“Vote-Giving”? – No Thank you. We Choose LIBERATION

A Jewish “Israeli” man messaged me to inquire why am I opposed to the idea of what he calls “vote-switching”.


This is my response:

The idea of “vote giving” is a pathetic one, in so far that it is primarily ineffective, and what is more it gives YOU, “Israeli” Jews, the impression that YOU are being “helpful” and “generous” by “giving” us “something”, on the other hand it stages Palestinians in the most undignified position at the receiving end of the occupier’s “charitable”  deed. While in reality it is mere vacuous bubble, smoke in the air:

1) It gives the fake impression of legitimacy to an entity which is in reality ILLEGITIMATE, an attempt to “beautify” and “democratize” that which is heinously ugly and fundamentally undemocratic.

2) It is a form of normalization, where Palestinians under occupation and in exile are hoodwinked to believe that “they are voting”, when in reality they are “voting” in a system and for a system that is oppressing them.

3) “Giving” us YOUR vote CHANGES NOTHING ON THE GROUND, no matter how wild your imagination is, you know as much as I do that the outcome of such ridiculous move is NOTHING:
a) in terms of election results; knowing that you can only chose between two evils: evil and “lesser” evil as it is the case in all Western “democracies” but on a much deeper and worse level in the Zionist entity.
b) in terms of how “honest” are those “Israelis” who will vote for you as a Palestinian (not much confidence there).
c) in terms of the number of “Israeli” Jews who would be sooooo “generous” as to “give” us their vote. you know how pathetically insignificant your numbers are, no need to pretend otherwise.

4) If we really want to achieve REAL CHANGE on the ground, one needs clearly defined aims and objectives. My objective, which is irrefutably, the objective of the majority of Palestinians is the LIBERATION of Palestine. What is yours?

5) We are sick and tired of being told what to do to achieve our goals, what is good for us, how to resist, what should our future be like, or have occupiers vote on our behalf, we especially sick and tired to hear from those who caused our Nakba in the first place, YOU Jewish “supporters”. If you really are sincere in your desire to help, you really need to learn to be HUMBLE for once and  accept to sit in the back seat and let the only LEGITIMATE Nation of Palestine DECIDE for ourselves without your “supervision”, “mentoring”  and “steering”. You are NOT God’s “chosen”, your are NOT “superior” human-beings, NOR are you intellectually “superior” than anyone else.  Our future is NOT entangled with yours because you have made a mess in an entire region of the world for almost a century in ever greater murderous genocidal criminality. Individually and collectively Jewish “Israelis” are accountable for past and ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Legally and Historically you will have  to bear the consequences. The “golden times” of warmongering, land theft and  assassination of children will soon be over.

6) We need ACTION that brings CHANGE not just  symbolic gesture which makes YOU feel good, while leaving us stagnating, like rabbits running till exhaustion in a cylinder only to stay still…
It is exactly like you coming to help building a demolished house only for it to be re-demolished again and again and again and again; useless “action” of alleged “resistance” only to deplete our time, energy and resources and achieve NOTHING on the ground but the illusion of “victory”.
If your really want to help then, go all the way and do the REAL STUFF.

7) The REAL STUFF is NOT a “Kum ba yah” song, oh let’s hug each other then miraculously your bullets would molest our babies less aggressively, your bombs would fall softer on our heads or our decades of excruciating pain of exile would suddenly taste sweeter. We do NOT need a “vote” from an “Israeli” OCCUPIER to elect another “Israeli” OCCUPIER, what we need is REAL ACTION of goodwill and sincerity that proves to us that you are genuinely sorry for what you have done and willing to put things right, i.e:

