The Soul of Palestine in One Photo


In this article  about the photo above, the author concludes “there is nothing beautiful or poetic about the oppression of Palestinians”, which, taken in abstract, is a true statement, however, the author totally misses the point

This iconic photo is not representing the oppression of Palestinians, to the contrary!

This breathtakingly beautiful photo has captured the hearts and minds of Palestine supporters around the world because everything about it is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely poetic as it sums up in one glance the essence of Palestine and its people

Their spirit, courage, dignity, defiance, steadfastness, determination, resistance, altruism and hope against all odds, in the face of the most brutal oppression.

What makes this photo so endearing and captivating is the utter spontaneity !

No poses for the shoot, no makeup, no rehearsal, no tweaking, totally oblivious to camera lenses, to the outside world, to the consequences

Courage that defies logic

Indescribable love of the land

Untamed passion for freedom

Unfathomable will to sacrifice

All what matters is to stand up against oppression and to stop evil by all means possible ❤️

Thus, this iconic photo should be shown to every man woman and child in the world to inspire, uplift and energise if we, as a species, ever aspire for a better, fairer, kinder more humane world

3 Responses

  1. Contrary to what the Jewish State expects, nobody will ever forget the attempted genocide of Palestinians in their own country. What the Jewish people have done here will live in infamy.


  2. Your analysis of the article could not be more accurate.

    Entire museums worldwide are replete of paintings and statues of heroic exploits of people struggling against an oppressor. Some of these paintings are strikingly similar to the photo in question, with romantic titles such as “Liberty Leading the People” to be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

    This is the imagery that symbolizes human struggles for higher ethical values, to suppress oppression, and seek peace and restore safety to entire populations.

    Can anything be more captivating!!?? Yet, The (not very) Independant newspaper of the United Kingdom, asks a (not very) clever young man to publish a piece which literally is an insult to the intelligence and moral fiber of the readers of The Independent, by negating the captivating images that symbolizes real historical developments, and what is more by even shouting an order to the British readers of the Independent, and by extension to he entire British population, to “Stop to romanticize that viral image of a Palestinian protester”

    Endless chefs d’oeuvre of literature, and countless renown Historians narrate the ominous times when people fought for their liberation, against oppressors, and recognizing the fascination for that moment in history when the tide turns, and how emblematic figures capture our attention forever.

    I have rerely read such a shallow, such an unenlightened title, and conclusion article, than this pathetic piece. In fact, the very vocabulary used in this pathetic article indicate the ill intentions: “that viral image” and even pushing the ante: “Palestinian protester” instead of calling him a freedom fighter, or a resistance figure, no, he could only be a pesky “protester”.

    Again thank you Nahida for your sharp observation and clear clarification over that ridiculous piece of dark-agers who follow their masters marching orders down to the abysmal subservient ignorance.


  3. Reblogged this on Woman on the Edge and commented:
    Sometimes a moment is captured that contains a kaleidoscope of emotions, a snapshot of history and here, the intensity of a people’s love for, and insistence on life despite the odds against them.


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