Thank you Lina

When I visited my friend, we sat to watch the news together with her little girl Lina, who surprised us with her wisdom and compassion.

Six-year-old Lina
Sitting with her mum
In her world of dreams
Watching news

Gazing away
Abruptly she says
You know
Those Jews
Who took our land
If suddenly
They changed their mind
To give it all back
Even our trees
And our food
Then they’d become poor
They wouldn’t have to worry
We will give them
Some of our food
Share with them
Every thing we have
We won’t be bad”

This little Lina
Only months ago
Had a soldier’s gun
Pointing against her head

This little Lina
Only weeks ago
Had her uncle’s home
By their bulldozers
Razed to the ground

This little Lina
Didn’t know that
Only today
Some settlers
Protected by guns
And soldiers,
Invaded her village
Near Jerusalem
Forced the inhabitants out
Of their homes
And occupied them

This little Lina
Proved very wrong
All that they say
“The abused …
Will become the abuser”

This little Lina
Never lost her soul
This little Lina
No doubt
Is our hope
And our ultimate victory


2 Responses

  1. It is only when we loose our loved ones that we realise the pain and the loss. We then say: Only if we had known! Yet, when we are told the truth, we refuse it or simply cannot handle it. Why?

    We always seem to prefer lies and make-believe than truth, and live for the present while the evil ones always plan one hundred years ahead, are more sincere in their evilness, work harder, day and night, year after year, decade after decade, persevere, and are more dedicated, faithful and loyal to their Godless religion and ideology of lies, deceit and immorality, and are a lot less hypocritical than the so-called good people.

    And hope is good only when it is backed by hard work and life long courageous struggle in the right direction.

    Basheer Ahmad


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