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Holding the World Hostage

The world has almost become desensitized to hearing horrible news; there isn’t a day that passes without being bombarded with horrific reports; of some killed in a street in Pakistan, more are blown up in a village in Iraq, a drone dropped over a wedding in Afghanistan, a child shot in the back in Palestine, a bomb exploded in Libya, a “new and improved” version of an Israeli threat to Iran…etc…etc.

However, some types of news might still have some sort of an impact; the type that catches the eye causing it to flood with tears, the type that grabs the soul by the throat causing it to choke, the type that contains within an oxymoron; the kernels of extinction and the seeds of annihilation, the type that feels like throbbing, suffocating pain running through every cell of the body, the type that smells of burnt death, radiates with isotopes and gamma-rays and looks like dark smoky mushroom-cloud.

For example:

On 28 September 2010, the “Israeli” Newspaper Haaretz reported that a virus targeted a large nuclear facility in Iran

On 16 January 2011, Haaretz reported that Israel tested the destructive Stuxnet worm in Dimona nuclear plant

On 20 February 2011, Haaretz reported a further attack on ‘Iran nuclear facilities in Natanz, Bushehr sites

On 27 April 2011, the Iranian Government computers were attacked yet again by the highly specialized aggressive computer virus, Stuxnet, a new generation of software programs that can fail entire production lines.

The German cyber-security expert Ralph Langner, has been working to unravel the mystery of the Stuxnet virus. In March this year, Langner told his audience that the Stuxnet worm could be used as a “weapon of mass destruction against targets in the West”

In his speech, Langner warned of “the plot behind Stuxnet” calling its mode of operation “creepy.”

Langner called the programming of this virus a “rocket science”. He elaborates: “It’s way above everything that we have ever seen before”…. The people behind it were “very professional, they knew all the bits and bytes… They probably even knew the shoe size of the operator” he added.

“The virus was designed to work stealthily” Langner added. It was meant to take over the uranium-enrichment cascades at Iran’s plant “slowly and creepily” and “to drive maintenance engineers crazy.”

“When we started our research on Stuxnet six months ago, it was completely unknown what the purpose of this thing was,” he said. “We started to work on this around the clock because I thought, well, we don’t know what the target is, it could be, let’s say for example, a U.S. power plant or a chemical plant in Germany. So we better find out what the target is soon.”

Langner continued to warn of the risks posed by Stuxnet; the virus could be used to fool the operators and to neutralize the security system causing the power plants to blow:

“The idea here is not only to fool the operators in the control room. It actually is much more dangerous and aggressive. The idea here is to circumvent a digital safety system…. when they are compromised, then real bad things can happen. Your plant can blow up and and neither your operators nor your safety system will notice it. That’s scary. But it gets worse – and this is very important, what I am going to say. Think about this: this attack is generic. It doesn’t have anything to do with specifics with centrifuges, with uranium enrichment. So it would work as well, for example in a power plant or in an automobile factory. It is generic. And as an attacker you don’t have to deliver this payload by a USB stick, as we saw it in the case of Stuxnet. You could also use conventional worm technology for spreading. Just spread it as wide as possible. And if you do that, what you end up with is a cyberweapon of mass destruction.”

“That’s the consequence that we have to face,” he said, as he showed a map that marked Western countries with green colour. “So unfortunately, the biggest number of targets for such attacks are not in the Middle East. They are in the United States, in Europe and in Japan. So all the green areas, these are your target-rich environments. We have to face the consquences and we better start to prepare right now.” he added

At the end of the lecture he was asked if he thought Israel was behind the attack. His response was:

“My opinion is that the Mossad is involved, but that the leading force is not Israel, so that… the leading force behind that is the cyber superpower. There is only one, and that is the United States. Fortunately… fortunately… Because otherwise, our problems would even be bigger.

Langner, who only few months ago had named an unspecific “hacker underground” as the possible threat; at the end of his presentation, he appeared as if he was avoiding -to solely and directly- implicate the the most likely culprit, namely, “Israel”.

