Examine Your Loyalty



This is just a whisper in the ears of Jewish “supporters” whose blind loyalty to Jewish “israelis” obfuscates their reason and disturbs their sense of justice:

Palestinians have been fighting the monster that is the Jewish state, for seventy years, against all odds, against extreme disproportion of power, and against the betrayal of friend and foe, yet there is no weakening in their will to resist and no sign of them giving up any time soon.

Generation after generation they have held their ground and vowed to continue their struggle until the FULL LIBERATION of their land. In their songs, in their weddings, in their funerals, in their celebration of the birth of their babies, in their schools, in their trips, in their prayers, in their mosques, in their churches and even in their dreams, that is because they LOVE their land in a way that you can never feel or understand, thus their willingness to sacrifice

Ard أرض in Arabic means Land, and Erd عرض means Honour

Palestinians say loss of one’s Land is loss of one’s honour

So if you want to help them achieve FULL LIBERATION, putting aside all other tribal interests and tribal distractions, so be it, otherwise spare us your help and stick to fighting your own little battles with bogus “antisemites”

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  1. Indeed, arguably the vast majority of people who define themselves as “Jews” in most countries have made very unwise and very reprehensible choices, at least since seven decades.

    Their choice was to reject the open arms humanity had offered, inviting jews to come amidst us as equals, and depart from their supremacist racist, genocidal and hate filled ideology.

    Instead, at various degrees Jews engage since over seven decades in a criminal and racist enterprise “israel” that has caused, and continue to cause havoc to millions of people, to dozens of countries, and that has dragged the entire so called western world at the edge of a militarized and pauperized abyss.

    There are exceptions amidst Jews worldwide, fortunately, but the number of exceptions is so thin that it is alarming. And what is more alarming is that even those who are not necessarily friendly with the crimes of the criminal racist enterprise “israel” still do somehow refuse to reject it altogether by demanding the Full and Unconditional Liberation of Palestine, and its Full Restitution and Compensation, which is the legal and legitimate Palestinian claim. Ultimately it will also be the only pathway to Peace and Prosperity to both Middle East and the collective west, especially in a time when the Sino-Russian alliance will re-balance the world not in the favor of the west.

    The criminal, genocidal, racist enterprise “israel”, is a party of war and atrocities against mankind. It has a ramified network of jewish accomplices in the west who at various degrees act like parasitic enemy cells disloyal to their respective countries. This racist experiment “israel” is incompatible with a peaceful, sustainable, prosperous, egalitarian society with all our technological, environmental and philosophical challenges we face as a species in our era.

    Palestine was without doubt the most peaceful and exemplary country, before the jewish foreign invasions and the endless account of atrocities and Crimes Against Humanity since then, committed by these jews occupying Palestine and attempting to exterminate Palestinians and destroy their multi-millenary heritage. This Palestinian cultural heritage was a World Heritage for all of mankind, as Palestinians are an immensely generous people, contrary to the racist exclusivist jews who wreak havoc and destruction in that wounded land that needs healing for the world to benefit.

    It is simply extraordinary that Palestinians after over 70 years of the most abject crimes committed against them, still have kept their humanity intact, and not just intact, but still are a shining model of society for all.

    I think those who define themselves politically as “jews” are at a crossroad in this end of the first quarter of the 21st Century. Either they chose to abandon their racist jewish ideology and its murderous enterprise “israel”, and join humanity with contrition and as equals, or, yes OR they will experience individually and collectively the unavoidable ultimate total rejection from a fed-up humanity they have severely damaged. This humanity incontrovertibly striving for life always, will reduce their jewish enemies to isolated wandering individual outcasts without future and without possession other then the ferocious opprobrium from all humanity.

    The signs are ominous. Only fanatical psychopaths, even on a collective level, can not see them yet. It is like a wall about to fall on you, and instead of running to safety and admitting that wall was a mistake, those who adhere at any level to the racist failed experiment “israel”, continue to throw bombs and destruction and killing children and robbing nations everywhere they can. The end of that is approaching fast.

    Either jews end it by themselves, and fast, and totally, or that end will not be pretty, but brutal, and its consequences will be lasting for many, many centuries.

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  2. Th zionist cancer must be dismantiled in order to have peace and justice in the whole Midddle East … without that there will never ever be peace in Palestine and the whole Middle east
    The two-hettos solution will never work either … it is ONLY Palestine from the river to the sea !!


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