a)  Total disengagement with the Zionist entity, abandon the so called “Israeli” citizenship, and think of ways to stop the illegitimate illegal flood of Jews who have nothing to do with Palestine.
b) If you really so love the land and so hate the crimes committed and so hate injustice, you can apply for Palestinian citizenship.
c) Work within the International Legal system to help Return all STOLEN LAND and PROPERTY and to facilitate the RETURN of ALL refugees.
d) Participate, collect information and help facilitate Law-suites against “israeli” criminals whether soldiers,  settlers or outside collaborators, promoters and financiers.
e) Work within YOUR communities world wide to bring change in their supremacist attitude and criminal behaviour (for financing and supporting criminals)
f) Work through legal avenues to REVOKING ISRAEL’S UN MEMBERSHIP. The racist genocidal occupation entity, which was in breach of UN Charters, which has violated and defied more UN resolutions and charter principles than any other. This illegitimate entity has no moral or legal ground whatsoever to be a member of the UN. Its membership is a disgrace on the face of humanity and a mockery of International Law. Israel’s UN membership should have never happened in the first place.

Civilian Society ??

8) Insisting on squeezing the Palestinian struggle to fit the apartheid model of South Africa or black America is a double whammy:

Firstly, presenting the Zionist entity as a normal state with a few apartheid policies that can be changed is fundamentally false:
a) what is happening in Palestine is NOT mere segregation and apartheid, what is going on is ethnic cleansing, wiping a country off the map and slow genocide.
b) Racism in the “Jewish state” is ideological, grounded in “sacred” texts, cultural practices and the inherent concept of “chosen-ness”, unlike South Africa in which racism was a momentary convenience, reflecting opportunistic fulfillment of self-interest of a white minority.

Secondly, when activists are intoxicated with the deceptive mantra of “Equal rights, One State, Two People”, offered as the best formula and ideal model of solution  rather than other successful models of Liberation, such as Algeria for example, that means the they  participates in whitewashing and rewarding the century-ongoing Zionist crimes, such paradigm gives a lee-way to the thriving of an illegal genocidal expansionist racist entity. Such solution would mean blessing the EXPANSION of “Israel” and granting the Zionist occupier a comprehensive and “peaceful”  take over, and unrestricted control over our land and our lives.

Like North America, South Africa was conquered and subsequently ruled by white Europeans several centuries ago, i.e. BEFORE International Law adopted through the  Nuremberg Principles right after WW2, explicitly prohibited land acquisition through military conquest, and clearly defined Crimes Against Humanity, amidst them Wars of Aggression and Conquest , Genocide and Instigation of Wars & Crimes against peace, and War crimes  to be the worst categories of crimes. All the latter Crimes having been, and still are in even worse manner, perpetrated by Jewish Israelis.

Furthermore, this “one-state, two people” approach fully ignores the unbalanced premise of the reality on the ground, and the implication such proposal would have – namely the finalization of the aims of the racist, expansionist and exclusionary Jewish Nationalist experiment called “Israel”. It would de facto annex all residual Palestinian post-1967 Bantustans, and attach them to what would inevitably be “Israel” no matter what convoluted name would be attached to. Because indeed, there is no need to be a rocket scientist to know full well who would keep the arsenal, who would keep the apparatus of power, judicial, military, executive, financial, etc.

All the while the demand granting equal rights to all, includes supremacists and invaders who have no historic or legal rights to the land, who are still flocking to Palestine as we speak, armed to the teeth by their support networks in US-America, in other words, these are active dangerous psychopathic criminals.

Zionist Jews did not come to Palestine with olive branches to begin with, they did not come with peaceful intentions of co-existence with the indigenous population. They gushed in like savages, terrorizing unarmed peaceful farmers and land tenders, they tortured and imprisoned, they came to destroy, “cleanse”, conquer and dominate.

A century on, their racist ideology, their use of terror, and their abominable psychopathic behaviour has only intensified, and drastically. The vast majority of that artificial “society” -and for very specific supremacist ideological reasons- are unwilling/ incapable of viewing the “other” as equal and over the passing of time they have shown to be unwilling to become modest or peaceful , let alone remain peaceful.