He seemed to arguably play down the “Israeli” role behind this threatening danger as he hinted that “Israel” is ONLY PART of the danger rather than it -with all its known genocidal record, supremacist ideology and repeated threats- being the MAIN DANGER and the major concern for the entire planet.

Ever since the catastrophic rape of Palestine and the violent inception of the “Jewish state”, by the sheer brutality and destruction that accompanied its illegitimate creation, and by its cruel and parasitic mode of “survival” to this day, many observers speculate that if the “Jewish state” were to face an existential threat, it would act as its biblical suicidal hero, Samson; which means that it would not hesitate to take the whole world down with it

The warning of the dangers of Computer worm and “Israel’s veiled threat of Mass Destruction of the entire world is also reiterated in this article

Also, for more updated news about Stuxnet

Unfortunately, the story of the Stuxnet virus does not end there; on Oct. 5, 2010, several months before Japan’s nuclear disaster, it was reported that the Stuxnet cyber-worm designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks was found in Japan

Furthermore, it was confirmed recently, by Haaretz Newspaper that in fact an Israeli company had installed the security system at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power

Beautiful… isn’t it! “Israeli” company had “secured” the security system at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power…!

What is the best way to protect your sheep? The logic of these days appears to be; of course you entrust them to the wolf.

Knowing the history of this terrorist state that was created by terror, that continues to exists by methods of terror, yet it somehow poses itself as an oasis of democracy, a beacon of morality, and a founder of civilization, that it fools and seduces the world into appointing her as the world’s security guard is simply beyond belief.

Analysts have many reasons not to trust such an entity, and in fact some are already suggesting that Japan’s catastrophe might be directly linked to the Stuxnet virus and that Japan’s Nuclear plant was destroyed by Israeli Security Company Magna

Don’t you wish it was only Palestine?!

By its violent acts of hostility and aggression against many sovereign countries, hunting people around the globe with impunity, behaving like a mad dog and acting like a “master” bully, the “Jewish state” systematically continues to terrorise the world and all its inhabitants.

Coercing individuals, organizations, and nation-states … Intimidating entire populations with annihilation… Threatening whole civilizations with destruction……. The “Jewish state” is holding the world hostage… and for what price, what ransom?

The ransom we pay is dear, it is the slaughter of all concepts of justice, equality, compassion, civilization and peaceful coexistence, basically everything developed and cherished by humanity through millennia of progress and evolution.

Should the world give up, bow down and pay the ransom?

Or should we seriously ask the daring questions:

Who will stand up to this monster?

Who will speak out against those mass-genocidal psychopaths?

Who will prevent those ideological-creeps from destroying what is left of our beautiful planet?

Who will dare to act and stop the mad Samsonists before its too late?


Rising above

Rising above


Rising above

Soaked in humiliation
Standing in the corner
Of the -security check- cubical
All alone
No mum to hold my hand
Or calm down my fear
No dad to hide my shame
And wipe my tears away
No shoes, no socks, no clothes
Not even underwear
After being stripped
By her…

The stern face
Of this woman soldier
Was looking down at me
In fury and contempt

She started her interrogation:
Where are you going to?
Palestine, my little shaky voice replied
Where are you going to? louder and firmer
Palestine, swiftly this time
There is no Palestine, do you understand
No more Palestine
Where are you going? shouting with rage
Palestine, assertively
Determined to deny her the pleasure
Of hearing the word
She wanted to hear

A refugee, visiting my stolen Palestine
For the first time
Since the occupation
A little girl of nine
Defiant, full of dignity, I leave
Holding in my heart
My very own victory


Stranger than Fiction!

For the Jewish-Zionist occupiers of Palestine, the “Facts on the Ground” are all the contrary of a humanistic achievement. The most visible part of it, is the criminal behavior, the sociopathic degree of cruelty and violence, the total absence of empathy and compassion, these sadistic occupiers of Palestine do exhibit.

