You are welcome



You are welcome to have my land

Yes, you can have my land

When… you are able to hear

The weeping olive tree, when pulled down

With the sharp, yellow teeth of your ugly bulldozer




Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to feel, the agonising pain


Of my hills and mountains… torn apart


When hit by your merciless missile





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to see


The blood of my poppies, when fallen to the ground


Crushed under the cold metallic chains of your tank




Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to taste


The bitter salty flavour of slavery,

Felt by my villages and towns


When under curfew for days on end



notice the little Hero


Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to smell


The burning yearning in my orchid’s wounded heart


To be united again with her much missed children





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to hear


The cries of howling wind, mourning her little ones


Who used to play, flying away their black and white


Red and green kites





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to feel


The tight shallow breathing of my home and garden


Suffocating by your nerve and tear gas





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to see


The tears of my clouds trickling down their cheeks


When punched by the fist of your apache helicopter





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to taste


The sweetness of dignity felt by a stone


When picked up by a little hand of a brave boy





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to smell


The perfume of my earth, taking a shower


Getting ready to embrace the body


Of her beloved child





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to touch and heal


The deep bleeding wounds of my sky


Stabbed by your f16





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to teach


Your heart how to love


Every drop of water, gushing from below


Or falling from above





Yes, you can have my land


When… you can gently hold


Every grain of sand


And tell her how sorry you are


For causing all the pain she’s gone through





Yes, you are welcome to have my land


When… you fall on your knees sobbing


When are able to hear, whispers of angels

Chanting of saints and prayers of prophets


Singing words of love and peace


For EVERY human soul, not just your own





Then… and ONLY then


You are welcome to have my land


But then, will you ever do it?



Na… I doubt it !


2222557405_23d64b5e51_z - Copy




Words, in the battle of Liberation are of prime importance, but in the age of Internet, where Cyber Battles are waged, between truth and falsehood, the use of the right word becomes more vital than ever.

We have observed how the word, “apartheid” has crept in and has been intensely used by many Palestinians and their supporters without much reflection upon the meaning, implications or outcome of such use.

The definition of “Apartheid” 

a·part·heid  (-pärtht, -ht)


1. An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.
2. A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.
3. The condition of being separated from others; segregation.

Thus, the use of apartheid to describe “Israel”, the entity which was established by terror, planned ethnic cleansing and continues to practice slow genocide is extremely inappropriate, insufficient and falls very short from giving a complete and accurate portrait.

Calling “Israel” an Apartheid is a CONCEALMENT of GENOCIDE 

Calling the Zionist entity mere “apartheid”, i.e “separation”, would only serve in concealing the true genocidal nature of the Jewish state, and present it as a “normal” and “legitimate” political system with only few holes, some racist laws, and wrong policies which can be easily changed. Such use would promote the legitimization of this entity. From a legal aspect, crimes of apartheid does not carry the same weight in International Law as Crimes against Humanity,thus may be harder to prosecute.

Campaigning to demand that the existing Jewish state, would change some of its policies (rather than to call for its dismantling and delegitimisation, to end this entity, once and for all) would simply enable the usurpation of historic Palestine.

Calling for ODS (one democratic state, as a continuation of “Israel”), while ignoring the right of Palestinians to FULL LIBERATION, would enable the Zionist entity to expand and enlarge its boundaries, to encompass the ENTIRE land of Palestine, by annexing what remains of Palestine.

Calling for “equal rights” between mass-murderers and their victims, means wilful participation in wiping out the Palestinian Identity, under “Israeli” authority thus promoting giving Palestinians “israeli” citizenship,  which means unwittingly promoting the “israelization” of what remains of Palestinians, i.e upgrading their state from “occupied Palestinians” to “israeli slaves”.

I call upon our people and our supporters to be alert and not to participate in whitewashing the crimes of the Jewish state, by calling it an “apartheid” rather than what it really is, a genocidal, supremacist, expansionist, ethnic-cleansing entity.





The Genocide Convention

Article 2 of the United Nations issued Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states:
“any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such:
1. Killing members of the group; [Israel …guilty]

2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; [Israel …guilty]

3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; [Israel …guilty]
4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [Israel …guilty]
5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
Article 4 states:
Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

Nuremberg Principles,

Principle VI. states,
“The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:

(a) Crimes against peace:
(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).
(b) War crimes:
Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation of slave labor or for any other purpose of the civilian population of or in occupied territory; murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the Seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.
(c) Crimes against humanity:
Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace or any war crime.”
In Contrast:

In contrast:

The Sanhedrin Principles:

“A king should not wage other wars before a milchemet mitzvah. What is considered as milchemet mitzvah? The war against the seven nations who occupied Eretz Yisrael, the war against Amalek, and a war fought to assist Israel from an enemy which attacks them.

Afterwards, he may wage a milchemet hareshut, (war of aggression) i.e. a war fought with other nations in order to expand the borders of Israel or magnify its greatness and reputation.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 2:

Amalek’s seed should be annihilated before the construction of the Temple


6) The obligation to destroy the seven nations living in the Land of Canaan;
7) The prohibition against allowing any one of them to remain alive;
8) The obligation to destroy the descendents of Amalek;
9) The obligation to remember what Amalek did;

“If the enemy accepts the offer of peace and commits itself to the fulfillment of the seven mitzvot that were commanded to Noah’s descendents, none of them should be killed. Rather, they should be subjugated as ibid.:11 states: ‘They shall be your subjects and serve you.’
If they agree to tribute, but do not accept subjugation or if they accept subjugation, but do not agree to tribute, their offer should not be heeded. They must accept both.
The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble. They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever.”

Palestinian Declaration


Palestinian Declaration

An invitation to All Palestinians and their supporters to unite under the banner of LIBERATION, affirming our Inalienable Rights and clarifying our aims and aspirations to ourselves and to the world. For the sake of historical truth, and for defending, preserving and protecting the rights of future Palestinian children, we present this document:

