Who is there?

Oh human

Can’t you see!

I am precisely like you

I don’t like being humiliated

I am no one’s doormat

I’m person in my own right


When I was born

I was born innocent

Happy and free

And I want to live

A normal life

With dignity

Wouldn’t you?

I realise there is a dawn

Waiting to be born

And that… after hardship… passes away

Ease will come to life… very soon

But… they inflicted so much

Pain and cruelty

Upon this little girl

And upon her homeland

Palestinian family cry after their home was demolished by Israeli forces in the East Jerusalem2
The world is watching

Eyes open wide

In bewilderment

And disbelief

“What we are watching

Is a fiction movie

It’s not really true”

While in exile

Puzzled… I agonize

Wiping tears off my saddened face

Searching around

Any one there?

This is My Palestine

Looking up… into sky

Did You hear my cries?

Did You witness the crime?

In Palestine, Something Miraculous Happens


Knock… knock

A gentle tap

Yes, coming

Who is there?

Hope is here

Smiling at my heart

Standing by my door


I am all of those


Even when full

 Bites of hunger eat my guts


Clad with soft and silky garments

I feel bare, no clothes can veil


Wrapped up cozy in a home so warm

 My shivering bones are bitterly cold


Snug and secure in my serene abode

In constant fear… ever terrorized


No health problems or complaint

Yet throbbing pains tear me apart


This being within is not only me

But all of those who roam the earth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be Seen


No warmth … No shelter

No wealth… No health

 No food … No haven

Fleeting in stealth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be Seen


When a child lies in bed with hunger

When a baby dies for a droplet of water

When toddlers are torn with drones to pieces

Hearts of angels burst into flames… blazing fire

Souls of prophets split asunder

Heaven cries with rage and thunder


Wait man… wait

God postpones… Never ignores


Closing your eyes pretending not to see

God’s eyes neither snooze nor go to sleep

Tenderly caressing fathers who mourn

 Watching over mamas who weep


NO… No escape

We are all to blame

No lame excuse can wash our shame


Don’t get me wrong, no offence intended

But truth can hurt and may even kill


Gazing in the abyss while staying still

No longer an option… You have got a will



Don’t go far searching for the truth

Look inside, search only within

Open your heart and sing my song

Praise the Sublime and join along


Yes I am indeed all of those

Who roam the earth

Fleeting in stealth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be seen

Don't Plant Anything But Love

A letter to God

 يا ودود 

Ya Wadoud

Dear Most Loving

Here I am

Wandering in the wilderness

Cold… soaking… frightened… lonely… lost

Dripping pain and sorrow



Knocking at your door

Humbly kneeling down

Hands upraised

Face hidden with tears


Requesting of Your generosity

Appealing of Your kindness

Pleading of Your mercy

 0001 heart

Shroud me with Your bliss

Wrap me up with Your pleasure

Shower me with Your blessings


Make no desire in my heart

Greater than being with You


No aspiration dearer

Than the bounty of Your love


Make me a mouthpiece of Your truth

A fingerprint of Your creativity

An ambassador of Your reality


Make me a pathway of Your certainty

 A sign of Your authenticity

A whisper of Your inspiration

223294_373456346063713_715101148_n - Copy 

Make me a fountain of kindness

A lantern of guidance

A waterfall of honesty

A cascade of delight


 Make me a footstep

Leading to Your splendour


Make me a pail

Pouring out love

Watching all content


Make me a lamp

Glowing with tenderness and warmth

Until none is lost in darkness or despair


Make me a cloud

Full of goodness

Raining joy

Planting affection

Flowering passion

Blooming compassion

Fruiting closeness

Picking intimacy

Feeding ecstasy and reunion


Watching all fulfilled

Living whole… serene and satisfied


Dear Most Loving

It’s only through knowing You

Can distressed hearts

Find tranquillity and peace


The wise have said:

“ if you love a thing so much, it will reveal its secrets to you”


Dear Most Loving

Here I am

An empty vessel

Lift me… Fill me… Use me

As You wish

My will is nothing

But Yours


Dear Most Loving

I am walking towards you

Your promise is true

Come running towards me

 Hold me… embrace me

I am all Yours


A Refugee with a crazy shoe

A Refugee with a crazy shoe


Watch the “chosen” terrorists; Jewish-Zionist barbarians demolish a Palestinian home of four families in front of their eyes…

Watch the heart-wrenching screams of children as they watch their home being torn to pieces by the “brave” soldiers of the “holy nation”

The “chosen” terrorists are only using Palestine as their lab. This BARBARIC behaviour of the Jewish-Zionist “Israelis” will be coming soon to a neighbourhood near YOU, through their Rothschild banksters and ilk.





Civilian Society ??

Shia… Sunni? Cui Bono?

Will Muslims wake up to the ugly truth; for “Israel” to survive it needs and wants Sunni-Shia war…

It wants Sunni Muslims to see Shia Muslims as their enemy.

It wants Muslim to kill his brother.

It wants Muslims to DESTROY EACH OTHER for the sake of the satanic entity “Israel”.

Barry Grossman commented on this clip saying:

In this short clip we have a lunatic asserting on behalf of Israel, the one illegitimate entity in the region with an undeclared arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons, that Israel “cannot live with a nuclear Iran.” On behalf of Israel this Zionist calls on Sunni Muslims to form a coalition with Israel’s participation to be led by Turkey and which he asserts must understand that “the major problem in the region is the Shia religion led by Iran.” According to his rant, this coalition must mobilize to oppose, not simply what Zionists claim to be Iran’s nuclear ambitions but rather to oppose the Shia as a whole. The title given to this clip is, for once, entirely correct. “Israel wants Sunni- Shia War


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