A mystical visit


Climbing up a high ladder

Patiently…step by step

Through clouds

Deep into sky


There; on the very top… hanging

A piece of heaven



Stretching beyond time and space

Wrapped up in a sweet musky mist

Of breath of angels and prophets


White lilies and red poppies

Growing beneath the feet of girls and boys

As they gently strolled hand in hand




Trees spoke of stories of legendary love

Offered fruit, that tastes of paradise

With songs of deep silence

Whispers of peace

And laughter of babies

Dancing rainbows celebrated



Up above…

Children with butterfly wings

Flew around their nests

Of green lanterns

Hanging around the throne

Of the Most Merciful, Most high



In the horizon

Embroidered with letters of light

My home ♥️

The mystical land of



The Spider’s Web

The Spider’s Web

The ADL and other Jewish Zionist organizations continue to agitate the public with the scarecrow of anti-Semitism attempting to suppress truth about the illegality, brutality and barbarity of the zionist project. They continue to moan about the life-old crime of anti-Semitism that has plagued the planet and caused “unique” and “immeasurable suffering” for the Jews throughout history. They continue to whine about the alleged increase of anti-Semitism, as unexplained unwarranted and inherent phenomenon within the goyim, who are uncontrollably driven by some kind of primitive, bizarre and blind hatred of the Jews, absolutely for no particular reason!

Simultaneously, they continue to use their power of influence, manipulating the players (with the carrot and stick trick) in the media, in the political sphere and in the world of academia to muffle even the faintest voices that attempts to be a witness of truth.

They pressure organizations to cancel events, even those who are as mild as troops dancing, artists singing, children drawing or performers playing.

They force universities to close down courses, and professors to lose their jobs even when all they do is to write a little tweet to condemn atrocities, or provide knowledge accredited by reputable sources and researchers, and under the right to freedom of information.

They coerce websites to delete articles & videos or be taken to court, force politicians to publicly apologize or lose their seats, news reporters to favourably inscribe or lose their careers.

They persist to suppress testimonies of professionals, doctors, and witnesses of all walks of life, intimidate judges and threaten, kill and celebrate the murder of human right activists.

They demand that countries introduce new laws to suppress Academic Freedom, they cause innocent people to be imprisoned or deported, and put pressure on governments to even change International Law and Universal Jurisdiction for the sole reason of protecting Jewish-Zionist war criminals who committed crimes against humanity.

This double act of playing the ultimate perpetual helpless victim who suffers endlessly of the world’s anti-Semitism on the one hand while acting with supreme power and impunity as a well organized group with high degree of influence and authority, on the other, only exposes a degree of hypocrisy and deception of unprecedented proportions.

The Jewish zionists don’t understand that they cannot have it both way, whimper as the ultimate victim and behave like the decisive authority; their game is just too embarrassingly and shamelessly obvious.

Furthermore, it cannot escape sharp-eyed analysts that the massive over-representation of Jewish Zionists in sensitive key position in politics, media, and the world of finance is in absolute contradiction with ethos of objectivity, fair representation and equal opportunity.

One finds him self compelled to ask some questions:

How did the Jewish Zionists reach a degree of organized control that exceeds the diverse norms of human proclivity?

Moreover, how on earth did they manage to deceive most of the world to achieve and maintain this oxymoron: superlative manipulative power along with the swindle of ultimate victimhood?
Furthermore, for the love of humanity, where is the ADL outcry against the most aggressive, most violent form of racism and supremacy pervasive throughout their own communities, namely, the concept of chosen-ness, exclusivity, supremacy and Talmudic attitude towards the Non-Jews?

How did they manage to conceal this bizarre supremacist ideology with its rotten core which thrives in various degrees amongst Jewish communities, which also animates and feeds the most primitive feelings of vanity, arrogance, selfishness and sense of entitlement to leadership and to ownership of that which is not theirs?

The Jewish Zionists systematically muffle the debate about the Zionist’s crimes, they throw labels and accusations at any one who dares to question the ideological concept of Chosen-ness which animates their narcissistic sense of superiority.

The Jewish Zionists systematically throw sand in the eyes of those who notice that things don’t quite add up, those who ask questions about fundamental issues related to the disproportionate over-representation and powerful lobbies.