  • Whereas, no foreign government, international institution or individual, has any form of legitimacy or jurisdiction to dispossess any other Nation by distributing their land and property,
  • Whereas, all colonial dealings regarding Palestine, whether by the “League of Nations” or the subsequent land confiscations by British colonial forces, as well as coerced transactions by early Zionists, did not invalidate the irrefutable fact that Palestine is the sole indigenous representative of all people of Palestine, settled and anchored culturally to the land since time immemorial,
  • Whereas, the religious component of Palestine’s cultural heritage is the central heritage for 31% of world population who are Christians, 23 % who are Muslims, and  0.2 % who are Jews. Therefore, Jewish Zionists arguably attempted to usurp and destroy the heritage of almost 55% of humankind, namely Christians and Muslims, contrary to historical Palestinian society, known for its social cohesion, irrespective of religion, and for protecting all monuments and all worshipers of all faiths, prior to the Jewish-zionist invasion,
  • Whereas, we the Palestinian Nation, the sole indigenous people of historic Palestine, had neither been consulted with, nor did we agree to or undersign any partition of our homeland, Palestine, when the UN put partition to the vote in the General Assembly in 1948. The UN has never done so again,
  • Whereas, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution (181) recommending the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan, allocating to “Israel” a defined area significantly smaller than the areas was overridden by Zionist Terror groups such as Irgun and Haganah, using ethnic cleansing, genocidal massacres, and massive destruction of over 530 Biblical villages and cities in the spring of 1948,
  • Whereas, the admission of “Israel” to the UN was conditional on its implementation of Resolutions 194, i.e., ceasing aggression and allowing the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties, as well as implementing Resolution 181 of the partition plan, (which Israel did not commit itself to any specific action or timeframe, and later rejected the resolutions all together),
  • Whereas, Zionism, as materialised and manifested by the Jewish state of “Israel”, is a colonial settler ideology, advocating the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and confiscating their properties, abrogating their basic rights, and establishing an exclusive Jewish state in Historic Palestine,
  • Whereas, seven decades on, Jewish-Zionist terrorism, massacres, torture, imprisonment of civilian populations, torture of children, collective punishment, theft, land robbery, destruction of cultural heritage, ethnic cleansing, and slow-motion genocide, have only intensified,
  • Whereas, their offspring have had a full century (since the beginning of the first Jewish-Zionist invasion) to learn to coexist peacefully; yet they, along with the new-comers, choose to continue on the same path of aggression, oppression, exclusivity, and racism,
  • Whereas, the vast majority of Palestinians have been living in forced exile, forbidden to exercise their basic Human Right of Returning to their homes in their own homeland, and denied their basic human right of holding their National Identity,
  • Whereas, the entire humanity has the moral maturity which makes it unacceptable to acquire land and property by wars of conquest and aggression,
  • Whereas, we the Palestinian Nation have been victims of almost one century of insanely sadistic cruelty, assassinations of pregnant mothers, torture of children, psycho-terror, loss of land, loss of peace, security and independence, loss of health, destruction of our architectural and archeological cultural heritage, loss of collective and personal property, loss of economic means (i.e. loss of earning and sustenance), all at the hands and policies of a foreign and psychopathic body of Jewish Zionist terrorists and their international network of accomplices, for more than seven decades,
  • Whereas, myriads of Jewish-Zionist funds and foundations continue to raise and collect sums in the billions from international Jewish communities, to finance (either overtly or covertly) the destruction of our nation and our homeland, by means of a full spectrum destruction, be it genocide, be it destruction of landscape, be it destruction of architectural and cultural heritage, be it imprisonment and torture of children, be it systematic programs of assassination of social and political leader, be it use of toxic weapons,
  • Whereas, calling “Israel” a mere apartheid system which could be “fixed” with some cosmetic arrangements, such as granting Palestinians “Israeli” citizenship to “upgrade” their status from “occupied” to “slaves” in their own homeland, and demanding marginal improvement of the treatment of Palestinians, does not constitute in any form or shape a realistic approach enabling a viable project wherein even the most elementary basis of Justice could be established,
  • Whereas, participating in absolving individuals guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and other ongoing crimes since over seven decades, and whitewashing these crimes, is not only a betrayal to all things human and moral, but also is the fertile ground for justifying future repetition and amplification of such crimes,
  •  Whereas, vast majority of the usurpers of Palestine are ideological supremacists and exclusivists  who believe they are the “chosen” and have only moved constantly in one direction towards hardcore fanaticism and militarism, for whom any future solution would not be possible unless they keep control over LAND and APPARATUS of POWER,
  •  Whereas, the lapse of time since the beginning of “Nakba” does not diminish the Palestinian inalienable rights in Palestine, nor does it create falsified “rights” for foreign invaders to keep the loot,

For those reasons, we hereby, the undersigned Palestinians and our supporters affirm the following: Palestine is located from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan and cannot be divided, leased, given away or sold.

Palestinians, whether living in any part of historic Palestine or in forced exile, are one people and shall not be divided.

The Palestinian Nation is the only one owning the land of Palestine, with the human right of full and unrestrained sovereignty over our historic land, Palestine.

That the “Nakba” with its massacres and daily atrocities, continues to this day, beginning with the forceful uprooting of our people by terror organizations such as Irgun and Haganah in 1948.

The lapse of time since the beginning or this “Nakba” (the word means “catastrophe”) does not diminish our inalienable rights in Palestine, including the inalienable right to return to our homes and properties, and to participate in the re-building and development of our society and its institutions, and adopt any political, economic and Judicial system we Palestinians would chose.

Our people inside and outside of Palestine form one Nation, and yearn for their reunification in their ancestral homeland, Palestine.

Contrary to the defamation we have been subjected to, we have always been an extremely tolerant nation, and we yearn to restore this quality to our land and country, for the benefit of all humankind, irrespective of religion or cultural origin.

We Palestinians, just as any other nation under attack and occupied, have the ultimate and unabridged right to define our aims, choose our strategy and tactics of resistance suitable for achieving our liberation from our oppressor, and the reinstatement of our rights, and establishing diplomatic and commercial relations with neighboring countries and beyond.

Palestinians have the moral and legal right to pursue the legal prosecution of the usurpers and destroyers of our land within the recognized international laws.

It is ominously dangerous for everyone’s security, to refuse to prosecute perpetrators of terrorism, crimes against humanity, atrocities, and the systematic fomenting of wars and racial and religious hatred.

It is ominously dangerous to step back from such prosecution under the ludicrous grounds that the perpetrators would merit leniency on grounds of being Jewish.

Only the Palestinian people through our legitimate institutions and elected representatives can speak for our rights and aspirations.

No organization, party, group or individual is empowered to cede our rights to historic Palestine. In fact, we explicitly express here our intention, as soon as we recover our rights, to prosecute anyone who engaged or attempted to cede land and rights without having any mandate to do so.

Only the Palestinian people gathered in Palestine and in exile can determine their future and the future of the country. We the signatories of this document, call for either the creation of a new Liberation Party, or the rejuvenation of the PLO, as the only recognized and accepted legitimate organization of the Palestinian people.

Such an organization must be strengthened to unify the people and their capabilities, in order to be justified to speak on their behalf, and structure our fight for liberation. This party, (whether the PLO or otherwise), must unambiguously stand for, and implement a program for liberation of all of Palestine. It must be democratic, accountable, transparent and truly representative of the entire spectrum of the Palestinian Nation.

The aims and aspirations of Palestinians are not confined to a symbolic change of “Zionist regime” or a declaration of abandonment of Zionism by the Jewish-Zionist occupiers, but rather to the Full liberation of Palestine and the restoration of all our inalienable rights.

We call for a just and peaceful solution; we acknowledge that the only real road to peace is the full and unconditional liberation of Palestine, (which also means liberation from the supremacist ideology that is imposing its cruel occupation) and liberation from the racist Jewish-Zionist experiment, Liberation from the violence of colonizers and liberation from the perpetrators.

That will inevitably mean a return to the original, peaceful society Palestine was before the Zionist invasion, albeit embracing all technological and societal developments.

Our true and sincere aspirations are long lasting peace, justice and freedom. We believe that restoring Palestine for all its people will lay out the true foundations of Palestinian society, and inscribe us harmoniously in the international community, contrary to the present day occupation entity, “Israel,” which is the root cause of so many difficulties and excesses in the world community, whether in the UN or elsewhere, where “Israel” and its multinational lobby groups are fomenting wars and racial-religious friction, making international cooperation extremely difficult.

As Palestinians, we are grateful and appreciative of the hard work of all our supporters; however, we are under no obligation to hold back our march for freedom, to curtail our aims or to abandon our rights for the sake of accommodating and not offending some of the Jewish supporters who still believe that “Israel” has the right to exist as a Jewish state inside the 1948 borders.

Palestinians have the ultimate right to choose their vision for their future, of a free Palestine, including the type of government, writing of our constitution, constructing and implementing legal and systems, all of which stems from and corresponds to our ethics and reflects and protects our culture.