Were it not for the deception, hypocrisy, lies and trickery, their crimes would appear for what they are: Monstrous, and belonging to the dark ages.

The victims of these barbarians ought to be vigilant more than ever, because the aims are more obvious than ever: annihilation of the Palestinians, destruction and rewriting of the history of the Holy Land.

The rhythm of assassination of Palestinians, as well as their most heroic supporters, is accelerating at the same rhythm as the Jewish-zionist occupiers are falling deeper into a spiral of manic sociopathy and abject narcissism. Their disrespect for non-Jewish life and hatred of anything outside their bubble has reached extreme levels.

Combining international Jewish organizations with contemporaneous technology, the reach of the nefarious Zionists and their allies is such, that their crimes are not confined any more to occupied Palestine.

The level of damage these reprehensible organizations are causing to many countries is staggering, and at this stage only a practical, factual and determined Resistance can stop this destructive dynamic.

Palestine is at the center of this Resistance, and that is why the first step to bring justice and peace to the world, is to bring about the Liberation of Palestine.

Many of our friends are hoodwinked into believing that the best solution to the Palestinian problem is to call for a secular one-state solution with one-person, one-vote; they fail to see the inherent injustice and the hidden perilous venom in such seemingly fair, reasonable and harmless solution.

Since over a century and up to this very day, every day, Zionist-Jews are still flooding Palestine in their thousands, with the illegitimate claim of the ideological “birthright” concept of aliyah, allegedly a “divine inheritance” to “chosen people”.

Hence the Jewish-zionist invasion and colonization of Palestine still continues DAILY at the expense of millions of tormented, exiled and dispossessed Palestinians.

Furthermore, there are millions of Jews world wide who are not residing in Palestine, but who are considered “entitled”, according to fascist racist “laws” of the Jewish-state, to apply for “Israeli” citizenship, on the sole “virtue” of their “Jewishness”, no matter where they are, no matter what they do, no matter which race they come from, no matter what nationality they have, as long as they are Jewish or have a vague Jewish ancestor somewhere along the line.

That implies that, technically, “Israeli” citizens are not the only citizens of Palestine. Every single Jew in the world is theoretically an  Israeli citizenEvery single Jew in the world is actuality a “reserve-standby-citizen”, and can become an Israeli citizen, if they so wish, almost instantaneously.

Insane demographic situation arises:

The second largest number of Jews live in the USA, about 40% of world Jewry, and almost the same number as Jews live in Occupied Palestine. 95% of US Jews support Israel as a Jewish state. Hence a MAJORITY of Jews worldwide are potential colonizers and occupiers. Rest assured that they would indeed “come out of the woodwork” at a critical moment, whenever they are called to vote for the consolidation of the exclusionary and xenophobic Jewish state. No one really knows how many Jews world wide already carry the “Israeli” citizenship, yet choosing to stay in their own countries. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it is a significant figure.

That means if and when a solution of a one-state with equal rights for all becomes eminent or within reach, the majority of world Jewry might flock to Palestine claiming the right of citizenship, the right to vote and/ or reside!

This insane reality would send a devastating earthquake to Palestine, since the demography would be skewed and literally reversed! The indigenous Palestinians would be relegated to be a minority, yet again, in their entire homeland this time, so that the current status qou would simply continue behind a new and improved fake facade of “democracy”, one-person, one-vote trap.

The number of Jewish people worldwide is much higher than Palestinians, the majority of whom are Zionists, loyalists to the Jewish state. If they were to be granted equal rights and the right to vote, the Palestinian aim of achieving justice would become further than ever and their dream for peace would be slaughtered at the altar of “Jewish supremacy” and “divine entitlement”

Even with the implementation of the right of return, this scenario would present a renewed tragedy and a new cataclysmic Nakba for the enduring Palestinians! It would only fortify and reinforce the statue qou of utter madness and injustice, against which, Palestinians and international humanists have fought and sacrificed their lives for decades.

The inability or unwillingness to see the injustice of granting colonizers, thieves and murderers the same rights of ownership and citizenship as those whom they robbed and tortured is mind-boggling.