Would any decent human-being force a mother to marry the murderer of her child?

Would any decent human-being find it acceptable to force a child to live with his paedophile abuser?

Would any decent human-being accuse these people, child and mother of “immorality” or call them “unrealistic” for refusing to tie their future with their abusers?

Through the delusional “Equal Rights, One State, Two People” proposal, the FACTS ON THE GROUNDS would remain unchanged, and probably aggravated, since these FACTS, stock and barrel, would remain in the hands of SUPREMACISTS.

This is NOT a solution.

“Israelis” who claim to have understood the role of their community in the CREATION and CONTINUATION of Palestinian Nakba, those who claim to be disgusted with the crimes of their society, those who say they feel remorseful and repentant, if they are indeed honest, then the least they could do is to show some signs of sincerity, meaning to show the desire and determination to correct the mistakes of their “people”.

Only then their victims may investigate the fragile alleys of forgiveness or punishment. The victims should have the last say irrespective of what their judgment might be, they should not be vilified, indicted or moralized with, for they have suffered more than enough for almost a century.

The emergence of forgiveness and reconciliation requires certain conditions:

1) Stopping the crime
2) Admitting of guilt
3) Asking for pardon
4) And most importantly rectifying the wrong

None of these conditions are ever considered as an option amongst that mighty sick racist Zionist society as a collective.

Those very few individuals who show some support for Palestinians are rarely, if ever, able to accept even the return of refugees. They NEVER go beyond calling for “equal rights”. i.e. they NEVER go as far as total RESTITUTION and REINSTATEMENT of ALL PROPERTY and RIGHTS to the dispossessed Palestinians.

Morally blinded (by self interest) and submerged in dishonesty (due to the conflict of interest) they pretend not see that such approach is fatally flawed from its inception. For it equates between AGGRESSORS and VICTIMS. It ABSOLVES the CRIMINALS from being PROSECUTED by LAWS of JUSTICE, and it ABSOLVE them from GIVING BACK REAL ASSETS of LAND and PROPERTY.

If Jewish “Israeli” peace activists fail to see the lopsided morality in such approach, then they need to go back on their knees for some self-reflection and pray to see some light that might help restore their humanity.

In my entire life, I have met ONE, only ONE EX-“Israeli”, who calls himself Palestinian Hebrew. He vehemently rejects “Israel” with all its aggression, violence, theft and supremacy. He took the most admirable stance by imposing exile upon himself even though he was born in a settlement near Al-Quds/ Palestine, because he MORALLY REFUSES to BE PART of that RACIST CRIMINAL SOCIETY.

Such is my brother, such is a person of moral rectitude who is worthy of Palestinian citizenship upon liberation of Palestine.

Make no mistake, the fate of Palestine will be the forbearing sign indicating the shape of the future of International Relationships. By failing to liberate Palestine, we forfeit International Law, and that unambiguously opens the gates to an abyss. Any predatory group equipped with some military, would be vindicated to conquer and destroy whatever they want, wherever they want, on the primitive basis of military force. Basically a staggering regression back into the Stone Age methodology, expanded globally by contemporaneous weaponry’s range and effect, which is biocidal,and instantaneous .

In conclusion, in this war-ridden era it has become a matter of acute urgency and prime importance, that Nations reconvene as a Community, to fulfill its responsibility to Restore International Law, as well as to affirm universal  principles of ethics, in order to stop the bloodshed and destruction of our beautiful planet, by stopping predators and warmongers by all means necessary.

The following are the aims of most Palestinians,

FULL LIBERATION of Historic Palestine. The Holy Land must be free from racists committing atrocities. A way must be found, to bring reason to the Holy Land, and there is no other way than to evict foreign criminals. Keep in mind that before the invasion by Jewish foreigners, Palestine was characterized by the harmonious coexistence between respectively a Palestinian Muslim majority, a Palestinian Christian minority and a Palestinian Jewish minority. To restore this harmonious cohesive fabric is the only way forward.