A Palestinian legal team of professionals and advisors must be established to prepare the legal framework and procedures, upon which laws of immigration and citizenship are defined, on the basis of which Palestinian citizenship are granted, including defining who has a Right to Remain in liberated Palestine, depending on the place of birth and providing s/he never participated in  former Israeli occupation apparatus and its crimes, and is able to respect Palestinian law, and adopt a conduct respective of the community around.

All Palestinian refugees and their descendants have the unconditional right to come back home; we, the rightful indigenous owners are also entitled to the reinstatement of All confiscated (stolen) land and property, compensation for all our losses over the many years of exile, and we are also entitled to Palestinian citizenship wherever we are.

We Palestinians have not given up before, and have no intention to give up now. We will continue to pursue the course of JUSTICE and LIBERATION by all means deemed necessary and appropriate, by upholding universal humanist ethics, within the frame of International Law.

Thus, our vision for a just and peaceful settlement entails:


The settler/colonial occupation is in breach of all foundational UN Charters, and has violated and defied more UN resolutions and charter principles than any other country. This illegitimate entity has none of the qualifications necessary, neither moral nor legal nor political, required to obtain and maintain UN membership. Its current membership represents a mockery of international law, and is a disgrace to humanity. Israel’s UN membership should have never been granted in the first place.

The revocation of Israel’s UN membership is a necessity, as a step towards the rehabilitation of the already-battered framework of International Law. Concurrently, all of Israel’s institutions, laws, policies and practices must be abolished, since they discriminate against people based on religion and ethnicity.


Liberation means full sovereignty of the Palestinian Nation over their historic land, Palestine. Liberation also implies the irrevocable dissolution of the so called “state of Israel” and all its institutions. Palestine, known as “The Holy Land”, must be free from racist atrocities.

Contrary to all failed attempts, road-maps and fake negotiations which serve as dilatory measure enabling more land grabs and atrocities. The concept of full liberation and full sovereignty for Palestinians carries only advantages; including the ability to prosecute “Israeli” criminals for Crimes against Humanity.

To bring reason to the Holy Land, it is necessary to first recognize the fact that the Jewish-Zionist occupation is the sole reason there is strife in this land in the first place, and secondly, it is necessary to look back at the status pro ante, to realize that the institution of a liberated Palestine will inevitably reflect Palestinian peaceful culture and inclusive social fabric, thereby endlessly more apt to be a good standing member of the UN, and a good neighbor and partner to the world.

FULL SOVEREIGNTY of the Palestinian Nation over their ancestral country:

The Palestinian Nation has like any other nation has the aspiration and the right to select a political system, to adopt a constitution and re-construct the country. For the sake of international peace and security, it is time to return Palestine to its peaceful owners.


A Palestinian judiciary and immigration system, will respectively prosecute former Israeli criminals and their associates, and/or grant or decline (on an individual basis), a Right to Remain in Palestine, based on criteria solely to be defined by said Immigration and Integration Services. This system should be put into place immediately.


Palestinian refugees have the unconditional Right of Return. Palestine and the Palestinian Nation at large, are entitled to full and unconditional restitution of the land and property whenever possible, coupled with appropriate compensation for more than seven decades of deprivation and slow genocide, cultural destruction, and a whole array of atrocities and usurpation.
Jewish supporter who wish to take part in accomplishing the goal of Restitution may do so and gain redemption in the process.


In the future democratic state of Palestine situated from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan, Palestinians are the rightful citizens.

Palestinians include those who live in the occupied homeland, and include all refugees living abroad and their descendants, all those have unrestricted right to Palestinian citizenship. For former Jewish Israelis, plans should be set on course to grant or decline on an individual basis a right to remain, based on criteria defined by an Immigration and Integration Service.

Such criteria could take into consideration place of birth and the irrefutable proof of non-participation in the former Israeli occupation apparatus and its crimes, and the demonstration during a certain period, of the candidate’s ability and willingness to be law-abiding; respecting land, culture and his/her compatriots irrespective of religion or race.

Subsequently the right to remain would be followed by unrestricted Palestinian citizenship, with equal rights. The whole procedure would be within the future framework of Palestinian Laws of Immigration and Naturalization. Undoubtedly, Palestinian immigration policies will adhere to international norms.

We hereby, call upon our friends and supporters -who hold the tragedy of Palestine, the dispossession of Palestinians of their own ancestral land dear at their heart-, to reflect upon the meaning of justice in the context of a history saturated with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We consider any negotiations that do not lead to implementation of the above null and void.

Also, we consider any and all individuals and institutions that do not adhere to our call as illegitimate representatives of our people and rights. Thus, we call upon our people and institutions to rally behind this APPEAL and to work diligently to implement it.

We, also call upon our friends and supporters to join us in our declaration and our endeavours.

Furthermore, we call upon Jewish organizations and individuals, to take their responsibility seriously, we invite them to actively participate in restoring justice, righting the wrong, and facilitating the peaceful resolve of this chronic injustice by engaging positively, effectively and wholeheartedly to bring real change of “facts on the ground”, thus offering a remedy for healing of the Holy Land and its people, once and for all.

Moreover, we suggest they create a new Jewish fund, with agreement of every donor, to support the full and unconditional liberation in an effort to begin the lengthy process for Restitution, Reparation and Compensation for the Palestinians. A long overdue process, that will inevitably erase the seven decades long and ongoing Jewish Zionist crimes against the land of Palestine and its indigenous people.


Please Sign the Palestinian Declaration Here

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1) Nahida Izzat (AKA Exiled Palestinian) …………………..    Al-Quds/ Palestine

