called freedom-loving, democratic state of
Israel is now clear to the world following its military attack on Gaza,
its illegal blockade of Gaza with terrible suffering of its population
and now the murder of nine humanitarian activists in course of pirating
the Free Gaza Flotilla in international waters.

These horrifying events should focus minds within the international
community on the legitimacy of the Israeli regime. We should consider
what meaning for its present status its disregard for legality and human
rights since its inception might have.

The foundation of the entity Israel was supported by Europe and America
due to sympathy or guilt, as you might have it, for the suffering of
European Jews, the colonialist thinking of that time and familiarity
with the Jewish biblical narrative.

“…it is clear that once the Jews took up arms against the
Palestinians, dispossessed them and settled on their land, they acted
against the terms and intent of the Mandate, to say nothing of civil

The British government resisted unauthorized Jewish immigrants from
1944 to 1948 because they caused trouble with the Palestinians and no
administrator likes gratuitous trouble. When the Jews took up arms the
British were bound to take action against them. On the Jewish side,
there had been expressions of intent based on the Balfour Declaration
(1917) that gave Zionists reason to believe that their aspirations had
political support. This was so, although with critically important

The preamble
to the League of Nations Mandate by which Britain administered
Palestine and which has the same essential wording as the Balfour
Declaration, reads:

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the
Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration
originally made on 2 November 1917, by the Government of His Britannic
Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment
in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being
clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the
civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in
, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in
any other country [my italics].

Whatever was meant by the term “national home for the Jewish people”,
it is clear that once the Jews took up arms against the Palestinians,
dispossessed them and settled on their land, they acted against the
terms and intent of the Mandate, to say nothing of civil law. Britain
was placed in the position of breaching the Mandate if it condoned
Jewish actions.

“The Balfour Declaration and League of Nations Mandate in favour
of a ‘national home for the Jewish people’ are often cited as the legal
basis for the Jewish occupation of Palestine. It is obvious, however,
that this cannot be true. These instruments had no legal force.”

The Balfour Declaration and League of Nations Mandate in favour of a
“national home for the Jewish people” are often cited as the legal basis
for the Jewish occupation of Palestine. It is obvious, however, that
this cannot be true. These instruments had no legal force. Moreover,
dispossession of Palestinians from their land breached the most
important civil rights safeguarded by the Mandate, namely, the right to
possess their land and the right for them and their descendants to live
upon it.

Israel’s declaration of independence on 14 May 1948 when the
Mandate ended has no legal validity. Subsequently, Israel
was recognized
by other countries, following the United States. It was admitted to the
United Nations, the rebranded League of Nations, by Resolution 273 on
11 May 1949 which, again is cited by Jewish Palestinians as Israel’s
legitimization. Resolution 273 was a grave error. Israel not only had no
pre-existing historical foundation but it incorporated a fatal flaw.
That flaw was its failure to recognize the rights of the Palestinians.
The Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate had recognized
Palestinian rights and the 10 December 1948 United Nations Declaration
of Human Rights was a general acknowledgment that such rights existed
for all peoples.

The right to own property without arbitrary confiscation and to live
upon it in one’s own country did not, of course, come into existence
with the UN Declaration of Human Rights. These rights had always
explicity existed in European-based law, as well as in all developed
countries and many others, with the exception of the brief experiment
with socialism in some.

“Israel not only had no pre-existing historical foundation but
it incorporated a fatal flaw. That flaw was its failure to recognize the
rights of the Palestinians.”

The right to own property and live peacefully upon it already existed
in Palestine. In June 2005 Turkey transferred Ottoman land ownership
records for Palestine up to 1916 to the Palestinian Authority
. From
to 1948 land records were maintained by the British administration. It
should be mentioned that the Israeli authorities seized the land
held by the Palestinian Authority
as reported
by the Scottish Trades Union Council on 22 April 2002:

Our Palestinian trade union colleagues are now confirming what has
been suggested by such news reports as have been able to get out of the
areas under Israeli assault.

“Ariel Sharon, with the complicity of the entire Israeli political
establishment, is moving to complete his lifetime’s ambition – the
creation of a state of Greater Israel on all of historic Palestine,
through the expulsion or killing of non-Jewish Palestinians, and the
destruction of all physical evidence of their history.

“That is why the Israeli gunmen have not only been massacring
Palestinians. They have also been demolishing centuries-old buildings,
and ripping up olive groves, some of which date back to Roman times.

“They have seized and removed the records and documentation of the
Palestinian Authority and of Palestinian civic organizations, including
all the membership records of the Palestinian trade unions.

And most significantly, they have seized the Palestinian
of land ownership. What purpose can that have, other than in order to
destroy evidence of the Palestinians entitlement to their land?