FULL SOVEREIGNTY of the Palestinian Nation over their ancestral country: Palestine, with a constitution and a political system of their own independent choice. For the sake of International Peace and Security.

PROSECUTION OF WAR CRIMINALS, plans of which should start without delay, A Palestinian JUDICIAL and IMMIGRATION System, will respectively prosecute former “Israeli” criminals and their associates, and/or grant or decline on an individual basis, a Right to Remain, based on criteria solely to be defined by said Immigration and Integration Services. Anyone who can prove non-participation in the ex-Israeli occupation apparatus, and who has demonstrated ability and willingness to a respectable and law-abiding conduct, will probably obtain a chance to gain unrestricted Palestinian citizenship, with equal rights.

RETURN, RESTITUTION and COMPENSATIONS: Palestinian refugees have the unconditional Right of Return. Palestine and the Palestinian Nation at large, are entitled to full and unconditional Restitution of their land and property whenever possible, assorted with appropriate Compensation for more than seven decades of deprivation and slow genocide, Cultural destruction, and a whole array of atrocities and usurpation. .

Now, the question is:

Would you or any “Israeli” Jew be interested to join us in our struggle for LIBERATION as one of us, as an EX-”Israeli” and a future Palestinian?



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  1. To “Israelis”, I always had only one thing to say:


    I hope it is Muslims’ goal to see APARTHEID ISRAEL disappear for ever from all Muslim lands!



  2. Thank you for this detailed reply Nahida. It has changed my thinking on this issue.


  3. Basheer,

    To “Palestinians”, I always had only one thing to say:
    I hope it is Jewish ’ goal to see APARTHEID PALESTINE disappear for ever from all Jewish lands!

    your Zionist apes and pigs


  4. Nahida,
    Thanks for writing this. You’re obviously well informed and thought this through.
    Here are my thoughts:
    1. Yes, Algeria is a successful liberation model, but it is not the only one. Why not Northern Ireland? New Zealand? In many countries, occupier’s and occupied’s descendants coexist peacefully. Sure, there are problems and differences, but they no longer massacre each other. I think that’s a big improvement.
    2. I hate to break it to you, but like any other human being on this planet, some of your ancestors have occupied, pillaged, and raped to bring you to existence. So by your logic we should hold you accountable for that?
    3. If your goal is to rectify all of History’s wrongs you’ll eventually find that the only solution is to kill all humans. We must be realistic and focus on how we build a future where people can find happiness without interfering with others. Yes, even if their grandfather was a son of a bitch.
    4. I was born here and even though I’m a descendant of Zionist occupiers, I don’t think I have less right than you to stay here. I definitely don’t have more rights (like most Israelis think), but also not less. I do my best to stop Israel’s crimes and change people’s minds, but when we get to that goal, I don’t think I should ask anyone for permission to stay. Sorry.
    5. And now back to the ground: I truly want to help free Palestinians from occupation, but I also have other things I want to do with my life – Sorry, I’m just human. Giving my vote to a Palestinian sounds like a descent thing to do and takes an hour of my time. Yes, it’s not much and it won’t solve all the world’s problem, but I think it’s a nice gesture. I hope you can relate to that.


    • So, Palestinians, myself included, went and are still going through ONGOING SYSTEMATIC ETHNIC CLEANSING and SLOW GENOCIDE as well as the usurpation of our Homeland, homes and property since 1948 at the hands of YOUR “people” with the participation of YOUR parents … and you come here to lecture me about “logic” and “realism”.

      And when I, an exiled Palestinian, refuse to accept your “generous” offer, your “mighty majestic vote”, and when I insist on getting my REAL RIGHTS, namely MY STOLEN LAND BACK, I get lectured on not being “realistic” ! ! !

      Have you no decency?
      Have you no shame?
      Have you no conscience?

