Cries for Freedom

Cries for Freedom

In Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan… etc… etc people are yearning for freedom, sovereignty and independence; freedom which they have been denied for decades or maybe centuries. When people offer so many sacrifices to achieve their goals, it’s their prerogative then to elect the leadership, form the type of government, and establish the political and legal system which represent them and fulfil their aspirations most; be it Islamic or otherwise.
It is not the job of any outsider -let alone a zionist- to censor their liberty, condemn their choice, or impose on them a type of government or a political system which they do not approve of.
Yet, here we have someone who claims to be a supporter of Palestine brazenly equates Hamas, the democratically elected government in occupied Palestine, with collaborators, dictatorships, oppressive regimes and occupiers. Then, by his twisted logic, his wishful-thinking and deluded imagination he cunningly predicts the same fate for them as the other doomed-to fail regimes:
“Not only is the Fatah regime in Ramallah and the Hamas regime in Gaza destined to fall, but perhaps also, one day, the Israeli occupation”

Mr Gideon Levi fails to realize that Arabs and Muslims are also PEOPLE who are entitled to enjoy liberty, self-determination, intellectual freedom and political independence in their own homelands, just like anyone else on the planet. It is their prerogative to form their representative governments without any interference. If people in the Middle East saw fit for them to elect an Islamic government or a coalition of any sort, it is their own business and no body else’s.
People in the Middle East are fed up with those who continue to meddle with their affairs; oppress them, occupy their lands, bomb their villages, destroy their countries, steal their resources, fabricate lies about their faith, throw accusations against them and smother their freedoms.
Mr Gideon Levi needs to understand that Hamas and other “Islamists”, as called by zionist hasbara, will continue to be the thorn in the throat of all dictators, occupiers, manipulators, control-freaks and supremacists, until the FULL LIBERATION of their STOLEN lands and lives.

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