2) Mariam George ………………….. Palestine

3) Nadia Gheith ………………….. Palestine

4) Ibsal Assi Assi ………………….. Palestine

5) Ibtisam  Harb ………………….. USA

6) Abed Nakhleh

7) Peter Alan Foley …………………..UK

8) Daniel Dewulf

9) Tanya Mango

10) Robert Elias Abu Shanab

11) Steven Wertheim

12) Deema Ash

13) Shawn Ryan

14) Ivan Maffei

15) Marlene Newesri

16) Rahma Yassin

17) Roger Tucker  ………………….. Mexico

18)  Jacqueline Conway

19) Gennifer Hope

20) Aliyah Rehman …………………..UK

21) Daniel john Morgan …………………..UK

22) Sofia Rehman …………………..UK

23) Mazhar Rehman ………………….. UK

24) Ian Ligertwood  ………………….. UK

25) Hassan Al Nimer ………………….. Palestine

26) Mick Breen

27) Greta Berlin ………………….. France

28) Amaneh Margaret Brown

29) Raya Jaser ………………….. Palestine

30) Aman Syr

31) Redaa Ameeroedien

32) Abdool Karrimbaccus Subratty

33) Lothar Jung

34) Brian Edouard Curdy

35) Sri Utami

36) Indo Alam

37)  Dean Sofić

38)  Reem Ghaith

39) Bader Yousef

40) Maria Rita Pirastu

41) Michel Iffrig

42) Maher Azzam  ………………….. Palestine

43) Wim Wimman

44) Sana Amawai ………………….. Yaffa/ Palestine

45) Roohi Aamir Noor Khan 46) Greta Berlin

47) Samira Ahmad

48) Pavla Vecerkova

49) Mer Bader

50) Lynn Roberts ……………………Wales

51) Faisal El Khatib ………………….. Lebanon

52) Mohammad Hamad

53) Pamela Mkhaimer

54) Michael Lee ………………….. UK

55) Sameer Khalil 56) Osama Bandi

57) Dan Murphy……………..US

58) Tania Gurr ………………….. Canada

59) Simon Caplan ………………….. Scotland

60) John Mousa Mufarreh

61) Intisar Muhsen ………………….. Palestine

62) Iman Murrar ………………….. Palestine

63) Jamel Chiron ………………. Tunisia

64) Nasir Mohamed …………………..Malaysia

65) Maher Gheith ………………….. Palestine

66) Ali Bilal…………………… Austria

67) Nazia Hanif 68) Suhair Al-Najjar ………………….. Palestine

69) Nassir Gheith 69) Reyna Mizyed …………………..USA

70) Robert Lee Gibson IV…………………..USA

71) Khairudin Bin Idris

72) Judy McDowell. US

73) M.Mzagri

74) Erwin Mansursyah ………………….. Indonesia

75) Barry Grossman

76) Dr. Arthur F. Billy ………………….. California, U.S.A

77) Andre Keppner

78) Sue Grant

79) Kathy Lantz ………………….. Canada

80) Grace James …………………..  Australia

81) Bashar Anis

82) Talula Bright

83) Nasir Gheith

84) Maqsood Kayani

85) Ahmed Zøhaıb

86) Isnaini Rahman

87) Richard Guillemette …………………..Quebec

88) Paul Larudee …………………..California

89)Tim Calvert …………………..Oregon

90) Osama Bandi

91) Brent Schlueter

92) Reginald Lee…………………..UK

93) Ayman Sha’ath

94) Ali Mallah

95) Brian Edouard Curdy ………………….. Uvrier, Switzerland

96)  Riaz Hussain

97) Taoufik Bouchama

98) Ron Andreas………………….. USA

99) Philip Grace ………………….. England

100) Jeff Nguyen…………………..United States

101) Ned Hamson …………………..USA

102) wael ghuneim ………………….. Canada

103) Joy Asfour ………………….. Australia

104) Kamel Amer

105) Anthony Gratrex

106) Lyn Brook


108) Tyler Vincent

109)M Glenn

110) Terica Pickrell

111) Hassna nasr

112) Syed IbrahimAli

113) Bruce Inksetter


115) Nader Gheith

116) carol

117) Debbie Menon

118) Hamdi Abu-Zalaf

119) John Airs

120) John Barden

121) Ellen Grobler

122) Khairudin Idris

123) Richard Hugus

124) Bill Ross ……………………. Canada

125) Stephen Amore ………………………. Spain

126) Steve Wertheim

127) mary avice


129) marina

130) margaret kanaan

131) kim petersen

132) Lyn Davignon

133) June Levier

134) Mustafa Uwainat

135) Alex B

136) Jens Møller Andrasen

137) Sameer

138) samira jalajel

139) Richard Marsden

140) ivan maffei

141) Wael

142) Nisrine

143) Julie Webb-Pullman

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149) Mujahid Ramli

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159) Sharon Cox

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175) Kalia Akkad ………………… Canada