      You Zionist usurpers never cease to disgust me !

      The blood of our people still runs fresh on daily basis, and all YOU Jewish “israeli” “supporters” could come up with is a useless ineffective “symbolic” theatrical gesture that gives YOU and YOUR illegitimate entity, good publicity and coerce naive Palestinians in participating in your pathetic game, hence normalizing and somehow approving of and “legitimizing” the most criminal entity” !!!


      How about that for sincerity ! ! !

      A “sincerity” that is consistent with your SCAM “peace offers”, “Peace-processes” and “Road-maps” that leads to nowhere except to MORE THEFT and MORE CRIMES.

      I am writing all this for the sake of my people, my Palestinian brothers and sisters who might be fooled by your hypocritical and deceitful “offers”, the same way they were fooled by your “generous” offers of FAKE “peace” since 1993.

      Hear me well land-usurper, there is absolutely NO DECENCY whatsoever, in “giving” me your “vote”, while KEEPING the LOOT. I have no need for your pathetic “vote”, Give me BACK, the things that matters. MY LAND.

      I WANT MY STOLEN LAND BACK, from your Zionist, Nazi, usurpers, squatters and thieves brethren and parents…




      • Dear Nahida,

        You should know that your ridiculous accusations, name calling and labeling of “Nazis” “Holocaust” “Genocide” and such don’t make any impression on anyone in Israel or in the west, and at best they help the Jewish people and their supporters to show the world what Palestinians like you want and why Israel must stay strong and fight your terrorism and hate.

        You can cry and lie as much as you want. You have today a rare opportunity, that the people you tried to destroy six times in the past, the people against which you spread lie and obsessively wish for their destruction – offer you an independent Palestinian state, in which you can continue teaching your children to hate the Jews and dream of Shahada and such as much as you want, and to which you can bring all your people who lost the wars and are now locked in ghettos across the Arab world (and how ironically, locked in camps even within Palestine, by the Palestinians themselves!!!).

        If you don’t take it, you’re welcome to meet us in the battlefield. We’re ready. You’ll probably continue to inflict war and death on your children, until your accusations one day of “ethnic cleansing” become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        It is your choice. The Jews are going NOWHERE. They are in Israel to STAY. FOREVER. The sooner you’ll accept it, the best it is for everyone.

        Greetings from Jerusalem,
        A Jewish-Zionist proud person..


      • Nahida,
        I came here to have an intelligent discussion, not to be yelled at in bold CAPS. If you’re not interested, that’s perfectly fine. Otherwise, please read what I say and respond to the arguments without insulting me – like I did.
        My arguments again:
        1. No one is claiming that vote swapping is going to change the world. It’s just a symbolic act intended to expose the absurd of Israeli democracy. I understand you want to see bigger change, and I agree, but it doesn’t mean small gestures don’t matter. Specifically, in 3 days I need to vote. What do you think is the right thing to do? Again, not what I should have done with my entire life, just this Tuesday?
        2. Your black and white evil vs good view may be 100% correct, but the world just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes people are rewarded for evil acts (again, that includes some of your ancestors!). Every country in the world contains descendants of people who invaded it by force, so what? Once they decided on equality, it no longer mattered, and they were able to coexist relatively happily.
        We should focus our efforts on reaching equality and preventing further evil rather than trying to rectify every evil in History. Don’t you agree?


        • Susu

          Intelligent discussion requires HONESTY.

          You can never have an intelligent discussion without honesty. I have engaged for many years in debates with Jewish “israelis” and not, the so called “me-peacers”. Every single attempt has ended up with very unpleasant and disturbing discoveries: starting from pretending that “peace” is their goal, only to become very evasive, condescending, and having this grandiose image of themselves that while they offer us crumbs yet believing that they are doing us a favour and being so kind and generous. On the human level, it is sickening.