The naivety and loss of sight of the advocates of one-state, one-man one-vote, with equal rights for all, is beyond me.

To add insult to injury, Palestinians are left alone to face not only the occupation and theft of their land and lives but also an ominous ideology that spews ugly venom of supremacy, racism and contempt to all that is non-Jewish, an ideology that views gentiles as sub-humans whose sole purpose of creation is to serve the Jews, an ‘ideology that’s becoming rapidly more prevalent‏ spreading at alarming rates amongst Jewish communities’ world wide. Moreover, the followers of this destructive, anti-human ideology are able to achieve unprecedented levels of influence, control and dominance in many host societies. At the same time, our Jewish supporters continue to dance around this fact preferring to look the other way. They continue to underplay this reality, dismiss it completely or even worse, deny it all together, some might even attempt to silence the debate about it by accusing those who bring it up with the infamous truth-mutter, anti-Semitism !

Jewish extremist and supremacist group Chabad, feels at home in the Pentagon

The unwillingness and lack of desire to acknowledge let alone confront or fight this extremely dangerous ideology, by the few good Jewish voices, along with the criminal actions of the Jewish state would only result in the inevitable and ultimate rise of REAL anti-Semitism

If the Jewish-Zionists continue their practice of aggression and vindictive hostility, and if their ideological core continues to grow and expand and take over their policies, there would come a day of rage when the world’s patience would run out and cease to be, and their wrath no doubt would be unleashed against such supremacists baby-killers, who set themselves apart from all others, who see every evil act they do as a justified divine entitlement bestowed upon their tribe, against the wellbeing, the interest and the prosperity of the rest of humanity. It is a slippery road towards the abyss of their destruction that they are heading to, yet they perceive not.

The only way that might redeem and protect honest Jewish people from this bleak future is by fighting and working to eradicate such glaring supremacist Cabalistic ideology posturing itself as Judaism, that lingers in their midst.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how could our Jewish friends and supporters fail to foresee this scenario and take the brave and dignified measures to stop it from happening?

The absurdity of it all is stranger than fiction!


Doves and Hawks

Doves and hawks

It is perplexing to observe the “soft-zionist” or the upholders of “post-zionism”, the “doves” of the “peace camp”, exerting tremendous effort to “teach” Palestinians the ethics of “non-violent resistance”:

How to “resist” sadistic soldiers with peaceful smiles

How to silence machineguns with intelligent argument

How to face lethal bullets with colourful banners

How to stop tanks with bare hands

How to fend off F16 with debka dance and folklore songs

How to subdue a nihilist army with hospitality

How to freeze an apache helicopter by “shooting” a movie of its actions

How to receive thieves as lawful owners

How to welcome baby-killers as good friends and righteous neighbours

How to embrace armed invaders with open arms

How to accept and befriend fanatic supremacists (those who invade fully-armed, fully-trained ready to kill, whether they arrived yesterday, today or even tomorrow) as honourable citizens with equal rights

Instead of wasting their time and energy preaching to the oppressed how to defend themselves “non-violently”, the “me-peacers” aught to be teaching their own society how to conduct their daily lives without aggression and non-violence

Instead of condemning the self-defence of armed resistance as “terrorism”, they aught to be condemning the very violent creation and existence of their own terrorist state, founded by theft, terrorism, ethnic cleansing and slow genocide

How could anyone with a thread of moral fiber condemn self-defence when one’s very life is threatened with extermination?

One can only imagine what would the reaction of those “peace-campers” be in a hypothetical situation, wherein they and their children are attacked by heavily armed gangsters, would they stand peacefully waving their banners to face the bullets? Would they sit and write a petition against the actions of the attackers then pass it around to be signed? Or would they run to their guns to defend themselves and protect their children?

While the “doves” persist to “educate” Palestinians with all that stuff, their “hawks” brethren continue to push their agenda, advance their military power, refine their plans, intensify their aggression, expand their control, extend their influence, and spread their hasbara.

