“Nothing short of FULL LIBERATION of Palestine is acceptable!”


In this essay I would reflect on why as an exiled Palestinian, I do not believe that putting an end to zionism is an ideal solution to the Palestinian problem.
Supporting “equal rights”, supporting “one person, one vote”, constitutes support for the occupiers’ illegitimate privilege to impose their presence in a land they conquered by war and terrorism, looted and destroyed, holding on the estate of -survivors forced into exiled -“absentees”.“Equal rights” and the deceptive expression “one person, one vote” would finalize the conquest of Palestine. This finalization of the theft of a foreign land, would be a grave violation of the fundamentals of ethics regulating human interaction.

Worse, it would be an irreversible step backwards into the dark ages, insofar that it would constitute the first jurisprudential invalidation of most fundamentals of International Law pertaining to sovereignty and wars of aggression and conquest. Centuries of modest, painstaking progress, would be thrown out the window. The Thirteen Century Magna Carta, the Seventeenth Century Westphalia treaty, the Twentieth Century Nuremberg Principles, are the cornerstones of International Law, prohibiting Wars of Aggression, and regulating occupation.

“Equal rights”, and “one person one vote” sends the clear message to bullies, “criminals, thieves, that they get away with MURDER…. Literally” !

It is a carte blanche for bullies and aggressors to do what they like, steal, kill, colonize, rape, oppress, torture…

And that is one of the reasons why any future decision on the status of ILLEGAL COLONIZERS in Palestine should be a PALESTINIAN DECISION; they, and ONLY they, can choose whether or not, to allow some of their tormentors to stay, or not, and in which legal parameter this can happen.

The term “negotiation table” has been abused to be merely the place where the Palestinians gradually and systematically loose everything there is to loose, and they just keep on participating and giving.

This moral and legal masquerade of “Equal Rights” and “One person, one vote” is not, and never will constitute a solid basis for a lasting peace. Peace existed before the arrival of the Jewish Zionist invasion, and will exist after they leave. Palestine’s sovereignty is not on the negotiation table.

Rather naively, some believe that the only solution for the Palestinian tragedy would be to de-zionise “israel”. I could not disagree more.


Abandoning Zionism could potentially become even more detrimental than militant Zionism, to Palestinians’ inalienable Rights, and to the Holy Land of Palestine. It would just consolidate Zionist aims, just give it a softer name. The endorsement and support of the so called “anti-zionists” to the imposed presence of “Israelis”, literally gives the “coup de grace” to Palestine.

Our allies who support the permanent stay of Jewish zionist in the land of Palestine (providing they abandon Zionism), do not realize that by doing so they are finishing the job neatly for the zionists and putting the cherry on the zionist-project pie; by giving them the approval and moral justification to keep hold of land and property acquired by unethical and illegal means

The lawsuits on behalf of Jewish people who lost property in Europe during WW2 are ongoing, almost seventy years after, yet many of our supporters cringe at the fact that we are entitled to the same, because the reinstatement and total restoration of our rights would effectively mean a full restitution of land and property from the Jewish zionist colonizers back to the original and legitimate Palestinian owners.

For me as a Palestinian as it ought to be for anyone who cares for Justice and Peace, the idea that there would be a “right” for some people to keep land and property acquired by military conquest and ethnic cleansing of genocidal proportion, is not only a regressive monstrosity, but it is also in full contravention with a set of laws emerged precisely out of WW2, and in full contradiction with any sense of moral principles.

God is not a real estate agent, nor is God a warlord, hence the “right” of Jewish colonizer is simply non-existent, whether they brandish the racist “zionist” ideology, or the pseudo-religious “God-chosen” dogma, or whether “Post-zionists” collect the “benefits” of Ariel Sharon’s atrocities against the indigenous Palestinians and environmental destruction of Palestine, the Holy Land.

Anyone who does not virulently refute the base of such non existent “right” to keep stolen land and property, is facilitating and justifying future wars of aggression and conquest, followed by colonial settlements and genocide against peaceful indigenous population.