The 22 August report
from the American Libraries Association’s International
Responsibilities Task Force illustrates that Israel particularly targets
libraries that contain historical records relating to Palestinian
demographics (e.g. Health, Development, Information and Policy
Institute, Ramallah), commerce (e.g. Palestinian Insurance Company,
Ramallah) and government statistics (e.g. Bureau of Statistics,
Ramallah). Library papers and computers are vandalized and records that
could support Palestinian claims on their land are either entirely
removed or destroyed.

The fundamental issue in Palestine is land and the right to live upon
it. Israeli actions make clear their awareness that they have no
to the land. Israel is attempting to strengthen its possession by making
it difficult for Palestinians to establish their claims

“… the United Nations’ acceptance of Israel’s status as a
legitimate state is inherently invalid. Legitimate means
according to law. In dispossessing the Palestinians Israel had broken
that people’s legally valid tie to the land on which they and their
ancestors had lived for centuries if not millennia…”

This then is the fatal flaw in the United Nations 1949 recognition of
Israel as a legitimate state within the international community. It
ignores the land and residence rights of the Palestinians that had been
made explicit in the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate and the
United Nations’ own recognition in the period leading up to the expiry
of the British mandate that Palestinian rights must be protected.

By fatal flaw, I mean that the United Nations’ acceptance of
Israel’s status as a legitimate state is inherently invalid.
means according to law. In dispossessing the Palestinians Israel had
broken that people’s legally valid tie to the land on which they and
their ancestors had lived for centuries if not millennia, which is the
very foundation of nationhood, national identity and indeed, livelihood.

As I have said elsewhere, legitimacy for Israel can only be granted by
the Palestinians and even they cannot legally give it while under the
duress of armed occupation and dispossession. Agreements with the
Palestinian Authority or even Hamas relating to land allocation and
citizenship are therefore worthless as they might be subject to valid
legal challenge at any time in the future

The status of the Jews in Palestine in international law is therefore
that of a people having an ethnic identity, some religious identity but
without a Jewish country. Those who emigrated to Palestine possessed
national identities based on their birthplace and parents’ residence as
in the case of the Palestinians. By these internationally-recognized
critera, if they wish to live in Palestine, they are Jewish Palestinians
among Muslim, Christian and whichever other Palestinians have a claim
to the land.

There is no point in the Jews of Palestine or anyone else arguing
subtle and complex legal points in refutation of this. If this
proposition is not true, then any people in any country may be
dispossessed by a more powerful country and lose all claim to their
land. That cannot be the case. International law is founded on the
concept of national identity and the right to defend the nation on which
it is based. That is precisely what Hamas, the legitimate,
democratically-elected government of Palestine is doing.

“The status of the Jews in Palestine in international law is …
that of a people having an ethnic identity, some religious identity but
without a Jewish country.”

The Jews of Palestine cannot conceivably, therefore, invent a
and national identity on land confiscated by armed force from the
Palestinian people. It is not possible.

Destroying Palestinian records is crime of unspeakable viciousness
rivals the crimes that Jewish Palestinians carry out against the
persons of their Muslim compatriots
. It does immense cultural damage

while giving no advantage to Jews. The lack of records might be easily
remedied for land redistribution purposes on the basis of the known
ethnic populations in 1947, when mass immigration commenced. A
democratically elected government for all Palestine, following the
return of refugees, could sort out the details.

I have never heard anyone suggest that the Jews of Palestine should be
ejected from that country. It appears, however, that they do not wish
live equitably among those Palestinians who have prior and better claim
to the land than they

In that case, I would suggest
that they might
select an agreeable location of about 22,000 square kilometres in the
United States. They could emigrate, drive its American inhabitants out
and set up a Jewish homeland there
. More land could be taken over
if desired. As the United States has unfailingly endorsed these
principles in the case of Palestine it will undoubtedly be in accord.
Alternatively, perhaps Muslim Palestinians might do the same. I cannot
see what possible objection the United States government might have.

King is a retired consultant and lecturer
in management and marketing. He lives in London, UK.

We are not alone

We are not alone


We –Palestinians- are
not alone
Best of humanity… on our side
 Mighty truth… Gracious morality… on our
Justice, dignity, human values, radiant hope

 Are on our side


Soil, sand, and stones
Trees, poppies, lemon zest, and morning mist

Jerusalem sunshine and
Jenin’s moonlight

Haifa’s Carmel and
Jaffa’s shoreline
Are all on our side


We stand firm
As the stick of Moses
Splitting good and evil

Refusing to bow down


Our tragedy is a sieve
Filtering the wicked away


We all live and die…

Better die standing

Than to live crawling


Better to live with a wounded

and a soul…whole

Than to live and die
with a disfigured soul

Weighed down by oppression

Bent by corruption
Inflated by arrogance
Twisted by greed

Intoxicated by power

Better die standing

With a soul…whole




Love, salutation, and

To all the great pure selfless
souls on board Flotilla

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