Intellectual & Spiritual Imperialism


We came to “liberate” your women

Motherhood aside, it’s your body… your choice

Perfectly alright to kill your baby before it’s born

We want to “teach” you how to live in peace

In your resistance against genocide

Don’t you dare hold up arms or even throw a stone

We are here to “educate” your children

Your ancestors, tent dwellers, uneducated bedouins, never held a pen

Their Golden Age, we keep out of sight, mystery, unknown

We are keen to save you from your backwardness

Marriage is old fashion, give license to brothels, legalize prostitution

Make alcohol halal, fill your screens with porn

We want to help you become “progressive”

Buy your boy a tiara with a rainbow dress

Inject your little princess with a doze of testosterone

Don’t you worry, we only want to “civilize” you

TV in every room, hard-rock, heavy-metal, rock and roll

5G in every street and for every child an Iphone

We came to offer you “salvation”

Abandon your beliefs and leave Allah behind

Your faith, your culture, your values, repugnant, we do not condone

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  1. Thanks Nahida, this is in line with my values.JosephSent from my HUAWEI P smart 2019 on Three.

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  2. The collective “West” with its contemporary model of civilization is bankrupt. Its ideologies, economies, ethics, from any angle you look at it, it is failing. Western society is a sad example of failure, where deadly depravity and predatory methods have left its populations vastly impoverished, gradually less educated, fearful, parasitic to itself, and at permanent wars. It can not sustain itself any more, except by devouring the world. It can not live at peace and in balance with our beautiful earth and earthlings, without destroying it, and killing, murdering, torturing, and calling it nice names like “liberation”.

    In contrast, the Arab world, and Palestine at its center, has several Millennia of solid reference of sustainability, peaceful and egalitarian principles, enabling all its people, women and men, old and young, to thrive, be satisfied and live a happy life in which culture and agriculture, spirituality and joyful laughter, all mingle without much hierarchy, but mutual respect.

    It suffice to look at Egyptian antique statuary to find that men and women benefited equal recognition and importance. It suffice to know that at the time of the Prophet Muhommad, men and women were leading prayers, that in Mesopotemia and Iraq long before the western world had its first university, women were also teaching men. it suffice to know Afghanistan before the US-American invasion had more women in its government than had the United States. It suffice to know women in the Muslim world benefit of protection, love, and reverence more than “western” women ever will. Anyone who seeks information in the right place, instead of being lulled by haters and liars intended to deceive, would know how much in the Arab world Mothers are revered, wives are respected, and young girls are safe.

    The “collective” west in contrast, seeks to condition and sexualize even very young girls, it reduces women to seduction and manipulation, and glorifies as “liberated” women who are war mongers, political predators, and heads of financial institutions that pauperize and degrade millions of women every year. It considers a great achievement when women become leaders of weaponry industry, as are currently many in the USA.

    The Anglo-Saxon countries in particular, have little to show but glorified depravity, invasion and slaughter of entire nations, whilst their own women and men, are deprived and reduced to a subtle form of slavery, financial burden, and hatred of anything “different”.

    Fix your own countries, collective “west”, stand down from your rotten means and ways, and cease your vanitous, presumptuous harassment of foreign nations, men and women. Build a society for yourselves if you can, and leave the civilized world free of your crimes. You have nothing to offer that stands up the test of time, or be worth emulating. In fact the contrary is true, that you have a lot to learn from the Arab world.

    You do not even understand your own spiritual precepts like “Love thy neighbor” for example.

    Palestine is the martyr of humanity. And yet even after a century of atrocities perpetrated against its people at the hands of “western” jewish-zionists, Palestinian Culture remains intact. Despite the deliberate attempt to break apart Palestinian society, its model is so balanced and proven, that the interaction and cooperation of men and women in Palestine, is so balanced overall, that it resonates like a Godly indictment of the collective “west”.

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