Manufacturing Complicity, A Case Study

Infiltration and manipulation of Muslim clerics and public figures is underway. The same evil forces who degraded many Christians into Zionists are at work. They twisted the universal loving message of Jesus (peace be upon him) into a warmongering, oppression-supporting and Armageddon-calling frenzy, and they are about to do the same with some Muslim clerics.

This post is a mere photo-essay to attempt to shed some light on the Modus Operandi of these evil forces.

The story starts with a Zionist rabbi on a mission


* * *

A rabbi who supports and admires “israel” and its murderous occupation army


* * *

A rabbi who considers Mossad operations leader, a legend


* * *

A rabbi whose favourite mentor has studied with the Jewish terrorist Meir Kahane


* * *

A rabbi who sees Palestinians as “barbarians”


* * *

A rabbi who cannot hide his racism and supremacism and sees Jews not as equal to other humans, but up and above the rest of mankind


* * *

A rabbi who reveres Jewish suffering above all other


* * *

A rabbi who is passionate about “israel” and its occupation army


* * *

A rabbi who takes pride in deceiving and ridiculing others and bragging about Jewish holidays which celebrates massacres and militarily occupation


* * *

A rabbi who sees Palestinian children as terrorists


* * *

A rabbi who campaigned to boycott Tesco because it stopped stocking stolen goods from Jewish-only colonies


* * *

A rabbi who campaigned FOR “israeli” products


* * *

A rabbi whose loyalty to “israel” is unwavering


* * *

A rabbi who advocates for the destruction of Al-Aqsa mosque and the building of the Dajjal temple


* * *

That rabbi then approaches a Muslim Imam or figure with the claim of “finding a common cause between Jews and Muslims”, while pretending to work for “love and peace”


* * *

The one and only quintessential common cause proposed was: Jews and Muslims to stand together against the banning of…. circumcision


* * *

Then, a friendship between a Jewish Zionist rabbi and a Muslim figure is forged


* * *

The friendship is then strengthened by some Eid gifts and goodies from the Jewish Zionist rabbi to the Muslim figure


* * *

Cooperation and friendship continues to build up between the Jewish Zionist rabbi and the Muslim figure, congratulating each other on their “good work”


* * *

Until one day, the principles of the Muslim figure weakens, and he begins to acknowledge the Zionist narrative of the supremacy and primacy of the “eternal Jewish suffering” by visiting Auschwitz


* * *

However, when the Muslim figure is called out about his cosying with baby-killers and warmongers, instead of humbly recognising his mistake, he seeks help from his Zionist rabbi friend, all the while ridiculing and chastising the Muslims who challenged him


* * *

When the Muslim figure’s allegiances to Zionist narrative is exposed, he lashes out against those who challenged him and calls them haters


* * *

He even calls them “trolls and conspiracy theorists”


* * *

Not satisfied still, he goes on blaming the victims of genocide while absolving those who have been destroying millions of lives as they  commit Crimes Against Humanity

The End

One Response

  1. Nahida, it’s amazing how many people worldwide have been deceived by the masters of deception, like telling a series of lies to cover the first one. At some point the Yahwists will run out of lie space.

    Liked by 1 person

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