In their usual hasbaric method of “perception management” and “damage control”; articles are published, alleged “scientific research” is conducted, and discussions are broadcasted; all pretending to “discover” what they call the “secret” of the “unique Jewish success”
Is it their study of the Talmud?Is it their chosen-ness?Is it their Jewish values?Is it their “unique Jewish gene”?Is it their DNA?Is it their history of persecution?

Is it their superior IQ?

Taking into consideration these basic facts:

1- Jews are not a race, they do not share the same ethnicity nor do they share unified genes. They do not possess a unique Jewish DNA

2- Comparative studies of IQ between races are meaningless, it is disregarded by most respected scientists as pseudo science.

3- Jews do not even share one culture, British Jews have little in common with Ethiopian Jews and German Jews have little in common with Yemeni Jews, etc.

4-Jews do not speak the same language nor do they share the same history. They lived and still live separated geographically and historically.

5- Like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and other faiths, Judaism is religion and nothing else.

With the above in mind, it becomes evident that claims of “uniqueness of Jewish talent” and “superior Jewish intelligence” boasted as an explanation of their achievement, influence, and control, and a justification to exploit others. These claims are ludicrous and nothing but a myth fit only to appear in an illusory pre-historical book by pro-hysterical fanatics.

Under the false pretence that they’re “one race” with “one culture” and “one history”, created for a “special mission”, and equipped with “special soul” and “supernatural power” to accomplish leadership of mankind, the Jewish zionists managed to deceive a huge segment of the world population, including non-Zionist Jews.

It appears that they still prefer to inhabit a divided world based on racial superiority. It is this fascination with racist fantasies that lures them to chase the mirage of their distinction, in vain, trying to “prove” their “superiority”, “scientifically”.

Yet, the truth is simple and not difficult to comprehend, in view of social patterns of behavior that are marked by exclusion and favoritism. Some would describe it tribal-like, or club-like, or fraternity-like, in essence always chose to privilege whomever qualifies for membership, and that is by birth, i.e. irrespective of circumstances and qualifications or lack thereof:

Hence, when a group in its dealings and interactions with others behaves like a club or a caste of which only those privileged by birth can become members, when children of that group are brought up with a sense of severe trauma hammered in by mythical or real stories of perpetual persecution, when they grow up imagining that the whole world hates them for no other reason except that they are Jews, when members are indoctrinated with false beliefs of distinction, dissimilarity, exceptionality and even superiority, and when the group’s aims are exclusively focused at protecting and fulfilling the interests of members of that club at the cost of all non-members, the outcome will be a well coordinated, well motivated, and well organized network, hence the “secret” of “Jewish success” that every one seeks to discover, becomes easy to understand, it actually lies in one word:….. ….. ……..NETWORKING…… …….. ….



…… …….. ……..NETWORKING

…… …….. ……… ……. …….NETWORKING……. ………… ………… ………….. networking

……. ………… ………… ………….Networking

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Networking

……. ………… ………… Networking

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . networking

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. . . . .networking
. . . . .networking. . .
. . . .networking
. . . . . .networking
. . . . . .networking

. . . . . .networking

Even the half-Jewish are not forgotten from being part of the Web

That highly organized global network functions with the process of Unnatural Selection, that is structured to mentor future-leaders, to amalgamate and augment Jewish-zionist leadership. It bases its preference on “favouritism”, not on merit, aptitude, suitability, ability or fitness for the job, but rather on training and promoting those who are part of the network, who are programmed from a very young age to aspire and strive for leadership position.

This network has exceedingly overgrown; its Web is literally strangling the planet; with an ideology bordering on paranoid lunacy, an exclusionist system that views the other with suspicion, hate and vengefulness while holding the key to Pandora’s Box; the survival not only of mankind, but of all biological life as we know it, is threatened with extinction.

If we want our world to have a chance of survival, that Web needs to be dismantled. If not stopped in time, biocide, not just genocide, will be the new description of their next war of aggression.

That Web will not be dismantled by the hands of those who build it, too much at stake for them to lose, too many privileges that cannot be sacrificed, not even to save the world.

Despite what is said above, I am fully aware that not all Jews are taking part in that Web, but I am also aware that a significant majority of Jews do take part, and this actively.

Indeed, according to polls:

95% of US Jews support Israel as a Jewish state

90% of British Jews believe that Israel is the ‘ancestral homeland’ of the Jewish people

Only a freaking 2% of Jewish Americans sympathise with Palestinians during war on Gaza in 2014

Which basically means that the vast majority of world Jewry consider it their privilege to rob other people of their homes and homeland, they see themselves entitled to claim other people’s property, and to commit whatever crimes necessary in order to secure their own interests. The vast majority of world Jewry support the theft of Palestine, the ethnic cleansing, dispossessing and slow genocide of its people for the sake of their “tribe”.