This is nothing less than celebrating barbarity, rewarding criminality and obliteration of the very essence of human morality which mankind had worked hard to foster its progress over millennial.

When those who incessantly declaim the words “Holocaust never again” justify such lopsided views which lay the ground for future wars and genocide, the contradiction and hypocrisy becomes staggering!

Are people really so naïve and oblivious, as to not realize that doing by supporting “Equal Rights, one person-one vote, and by supporting the consolidation of Israelis in Palestine, even under a post-Zionist attire, de-facto corresponds to… a full support -quasi unconditional support, of the Zionist enterprise, and its ideological core which deems colonising Palestine as a “Divine and historical right” for the Jewish people ?

What does the notion of Justice, social responsibility, fair dealing mean if we are to equate criminals with victims in terms of rights to ownership of stolen property?

To advocate in favour of supposed “equal rights” between a criminal and his victim, where the criminal escapes punishment for his crimes, and is rewarded with the keeping of the loot of his aggression including total participation in decision and law making in the land occupied, is an assassination of the concept of justice, on which peaceful Civilization is built and needs to prosper

Accepting the mere declaration of abandoning Zionism and the announcement of equal rights for both without holding those responsible into account, is an utter betrayal of Palestine and the Palestinians.

The aims and rights of Palestinians are not defined by some change of zionist regime, or some vacuous declaration of abandonment of zionism. Our aim is the strict, legally and morally necessary, FULL Liberation of Palestine, and the restoration of all our rights.

During the almost a century time, since they began to invade Palestine, the Judeo-Zionists would have had enough time to begin to notice their own crimes, and begin to exhibit signs of remorse, of respect and willingness to behave like decent human beings. Had they embraced the hospitable people of Palestine, rather than methodically annihilating them they might have had a chance to be accepted and forgiven. Not any more, as far as, I am concerned, they have lost that opportunity.

Furthermore, in the context of shifting balance of power, the rest of the world begins slowly to wake up to the truth, and the Muslim world will certainly not remain lethargic forever.

People of the world are opening their eyes to the alarming level of zionist infiltration in their own affairs; governments manipulations, media control, financial corruption It is not going to be a pleasant reckoning.

Even decades of deception do not prevent karma.Unrelenting zionist blackmail of mass genocide and world annihilation, will not bring them much support, but rather bring the world to stand up like the brave Palestinians and STOP this madness once and for all. Indubitably, the world will regurgitate those who drive for its annihilation, Samson-ists and Armageddon-ists. The world will unite and rid itself of this Frankenstein.

In the end, zionists and their associates will not find many to shed tears for them, nor will they find many open doors to welcome them. The only open doors will be the EXIT doors of expulsion out of Palestine.

Time, perhaps another couple of thousand years, might help them to learn the lesson, bring them to their senses, back into humanity.

Then and only then, only when animated by peaceful intentions, can they try to knock at Palestine’s doors again. Not now, and not for a long time.

In other word, with time it became evident that the only possible outcome is the unconditional, FULL LIBERATION of Palestine!


Antisemitism on the rise! “Hate Must Be Created, But Let Us Be The Victims!”

Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

Creating a false flag anti-semitic attack to get sympathy

Police investigate anti-Semitism in Willliamsburg, and the media runs to witness, document and report this ugly hate crime of unprecedented proportions

Police investigate anti-Semitism in Willliamsburg

BROOKLYN — Police are investigating anti-Semitic messages left on the walls of a Williamsburg apartment building.

Police say someone scrawled Nazi symbols in a building primarily inhabited by Jewish residents.
Residents say they are surprised to see the symbols on the building.
No arrests have been made.

NY Rabbi Caught Up with Hedge Funds, Found Guilty

An Orthodox Jewish rabbi director of a Brooklyn, New York, religious school was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday on charges of trying to extort $4 million from SAC Capital hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen.

The jury in U.S. District Court in Manhattan reached their verdict against Rabbi Milton Balkany in five hours of deliberations after a trial that began on November 1. Balkany was charged in February with extortion, blackmail, wire fraud and making false statements in an attempt to force Cohen to donate to his school.

