One moment of madness

Would you forget me?
If I disappear from your life
You asked me once

Teasing you
I replied
With this memory of mine
There are no guarantees
I don’t trust it with any thing

You know
I might know people for years
But when I meet in the street
My mind goes blank
I know that I know them
But that’s as far as it goes


All I want is

One moment of forgetfulness
One moment of insanity

One moment in which
I am

Of you


Feelings and Words


Trying to squeeze feelings into words

No act of justice at all

It distorts… disfigures

Belittles… demeans

A great offence without a doubt

To my shame and my disgrace

 I confess, I am to blame

Truly “Guilty” I declare

Defend me not I don’t deserve

For feelings can only be felt

So, when I write about my love

Don’t ever think I’m making sense

 No language can ever convey

The boundless, the eternal

Expression falls short by far

Feelings can only be felt

When I write about my sorrow

Don’t dare believe my words or verses

My speech is nothing but hollow hues

How can the infinite ever be defined

Feelings can only be felt

Truly “Guilty” I declare



Life was raging all around me

All was surreal




I was looking at me

Madly searching for you

I knew what had happened

I felt sorry for me, I embraced


سائد حلمي2


I was watching me

Sobbing… trembling

With my sore heart throbbing

I put my arms round me, and comforted




I was hearing me pleading

Begging for help

“Do not be afraid”

I whispered in my ear, and reassured




I could see me in the distance

Frozen… lost… lonely… petrified

Staring at the oblivion

I rushed towards me, held my hand

And took me home


Ibrahim Hazimeh - Copy

Touch of magic

Amidst the nightmarish ‘surreality’ we live in today, remember to hold on to those you love. Cherish every moment with your family, friends and spiritual family, those who fill your life with sweetness, tenderness, kindness, and joy, those who never fail to brush your day with a

Touch of magic


Everything was black and white…

Void of your presence

My world was grey

 180301_199343143416147_157577990925996_870830_5380691_n - Copy

You walk in

All blushes with blossom

Vibrant… fantastic hues



My universe was 2D

I could only slide sideways

Just about left or right

317620_409420665777841_2131289891_n - Copy 

You walk in

Up… I pop…  I jump

 In so many directions

My cosmos is of ten dimensions

Free… I fly




I was blue icy cold

My shattered frosty pieces

Rattled inside


You walk in

My spring blooms

Jasmine… lilies…

Tulips and azaleas



I was diminishing

Fraying… fading away


You walk in

My heart… consoled

My smile… radiant

My soul… whole


 IMG_2551 bb

Today… all was dull

Shrouded with gloom

Clouded by despair


With a touch of magic

Of your being

Life is transformed






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