of Forgiveness, Justice and Peace


Forgiveness is not a one way street, just like love, forgiveness is an act of between two; the forgiver is the giver, the forgiven is the receiver to-be-given.

No matter how much willing the forgiver might be to forgive, his/her gift cannot be felt, sensed or received if the forgiven-to-be is not ready to receive.

Readiness to receive comes in three-folds, encompassing past, present and future. Readiness to receive means acknowledging the wrong done (in the past), the willingness to correct it (in the present) and the intention not to do again (in the future).

Only with applying these heart-purifying, soul-healing thoughts and deeds that a wrong-doer can taste the sweetness of forgiveness (being forgiven).

The forgiver may be always ready to for-give but without the willingness and the active participation of the forgiven-to-be, the receiver cannot and will not benefit from the act of forgiveness.

Teaching people to forgive is good and well but it is not sufficient to cleanse society of its ills. It only creates a lopsided society with predators and bullies who always get away with everything on the one hand, and of the meek and the subdued who always succumb and surrender, on the other.

People who are taught to forgive are the abused, those who are wronged in the first place, they are generally the passive, meek and good-natured.

Much more in need of teaching are the abusers, those who are wronging others, they are the active predators and aggressors, they are the ones in need to be taught how to cease their wrong-doing and how to seek forgiveness.


When only the meek, good and vulnerable are taught to forgive and turn the other cheek, while completely ignoring to teach or coerce the bully and powerful to cease his aggression and to seek forgiveness, the scale of justice in a society would fall heavily on one side, no doubt favouring the aggressor and the powerful, thus creating total imbalance which inevitably means perpetual loss of peace and harmony.

Talking to the abused about forgiveness before protecting his life and rights, and while he is still under the boot of the abuser is nothing but complicity in the crime.

After stopping the criminal from committing more crimes, then and only then may the abused feel liberated and free to explore the avenues of forgiveness.

Defending and protecting the weak, meek, oppressed and abused by stopping the aggressors from his aggression is the foundation to creating a peaceful and harmonious society.

Justice ====> peace ===> forgiveness

Yesterday is gone and its tale told. today new seeds are growing

Your wings … my haven

When storms rage with anger

When sky rains lightning and thunder

I know exactly where to hide


Touch of magic

Amidst the nightmarish ‘surreality’ we live in today, remember to hold on to those you love. Cherish every moment with your family, friends and spiritual family, those who fill your life with sweetness, tenderness, kindness, and joy, those who never fail to brush your day with a

Touch of magic


Everything was black and white…

Void of your presence

My world was grey

 180301_199343143416147_157577990925996_870830_5380691_n - Copy

You walk in

All blushes with blossom

Vibrant… fantastic hues



My universe was 2D

I could only slide sideways

Just about left or right

317620_409420665777841_2131289891_n - Copy 

You walk in

Up… I pop…  I jump

 In so many directions

My cosmos is of ten dimensions

Free… I fly




I was blue icy cold

My shattered frosty pieces

Rattled inside


You walk in

My spring blooms

Jasmine… lilies…

Tulips and azaleas



I was diminishing

Fraying… fading away


You walk in

My heart… consoled

My smile… radiant

My soul… whole


 IMG_2551 bb

Today… all was dull

Shrouded with gloom

Clouded by despair


With a touch of magic

Of your being

Life is transformed






False flag anti-semitic attacks

* * * * *

Defiant Land… Faithful Land…. Holy Land

Painting walls and doors blue
will not make it “Jewish”

Waving angry flags up and down
will not make it “Jewish”

228446_436059766435706_1917281009_n - Copy

Scribbling around fantasies and lies
will not make it “Jewish”


Destroying evidence of deep rooted history
will not make it “Jewish”

Erasing Jerusalem's Arab Muslim heritage

Replacing Arabic with Hebrew names
will not make it “Jewish”


Uprooting trees and stealing livelihoods
will not make it “Jewish”


Desecrating monasteries where peace is the prayer
will not make it “Jewish”

Jesus is a monkey

Writing Hebrew words on stolen olive oil
will not make it “Jewish”

olive oil

Burning fruit trees to tighten the squeeze
will not make it “Jewish”

