Eureka… !!! it’s Eurabia

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian
As we have seen too often, Jewish-Zionists are acting as a spearhead of the genocidal war against Muslims, they continue to stir up hatred, fear-mongering and catastrophic wars against Islam and Muslims, so it’s not surprising to watch them shedding off all integrity as they pose as “intellectuals” , “historians”, experts and think-tanks” while persisting in their efforts to poison the world with lies, fabrications and deceit in the name of “security”, foreign policy, or “research”.

One of those “prominent” personalities is Joe Lieberman, a close friend of the extremist supremacist group Chabad, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs who declared recently that U.S. Should Cut Social Security to Pay for Fighting ‘The Islamist Extremists’:

“We’re at war with Islamist extremists who attacked us on 9/11 and will be for a long time to come”

Another high-ranking Jewish-Zionist official John Bolton, Head of Staff of the White House who praised Chabad in no other place but the White House itself that: “Chabad is on the head of my list” also announced that social security and Medicare should be stopped to spend more on defense

The list goes on, and here is but another Jewish-Zionist Islamophobe Bat Ye’or aka Gisèle Littman addressing a group of “intellectuals”, and in one Eureka moments of hers and with a stroke of genius she “unlocks” the secret behind the “collapse of Christian society”.

It’s Eurabia!! The Arab and Muslim plot to overtake Europe!

Gisèle explains that: “the Islamization of Christian society” is the cause of the “total collapse of a Christian society”

The “renowned” historian elucidates: “in the study of history the small little tendencies that bring this collapse of a society are sometimes not known”, she goes on to explain that the purpose of “historians” like herself is to “detect those small little events”

With her “outstanding skills” and “sharp observation”, she happen to notice these “undetectable trends” that has “suddenly brought a total collapse of a Christian society in a way that was irreversible and were it could no more change”, a society “which has its own culture and religion and institution well established”, is nothing else but Islamization.

According to this “notable” “historian”, the multi-million, anti-war, pro-peace demonstrations that spread across Europe were in fact a “huge manifestations of hostility” that proves to her that her that Europe and Arabia are actually “forming one entity” which she calls “Eurabia”.
She explains “You could detect those trends in the European, anti-American and anti-israeli manifestations, huge manifestations of hostility”

She elaborates “In those last years during the Iraqi war were millions of Europeans walked into streets calling for the death of America, president Bush and of Israel and calling for, and claiming their solidarity with Saddam Hussein and with Arafat… this went on for day in the European countries and it was in fact exactly what happened in the Arab countries, we could here see as if the Mediterranean sea has disappeared and as if Europe and Arab countries forming one entity”

But her brilliance does not stop there, Bat Ye’or observed many more of these catastrophic “trends” that caused the “total collapse of European and Christian societies”

She explains her “outstanding” discoveries:

“Then we have in Europe also, separation of sexes in schools now”

How dare those Muslims think differently and offer their children something different??

And we have the “Students, pupils who refuse to study European history and refuse to study the history of the Shoa who are very aggressive towards the masters”

Those Muslims are so arrogant and ungrateful, how dare they refuse to bow down to the “master”, soak in their shame and wallow in their guilt for crimes they never committed!!

The “master” continues “whole refusal of the young generation which is supposed to be integrated into European study and culture, there is a refusal of this culture and a return, a preference towards Arab, Islamic view of history”

The audacity of those Muslim youth is unprecedented! How dare they prefer the Arab and Islamic narrative rather than the Zionist one!!

But the “crimes” of those Muslims don’t stop there, it’s endless, look at their women and what they do: “Also in the hospitals we see women who refused to be examined by doctors, male doctors, so the separation of sex in hospital”

How dare these Muslim women refuse to be examined by male doctors!? have they no decency? have they no shame to demand such an absurdity!

“Also a change of institution when unofficially polygamy is accepted, women segregation and discrimination is accepted”

Now that goes too far, those barbarians!! How dare they disfigure the European culture of purity, responsibility, commitment and sanctity relationships towards women! How dare they pollute the most sacred relationship, practiced in Europe since time immemorial, of one man-one woman !

