Why do People Choose Islam & Why Revolution is a MUST?

A question that begs an answer:

“When given the freedom to vote, why do people in the Middle East end up voting for “Islamists” ?”

The toppled X-president Ben Ali of Tunisia -like his counterpart Husni Mubarak of Egypt, and the rest of tyrants of the Arab world- was a Secular, Liberal and Westernized DICTATOR. This corrupt puppet was supported and admired by the Western governments, his anti-Islam policies were glorified and his “moderate version” of Islam was puffed up and endorsed

Ben Ali has oppressed and terrorized his people for decades, he imprisoned them, starved them, closed down mosques, made it illegal for women to wear hijab, and for men to gather in mosques or to even grow beards

This was one of Ben Ali palaces, after liberation, please watch to the end, even though it’s in Arabic:


In contrast, this is the “Palace” of the so called “Islamists”, the Palestinian Prime-minister Ismail Haneyeh, who has won a fair election in occupied Palestine
in 2006:

And here, the Prime-minister visiting and sharing food with his people in Gaza:








And here, we see his brother, the “Islamist” elected Iranian President, Ahmedinijad entertaining his guests and sharing a meal with them:


And here, we see the support for the Islamic Resistance Hizbullah in Lebanon


Is it any wonder then, that when given the freedom to vote, people in the Arab and Islamic world would choose the so called “Islamists”??


Western leaders and nations need to come to terms with the fact that people in the Middles East stand with those modest uncorrupted leaders who feel with them, those who defend the oppressed, give the needy and work to heal individuals and societies, those who genuinely represent them and speak their voices.

In the case of evil one cannot stand on the fence and claim neutrality and fairness.

We don’t expect or accept a solution from those who created the problem in the first place.


I want to tell the world- video


More Lies against Hamas

More Lies against Hamas from a “supporter”

A “supporter” of Palestine participates in spreading zionist propaganda poison and lies against the Palestinian Resistance

“Hamas Shows Its True Colours” (says Tony Greenstein)

“Hamas blocks Egypt solidarity demonstrations in Gaza” (“says zionist Haaretz)

“Hamas worried upheaval in Arab world will spill into Gaza” (says zionist Haaretz)

“Jewish groups congratulate Egyptians on ousting Mubarak” (says zionist Haaretz also)

Mr. Greenstein seems not to realize that we have watched the supportive demonstrations in Gaza LIVE on TV

Yousef al-Helou, Press TV, Gaza

Thousands of students and youths held demonstrations in Gaza city, carrying Egyptian and Palestinian flags as well as banners praising the Egyptian revolution which led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak following 18 consecutive days of mass protests across Egypt.

The joyful protestors who gathered at the courtyard of the Palestinian legislative council said they came out to celebrate and express solidarity with the Egyptians.

Meanwhile, hundreds of women and female students also gathered at Palestine square in downtown Gaza to send a message of support to the Egyptian protestors in Cairo’s Liberation square who were finally successful in ousting President Mubarak after 30 years of autocratic rule.

Emotions are strong among Gazans who would like to see a new government in Egypt that will break the ongoing Israeli siege by opening the Rafah border in order to allow aid convoys and supplies to reach Gaza without Israeli interference.

The will of the Egyptian people proved to be stronger than dictators and tyrannical rulers. However, with Gaza’s only terminal to the outside world still closed, activists have started a campaign calling for the opening of the Rafah gate to liberate Gazans.

