A gush of sweet love

An eruption of emotions

Pure and sublime

Love of life

Cherishing life

All life

Finally, scientists speak out

Life is Beautiful


Stop running…why the haste

 Slow down… For a moment

S…l…o…w    d…o…w…n

Hold my hand, and come with me



See that tree over there

Come stroke her velvet leaves

Embrace her trunk

Lean your head over hers

Stand still

Close your eyes

Hold your breath


 Can you hear her heart beating?

Be amazed… Be in awe!


renewed (102) copy  .

Come invite this butterfly

To the palm of your hand

Watch her flapping her splendid wings

Teasing you, with hide and seek

While she leaps flying far

Look with eyes open wide

At the marvel of design

Be amazed… Be in awe!


1095004_725902360758983_2088277482_n  .

Take off your shoes

Throw them away

 Tread on your tiptoes

Feel the softness, laugh with joy

As you tickle the grass below

Kiss the tender loving hand

Who laid such magic carpet down

All creations are VIPs

No distinction no favouritism

Endless kindness, full of grace

Be amazed… Be in awe!



Come closer, smell this rose

Kneel in front and fill your soul


Do not hasten, do not ignore

Her heavenly scent is made for you

Caress the petals… and enjoy

Fill your being with gratitude

Fall on your knees

Praise the maker, head bowing down

Boundless gifts… Love Divine

Be amazed… Be in awe!



*   *   *

The impossible dream

Though I have not written this song, it resonates with my soul as if every word is mine

The impossible dream

by Jello Biafra

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far

To be willing to give
When there is no more to give
to be willing to die
So honour and justice may live

To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

No fear in my heart

Do this you lose,

Do that I win,

Losers !

You could imprison me!

With that you ONLY imprison my physical body

My joyful soul you cannot restrain

Out of your reach

Forever FREE

Floating in contentment, tranquillity and peace

Watching your despondent captive souls

Behind bars of your wickedness and lies

Walls of your guilt, fear and insecurity



You could kill me!

But my poetry is unassailable

The minds of many already impregnated with my words

As soon as you make me a martyr

Those seeds would be infused with life

Hubs of love

Like rays of sunshine… warm… tender… invigorating

Giving birth to a delightful dawn

Hubs of love

Like summer rain… pure… cleansing… revitalizing

Gushing through hearts and minds

Hubs of love

They’d bloom and multiply

Budding… hope, buoyant and sublime

Blossoming… verve and splendour

Just try

Picture 345


My prayer


My prayer is that








Will invent the ultimate weapon




The weapon that renders


ALL weapons

Dysfunctional and useless




Our problem is that most people who are learning about the Palestinian cause and are willing to help and support, are generally very principled and compassionate people.

From this perspective, they create a paradigm which fits their model of what they know about human societies.

They project their own feelings and understanding of the world, and innocently assume that “equal rights for all” under “one state” is actually the best solution.

That my friends would work in NORMAL circumstances, when we deal with people of similar mentality, i.e humanists and who believe in inclusiveness, multiculturalism and equality of mankind.

This is not the case in Palestine.

There we have a majority of SUPREMACISTS, EXCLUSIVISTS who believe they are the “chosen”.

They believe the rest of mankind are their slaves”.

Believing that they might one day accept Palestinians as equals is like believing that if we mix a cup of water hard enough, long enough, it will turn to a nice cup of coffee

One day soon, my friends, you will come to realize that just like the two states, the delusion of “one state” will also drop dead.

This is one main reason I have been warning and writing about the role of their ideology, without understanding of which, Palestinians and their supporters would continue to run like hamsters in a mill, exhausted to no avail.

We cannot devise appropriate strategy, unless we have defined aims which comes from clear understanding of the problem.

Friends who promote a “one state”, are not aware of the serious, nay catastrophic implications on Palestinians.

The major issue remains about OWNERSHIP RIGHTS of the STOLEN LANDS, as well as the APPARATUS of POWER which is, and will REMAIN in the hands of ideologically racist Jewish “israelis”


No amount of soft persuasion is going to make ultra Jewish Zionist give an inch of it back.

Why can’t people see this is beyond me!

