The Best Shot in Football History

The best shot in World Cup history!

They attacked Muslims for not raising the rainbow flag.

Muslims raised the flag of Motherhood with flying colours and dancing strides

* * *

They attacked Muslims for not celebrating gay-pride parades.

Muslims showed the world the sweetness of celebrating family, with joy and pride.

* * *

They attacked Muslims for not allowing alcohol in the stadium.

Fans enjoyed a most peaceful, hospitable, friendly, prayerful ambiance and spiritual ground.

* * *

They wanted to humiliate Muslims by imposing on them supremacist genocidal occupiers.

Muslims united, sang for liberation and raised the flag of the downtrodden beloved Palestine.

* * *

Motherhood, Family, Love, Faith, Gratitude, Faithfulness, Humbleness, Steadfastness, Endeavour, Freedom and Justice are Human Values worthy of celebration.

Winning the match or not is irrelevant, the true winners are those who carry on these Human Values for generations to come.

The best shot in World Cup history!


Supremacy as an Ideology

If you are anti-racist who cares about humanity and the future of humanity, please download this power-point presentation and keep it as a reference file

Supremacy as an Ideology

We Teach Love, Sir

Only in Palestine


Two Palestinian prisoners, one has been sentenced for 21 years and his friend has been sentenced for 7 years.


The friend who has the lowest sentence and after the approval of his mother, put a request to carry an extra 7 years on behalf of his friend, and to reduce the sentence of his friend.


His request was approved and they both were released  together yesterday, after 14 years in prison.


They celebrated together, along with their mothers, families and friends.


The little angel of Colombia

Oh my God ❤️ this is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever seen

I’ve just met an angel tonight

In the darkest hour before the dawn

When overwhelmed by humanity’s face of doom

A heavenly light pierces my heart

Angels of love pour out pure joy

My soul cries, sings and blooms

I cried buckets ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ of love and joy


As long as people like Alvero exists, forces of darkness has no future in our world

Love and humanity shall prevail




Naughty Corona!



Here we have the “true news”, from the heart of the Jewish state:

“Cornoravirus is only for Goyim (non Jews) not for Jews/ “israel”


Teaching Children Politics

“Arabs are Slaves”



“Jews are the masters, Arabs are the slaves, this is not by chance, this is biology and genetics” ”

They are happy to be slaves, they want to be slaves”

“Arabs want to live under occupation, because they can’t run a country or do anything, look at them, look what they look like”

Said one “chosen” one

If this is not Child Abuse, What is?

Who is Teaching Children Hate?

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