Judge Denise Cote ordered Balkany’s bail conditions and travel restrictions to remain in place until Monday, when he will be required to begin wearing an electronic monitoring device and be confined to his home. Balkany’s sentencing was scheduled for February 18.

“I am pleased to be leaving the building with my client and we will continue to litigate important issues in this case,” the rabbi’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, told reporters.

Brafman said at the time of Balkany’s arrest that his client used bad judgment and did not act with criminal intent.

Allegations that first appeared quietly in the court record of Balkany’s criminal case led to news last week that another hedge fund, FrontPoint Partners, might have traded on inside information.

Last week, U.S. prosecutors charged a French doctor, Yves Benhamou, with giving inside information to FrontPoint. Authorities charged Benhamou with tipping the hedge fund about negative results from a clinical trial that biotechnology firm Human Genome Sciences Inc was conducting for an experimental treatment for hepatitis C. The clinical trial took place in late 2007 and early 2008.

The hedge fund has put one of its top healthcare managers, Chip Skowron, on leave and said it is cooperating with authorities.

The rabbi made claims about improper trading by Skowron and FrontPoint in telephone calls with an investigator who was looking into the allegation Balkany was trying to extort money from Cohen. Prosecutors said Cohen did nothing wrong.

Transcripts of the calls were included in Balkany’s trial record and partial recordings were played to the jury.

The case is USA v Balkany, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, No. 10-441.

This is Zionism

World Leaders and the Rebbe

World leaders honour the Jewish supremacist Rebbe Menachem Schneerson:

Bill Clinton presents the Congressional Gold Medal to Chabad Rebbe representative

Menachem Begin

“peace-maker” Yitzhak Rabin-1

“peace-maker” Yitzhak Rabin-2

Margaret Thatcher

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – part 1

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – Part 2

Joseph Lieberman-1

Joseph Lieberman-2

Joseph Lieberman-3

Elie Wiesel

John Lewis

Israeli Ambassador Yehuda Avner

Now, meet the “respected” Rebbe

The Lubavitcher Rebbe


The man who teaches that:

“Jews and God are one”

“Jews are divine beings”

“Jews have created the entire universe”

“Jews have control over all creation”

“The entire creation exists only for the sake of the Jews”

Again, these quotes does not come from the “Protocols of the Elders of zion”, nor are they “forged” by antisemites, they are the words of the “world-renowned” Jewish Rabbi himself

Every Jew, men and even women and children, brings about the existence of the entire creation, they become masters over the world, and thus every single creation owes them recognition for this good”

Being that through the Jew all beings were created, he therefore becomes the master over all of them”

The Jew is in complete control, particularly over physical matters. The physicality of the world itself has to recognize the good that the Jew has accomplished”

Through the Jews they came into being, and their true existence is through their unity with the True Being”

“Since G-d and the Jews are one, each Jew becomes a True Being, and thus able to bring about all of creation”

“He (the Jew) therefore has control over all of creation and not only that, but they owe him thanks and are indeed thankful

Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, Excerpt of Sicha

Why the Rebbe hates Islam?

This interview with Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, in 1980 for the radio station, Kol Yisrael, by broadcaster, Motti Eden, exposes to the world the mental, moral and spiritual degradation reflected in the way of thinking, and mode of operating of Jewish-zionist occupiers.

The “highly respected” , “world renowned” Rebbe, explains with anguish and grief how their methods of bribery and moral corruption ceased to work with Palestinian Muslims.
How dare Palestinians “break the heart” of the Talmudic Rebbe and not accept his bribery?
Have they no feelings?
How dare they refuse his enticement money and sexual inducement?
How dare they become more passionate about their faith?
How dare they become more zealous about their independent?
How dare they endure their trauma with dignity and continue to give and sacrifice?