Therefore, I am calling on Jews who are not part of that network, those who refuse to be partners in crime, those who are really sincere about their stance with truth and justice; those who are willing to see the truth, hear the truth and speak the truth.

The challenge laying ahead of you is threefold:

Exposing, opposing, detaching yourself from the criminal entity which calls it self the “Jewish state”. This “Jewish state” makes the claim to be the “safe haven for the Jewish people”, while at the same time it denies the reality that it was created by terrorist conquest, and embeds itself on stolen land of another people after having dispossessed and dispersed them, and perpetuate itself through ever worsening crimes.

Exposing, opposing and fighting the supremacist ideology of truly racist and exclusionary nature, that thrives within Jewish circles and networks. This ideology carries a sociopathic core concept of “chosen-ness” which sets them apart (and above) from the rest of humanity, and locks them permanently in mental and psychological ghettos.

Exposing, opposing and challenging the excessive and ill-used power and influence acquired by corruption and manipulation instead of merit. This undeserved accumulation of power and capital by this Judeo-zionist networks in the fields of finance, media and policy making, has been realized at the expense of the majority of communities amongst which they live. The conflict of interest of an over-represented minority concentrating power and capital, versus an under-represented majority, is blatantly obvious.

Are you up for the challenge?


Supremacist Chabad Rabbi Accidentally Tells the Truth

Supremacist Chabad Rabbi Accidentally Tells the Truth

Only love grew

Only love grew

When I was a little girl

My home was a tree-trunk

On a white cloud

Up…up… in the sky


In this world of mine

The sun shone forever

All seasons were spring

And love grew everywhere

In gardens… on trees

 In the streets

On roof tops

In the rivers

In people’s hearts

And on their tongues


Visitors to my world

Wondered how

And why

Hate didn’t grow

Hate couldn’t grow


The secret was

In this world of mine

 People could read

Each other’s minds

So, they came to understand


How others feel

What others mean

Why others do

And where others stand


That’s why

In this beautiful world of mine

Only love grew


Return to Palestine

Mama, I Love You

This poem was written for my daughter Ala in her last month of pregnancy, July 2010


My rose, my sweetheart, my sunshine

my beloved daughter

Soon insha’Allah you will be a mother and you will come to appreciate

that a mother’s heart cannot have “superficial relationship” with her children,

nor does it know how to “play games”


Soon insha’Allah you will come to feel that mother’s love has no limits

Pure… profound… magnificent… sincere… intense… infinite… unconditional

Soon insha’Allah you will appreciate that a mother’s heart even when let down, betrayed, mistrusted, crushed or wrecked to pieces, it will continue flowing with its infinite, intense and pure love.


Mama, I love you

Soon insha’Allah

You will be blessed

With holding your daughter’s hand


Soon insha’Allah

You will come to meet her

Face to face


An angel…

Your very own custom-made miracle


Soon insha’Allah

You will hold your breath

Just to hear her breathing



As you watch your soul gates

 Flung open

Overflowing with Love

You never knew existed

Soon insha’Allah

You will look into her eyes

Windows into paradise

And see your face


As never seen before

Soon insha’Allah

You will sing her lullabies

Watch her dreamy eyes

Drift into yours


As her little hand

Let go of your finger


Soon insha’Allah

As you watch her smiling

You will see heaven

Kneeling down to kiss the ground

And earth flying high to dance with stars


Soon insha’Allah

As she sways in her cradle

You will see the infinite

Peeking through her tiny frame




Soon insha’Allah

You will gaze at her sleeping


Teaming with compassion

Tears come flowing

Your heart is melting down


Soon insha’Allah

You will hear her calling “mama”

No sweeter word

You’ll come to understand

how precious mama’s heart is

A fountain of love… bequest of the Divine


Soon insha’Allah you will come to feel that

Mothers’ heart does not know how to cheat

Nor does it know how to “play games”


Soon insha’Allah you will come to believe that

There is no purer love than that which flows from mothers’ heart

No more tender embrace than hers

Soon insha’Allah you will come to trust that

Mother’s love has no limits

Pure… profound… magnificent… sincere… intense… infinite… unconditional

Mothers and their Love


. .

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