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195) Malcolm Mundy

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197) Gordon McDowell

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200) Joseph Dimartino

201) Nickolas Dean

202) Guenter Monkowski

203) Marilyn Midura ……………USA

204) Yasmain Alick

205) Timothy Cerka

206) Matthew Rice

207) Lani Smith

208) John Green

209) francy ugolini

210) Herschel Soles …………………… Oregon, USA

211) Rob sudmalis

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214) Zehnder

215) Mazhar Pathan

216) Florence Regehr

217) Larry Holm

218) Ponce

219) Martha Moss

220) Ron Hamilton

221) Baregil de Gomçesval

222) Tom Holmes

223) Peter Kielland ……………….. Canada

224) Stephen Paul Wright

225) john patrick

226) Ferdinand Ocampo

227) Eric Borchers

228) Jeff Tucker

229) Ian Watson …………………. UK

230) R Thorp

231) Idris

232) mitch

233) John Angel

234) James Sullivan

235) John Welch

236) Mark Thomas …………….. Australia

237) Sandeep Parwaga

238) Dean Attrill

239) Abdelhakim Abuyasin


241) andy pearson

242) Jan Poldervaart

243) Rob Verheijden

244) Richard Mann

245) James Burdick

246) Andy Banks

247) Richard C. Evey USA

248) Walt Sicinski

249) Qayum Elahi

250) Ron Shambrook

251) Sami Shahin ………… Canadian Palestinian from Ramle City village of Qubaiba

252) Ovat Arikpo

253) JVetere USA

254) Hanan Bissar

255) Colin Simmons

256) alfonso sainz

257) Michael Koozo Ninomiya

258) Usman Zia

259) morris kaplan

260) Diana Dallal

261) Tarak chaudri

262) S Sharif

263) Alex Srouji………….. Canada

264) Rob Focco

265) shahid

267) Mary Ellen Bennett

268) Nicholas Reno 269) sarit jacobsohn

270) Betty Molchany

271) Henry Hopkins

272) Loai Najjar

273) Mahmoud

274) Barbara Morris

275) janet t mason

276) suzanna otten

277) Andy Taylor

278) Anne-Mare Lotter

279) Nadine Allam

280) tony quantrell

281) Lance Hollister

282) Abdullah Kassem

283) Donald H. McKnight

284) Chris Schneider

285) Gregory Bunker

286) Raymond Keilhamer

287) Larry Curtin

288) Juan Quiroz

289) Cat Faber

290) David Johnson

291) maria da conceição cunha

292) Craig Frey

293) Sean shields

294) Nadia Al Faour

295) rob fuoco

296) Rainer Fielenbach

297) Pamela Snow

298) Aliyah

299) siman kury

300) fida

301) Cliff Jones

302) Lee Donovan

303) Abdus Sattar Ghazali

304) Waddah Sofan

305) Kenneth Hammond

306) John Banks

307) Lindsay Freeman

308) Ana María

309) Judy McDowell

310) Dick Seng

311) Ranjan Solomon

312) Eddy Zainury

313) Ahmed

314) William Crain

315) Thomas Hoag

315) Jacqueline G. McMillen

316) Martin McDowell

317) Suzanne

318) Andrew J Silvera

319) Tashfeen Syed

320) Alexandros Agelastos

321) Wassyla Doumandji

322) Anita de Klerk

323) Peter J Groves

324) fatma

325) Cliff Jones

326) John Robertson

327) sultana al saud

328) linda

329) Mohamad Harb

330) Bill Weston

331) Saundos

332) aziz

333) Bashar Anis

334) ross puma

335) Sam Ali

336) Ed Rukab

337) tony Rukab

338) Waleed Nasir

339) Abdul Ghafoor Ilahi

340) Ana María

341) tom sanborn

342) luis 343) otto

344) Sami Joseph

345) Jacob Issidore

346) Peter Alan Foley

347) abdullah muwahid

348) Arief Gaffar

349) Dr James Dickie

350) Susanne Scheidt

351) jp

352) Gameeda

353) M Dzaki KT

354) Sameer Khalil

355) Samia A. Halaby

356) christianne

357) Fouad

358) John Halaby


360) Sandra Rosen

361) Gabriel Camacho

362) Leslie Halaby-Moore

363) Samir Atalla

364) Marina Thanou

365) elisabete candida ventura

367) Nicolle

368) Kathleen O’Nan

369) Mohammad Askari

370) eddie difriscia

371) Jamil Fayez

372) saleh abuosba

373) Terry Romanoff

374) Nur 375) Urszula Masny-Latos

376) Matthew Guy

378) michael mctague

379) Kwame Somburu

380) Lin Lin Olson

381) Melek Mizher…………. Syria

382) Munir Atalla

383) zaharuddin che mahmood

384) Peyton Johnston

385) Kathy Felgran

386) Casey

387) Daniel Gray

388) Francis Govia

389) Sascha Humphrey

390) kyle


392) John Garrett

393) Nawal kamal

394) mujibul alam khan

395) spelca golob

396) abdelatif himmich

397) Abusufyan Jamadar

398) Ryan Mudge

399) Janne-Mette Johansson

400) Moe El

401) Gustavo

402) Maha USA

403) S Kinnear

404) Rezzouk

405) Ethan Helcik

406) Rochdi Bulahruz

407) Craig Anthony

408) basel saab

409) joao

410) Louay Elkout

411) Cheko En Vallarta

412) Wezley Sherman

413) Rashid Annahas

414) Miren Edurne

415) Ahmed Surani

416) steve smith

417) Stephen Westmoreland

418) michael allen

419) Graham Wilkins

420) Farid Shariati

421) Aladdin Yousef

422) Agata kolin

423) bassam Elkhatib

424) Jerome O Sullivan

425) Dina M

426) belal khader………………….USA

427) James Wallace……………………UK

428) Rosalind Dalefield

429) Sandra Watfa

430) Mari Zadeh

431) Carol

432) craig james sulzberger………………. Australia

433) Lula Mae Blocton

434) Simon W

435) madihah ashraf

436) Chris Pasquariello

437) Daniel Stover

438) Ragnar B. Johannessen


440) Mark Klijsen

441) Patricia Dawe Ruderman

442) Mary Tuma

443) Virginia Cusick

444) Jonathan Azaziah …. Kufa, Iraq ……..NY/FL, United States

445) Miriam Adams

446) Luis Comin

447) Tom Adams

448) shizuka tajima

449) Jane Gardiner

450) andy pearson

451) anita

452) Omar Faris

453) Richard L Miller III

454) Heidi Bottomley

455) Lindsay Freeman

456) Linda Darghous

457) Debra Larson

458) Bashar Anis

459) Richard Tesner

460) wendy woodfield

461) Wayne Adey

462) Antoine F. Mainville

463) Kate Davidson

464) Thomas C Rockriver

465) Ragnar Olsen

466) John Ryan

467) Brian McLure

468) arief gaffar

469) Jenna kovacs

470) Dian

471) Vincent ……….Spain

472) Lisa McKinley

473) Debra Larson

474) B Lama


476) Fada

477) Lasse Wilhelmson

478) Darlene Jones-Owens

479) Gina Blanton

480) francesca deangelis

481) Ulla Rsk

482) amal alaina

483) Margaret Y Jones

484) Virginia Levin

485) A. Lengyel

486) David Ruffell

487) John Hannah

489) Arif Shah

490) Aniseh Yunis

491) Nadine Meadows

492) rayon jones

493) Greg Thomas

494) Simon Wolfers

495) paul birch

496) M Omar

497) Roberto Ventrella

498) Nader Salem

499) Peter Reilly

500) Ray Berthiaume

501) William VanZevern

502) Amjad

503) marina

504) Kim Chappell

505) Ali Rahami

506) Quéniart

507) Tariq Khan

508) Alan Haggard

509)  Joe Steinbok …………… Canada

510) Abhijan Choudhury

511) Dana Livingston

512) Jess w

513) Jacqueline Caldwell

514) Somoe hatimy

515) Nuradden Gambo Ibrahim

516) Catherine Strout

517) Sigrid Houston

518) Chong Sun Wah

519) cathy mink

520) anjum aftab

521) djelloul azzouz

522) hawwa afeefa

523) Anthony Faithfull-Wright

524) John D. Vedilago

525) Raimo Kangasniemi

526) Robert Letkiewicz

527) Christian Scaife

528) mekhail kazarian

529) Samantha Como

530) Rebecca Dent

531) Valeria d’Avossa

532) Ashley Barnes

533) aslam latif

534) Sharon Cox

535) Thomas Milcarek

536)  Abu Yusuf

537) Amanda Gill

538) Deike

539) Joe Doherty

540) Elaine Cameron

541) Carolina Santizo

542) Camiel Stoop

543) Pasario Rodriguez Leon

544) Sami

545) Patricia Blair

546) Edna Spennato

547) Carol Murry

547) Paul Larudee

548) Claudine Faehndrich

549) Roberto Ventrella

550) Eddie DiFruscia

551) Shanny Dee

552) Abb

553) Khalil Rantissi

554) Dr. Erna Lund

555) William Crain

556) Russell Bates

557) Momen

558) Kevin Okeefe

559) Melissa Constable

560) Soad Alassadi

561) Alison T Brite

562) Said El-Said

563) Gabrielle Verdier

564) Ali Abdaou

565) Paddy Bucknell

566) Karam Shadid

567) Tom Adams

568) Ribhi Treish

569) M Vogel

570) Marie

571) Sandra Watfa

572) Eric Paul-Hus

573) Guze Spiteri

574) Leonor Meirles

575) Paul

576) Joseph

Daniel McAnally

577) Joshua Smith

578) S Mumford

579) Sana Barakat

580) Mahmoud Mustafa

581) Jean Potter

582) Megan 583) Jerry Gates

584) Maria Pohn

585) Charlotte Thege

586) Julian Cenaj

587) Silvia

588) Paul Denis Mcdonald

589) Philip Geany

590) Annemarie Arderiu Gil

591) Joe Mccartney

592) Nikki Daniel

593) Phil 594) Ali Hussein Elhelou

595) Steve 596) So marak

597) Henry Hopkins

598) Loai Najjar

599) Laura Stuart

600) Artin Audi

601) David Mitchell

602) Antonio Maniscalco

603) Victoria

604)  Lujain Al-Iman

605)  Anna Giddings

606) maria holland

607) Birgitta Falk

608) spelca golob

609) Anna Elliott

610) Thomas J Johnston

611) PIN 612) Patricia asilia

613) Rima Isam Anabtawi , M.A. Co-Founder Al-Awda, The Palestine Right of Return Coalition