The hawks continue to teach their future-invader children how to perfect the use of machineguns, how to become good-sharpshooters, how to gun down a mother and baby with one bullet, how to make life even more unbearable for Palestinians that they leave, how to finish off the ethnic-cleansing of Palestine, and how to wrap up their zionist project by forging more documents, stealing more land and creating more irreversible facts on the grounds!

It works mighty well between those two seemingly opposite poles; the harmonious duo complements each other magnificently!!
While one team is busy doing the “dirty work”, the other rolls its sleeves to clean up the mess and put the makeup on.

In short, while “soft” zionists are busy “teaching” Palestinians the “art of peace-making”, their brethren are working tirelessly teaching themselves the “art of war”

And as a Palestinian once said, “the hawks want to eat us with bare hands, while the doves want to eat us with knives and forks”

In that context the Zionist Mossad motto “by deception we wage war” fits perfectly with the saying of Sun Tzu “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”

Finally, I would draw to the attention of the reader some quotes of Gandhi that many don’t like to mention or even remember:

Gandhi Quotes:

“ I WOULD risk violence a thousand times rather than risk the emasculation of a whole race.”

“I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully”

“Though violence is not lawful, when it is offered in self-defence or for the defence of the defenceless, it is an act of bravery far better than cowardly submission. The latter befits neither man nor woman. Under violence, there are many stages and varieties of bravery. Every man must judge this for himself. No other person can or has the right”


Beautiful Palestine

Beautiful Palestine

The Journey

The Journey

A “culture” of Hate!

Rabbi Mordechai Friedman:

The Jewish Way

Caught on tape

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)” Rabbi Manis Friedman

Here we come face to face with extremely problematic ideological concepts, deeply entrenched in the hijacked and distorted version of Judaism, which spills out as a repulsive, appalling, and sordid behaviour towards those who do not belong to the same “Chosen Tribe” :

Quotes from Tanya:

“Soul of the nations contains no good whatsoever”

“For in the [case of the] Jew, this soul of kelipah is derived from the kelipah called “nogah”, which also contains good; and the good within this nefesh gives rise to these positive natural traits”

“[This kelipah] is from the esoteric “Tree of Knowledge” [which is comprised] of good and evil”

והיא מסוד ע׳ הדעת טוב ורע

“From this soul stem also the good traits inherent in every Jew’s character, such as compassion and benevolence”

“But since this is a nefesh of kelipah and evil, how do good characteristics come from it? This matter is now addressed”

כי בישראל נפש זו דקליפה היא מקליפת נוגה, שיש בה גם כן טוב

“The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever”

כמו שכתוב בע׳ חיים שער מ״ט פרק ג׳: וכל טיבו דעבדין האומות לגרמייהו עבדין

“all the good that the nations do, is done out of selfish motives”

“Since their nefesh emanates from kelipot which contain no good, it follows that any good done by them is for selfish motives”

וכדאיתא בגמרא על פסוק: וחסד לאומים חטאת — שכל צדקה וחסד שאומות העולם עושין אינן אלא להתייהר כו׳

“The kindness of the nations is sin” — that all the charity and kindness done by the nations of the world is only for their self-glorification”

“When a Jew acts in a benevolent manner he is motivated mainly out of concern for the welfare of his fellow. The proof of this is that were his fellow not to need his help, this would give him greater pleasure than the gratification derived from his act of kindness”

“Concerning the nations of the world, however, this is not so. Their motivation is not the welfare of their fellow; rather, it stems from a self-serving motive — the desire for self-glorification, a feeling of gratification, and the like”

Jewish woman arrested and interrogated for praying

Jewish woman arrested and interrogated for praying-2

Jewish women are shouted at and insulted by Jewish men because they wanted to pray

Jewish women are shouted at and insulted by Jewish men because they wanted to pray-2

chairs and …… are thrown at Jewish women, for praying

chairs and … are thrown at Jewish women, for praying-2

Jewish woman savagely beaten by Jewish men on Jerusalem bus for refusing to move to rear seat


“A woman who reported a vicious attack by an ad-hoc “modesty patrol” on a Jerusalem bus last month is now lining up support for her case and may be included in a petition to the High Court of Justice over the legality of sex-segregated buses

Miriam Shear says she was traveling to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City early on November 24 when a group of ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) men attacked her for refusing to move to the back of the Egged No. 2 bus. She is now in touch with several legal advocacy and women’s organizations, and at the same time, waiting for the police to apprehend her attackers.