          What you fail to understand and to admit is that your zionist society is a racist supremacist expansionist, violent and militaristic society as a COLLECTIVE”. The fact remains, that collective exists because individuals within came together to MATERIALIZE and make manifest what they call a “national project” at the expense and destruction of our Homeland and people.

          “israel” IS the manifestation and the factual translation of Zionism.

          Within that collective there are individuals who are born into, yet they oppose and reject that project, by their inherent good nature which recognizes that something is deeply wrong in what had happened and what is still happening. You know as well as I do that such individuals are a despised minority, and accused of treason, no need to kid me or kid yourself otherwise.

          I do not accuse every single one of you of being immoral, I just lay before you the depth of conditioning, use and abuse of YOUR society, even towards its own.

          The depth of that conditioning makes hard for the likes of you to even contemplate or even imagine the level of criminality against us. You prefer therefore, to hide behind “every one did it, blather”.

          For us Palestine, from the river to sea has been molested and raped. Our History has been under attack and the attacks are still ONGOING as we speak. Our Biblical villages, our homes, our architecture, our roots, our landscape, our trees, our nature and natural resources, our lives, our children’s lives, our parents, our grandparents, our animals, our hilltops, our valleys , our mountains…etc.

          When we talk about RESTITUTION , we mean restoration of property and rights previously taken away, restoration of destroyed villages to the former or original state, and reparation made by giving an equivalent in current value when restoration is not possible, and compensation for loss, damage, and injury caused for the entire period of occupation since 1948.

          I don’t think any of you comprehends the magnitude of what that means, as you seem to imagine that if some laws are somehow changed to give us “equal rights” your collective society can “escape” facing the what is to come.

          You are not willing to go ALL the way in showing your so called “goodwill”, you’d rather throw some crumbs at us and when we refuse, you seem to “get surprised” as to why we refuse your “generous” offers.

          Through the delusional “Equal Rights, One State, Two People” proposal, the FACTS ON THE GROUNDS would remain unchanged, and probably aggravated, since all apparatus of power, land, military, finance… etc, stock and barrel, would remain in the hands of SUPREMACISTS.

          This is NOT a solution.

          Honesty and sincerity DEMANDS that you do NOT keep the LOOT
          . Is that so hard to comprehend? Are you morally blind or pretending to be?

          If you are sincere about a solution, then Go and THINK

          1. The act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost, or surrendered.
          2. The act of making good or compensating for loss, damage, or injury; indemnification.
          3. A return to or restoration of a previous state or position.

          As, for the “generous” offer of “vote-giving”, how exactly do you think that this “vote-giving” would help in changing the situation or “undermining” the occupation?

          How in practical terms would it affect and alter the facts on the ground? when in fact those who would “give” their vote like yourself, would be voting for the least corrupt most pro-Palestinian any way?
          So what difference the symbolic, yet in my view useless, condescending and humiliating, act would change reality on the ground?

          ZILCH… ZERO…
          “Giving your vote”, might bring some attention and publicity to YOU as Jewish “israeli” activists, however to us and to our cause is NOT EFFECTIVE in terms of real change, absolutely not.

          It is a mere theatrical glamorous display to the outside world sending a false message “look how good we “israeli” Jews are”… when you know fair well that majority of “israelis” are NOT with you.

          The only effect it would have is to project and PROMOTE a FALSE image of the “israeli” society, hoodwinking people to believe that “There is no problem actually with “israeli” society, the only problem is their leaders and politicians”. What nonsense!

          There are many other ways to show sincerity, the least would be helping in preparing Lawsuits against land usurpers and land thieves, and providing Palestinians with NAMES of CRIMINALS.

          Try to be inventive and think how to:
          stop your brethren from confiscating more land as we speak …
          stop further killing
          dismantle the wall, physically
          dismantle checkpoints

          You see, if you want to be part of the future Palestine, you need to put an effort and you need to understand history.
          Through out history, Palestine has been occupied twenty seven times, and in every single time, its PEOPLE manage to LIBERATE it, and hold on to it. Where are those occupiers now? Where are the Crusaders? the British, the Romans? etc. The list goes on. The crusaders occupied it for 200 years, where are they now?