Gisèle Littman adds : “other elements of foreign Islamic and Arabic culture is accepted in Europe like strong anti-Americanism anti anti-Semitism which is now very much developed in Europe and has been proved by different census and also the declaration of European head of state”

Can you imagine the level of “influence” and “control” those Muslims are yielding in Europe!

They are forcing “elements” of their “foreign Islamic and Arabic culture” down the throat of Europeans, causing them to become anti-American and anti-Semites!

This is beyond obscene!

Clearly, this is an “Arab and Muslim plot” to take over Europe and subjugate its people in order to force them to become Jew-haters anti-Semites!

For God’s sake, WAKE UP EUROPE, before it’s too late and your name becomes EURABIA!

Another “Religion” in the Making !

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

A new Coloring Book For Five-Year-Old To Teach “Facts” About 9/11

‘We Shall Never Forget 9/11 — The Kids’ Book of Freedom’

On the brink of the 10th anniversary of September 11th a new children’s ‘graphic coloring novel’ has emerged, allegedly “designed to be a tool that parents can use to help teach children about the facts surrounding 9/11. This book also describes basic freedoms in America.”

In the publisher official page it declares that “a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Bridges for Peace. A Jerusalem-based, Bible-believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds expressing God’s love and mercy. They presently feed 26,000 people a month of all backgrounds, have brought into the land of Israel more than 36,000 Jews and renovated more than 825 apartments of the needy and elderly in the Jerusalem area. Many are Holocaust survivors.”

The book starts with the September 11, 2011 event, with a picture of Osama Bin Laden as he plots the US attacks. It ends nearly 10 years later with the raid of Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound and his death, depicted him being shot while hiding behind a woman with hijab.

Its pages show both American military and Muslims with guns. But the final page of the story shows a bullet flying toward Bin Laden to kill him.

Publishers say the book ‘demonstrates honesty, reverence, integrity and good character,’ with ‘a historic and educational perspective.’

The Executive Director for the Council on American-Islamic relations Dawud Walid called the book disgusting because it portrays all Muslims as radicals when indeed American Muslims had nothing to do with 9-11 and they were victims as well as first responders that day.

He added “This publisher is doing a disservice to innocent young minds by showing this type of nonsense. In every single reference to Muslims has to do with radical, extremists, and depictions of people being terrorists”.

Spokesperson for the publisher, Wayne Bell, released a statement to Action News about the use of Osama Bin Laden and said:

“Because they see the man, Osama Bin Laden, get shot in black and white, that provides closure for them.”

“closure” ? a bullet shot at an unarmed man ?

Is that what good parents want their child to see and learn from?

This is psychological child abuse.

This is indoctrination with lies, fear-mongering and rabid bloodthirsty hatred onto young children.

This is the type of publication and social engineering that is creating an era of mass murder and extermination.

Who will be the next victim?

Your child ?

“We Shall Never Forget 9/11”

The New religion is “revealed” with its own Ten Commandments:

“Thou Shall bless and serve Israel with all thy heart”

“Thou Shall put the needs and security of Israel above your own”

“Thou Shall bless the gurus of the 9/11 commission by showing loyalty to their cause”

“Thou Shall believe in the official narrative as written down by the 9/11 commission”

“Thou Shall revere the memory of 9/11 with all your heart”

“Thou Shall learn about the “facts” from a very young age”

“Thou Shall not doubt anything of what WE tell you”

“Thou Shall be called a “conspiracy theorist” if you blaspheme by asking any questions or voicing any doubts”

“Thou Shall wage a “war on terror”, against the “Islamist enemy”, indefinitely”

“Thou Shall sacrifice your privacy, freedom and intellect, at the altar of security”


“Two Peoples, One Future”- NO, BUT NO THANK YOU

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

In his artcile Alan Hart present us with a myth of a solution to the chronic Palestinian suffering, presented as an alternative way to solve this long-lasting problem.

Mr. Hart wants us to believe that the only hope for Palestinians is to turn to the major powers, led by America, and find a way to make them “put Israel on public notice” and that if Israel “resort to a final round of ethnic cleansing” that “it would be universally condemned as a criminal state and subjected to sanctions of every kind, universally applied

I am sorry to disappoint Mr. Hart, but his calculations, his conclusion and his solution are wrong, yet again!

