Thank you Lina

When I visited my friend, we sat to watch the news together with her little girl Lina, who surprised us with her wisdom and compassion.

Six-year-old Lina
Sitting with her mum
In her world of dreams
Watching news

Gazing away
Abruptly she says
You know
Those Jews
Who took our land
If suddenly
They changed their mind
To give it all back
Even our trees
And our food
Then they’d become poor
They wouldn’t have to worry
We will give them
Some of our food
Share with them
Every thing we have
We won’t be bad”

This little Lina
Only months ago
Had a soldier’s gun
Pointing against her head

This little Lina
Only weeks ago
Had her uncle’s home
By their bulldozers
Razed to the ground

This little Lina
Didn’t know that
Only today
Some settlers
Protected by guns
And soldiers,
Invaded her village
Near Jerusalem
Forced the inhabitants out
Of their homes
And occupied them

This little Lina
Proved very wrong
All that they say
“The abused …
Will become the abuser”

This little Lina
Never lost her soul
This little Lina
No doubt
Is our hope
And our ultimate victory



In faces of children, pure, innocent and adorable, I see the beauty of God


In my inexplicable ability to feel joy and sorrow, I see the heart of God


In my humble capacity and willingness to forgive I see the compassion of God


In my unfathomable awareness and comprehension, I see the Mind of God


In the ocean of love gushing through my being, embracing all, I see the face of God

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I am so blessed


156658_475574579153909_326150038_n - Copy (3)

I am so blessed

Being a Palestinian

Being a refugee

For over fifty years

I am so blessed

I wasn’t in the tank

With an army uniform

Killing and destroying

To frighten people away

It was a barren land

Later on to say!

I am so blessed


Being under curfew

For most of my life

I am so blessed

I wasn’t with the army

Erecting high walls

Shooting at civilians

At every check-point

I am so blessed


Losing my father

In one of their raids

I am so blessed

That it was not I

Flying planes of terror

Firing that missile

Then Laughing and rejoicing

The mission was a success

I am so blessed


Watching my brother

Being taken away

I am so blessed

I wasn’t one of those

Kicking till he bled

From his nose and head

I am so blessed


Burying my baby

With a bullet in her heart

I am so blessed

I wasn’t that soldier

Who took a baby’s life

Nor was I his mother

Who welcomed him a hero

When coming back home

I am so blessed

246513_224477341005113_1091675783_n - Copy (2) 

Sleeping in a UN tent

Shivering in the freezing cold

I am so blessed

I wasn’t that settler

Who occupied my home

Justifying massacres


Then, tossing and turning

 All night long

Wondering what’s wrong

Haunted by his deeds

Searching like mad

For a long lost peace

Which he can’t find

I am so blessed


 Holding David’s stone

In my little hand

I am so blessed

I wasn’t giant Goliath

With mass-destruction might

Seeing himself invincible

With no hope in sight


You are God’s masterpiece

You are God’s masterpiece


Yes… you

Those magical eyes

When you’re happy smiling

And even when you cry


This mind of yours

A universe within

Fascinating, magnificent

By its very existence

But more so, its awareness

That it exists


That big warm heart

So loving, full of passion

Without even knowing how or why


Can you keep a secret?

If you promise,

I’ll share it with you…

Did you say yes?

Ok then… listen carefully


Your desire for love is an in-built yearning
To be with the One
Most Loving, God

Your hunger for justice is the innate longing
For the Supreme Just, God

Your search for peace is truly hunting

The Only Source of Peace, God

Your secret wish for eternity is merely a deep aspiration

For the Eternal God

Your profound fascination of beauty is purely awe and wonder

Of the One Most Beautiful, God

Your appreciation of all creative arts is simply admiration

Of the One Most Creative, God

Beware, don’t be distracted by signs on the way

They’re only means to get you by

Don’t mistake them for your aim

Otherwise; your harvest will merely be

Big disappointments and flat empty dreams

A heart full of sorrow confused and jeopardized

Carry on along the path

Your home and final destination

Is the One and Only, God

For… you are God’s very own



I Sing for Life


by Palestinian poet Tawfeeq Ziyad

And I’d give half my lifetime to he who makes a crying child laugh

And I’d give the other half to protect a green flower from decay

And I’d walk a thousand years following a song

And I’d cross a thousand valleys whose paths are full of thorns

And I’d sail every sea that is rough to gather the scent at the lilac shores

 I am humanity in the shape of human

So would I relax, while the chaste blood is being spilled!!

 I’m singing to life

For to life I offered all my poems

 And my poems are all I’ve got

* * *

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