Our “supporter” wants to shape the future of Palestine according to his own ideology

Our “supporter” wishes to deny the MILLIONS of Muslims across the Middle East and beyond their right to choose their representatives, their freedom to choose their ideology, and to live their lives accordingly

God’s “Chosen Terrorists”

God’s Chosen Terrorists

Meet God’s Chosen Thieves and Terrorists: the Jewish settlers

“We don’t care what the world thinks abut what our land is or what our land is not… we are a chosen nation and the world knows that, and God promised us Jerusalem”

Ultra Zionists
Louis Theroux constructs his “documentary” by using his very carefully crafted expressions, finely tuned sentences and deliberately chosen vocabulary, charged with subliminal meanings that could have only been conceived in the minds of perception management experts, to soften the image of the most vile supremacist group of people, and show them as ideologically and morally firm, extremely brave, warm, fun-loving, permanently threatened and persecuted just because they are Jews, yet very determined and steadfast, who live under extraordinary conditions surrounded by Jew-hater, who have “pogromed” the Jews before and who are ready to slaughter them again and again, just because they are Jews:

Look at the introductory sentence for example:

“Many religious extremists, and yet they are protected by one of the world’s most powerful armies… and they are ready to resist any onslaught to re-establish the Greater Jewish nation

Louis Theroux

(Daniel Luria from the ultra religious Jewish organization utterit cohinim)
“This is the Jewish homeland and there never was a Palestinian people” Daniel Luria
“He doesn’t like the fact that the Jews are here full stop, that’s his problem” Daniel Luria
“The international community is on his side, really in the sense that it doesn’t recognise the validity of israel ‘s annexation of East Jerusalem, and it review you as interloper in his community” Louis Theroux
Ok, the world’s got a problem… so I say, so what for the world, it doesn’t bother me” Daniel Luria
(Yeh Lieberman chabad gilad)
Do you think that Palestinians and Jews are equal?” Louis Theroux
No…no Jews are the chosen” Y. Lieberman
“They just bring the grapes to the doors… They are not allowed inside”
“Do they mind?”
“No…They want to serve us
“He also knows that life is good UNDER the Jews” Daniel Luria
“Until the twenties a community of Jews lived here but they were violently driven out during a pogrom” Louis Theroux
“It was the dream of Jewish settlers to be allowed to re-populate the area” Louis Theroux
“The presence of Jewish people in their ancestral homelands upsets millions of people around the world” Daniel Luria

The program ends with this chilling sentence:

“There is the flag, there is the tabernacle, there is the house, there is the Jewish life in the united Jerusalem, and there is nothing… NOTHING that YOU or the world can do about it …NOTHING

Behind Every Great Revolution.. is a GREAT WOMAN!‏

Behind Every Great Revolution.. is a GREAT WOMAN!‏

Behind Every Great Revolution…GREAT WOMAN!

Her name is Asmaa Mahfouz, a 26-year-old Egyptian, a breath of fresh air, a balm to the heart of the oppressed, an inspiration to men and women alike!

Asma recorded her video on January 18th, uploaded it to YouTube, and shared it with the world. Within days, the video went viral within Egypt and beyond.

Meet the GREAT “oppressed” Muslim woman who helped spark the Revolution in Egypt

“If you have honour and dignity as a man, come and protect me, and other girls in the protest. if you stay home, you deserve what’s being done to you, and you will be guilty before your nation and your people. Go down to the street, send SMSes, post it on the internet, make people aware.” 

“Whoever says women shouldn’t go to the protests because they might get beaten, let him have some honour and manhood and come with me on January 25th” she says in the video, “They don’t even have to go to Tahrir Square, just go anywhere and say it: that we are free human beings.”

“Sitting home and just following us on news or on Facebook leads to our humiliation — it leads to my humiliation!”

“As long as you say there is no hope, then there will be no hope, but if you go down and take a stance, then there will be hope.”

“I, a girl, am going down to Tahrir Square and I will stand alone and I will hold up a banner, perhaps people will show some honour”

“Do not be afraid,” she repeated

Her calm, spirited and powerful words helped inspire fellow Egyptians to participate in protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, they flocked by the thousands calling for an end of the 30-year dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak.