Settlers Burn Olive Trees Near Nablus

Shredding Holy books to pieces, with a grin
will not make it “Jewish”

Israeli Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari shreds a copy of the New Testament benari

Erasing a country from the world map
will not make it “Jewish”


Moving in, at gun point to some family home
will not make it “Jewish”

settlers take control of house shiek jarrah

Marketing our Hummus as “Israeli Sabra”
will not make it “Jewish”


Disfiguring kuffiah with six-pointed stars
will not make it “Jewish”

keffiyeh israel

Vandalizing the world with blue paint in every corner
will not make it “Jewish”


Claiming God is a real-estate agent favouring his “chosen”
will not make it “Jewish”

88 year-old Palestinian who was evicted from her home in East Jerusalem

Invading fully armed, a mosque or a church
will not make it “Jewish”


Destroying landscapes, for eyesore construction
will not make it “Jewish”


Bombing hills and mountains while hiding the crime
will not make it “Jewish”


Defiant Land

Faithful Land

Holy Land

Her stones yearn to be caressed

  Only by those hands

which tenderly carved

NOTHING… NOTHING of what they do will ever make it “Jewish”


Defiant Land

Faithful Land

Holy Land

Her heart beats only

for those gentle eyes

which watered her with tears

she passionately adores

NOTHING… NOTHING of what they do will ever make it “Jewish”


The Curse of Chutzpa


Gilad Atzmon argues that in order to best support Palestine we must cease to view the Palestinian struggle as “just another apartheid” or “just another colonial project”

What makes the occupation of Palestine “unique” is not the “specialness” of the suffering of Palestinians, nor is it the “uniqueness” of their tragedy or the “importance” of their cause.

What makes it “unique”is the fact that: those Jewish Zionists who occupy Palestine, those Jewish Zionists who support them, and even many of those Jewish anti-Zionists who oppose them view themselves as “unique”.

Many Jewish anti-Zionists view themselves as unique in the sense that they frantically hold on the notion of the “uniqueness” of the “Jewish suffering” and the inevitability of future “multi-holocausts” due to historic, intrinsic and incurable human-condition called “anti-semitism” which is in their view a “special” case of racism of inexplicable “hatred” for Jews.

With a considerable majority, whether hard-core Zionists, soft, liberal, or anti-Zionists, they have acquired a distorted image of themselves, their suffering, their history, their morality, and that of the world.

At the core of this perceived “uniqueness” lies the rotten seed of millennia of indoctrination with the concept of “CHOSEN-NESS” which gave birth to troubling concepts such as the so called “Jewish chutzpa“, the perceived feeling of “exclusivity”, “specialness”“elitism”, and the illusion of having “special mission”, “higher” morality, “superior” intellect, and “unique” history and suffering.

The failure of Jewish communities -liberal and otherwise- to acknowledge, address and deal with this “heritage” in a sincere and healing manner will provoke severe and unavoidable consequences.

As it appears,  many people of those who identify themselves as Jews fail to see the there is a fundamental contradiction and total incompatibility between their claim of humanism and their practices of exclusivity, and their claim of “high Jewish morality” and their real life practices of slander and excommunication when dealing with others whom they disagree with.

How can they talk about such a notion as “Jewish morality” or “Jewish heritage”:

While practicing oppression, either physical -as in the case of Zionist occupiers- or mental and psychological as in the case of anti-Zionists practice of thought oppression;

while viewing “the other” as less able intellectually or morally (i.e inferior) who is in constant need for guidance;

e placing themselves “at the helm” of social progress and imposing themselves as “guardians” of anti-racist campaigns and as “leaders”  of liberation movements;

appointing themselves as the intellectual and moral “elite” with the exclusive privilege to define the meaning of words such as racism and the right to identify who is racist or not;

while granting themselves the irrevocable and the unquestionable right to label, ostracize and excommunicate others as they wish;

Those who are engaged in the above appear to lack the most rudimentary qualities of modesty and humility needed to enable us humans to examine and evaluate our own words, actions and thoughts.

Thus they fail to gain the insight needed to self-reflect, self-criticize, self-improve thus to integrate without causing others to feel intimidated or oppressed.

Sooner or later people of the world (Palestinians included) will have to come to face such dreadful reality and deal with it.


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