          If you are try to be honest with yourself and if you give yourself some time to reflect you’d discover that being “DEEPLY undemocratic” is the LEAST of our problem with “israel”

          What is wrong in “israel” if far far worse … What is wrong is the IDEOLOGICAL RACISM and SUPREMACY having its roots at the core of the concept of being “chosen”, then going downhill to hell from there.

          So highlighting this “undemocratic” part and try to “fix” it, when the rot is at the core is like pointing at the a long fingernail of a person dying of cancer and saying, we think it would help to show the doctor that your finger nail is overgrown.

          The problem is not mere lack of democracy, the problem is a DISTURBED MINDSET with the illusion of superiority, the delusion of “unique suffering and persecution” and the fantasy of “entitlement”, all this by a MAJORITY of a community. (70% of “israeli Jews” believe Jews are the “chosen”).

          It is not the undemocratic system that you need to focus on and to change.

          It is the MINDSET of YOUR people

          By now, to the majority of the rest of the world, its pretty obvious that your education and understanding of History has been constructed on MYTHS and LIES.

          Your moral upbringing has been encapsulated in the narrowness of tribalism; the illusion of your “chosen-ness”, hence, the delusion of your intellectual and moral “superiority” and the uniqueness and special-ness of your suffering.

          Your world-view and perception of the outside is twisted and distorted by the scarecrow of delusional “anti-Semitism” which you (again as a collective) made to believe by your own “elders” that it is an inherent quality in the world which necessitate ever-lasting ghettoization and separation from the “boogy-gentile” who is forever lusting after you because for quite mysterious and inexplicable reasons the entire world are born with intrinsic hatred towards you !

          To your utter disadvantage you have been born into a community of many many myths, which is sad and unfortunate, but I believe that every human no matter how disadvantageous their situation might be, is equipped with inherent moral compass, therefore would be capable to break away if they so well desire.



          • Nahida,

            You make excellent points, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. I fully agree with you that Zionism was an aggressive colonialist project at the expense of the local population, and I agree that Israel has a very racist society (I’m of course well aware of videos like the one you posted).
            I also agree that people like me are a despised minority. You don’t need to waste your time convincing me of that – I see it every day.

            Let’s please focus on the points we do disagree on:

            1. I don’t think giving a vote has ZERO effect. It’s not a big act, but it has some positive effect. You need to realize that many people around the world think Israel is a democratic state that is constantly attacked for no reason. If 1000 people read about this project and realized “What? They call themselves a democracy but deny voting rights from 1/3 of the population?”, then that’s a nice achievement. It’s not huge, but it’s a small step and it required a minimal effort.
            But could you please answer a simple question: What do YOU think I should do this Tuesday?

            2. I agree that restitution is an essential part of the solution, but you’re taking it to the point of revenge, which leads nowhere. All over the world people live together fine, even though their ancestors were sworn enemies. In all these cases Restitution was not needed to restore peace – just equality. What do you think would have happened if in each of these cases the weak party would have insisted on full restitution? They would all still be killing each other. “An eye for an eye and soon the whole world is blind”.
            I know it hurts to accept that when you still see the crimes happening, but History proves without any doubt that revenge leads nowhere, while reconciliation and focusing on the future works.

            One more thing: You express a lot of resentment to Israelis. You need to realize they are all just human beings that were brought up in a closed society exposed only to people like them and biased Media. It is not easy to see the truth through all that noise. After reading how you think and converse, and how you emphasize justice over practical solutions, I’m pretty sure that if you were born an Israeli, you would not have been one of those people. In fact, you would probably be on the extreme Right.