This young woman has single-handedly managed to devastate decades of hard work of zionist propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Her delicious home-made video is a slap in the face of the zionist Islamophobes who have flooded the world media with their crocodile tears and fake concern for the welfare of Muslim women, as they pretended to help “liberating” them and to “free” them from their “oppressive” faith by organizing “awareness-weeks” suggesting to students on campus “to protest their silence about the oppression of women in Islam”
Wouldn’t it be better to lend an ear and listen to Muslim women themselves to learn from them about “The Oppression of Women in Islam”
With a heart full of love to you Asma, and to all those who carry their souls on the palm of their hands, I salute you, and salute to every man, woman and child who long for true freedom and genuine liberation.
May your courage inspire us all and ignite our souls with the fire of resilience and determination 


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Don’t gobble the Zionist poison against Hamas

Don’t gobble the Zionist poison against Hamas

It is a known fact that Zionists make illegitimate claims for anything they covet or consider expedient.

Aiming to discredit and alienate the Palestinian Resistance and Liberation Movement Hamas, the zionist hasbara and their perception management experts have indulged themselves in spreading sly poison, in particular the false claim that “Hamas and Hizbullah are Mossad creation” !

Those interested in Palestine undoubtedly notice the abundance of such materials and articles propagated by Zionist hasbara machine, and even by some supporters of Palestine. The subtle or not so subtle purpose is to affirm the Zionist myths namely:

“Israel created Hamas, and Israel continues to arm Hamas”.

“Hamas is good for Israel”

“Hamas is a fanatical terrorist organisation that has nothing else to do but the craving for Israeli weapons to use them to terrorize and kill innocent people”

and “Hamas helps Israel by giving it the excuse and the pretext to attack Palestinians” … etc.

Such preposterous allegations are an attempt to implicate, incriminate and accuse of treason and collaboration, the honourable legitimate resistance movements of liberation of Hamas and Hizbullah, by associating them with the fundamentally criminal nature of “Israel”.

Here are some examples:

More Fog of Deception

Is Hizbullah a Mossad front?

Hezbollah infiltrated by Mossad, does Israel’s bidding. Attacks when Israel needs excuse to invade Lebanon
If HAMAS is so bad why did Israel create it? To demonize Palestinians?Hamas Was Founded by Mossad

“Did Israel deliberately arm Hamas?”




Hamas is a grass-root Resistance and Liberation Movement, it’s creation was a natural, organic and inevitable outcome of brutal and unremitting occupation. it emerged as an offshoot from the Islamic Revival Movement “Muslim Brotherhood”, sharing its values and moral foundations

The name Hamas is actually an acronym for “Haraket el Muqawama el Islamiah”, meaning the Islamic Resistance Movement

Since 2006 Hamas is the democratically elected government in occupied Palestine.

Long before 2006, the gradual return to Islam by many Muslim youths had become one of the biggest thorns in the eyes of those who shape the ideological background of Zionists whether secular or religious, namely the Talmudist Jewish Rabbis. Their most prominent Talmudist Rabbi declared most explicitly the reason for the Rabbis’ hateful animosity toward Hamas: namely Hamas’ incorruptability. Why the Rebbe hates Islam?

As I have pointed out in numerous publications, this same Talmudist Rabbi, Chabad-Lubavitcher Menahem Schneerson as well as his successors, do have direct and crucial leverage on a shocking number of main Western policy makers, presidents, prime ministers, members of Parliaments, Military Cadre, as well as key Western financial institutions.

Which is to say that the Talmudist Rabbis were the prime driving force influencing Western Governments to make anti-democratic, irrational and ominously counterproductive decisions regarding Hamas: to reject it, to collectively punish Palestinians for electing them, to smear and label them as “terrorists”, wage a covert war against them. Furthermore, the western support for, and collaboration with Israel’s medieval practices of starving Palestinians in Gaza and of ruthless practices against all Palestinians, are also to be traced to Talmudic Rabbis and their supremacist and genocidal ideologies.