The one state means in plain language:

1) Inviting the Zionist entity to ANNEX and OCCUPY what is left of Palestine.

2) Blessing the invaders with the “right” to keep the LOOT of whatever they have captured through wars of conquest and aggression.

3) Enabling the invaders to ENLARGE and EXPAND their entity, a small step towards a “greater israel”.

4) Embracing the finalization of the Zionist project.

5) Campaigning to upgrade the Palestinians’ status from “occupied” to “slaves”, living under the boot of Jewish supremacists who see Palestinians and other goyim as animals created only to serve Jews.

Are we so naive to engage promoting such insanity?

No alternative to the Algerian model of FULL LIBERATION.

So friends, THINK ALGERIA … It has only been few decades ago since Algeria gained its liberation from French SETTLER COLONIZATION, which lasted almost 150 years.

When I talk about the Algerian model I mean:

REVOKING ISRAEL’S UN MEMBERSHIP: The racist genocidal occupation entity, which was in breach of UN Charters, which has violated and defied more UN resolutions and charter principles than any other. This illegitimate entity has no moral or legal ground whatsoever to be a member of the UN. Its membership is a disgrace on the face of humanity and a mockery of International Law. Israel’s UN membership should have never happened in the first place.

FULL SOVEREIGNTY of the Palestinian Nation over their ancestral country: Palestine, with a constitution and a political system of their own independent choice. That is least that can be done to compensate for the a century of aggression, thievery, and unwarranted subjugation.

PROSECUTION OF WAR CRIMINALS: plans of which should start immediately without delay, A Palestinian JUDICIARY and IMMIGRATION System, will respectively prosecute former “Israeli” criminals and their associates, and/or grant or decline on an individual basis, a RIGHT TO REMAIN, based on criteria solely to be defined by said Immigration and Integration Services, which would take into consideration the history of the individuals and the level of their participation in maintaining the occupation.

NATIONALISATION AND PALESTINIAN CITIZENSHIP: anyone who can prove non-participation in the ex-Israeli occupation apparatus, and who has demonstrated ability and willingness to a respectable and law-abiding conduct, will probably obtain a chance to gain unrestricted Palestinian citizenship, with equal rights… Jewish “Israelis” also have the right to go back to wherever country they came from, the have the same right to return to their native countries.

RETURN, RESTITUTION AND COMPENSATIONS: Palestine and the Palestinian Nation at large, are entitled to full and unconditional Restitution of their land and property whenever possible, assorted with appropriate Compensation for more than seven decades of deprivation and slow genocide, Cultural destruction, and a whole array of atrocities and usurpation..

It is pretty obvious that the model I propose will not be welcomed by “israelis”, nor will it come about by the “return” to negotiation no matter how intense the rounds may become. It will not happen by “road maps” either, nor by sudden change of heart coupled with pure acts of kindness and generosity of “israelis”

RESISTANCE, is the keyword.

Moreover, “israel” cannot afford peace; it relies on wars, wars and more wars for its very internal survival.

“israel” cannot afford to live even for a moment of real permanent peace, simply because its INTERNAL SURVIVAL requires an ever present “EXTERNAL THREAT”, which allows that incohesive assortment of people to stick together and prevents that society from imploding from within.

That society is divided more than anyone could imagine. But its ills are concealed by an utterly exaggerated bordering mythical history of persecution, and an extremely terrifying future with a holocaust around every corner and a new Hitler popping his head in different country each time. Thus turning their present into a perpetual war-preparation and being in a permanent standby state.

Furthermore, in such state of affairs, i.e with this need for wars to stay alive, there is another crucial component, “israel” cannot afford to lose any of its wars. Any loss for “israel” is an END GAME…. GAME OVER.

Logically speaking:

1) If “israel” gets peace ===> “israel” would implode from within ===> GAME OVER

2) If “israe” continues wars of aggression ===> For it to survive, “israel” must win every single war ===>

“israel” is bound to lose one war ===> GAME OVER

For them, it is simply a lose lose situation… For us, to gain liberation, it is only a matter of time and patience, and Palestinians have got plenty of both.



ولا كلمة . بلاش اخليك خبر عاجل




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