            • Just to clarify – I personally would happily pay my part of full restitution. I just don’t think it’s a realistic goal, and insisting on it will just bring more suffering to everyone.


            • So, this is the “peace-loving”, “israeli”… comes to have an “intelligent” discussion with an exiled Palestinian:

              The exiled Palestinians expresses strongly that HONESTY and REAL REPENTANCE would translate as RESTITUTION which is essential if any future solution is to be found.

              The “peace-loving”, “modest”, “moral” and very “generous” “israeli”, thinks that this exiled Palestinian is incapable of showing any love for those “poor israelis” who kicked her out and took over her orchard, this Palestinian is full of “revenge” and she “expresses a lot of resentment to Israelis”, and worse she even “barks” at the wrong tree… and more likely if she was to be “allowed” to live in her Homeland, she would be a “vengeful” “right-winger” !

              The “peace-loving” “israeli” even told her openly in no uncertain terms that: Historically, “restitution was not needed to restore peace” adding “I just don’t think it’s a realistic goal, and insisting on it will just bring more suffering to everyone” and she elaborates that she knows “it hurts to accept that when you still see the crimes happening”, but this “vengeful” Palestinian refuses to “learn” from history. Oh how full of “revenge” this Palestinian.

              This “vengeful” “weak” Palestinian must “submissively” and obediently” accept the word of her “strong” Jewish “master” and must “cringe” and “tremble” from the hidden threat: “What do you think would have happened if in each of these cases the weak party would have insisted on full restitution? They would all still be killing each other.”

              So, the “peace-loving” Jewish “israeli” is telling the “weak” “vengeful” Palestinian to shut the *&^%Y up and accept the crumbs she is given otherwise, the killing will continue.

              Listen Susu, “israeli” supremacist…. the more I discuss with you the more it gets clearer… Frankly, I see no difference whatsoever, between YOU, the thief, arrogant, condescending wolf in sheep clothing, and your brethren chabad supremacist settlers except in the level of honesty… Their aims and yours are one the same… KEEP the LOOT, no matter what convoluted presentation you dress it up with, no matter how much you try to hide it….

              But at least on their part they are honest about it and don’t hide their poisonous aims with “fancy” words and fake “peace” and “equality” blather, as you try to do.

              The message we get from you “peace-loving israeli” hypocrites is that: MIGHT makes RIGHT, and that the powerful makes the rules …. Good and fine… No problem… Message received.

              My conversation with you is over.

              I request that you post nothing on my home-blog, have the decency at least to respect this wish of mine.
              If you still insist to post, I reserve the right to delete it.
              You are NOT WELCOME in my cyber-home. Neither in my STOLEN HOME in my STOLEN HOMELAND.


        • Land and property is at the heart of this

          The THEFT of Palestine is the BIGGEST ROBBERY in human history

          But our “israeli supporters” do not want to acknowledge this fact because it simply means that THEY LOSE some of their ill-acquired privileges … They have to GIVE UP something REAL..

          They are willing to give a symbolic thing which cost them nothing in reality rather than acknowledging the enormity of the crimes of their “people” which Means GIVING SOMETHING TANGIBLE BACK.

          Any solution MUST involve RESTITUTION and REPARATION of ALL what is STOLEN by the occupiers, and the Prosecution of CRIMINALS in Courts of Justice, if we are to move on.

          Isn’t it that more, sincere, fair and humane ?


  5. “susu”: “I came here to have an intelligent discussion”

    Unless there is a very good reason to hide behind a pseudonym I do not see how “intelligent” any discussion can ever be!

    “in 3 days I need to vote”

    Why does anybody “NEED” to vote?

    “We should focus our efforts on reaching equality”

    Reaching “EQUALITY” with those barbarians and savages? You are joking! They hate everybody!



    • how exactly does a pseudonym damage intelligent discussion? just respond to the arguments.

      I agree I don’t NEED to vote, but voting is a significant act and I would like to make the best of it. What do you think I should do?


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