Have You Ever, Seen a Father Like This?


It has been said
Every cup seeps out of what it contains

My father is an exemption


Trenched in sadness
Filled to the brim with pain
Yet always oozing fun and joy

A bundle of delight
Captured in a human form
Bouncing with elation

Sharp in his wit
A magnet of humour
A storyteller without a rival

A sparkle of light
Landed from Heaven
Intense… flowing poise and euphoria

Endearing to the oppressed
Fearless before the cruel
Gentle, yet audacious

Cheeky, mischievous, playful like a child
Adored by little ones
Charming to all around

Graceful like a scented rose
Awesome in his wisdom
Eccentric yet sublime

Serene in his demeanour
Modest in his splendour
Humble yet grand

To his curious mind
Knowledge is his quest and treasure
Learning, from cradle to grave

To his loving heart
Every human is his brother or sister
Every family is his very own
To his sensitive persona
Every person is a saint
Worthy of the prayer, “may God be pleased with you”
To his grateful soul
Every day is Eid
Every moment is anew, worthy of celebration

A smile-painter, life-infuser
A heart-healer, pain-soother
A magic-performer without a wand

A bright light in an ocean of darkness
Earth is much dimmer with his departure
But Heaven is glowing ever brighter
 Paradise is rocking with angels’ laughter

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