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  1. The belief that Pharmaceutical companies have the well being of humans as their only priority is ludicrous. If it happens to coincide with making profit, which it occasionally does, then it’s win-win. Too many times they have been given huge fines by authorities but just like the motor industry, they will assess their next move on costs rather than correcting their mistakes and saving lives.
    Yes, I said ‘mistakes’, giving them the benefit of the doubt but their research facilities and access to resources would indicate that all the decisions they make are finance based and not end user prioritised.
    Dr Andrew Wakefield is an honourable man and it was as if the whole world turned against him merely for questioning safety .
    Of course, knowing their history what are we to make of the alarmingly fast pharmaceutical production of vaccinations regarding Covid? The first thing to be concerned about is the fact that pharmaceutical companies won’t guarantee their product – none of them. Governments around the world have exempted them from bearing responsibility for whatever negative effects might occur from the vaccinations. Furthermore, because of people being injected with different manufacturers products, it could never be proven which one caused any long term reaction.
    According to those promoting the vaccinations, they don’t work. A person can still be infected by Covid and can still pass it on to others. The claim that it reduces the impact of the infection is unprovable. It is impossible to calculate if an individual suffered more because they didn’t have a vaccination than they would have if they did.
    I’m not a scientist in any way shape or form. I was sceptical about government statements because they were contradictory so decided to do my own research only to find that those who were expressing opposing views were quickly silenced by social media and never got anywhere near mainstream media. It seems they learnt their lessons from the brief exposure they gave to Dr Wakefield.

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  2. This looks like the movie Vaxxed!, which was an astonishing step forward to knowledge and freedom from medical assault. To my knowledge, there has yet to be a Congressional investigation of the incriminating false MMR CDC data retained by CDC senior researcher and whistle blower William Thompson. I believe it will take a grand jury of the people, which means a rearchitecting of our current terminally corrupt social system. In other words the same paradigm shift that will return Palestine to the Palestinians.

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