“according to the intelligence I have from Washington – where intelligence is gathered from all over the world- the situation is most extremely grave. For two reasons: there is a trend growing daily amongst the Arabs…
thirty or forty years ago, for just a few Liras, or just a few Dollars, it was possible to bribe the most senior Arab sheik. How much the more so the younger ones; and the younger ones obeyed – they did nothing on their own, without asking the sheik.
You could bribe him with a car, or the like, and he would do any thing you wanted.
Now the situation has changed to the opposite extreme. They young generation of Arabs are more fantastical and more zealous for religion, for independence, than all the sheiks, more than any in that generation.
The younger the Arab, the more zealous he is. And he can’t be boughtnot with money, nor with honor. For him, this is Allah, and this is his self-sacrifice- there is nothing more glorified in his eyes than this.
Painfully and unfortunately, with respect to our own Jewish youth, the direction is just the opposite.”
End quote

Chabad and EDL

A MUST WATCH, The link between Chabad and EDL‏

If good Jewish people are serious about combating and preventing the come-back of antisemitism, they must NOT sleep or feel rested UNTILL the supremacist Jewish groups and ideologies are exposed, shamed, defeated and abandoned once and for all.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren talks to the BBC , 23rd Oct 2010

This “israeli” citizen Rabbi is a Tea Party activist, a Southern California native, he is running for office ( senate candidate) in Los Angeles’s

He was a kibbutz volunteer, and in 1977 made “aliya” . Shifren served in the IDF and received a degree in Combat Fitness Training at the Wingate Institute for Sports.

Shifren attended Toras Chayim Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim in Kfar Chabad, where he received his rabbinical ordination in 1990.

US ‘Surfing Rabbi’ causes stir by joining far-right march


Quotes by Attorney Alan Dershowitz

“The enemies of the Jewish people focus on campuses . . . . that’s why Chabad’s presence on campuses today is crucial . . . to inoculate students against the anti-semitism and apathy, and to make young people proud of being Jewish.”

Chabad houses on college campuses we are seeing a revolution in American university education which has been stimulated by Chabad. A major revolution!
We cannot rest until there is at least one Chabad shliach on every major college campus in the world

This is how the supremacist Chabads infiltrate and takeover the minds of young Jewish children


Manchester Lubavitch Youth Minyan Llandudno Trip

Manchester Lubavitch youth Minyan fun filled Shabbaton at Chabad Retreat Centre in Llandudno.
Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Weinman, Rabbi of the Manchester Lubavitch Youth Minyan, together with his wife Chaya, accompanied by four students of Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester, took a group of 35 boys aged between 14 and 17 to the Chabad Retreat Centre in Llandudno for a fun filled Shabbaton.
The boys enjoyed a lively Friday night Service. They kept up the singing and dancing whilst telling stories and experiences until the early hours of Shabbos morning. After an uplifting shabbos morning service and a delicious shabbos lunch the boys were able to appreciate the beautiful Llandudno scenery with a walk.
After shabbos had ended, they, played various sports at a nearby leisure centre, followed by a Melavah Malkah back at the Retreat Centre.
The weekend was organised by Mr Gav Cohen.

Posted to Shlichus on November 15 2010

Chabad Confronts Anti-Israel Activism on Campuses

by R.C. Berman – Lubavitch.com
Jeremy Izfo may soon be analyzing debt-to-earnings ratios of Fortune 500 companies, but today the economics major at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, is looking at Chabad on Campus’s bottom line.
“There are other places that promote hanging out with Jewish people, but Chabad takes a different route. Everyone knows that Chabad is the place to go to be involved with Jewish life,” said Izfo.
The number of Chabad centers on Canadian campuses has doubled over the last five years. Today, 19 campuses benefit from Chabad representatives on site. Another eight are served by Chabad centers in the area. For Canadian university students facing growing anti-Israel sentiment and harassment from pro-Palestinian activists, Chabad’s more visible presence on campus is welcome.
“There’s a lot of tension between Muslim and Jewish students. We are small in number, but we have a lot of pride, and we make sure everyone knows who we are,” Izfo said.
Posters plastered around Carleton depict a mockup of an Israeli helicopter dropping bombs on a teddy-toting Palestinian toddler. The student council is run by pro-Palestinian representatives. Professors make no secret of their anti-Israel leanings. Even apolitical Jewish students feel uncomfortable and confused.
“The propaganda’s logic is backwards, but convincing,” said Mrs. Yocheved Boyarsky, Chabad representative at Carleton and Ottawa U. “Students come to Shabbos dinner with us despite a very anti-Israel outlook. We encourage them to think, to question, and to see the issue through the broader view of history.”
In Ottawa, Jewish students represent only two percent of the student body. But group size does not seem mitigate the threats and taunts. York University, a commuter college near the Jewish community in Toronto, is one of the top ten universities attended by Jewish students in Canada. Yet the feeling on campus is stridently, sometimes violently anti-Israel. Last year, Jewish students at York were forced to barricade themselves inside the Hillel offices when an angry mob chased them: “Die, Jew, die, Get the hell off campus!” they screamed. 