In his analysis and elucidation, Mr. Hart puts “zero” value for the Arab and Muslims populations, these millions of oppressed masses, who have been raging for decades, do not even surface in his conscious or subconscious mind.

His three possible outcomes that he presents in his article are not the only scenarios as he would like to believe.

There are many more that he seems to be unaware of or ignore.

How about for example; a Tsunamic march towards occupied Palestine by Palestinian refugees, their Arab, Muslim and international supporters… where people march in their MILLIONS, as they did in Tahrir square?

We know that Tsunamis are forces of nature, but there can also be a human Tsunamis!

How about a “Hizbullah” or “Salah-Eddinscenario??

Palestinians are people who know their history well; their pre-school children know, as well as they do that the Crusaders have occupied Palestine for 200 years. So what is 60 years in comparison!

Where are the crusaders now???

As for the second scenario that which Mr. Hart prefers best, as a solution:

The Jews, generally speaking, are the intellectual elite of the Western world. The Palestinians are by far the intellectual elite of the Arab world. Together in peace and partnership in One State with equal human and political rights for all, they could play the leading role in changing the region for the better and by doing so give new hope and inspiration to the whole world

Palestinians, especially Palestinian women, have already reached another conclusion, Mr. Hart. They have realized that their future can NOT be materialized with chaining themselves as slaves to the self appointed “Chosen”, “masters”, “Jewish elite”, “bankers” and “financiers”. This is called suicide by enslavement. We see it happening all around us in the “civilised”, “democratic” and “capitalistic” (or should I say “Cabbalistic”?) world, at the hands of the same “elite”, whom Mr. Hart is so fond of and infatuated by.


Palestinians, who have been steadfast and who have practiced Sumud for over a century do not accept to be tails to any dog, elite or no elite.

can only have a future when they sever every tie with the criminal rapists “Israeli Jews” and fully Liberate their homeland from the occupiers
, who have failed during a whole century to behave like normal human beings.

“Israeli Jews” and their supporters need to realize, and the sooner the better, that:

There is no future for the occupiers in the land they have colonized by force.

Forced marriages with rapists are unethical and inhumane.


The Sumud that kept us going for a 100 years will keep us going until the FULL Liberation of Palestine

I hope that the above will clarify the average-Palestinian vision and aspiration to Mr. Hart and to all others who still insist that tying the Palestinians’ future with that of the supremacist invaders is the only way forward.

The frayed mantra of “Two peoples, one future” cannot be recognized anywhere in the Middle East, it is best taken to one of the Rothschild banks to be cashed.

No decent Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, or human being would be ready to cash such fraudulent claim.

Out of this world

Out of this world


Snowdrops and bluebells

Grow beneath your feet

As you tread along


Twigs blossom pink and white

As you touch with your fingertips


Water flows

 From rocks and stones

As you caress with your tender hands


Moonlight glows

As you meander beneath crisp indigo skies

Fruits are filled with flavour

As you pick up to lay in your basket


Your heavenly taboon bread

Baked with love

Intertwined with the earth aroma

Fills my soul with warmth and joy

As you pass by

With your forehead, held up high

Life blossoms

Love, hope and delight


I knew you…. Free, as evening breeze

Cheerful, as morning sunshine

Dignified, as Palestine olive trees

Graceful, as Haifa summer clouds

Defiant, as Galilee  Mountains

Wild, as Banias waterfalls
Strong, as rocks of Nabi Samuel
Steadfast, as homes of Lifta
Deep, as caves of Beit Iksa

Mysterious, as scent of Jerusalem alleyways
Heartwarming, as Bisan autumn leaves
Compassionate, as Holy land shepherds

Patient, as rain drops filling the ocean

Gentle, as rainbow colours

Sweet, as childhood innocence

Pure, as angels’ hearts

I knew you free, as evening breeze

I loved you free, remarkable woman

My sweet grandmother





I was there with you

When love fell in love

I was there with you

When joy rejoiced

I was there with you

When freedom was set free

And I was there with you

When the sea drowned

I was there with you

When the sun burnt

I was there with you

When death passed away

I was there with you

When all began

And I was there with you

When all ended

Do you remember?


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