Unable to liberate themselves from the malevolent Zionist influence, Western countries indulged into placing autocratic puppet regimes in Arab countries, and engaged in endless wars against Arab, predominantly Muslim countries, causing unspeakable amount of devastation and deaths, as well as an irreversible deluge of justified anti-west, anti-American sentiments. Incidentally, these foolish war-mongering policies also destroyed the domestic economies and prosperity of the Western countries, impoverishing their respective populations, at rapid pace.

The events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and perhaps beyond, indicate the logical, natural and organic consequence of the Western aggression, namely the entire Arab world apparently taking an irreversible path of liberation from the Western oppression and control.

No wonder then, that “Israel” with its global network of Zionist organizations, are bend on smearing, and recuperating movements like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Fortunately it is easy to deconstruct such inept manipulations. Too often though, such lies and spin is blindly accepted, without even the most elementary scrutiny.

For example the Zionist claim to have fathered them all, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, you name it., claim to have financed and trained them, and whatever expedient lie is concocted then added for as much as you can gobble.

In the case of Hamas, to the best of my knowledge, the story of “Mossad financed and trained Hamas” is a concoction originated in Hasbara’s poison kitchen, and there is of course no serious evidence justifying this ludicrous story. The story was to be made credible through “historian” Zeev Sternell, and was to be disseminated via Hassane Zerouky, whose publications in 2002-2004 gave momentum to this concoction.
Not only does it not hold up to even the lightest scrutiny, but it is an almost laughable story. Yet the story somehow stuck and keeps re-emerging once in a while. In essence the Sternell-Zerouky tandem just stretched that Zionists had estimated at some point that a movement like Hamas would be of machiavelic benefit to them to counteract the influence of secular Fath. They also stretched that the charity organizations of Hamas did receive foreign contribution. This is the extent of the “evidence” used to concoct this rubbish. From whatever angle one may look at it, it irrefutably does not amount to “financing” or “training” a group, let alone “creating” it as some have alleged.

Furthermore, Zerouky’s publications always omit to present Hamas as an organization who mainly engaged in charitable and social work, but instead he misrepresents it as a group who ” …had built its strength through its various acts of sabotage of the peace process” and that Hamas was bent on “to prevent the creation of a Palestinian State” and almost amusingly that “... Hamas and Ariel Sharon, see eye to eye; they are exactly on the same wave length”. Any one who babble such nonsense either have no idea what they are talking about or simply are stooges of zion

The only logical conclusion that could be drawn is that the Zionists at that point did not send its assassination squads, and did not sabotage the flow of money toward the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas charities, because at the time, the existence of another political pole that might weaken Fatah was convenient for them. Again, by any stretch of imagination, this does not amount to “creating, financing or training” Hamas.

We are not naïve as to think that the mossad would not try to insert its eyes inside Hamas, but that by no means makes the whole legitimate movement tainted as some supporters might imply.

Vigilance against hasbara poison is essential; it protects the truth, by leaving intact and untainted honest and genuine freedom fighters. Occupied Palestine yearns for freedom, and thus needs a Liberation Movement with integrity, Hamas happen to be just that. (at least to me and to the majority of Palestinians who elected Hamas).

Friends, please be vigilant, do not fall into the trap of deception that aims at discrediting our genuine Islamic Resistance and Liberation Movement, at a time when the world has begun to open its eyes to the crimes of zion and to empathize with our just resistance.

Full liberation of Palestine is our goal.Those who walk with us only to hinder our liberation movement, to curtail our aspiration or to obfuscate the ugly reality of the supremacist genocidal nature of those who occupy our land are better advised to walk away… far.

Those who support that goal are welcome to join our march for freedom; we share with them our all what we have and embrace them with the hospitable loving heart of Palestine.


Rabbis circle occupied Palestine while praying to ward off the swine flu virus


Rabbis praying in the STOLEN Ibrahimi Mosque in Al- Khalil


Compare it with this:

Muslims praying in the street of Alexandria during Ramadan



Can you feel the difference?


Just Amazing!