“I said, I’m not moving and he said, ‘I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.’ Then he spat in my face and at that point, I was in high adrenaline mode and called him a son-of-a-bitch, which I am not proud of. Then I spat back. At that point, he pushed me down and people on the bus were screaming that I was crazy. Four men surrounded me and slapped my face, punched me in the chest, pulled at my clothes, beat me, kicked me. My snood [hair covering] came off. I was fighting back and kicked one of the men in his privates. I will never forget the look on his face.”

Shear says that when she bent down in the aisle to retrieve her hair covering, “one of the men kicked me in the face. Thank God he missed my eye. I got up and punched him. I said, ‘I want my hair covering back’ but he wouldn’t give it to me, so I took his black hat and threw it in the aisle.”

‘Stupid American’

Throughout the encounter, Shear says the bus driver “did nothing.” The other passengers, she says, blamed her for not moving to the back of the bus and called her a “stupid American with no sechel [common sense.] People blamed me for not knowing my place and not going to the back of the bus where I belong.”

According to Yehoshua Meyer, the eyewitness to the incident, Shear’s account is entirely accurate. “I saw everything,” he said. “Someone got on the bus and demanded that she go to the back, but she didn’t agree. She was badly beaten and her whole body sustained hits and kicks. She tried to fight back and no one would help her. I tried to help, but someone was stopping me from getting up. My phone’s battery was dead, so I couldn’t call the police. I yelled for the bus driver to stop. He stopped once, but he didn’t do anything. When we finally got to the Kotel [Western Wall], she was beaten badly and I helped her go to the police.”

Shear says that when she first started riding the No. 2 line, she did not even know that it was sometimes sex-segregated. She also says that sitting in the front is simply more comfortable. “I’m a 50-year-old woman and I don’t like to sit in the back. I’m dressed appropriately and I was on a public bus.”


Meyer says that throughout the incident, the other passengers blamed Shear for not sitting in the back. “They’ll probably claim that she attacked them first, but that’s totally untrue. She was abused terribly, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”


On a mehadrin bus, women enter and exit through the rear door, and the seats from the rear door back are generally considered the “women’s section.” A child is usually sent forward to pay the driver”
end quote


When a MINORITY group CLAIMS that they have the DIVINE right not only to STEAL LAND and RESOURCES but also to RULE the WORLD and ANNIHILATE it, we the people of the world have the right and the obligation to EXPOSE them, CHALLENGE them and STOP their DESTRUCTIVE LUNACY from DESTROYING OUR WORLD

A culture of Supremacy

White Jewish “Israelis” Call for

Deportation of “Negros”

At this point the journalist tells one of the protesters that “the same thing happened 70 years ago, when they decided to rid Europe of Jews, so was it OK for that to happen?”, the answer was: “Hold on, these people have diseases”

300 rabbis have now signed the document which warns that “it is forbidden in the Torah to sell a house or a field in the land of Israel to a Gentile.”
The Electronic Intifada

Jewish-Zionist “heritage” and “morality”:

Giora Yosefial called Moroccan Jews “primitive” and “backward”

Levi Eshkol named them “human rubbish” and “defective people”

Nachum Goldman described North African Jewry as “catastrophic immigration”

and professor Shiba believed in the genetic supremacy of Ashkanazi Jews so he ran the programme of mass radiation of North African Jewish children!

Who would forget the Ring Worm Children?

Jerusalemite Child Challenges Soldiers

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