Brenda Grinsaft, a psychology major at York, is reluctant to overstate the threat. She feels safe at York, but “there is hostility” toward Jewish students. “Chabad is where Jewish students can go to feel comfortable being Jewish and proud of it,” Grinsaft said.

Countering the anti-Israel activism, Chabad at York is offering an encore round of “The Land and the Spirit” course. A probing look at the centrality of Israel to Judaism developed by the Jewish Learning Institute, the course helps students who want to understand the Jewish claim to the land of Israel, Chabad at York co-director Chanah Leah Bekerman explains.
Even students raised in traditional Jewish homes are not immune to pro-Palestinian pressure on campus. “A lot of students have parents who support Israel, actively, financially. And we have a lot of students who are pro-Israel. But a number of them are not. It is more popular to take a lefty, ‘pro-peace’ stand,” said Mrs. Basya Feldman, Chabad representative at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Dr. Gil Troy, a history professor at McGill University in Montreal and author of Why I am a Zionist told Lubavitch.com that a lot is riding on the countersteps to the toxic propgaganda. “At university campuses in Canada and in the U.S., many future leaders are being educated in poisoned environments, where Israel is portrayed as the bad guy.”
Chabad’s response is less about shouting down and in-your-face protests than about teaching students to connect with their own heritage, and understand the Jewish claim to the land.
Chabad at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, directed by Rabbi Moshe and Rivky Goldman, introduced the J-Learn program this year, a series of mini-courses to help students acquire fundamental knowledge of Judaism. Mrs. Goldman expanded her Girls Club to offer Jewish women on campus evening classes about Judaism in a sorority-like atmosphere. Despite anti-Israel bullhorn tactics, Rabbi Goldman finds students open to different opinions.
“Canadians are polite. When I speak on Friday night, there is a greater chance that people will listen, take it seriously,” Rabbi Goldman said.
Prof. Troy promotes advocacy in his literature, but he also values Chabad’s approach. “Studies show that if you have a strong connection to Judaism, you will have a strong connection to Israel.” Chabad, he explains, “creates a spiritual conversation and a cultural conversation, getting the issue away from politics,” which helps achieve the ultimate goal: supporting the Jewish homeland.
“You can’t do Jewish without embracing Israel.”
The toughest time for Jewish university students on campus in recent years has been the annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” which often goes hand in hand with harassment of Jewish students. Founded in Toronto, IAW spread to 40 cities, 14 of which are in Canada.
In preparation for IAW last year, students at York University brainstormed for ideas to counter the darkness with light. They organized a Mitzvah Marathon at York, where student—Jewish and non-Jewish, alike—filled out cards, pledging to perform good deeds. They sold brownies with proceeds that went to Chabad Terror Victims Project of Israel.
Chabad at Ottawa U hosted a similar program to encourage students to perform a mitzvah. They set out a table filled with mitzvah opportunities against a backdrop of the Western Wall, right alongside the IAW row of tables.
“A lot of students tell us they felt comforted and encouraged to walk by and see our table during the week of hatred,” said Mrs. Boyarsky. Performing mitzvot is more than a nicety, a comfort zone among the vitriol. “Historically, Jews have been victorious over threats to their existence by strengthening their performance of mitzvos and staying with the Torah.” 

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