Just Amazing!‏

THEY commit the crime
THEY investigate it
THEY prove they are not guilty


THEY wage wars of aggression
THEY reflect upon them
THEY prove theirs is the most moral army


THEY design the tests
THEY select the samples for IQ studies
THEY prove they are the most intelligent with a unique DNA!




THEY create the team and the institution
THEY draw the parameters and analyse the books

THEY prove they are the most tolerant


Just amazing!

‘Intolerant textbooks may prevent democracy in Egypt’


02/01/2011 11:36

Study: Israel and Tunisia rank highest on Mideast tolerance index, while Egyptian curricula deny Israel’s existence, emphasize war narratives.

Israel and Tunisia rank highest in the Middle East in education for tolerance and peace, according to a study released on Tuesday.

Research by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) showed that Tunisia is no less tolerant than Israel, after educational reforms, while the Egyptian school system does not teach democratic values.


The researchers posit that their findings in Egypt “lower the chances for the emergence of a liberal democratic government.”

“A comparative report shows that the Egyptian people have not been taught the importance of democracy and accepting others,” the report explains. “While school textbooks in Egypt urge tolerance towards Copts and call for religious moderation and peace, they deny the existence of the State of Israel and contain anti-Jewish material…The Egyptian curriculum emphasizes self-sacrifice for the sake of the homeland and war narratives, rather than peace.”

In contrast, Tunisian textbooks “preach the importance of negotiating, and of peace and respect for others. A ninth grade Tunisian textbook states that ‘tolerance is a fundamental principle in the Koran,'” Dr. Eldad Pardo, and IMPACT-SE researcher, explained. “‘So how is it that some people have used Allah’s book as an instrument of extremism and narrow-mindedness’ the students are asked.”

Tunisian textbooks also show Israel on their maps and mention the State of Israel, unlike those in the PA, Iran, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries.
The Palestinian Authority came far behind Israel and Tunisia in the rankings. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria were towards the bottom of the scale, with Iran ranking lowest.

The IMPACT-SE report used UNESCO principles to analyze textbooks from countries throughout the Middle East.


Cries for Freedom

Cries for Freedom

In Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan… etc… etc people are yearning for freedom, sovereignty and independence; freedom which they have been denied for decades or maybe centuries. When people offer so many sacrifices to achieve their goals, it’s their prerogative then to elect the leadership, form the type of government, and establish the political and legal system which represent them and fulfil their aspirations most; be it Islamic or otherwise.
It is not the job of any outsider -let alone a zionist- to censor their liberty, condemn their choice, or impose on them a type of government or a political system which they do not approve of.
Yet, here we have someone who claims to be a supporter of Palestine brazenly equates Hamas, the democratically elected government in occupied Palestine, with collaborators, dictatorships, oppressive regimes and occupiers. Then, by his twisted logic, his wishful-thinking and deluded imagination he cunningly predicts the same fate for them as the other doomed-to fail regimes:
“Not only is the Fatah regime in Ramallah and the Hamas regime in Gaza destined to fall, but perhaps also, one day, the Israeli occupation”

Mr Gideon Levi fails to realize that Arabs and Muslims are also PEOPLE who are entitled to enjoy liberty, self-determination, intellectual freedom and political independence in their own homelands, just like anyone else on the planet. It is their prerogative to form their representative governments without any interference. If people in the Middle East saw fit for them to elect an Islamic government or a coalition of any sort, it is their own business and no body else’s.
People in the Middle East are fed up with those who continue to meddle with their affairs; oppress them, occupy their lands, bomb their villages, destroy their countries, steal their resources, fabricate lies about their faith, throw accusations against them and smother their freedoms.
Mr Gideon Levi needs to understand that Hamas and other “Islamists”, as called by zionist hasbara, will continue to be the thorn in the throat of all dictators, occupiers, manipulators, control-freaks and supremacists, until the FULL LIBERATION of their STOLEN lands and lives.
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