614)  Robert

615) janet mc ilduff

616) Diane Attersall

617) Rimon

618) Yusuf Abdul

619) JoAnne Vandatta


621) Dean Meehan

622) Tammy M. Lucken

623) colin kerr

624) Mark Klijsen

625) Anastasia Beck

626) Rezzouk

627) janne beijer

628) queensha latif

629) Valerie Pappas

630) joe rahman

631) Sharon Cox

632) Fred Mrozek

633) anne hasan-kennedy

634) ana pego

635) Rimon

636) Nadim Sallah

637) Tim Daly

638) Jack Wiseman

639) Anissa Haj

640) Karen Sorensen

641) Reham

642) Sandra Watfa

643) toby

644) Ann

645) anna johnston

646) cristina soler

647) zayaer malik

648) julian kinghorn

649) Samira Ahmad

650) Johan Heino

651) Blue Knuck

652) Francisco Castellanos

653) dimitris

654) Susan Walpole

655) Lindsay Freeman

656) Asifa Qureshey

657) Val Fieth

658) Mary Beaman

659) Kathleen Eadeh

660) Marly Soares

661) Oussama Zaoui

662) Mirna Keegan

663) Elaine Hopkins

664) Saman arif

665) Robbie

666) Sandra

667) jeanette appleton-maxwell

668) Christopher Gant

669) Dr.ALI HUSSEIN EL HELOU 670) cheyenne

671) Jeanette Abendstern

672) Abe Qutub

673) CJ Cameron

674) Chris Smith … USA

675) Marlene Newesri

676) A price

677) Raisa Al Malak

678) Ebrahim Sodha

679) Dr. Ghassan Aljohari

680) John Stukes

681) Ibrahim Qutub

682) John Skeels

683) Firas Alsaid

684) Joop Jansen

685) Martin Milligan

686) David Ramsay

687) Simon

688) Diana Erickson

689) charles sherburne

690) John Ross

691) D. Morgan

692) Giovanni Gianello

693) M. Hammoud

694) menon

695) Abdullah Zahoor

696) Victoria Antikaci

698) Robert Fantina

699) Karen Sánchez

700) sadya

701) Aleem

702) masna

703) Virginia medina

704) Fatima Khan-Wise

705) yusuf hansa

706) Mohamed Zaharan

707) Mo Davies

708) Hassan Babuh

709) Mitchell ,Jonathan

710) Gabriel Camacho

711) Edibe Sakallah

712) Rakesh Mehta

713) Thaer AboAbdo

714) Guze SITERI

715) Sandra Bonney

716) janet mc ilduff

717) Moira Jilani

718) Mahmoud Mustafa

719) Máire Ní Dhuifin

720) Barbara Lee

721) helen mcilduff

722) cathy murray

723) Michele Garrett

724) Aisling McMullan

725) Ansam Saleh

726) leeann mullan

727) Elizabeth jones

728) Stephen Mooney

729) Laurie Quinn

730) yunus omar

731) Grace Abuchaibe

732) Mohamed

733) Jussara Lunajjj

734) Alyssa Thomé

735) Azam Azaditabar- Carlson

736) David Carlson

737) Ahlam Mansour

738) Nuri Palta

739) Russel

740) Brett Lamont

741) Stewart Sloan

742) claudia mora

743) Lee Luttrell

744) Amir Telibećirović

745) Shakir Hussain

746) Richard Cross

747) Adel Avdić

748) martha shade

749) Nancy Ali

750) syed

751) Nassier

752) Richard O’Brien

753) Kristi Black

754) Abdul Rahman

755) Mozsa Laurenz

756) Roberto Csiki

757) mumeen

758) Spring62

759) Faizy

760) Phil Merlot

761) Hala Omari

762) Shazia choudhry

763) Rashid Qureshi

764) Mhara Castello

765) Lopeti Viti

766) Mari Mat Soad

767) Lauren Morais

768) aka M.T.POKKITS

769) Arshed Mahmood

770) Ahmed Mohammad

771) herol belica


773) Pamela Patterson

774) Tony Faithfull-Wright

775) Leilani Wand

776) Mounia Belica

777) Richard Guillemette

778) Dagmar Noble

779) philip geany

780) Noor UDDIN

781) Helena Kaspiri

782) Thrassyvoulos Papadopoulos

783) Ναταλί Γλέζου

784) Musa Khan

785) sandra watfa

786) Marie Davies

787) Viviana Lombardi

788) Mary Beaman

789) John Brebner

790) Mary Grace Castruita

791)  James Michie

792) Dolan

793) Anja Matar

794) edwin candel

795) Danya Rouk

796) Josephine Bailey

797) bejawi

798) amanda crawford

799) Mariam Muhsen

800) Aniseh Yunus

801) Aida Selman

802) Marion Lanoir

803) Tinnelle

804) Kevin James

805) U. Dani. H.

806) Kath Rockliff

807) carina hoigjelle solberg

809) Margaret Lynch

810) Jeffery Higley

811) darkminer

812) Nadiyah

813) Orhan Karadag………. Turkey

814) khalil abbasi

815) carina hoigjelle solberg

816) Ingrid Stevens

817) zurayda

819) Yasmine

820) Marta

821) Sandra Dawson

822) Harold Dawson

823) Jose Prado

824) Azz Begum

825) K Hughed

826) fjoanie kahl

827) john power

829) Lara Dale

830) Wendy Sheets

831) Lorena Gamboa

832) Amal Sweiss

833) caroline cadiet

834) Annette Lengyel

835) nadiyah

836) Allen Branson

837) Hoosne Parker

838) khalil abbasi

839) Paula Erol

840) Anna

841) Mona

842) Sara

843) Margaret Lynch

844) Christine Linley

845) carina hoigjelle solberg

846) Mona Nasrallah

847) Basheera Ebrahim

848) Sonya Cary

849) Stephanie Archer

850) Fazila

851) bettejo indelicato

852) Micah

853) Peter Dickie

854) Denyse

855) Hatita Hooi

856) Hazem kayyali

857) Fenella Machanova

858) sandra watfa

859) athony

860) t bone

861) Haifa

862) Yasmine S

863) Michael Brown

864) basheerah mollagee

865) Guy

866) imran

867) Karin Pilz

868) Margaret kanaan

869) Ornella Discanno

870) Randa Berouti

871) Amro Bilal

872) chela devi

873) y motala

874) Frédérique Bouchard

875) C.F.A.R.

876) Waleed Al Alami

877) Bassam S. Abu-Ghazalah

878) Rana Al-Alami

879) mick fletcher

880) John Wayne

881) Marc

882) Sawsan Morowah

883) Karina Bell

884) Oliver Bellamy

885) Rich Siegel

886) Paul Eisen

887) biddy bunzl

888) bec

889) Dennis Spenxe

890) Angela Grant

891) Les Merry

892) Mohammed Taha

893) A wolf

894) John Melsens

895) Vicki A. Rausch

896) Iqbal

897) Robby Martin

898) Dolan Delve

899) Yusuf Yasin

900) Mariam Ibrahim

901) jackie beatson

902)  Dannah Noble

903) Aref A Ali

904) Halina Wisniak

905) Basema

906) Sven Hallstrom

907) Tracy

908) najat bendris

909) Assem Sweidan

910) Cynthia M. Little

911) siddique ebrahim

912) Anonio Lopes

913) Mahmoud Mustafa

914) Margaret Lynch

915) Birgitta Falk

916) Cheryl guillot

917) Linda Darghous

918) Susan Rumsey, South Africa

919) arif shah

920) Giorgio Locatelli

921) marianne fehrmann, Holland

922) Alfred Bouch

923) Luz Mar D’Agnau

924) Sami Elkhayri

925) Mary Salamanca

926) mark naylor

927) Pamela Mkhaimer

928) lynsey howell

929) adrian

930) Jun Laguisma

931) Salam

932) john salim

933) Lujain Al-Iman

934) christine matthews

935) Joseph de Nicola

936) Raisa Al Malak

937) Diana

938) Teresa Corea, USA

939) Ricardo Quintanilla

940) Meaghan Edwards

941) salah eldin manning

942) Ronald Evans

943) Vicky Lind

944) Denis Grace

945) Vickie Killion

946) Elayne Lappi

947) Maria Dowler

948) Joe vick

949) Nilo Asghar

950) Carol Flores

951) Rashid Chavez

952) Mary Theodorou

953) Ayaz ahmed

954) Wayne Saunders

955) luqman hakim

956) Abel Taieb

957) Valary Veree Alexander

958) Alistair McLellan

959) Umar faruk

960) Jacqui Caldwell

961) Atka Jouini

962) Ketty Papadima

963) Irene Young

964) moe adam

965) Marian Larsen

966) james williamson

967) David Kraus

968) Claudio Marty

969) aidan mcguire

970) Miriam Theijsmeijer

971) Enrique Siwady

972) Plez R Cobb

973) Hossein

974) Jari James

975) Amy Hart

976) Donald Ramsay Mackay

977) keith darkin

978) Stephen Kawamoto

979) Ahmad Faihuddin Hashim

980) Darby Atler

981) Elzbieta Zeranska

982) bridget yorke

983) elisabeth carneroth

984) Zarina Bhatia

985) souad

986) Myles Kroll

987) PepPap

988) Sam Ramirez

989) Kieran Maxwell

990) Hatita Hooi

991) Fabiana Ezcurra

992) Catherine Strout

993) Abd alRahman ibnNelson

994) Sam Siddiqui

995) Yani Haigh

996) Ibrahim Ali Mahmoud

997) JoAnne Vandatta

998) Craig Hill

999) Fatima Mansour

1000) zouheir daraaoui

1001) Fardeen Hussein

1002) GA Hughes

1003) gabriel mceskew

1004) Malika Harris

1005) Chang Mei Wan

1006) Ines Crespo

1007) Birgitta Falk

1008) Gerd Pettersson

1009) michael b

1010) Paola Santacesaria

1011) francesca emmetti

1012) Jerry Gates

1013) Brian son of Jim of the family Maxwell

1014) Grace Moore

1015) Jerry Frost

1016) Mirna Miranda

1017) Gordon Gallacher

1018) Catherine McRorie

1019) Michael Lee

1020)leslie crofford


1022) s o’neill

1023) Patricia ODonnell

1024) Mary Theodorou

1025) dr. t bertocchi

1026) Sam Adams

1027) Khamis Awaida

1028) Patricia Marie Porter

1029) Dee Hunt

1030) Steve Kerr

1031) s o’neill

1032) Diane Dounas

1033) Gilad Atzmon

1034) Margaret Stewart

1035) Bronwen Wilson

1036) Robert Muncaster

1037) Jarel W Hughes 1038) Lisa Atwell

1039) Maxine Speaker

1040) Martin

1041) Scott

1042)  john power

1043) Chris Cooley

1044) Kevin pggott

1045) Cheryl Richard

1046) yakoob

1047) Cheryl Richard

1048) Diana Lodge

1049) Autumn Chandler

1050) Kaher Isa brothers

1051) Kath Rockliff

1052) susan valentino

1053) Myles Kroll

1054) A BURNS

1055) Mohibbur Rahman ( munnamohib )

1056) Jaroslav Mensik

1057) Paul Siemering

1058) Shon T Yde

1059) omar hussein

1060) Maria Elma Bastos Lima

1061) jacques Serge FRANT

1062) Vin Sootarsing

1063) Annabelle Mauceri

1064) Andy Miller

1065) gennylim

1066) Henri Eze

1067) natalie reeves

1068) Jenny Kastner

1069) Asad Awashra

1070) jeannette hanna

1071) p round

1072) James D Smith

1073) carina hoigjelle solberg

1074) Nils Bjørkelo

1075) Diego Prendergast

1076) David Hicks

1077) Kathy Felgran

1078) Cheri Infante

1079) Julia kaya

1080) Jacques Leduc

1081) Alan Bishop

1082) Lucie

1083) Javed Akhtar

1084) Faiza Pasha

1085) Ursula Süss

1086) sarah

1087) Jamy Adanalıu

1088) Roger Pack

1089) Muhammet

1090) Deb Bazell

1091) jeff turner

1092) DeMarlos Hunter


1094) Mona Nasrallah

1095) James “Jim” Michie

1096) Raquel Pereira de Paula Gonçalves

1097) shabnum hafejee

1098) Vera

1099) jorge valente

1100) Reema

1101) cj

1102) Carol Lynn O’Sullivan

1103) Xabadine Morinehtar

1104) Mahmoud Arafat

1105) Anita Bruckner

1106) Frank Fredenburg

1107) nancy olang

1108) Kevin Beardsmore

1109) Tricia Shepherd

1110) Mona Massoud

1111) philip geany

1112) Roger Pack

1113) Almaz Masr

1114) Alfredo Crocetti

1115) Ibrahim

1116) oscarlove Hutton

1117) Jonathan Metcalfe

1118) Robert Relf

1120) Carol

1121) Muhammad Ali

1122) Hamza Rauf

1123) michael gardner

1124) Susan O’Neill

1125) Salam

1126) Dagmar Noble

1127) Mhara Castello

1128) Nubia Quiñones

1129) Blake G


1131) Jasna Tischhauser

1132) ross vassilev

1133) Dawud Islam


1135) Kris L Doyle

1136) Linda G Richard

1137) Catherine McRorie

1138) Bill Weston

1139) Farida Gillot

1140) Aymar Amira

1141) Sophie Zapala

1142) Simon Vrouwe

1143) Beth Dew

1144) Alan M. Dube

1145) cezary kowalski

1146) grace c. moore

1147) Bassam Imam

1148) Nat Talarico

1149) Blake Parker

1150) Nabil Hassani

1151) Julie Marshman

1152) Catherine Strout

1153) mai wabt

1154) Marcus Knight

1155) Leylla Sami

1156) Sharon donaghue

1157) Khaled Mouammar

1158) Helena Pennanen

1159) Angela Crane

1160) Linda G Richard

1161) Khadijah Al-Hilali

1162) Stan Squires

1163) Mike Odetalla

1164) Dena Olwan

1165) Ana Caldeira

1166) Maree Josephine Minter

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1199) Steven Lynas

1200) rozali meat

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1204) Julie Macgregor

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1206) Sami the bedouin

1207) Nasreen Ebrahim

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1209) Lou Cassivi

1210) Zaheer JIlani

1211) Hesham Jubary

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1213) Stephen Brackens Brinkley

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Redemption: A Challenge to World Jewry


To expose the absurd and unrealistic nature of the “one-state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians”, and to extract one of the main perils it encapsulates, I would mention here mainly three facts.

These facts have the double merit of being crystal clear, and also of being based on fundamental pillars of civilization, i.e. time-tested. I would suggest that they become fundamental guidelines for any further proposition:

Firstly: To allow mass-murderers, land-thieves, ideological supremacists, destroyers of Cultural Heritage to keep the loot, is ethically unacceptable. Worse still, in our era of post-Nuremberg Principles of International Law, and post-Geneva Conventions, this would represent a perilous turn backwards of the wheel of history, by re-allowing and even justifying land acquisition by means of military conquest and terrorism, down to GENOCIDE and democide.

Secondly: To force or coerce victims of slow genocide, -ongoing since seven decades, to live with their rapists and murderers of their children, is ruthless, inhumane, and also an incentive for the perpetrators to perpetuate said crimes, even increase their insane cruelty.

Thirdly: to bring to the fore the notion of “equal rights” when the parties concerned are one of dispossessed victims, and the other one of serial killers and supremacists, it constitutes an oxymoron which itself is nothing else than sabotage of the very foundation of Justice.

To sabotage foundational elements of human cohabitation, is downright perilous for mankind, and yet this is what is promoted by people under the ominously fake pretext of “peace”!

A Peace that justifies past massacres and promotes future massacres, is not Peace.

Enough is enough !


Those guilty, -individually and collectively of perpetrating horrendous crimes and atrocities in Palestine and beyond for over seven decades,-without ever facing justice, and those internationally complicit by sustaining the aggressor and occupying entity “Israel”, must get accustomed to the oncoming tsunami of lawful calls for Justice. They must also be forewarned, that there is no escape route left. After all they had seven decades of opportunity to abandon their terror methods, during which their integration into the peaceful Palestinian culture, as Jews, would have still been possible.It must be reminded that before the Jewish-Zionist invasions, Muslim majority and Christian and Jewish minorities lived harmoniously together; they all were Palestinians, irrespective of religion.

Now, having failed in every sense, for the bloodthirsty invaders and their even worse offspring, Justice is at the corner.

After over seventy years of Jewish-Zionist terrorism, of bloody history, of deception, lies, land robbery, ethnic cleansing, and slow genocide, we now observe offspring of the initial terrorists, trying to sweet talk Palestinians, with the obvious intention to facilitate a final take-over of the very few areas of Palestine yet not conquered entirely, albeit occupied. Their method of deception is a rather thin varnish of “Peace” and “humanism”, under which the same supremacist ideology lingers, with the same lust after power like flies over red meat. Anyone who deals with that surreptitious re-branding long enough, and with a modicum of sane skepticism, will rapidly discover that their nebulous “one state” never was intentioned as, and never will be, a realistic solution.

The list of reasons, one more practical and evident than the next one, as to why the small and historically Arab country Palestine, can not accommodate such masses of rabid foreigners, is too long to enumerate here in full. Let’s just keep in mind that millions upon millions of Palestinians living in forced exile around the world since over 5 decades (since 1967), respectively over 7 decades (since 1948 and before), are for most of them longing to return to their home, the home of their ancestors since centuries and millennia, and commence to heal the abominable wounds to the land the rabid Jewish-Zionists inflicted to this historic World Heritage.

It is crucial that our friends and supporters reflect upon the meaning of JUSTICE in the context of a history saturated with War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Justice is NOT revenge.

Justice is an imperative step to stop further crimes, assorted with unconditional restitution, reparation and compensation to be payed by the perpetrators and their accomplices, to the victims and their descendants.

As mentioned before, these inherently violent and arguably bloodthirsty criminals and vicious land grabbers, have had a full century (since the beginning of the first Jewish-Zionist invasion) to learn to coexist peacefully. Instead, they have only learned how to genocide, culturecide, democide, torture, use WMD, terrorize, destroy biblical archeological heritage, and on and on…

Enough is enough !

Participating in absolving individuals guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and other ongoing crimes since over seven decades, and whitewashing these Crimes, by simply claiming “Israel” is a mere apartheid which can be “fixed” with some pressure and with “Israel” annexing the West Bank and Gaza, and by granting Palestinians “Israeli” citizenship to “upgrade” their status from “occupied” to “slaves” in their own Homeland, and demanding nothing but marginal improvement of the treatment of Palestinians, is a betrayal to all things human and moral.

“Israelis” live on stolen Palestinian lands, in homes stolen from Palestinians, in architecturally abominable settlements which are destroying the biblical landscape Palestinians had shaped since millennia. It was called the “Holy Land” before the invasion of hordes of Jewish-Zionist terrorists, most of them Ashkenazic Jews with strictly no historic link, and NO common culture with Palestine and the Middle East. These Jewish-Zionist barbarians have uprooted millions of centuries-old olive trees, destroyed hundreds (over 90%) of biblical villages, and are selling agricultural and industrial products grown and produced on stolen land. Everyday, more hundreds of “dunums” of Palestinian land are “confiscated” or simply taken over at gunpoint, by Jewish “Israeli” terrorists, from Palestinian owners.

We should ask ourselves why is it, that so many deem it difficult to comprehend that all stolen land, all stolen property, all usurped goods and profits, must be returned to its rightful owners, let alone reparation and compensation paid whenever restitution is not possible any more, and for decades of suffering and deprivation endured by the legitimate owners of property and rights?

Where is the logic, when Jews on one hand request to this day restitution of property confiscated (and sometimes sold) during the Nazi regime, and yet they turn around and pretend that restitution of what they took from others is “not realistic”, and even “anti-Semitic”!

What is it that blinds public opinion? I would opine that main cause of this manipulation of public opinion, is due to the control of mass-medias and entertainment, as well as the corruption of polity and politicians, by Jewish-Zionist networks of influence, systematically depriving the public of the key information necessary to make informed democratic decisions. Together with me, more and more analysts come to the same conclusion. Mass medias and politicians have lost the trust of the public, hence truth begins to impose itself.

As far as the vast majority of Palestinians are concerned, our aim is to re-create a racism-free, supremacy-free, exploitation-free Holy Land.  Meaning, our aim is the FULL LIBERATION of Palestine.

We should hope that one day soon, racist and supremacists would take their racism, immorality, inhumanity and hate away from the land they have wounded and defiled for that long. We also suggest that Jewish supporters who hope to regain some degree of dignity and credibility, better soon than late, take their responsibility by helping us achieve our highly moral goal. It would be time for them to relinquish, once and for all, any further attempt of legitimisation and the finalisation of the Zionist project. It would also be time to stop protecting “Israel’s” interest by defending Jewish “Israelis” self-claimed “right” to remain in Palestine and to keep the loot.

Still, myriads of Jewish Foundations which fundraises enormous sums, in the billions, from international Jewish communities, to finance either overtly or covertly the destruction of Palestine, the genocide, the destruction of cultural heritage, imprisonment and torture of children, etc, etc. The Jewish National Fund for example is one of these accomplices instrumental in the destruction of Biblical Palestinian villages and constructing “Israeli-only” colonies, and commission of other crimes, since more than a century.

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet, to begin to reverse the steam?

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet, to begin to restore a modicum of respectability, instead of being its own nemesis?

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet to begin to participate in restorative causes, rather then unwittingly cover up crimes? (it is preferable to be a Moser, than abettor, accomplice or accessory of mass-murder)


27 million- Fundraising by Friends of IDF

For these reasons, we hereby challenge specifically Jewish organizations and individuals, to create a new Jewish fund, in an effort to begin the lengthy and inescapable Restitution, Reparation and Compensation process, that will inevitably ensue the 7 decades long and ongoing Jewish Crimes against the land of Palestine and its indigenous people.

We suggest the fund being raised and collected exclusively from Jewish donors, being unambiguously destined and allocated solely toward Restitution, Reparation and Compensation , and being associated with agreement of every donor, to support the Full and Unconditional Liberation, Restitution, Reparation and Compensation for the Palestinians.

Our proposal means peace in the long term, with down the road a sort of restoration of the status-pro-ante, ie. Peaceful cohabitation between Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews, providing these citizens of Palestine respect Palestinian Law, do not engage in terrorism or treasonous activities, and for what concern those ex-Israelis who wish to remain in Palestine, that they could demonstrate to a special commission, their innocence from any oppressive or repressive or murderous activity by the then defunct “Israel”.

Our proposal represents a strict minimum our Jewish supporters should engage into because the crimes are committed in their names and with the support of the majority of world Jewry, by people who have usurped  Palestine and attempted to destroy Palestinian peoplehood, in the name of their Jewishness. If Jewish self-claimed supporters of Palestine truly object to such crimes, then they have no better option, than to launch a campaign similar, -but radically opposed to the Jewish National Fund type.


Just buying a few homes here and there, or just another Jewish self-promotional white-wash agency, altogether called “support”, won’t be enough. What we need to see are Jewish supporters proving through practical and meaningful acts that they are willing to put their weight against what is still a majority of Zionist Jews, and develop a segment influential enough amongst their Jewish communities, to make significant paradigm shifts, and to raise the billions necessary to at first buy back Palestinian property, and secondly transfer this to the rightful Palestinian owners.

Instead of fundraising for Jewish “israeli” groups such as IHCAD, Windows for Peace, B’Tselem, Machsomwatch.. etc, which are generally anti-zionist only at the surface, become a “future leader” of the already inevitable reversed flow, that will restore Justice and bring Peace, and see the multitude of Palestinians in forced exile, back to their ancestral Homeland, unifying with their Palestinian compatriots who survived, heroically, 7 decades of terrorism.

Our challenge to world Jewry is to, simply: COUNTER BALANCE Rothschild.

Are they up for the challenge?

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