Ideological Institutionalised Supremacy


     Architect of Apartheid in Israel:

“If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist”



     Ethnic Cleansing and the Israeli “Center “

“now you start to see where the supposed center and the far right really line up, and it’s not just the center, it’s EVERYONE ALL THE WAY to merits, to the EXTREME END OF THE ZIONIST LEFT, they REJECT THE IDEA THAT ISRAEL IS A STATE FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS and they all engaged in this mock debate which really is over the size of the cage Palestinian will live in, jumbo size, or small, because they ALL AGREE ISRAEL HAS TO ENGINEER A JEWISH DEMOGRAPHIC MAJORITY against the will of the indigenous Palestinian population, the question is how to do it” ~~~  Max Blumenthal author of Goliath – Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

Bearing this in mind, as well as acknowledging the ideological supremacy amongst “israeli” Jews, the question which begs an answer is: why do many of the Jewish anti-Zionist left continue to deceive Palestinians into believing that “one state for all” is what they should pursue as the best solution, instead of FULL LIBERATION?


10 Responses

  1. Gog & Magog so-called “Jews” will be reduced to ashes…

    just as the Edomites and the “Tares”…

    Truth isn’t on Holiday…


  2. […] few days ago I was visiting the excellent blog Poetry for Palestine, where our friend, Nahida the Exiled Palestinian, had posted a video of an interview with Max […]


  3. So, I’m asking. Who’s the motherfucking bad guy here. I really want to know. Men?


  4. If all the hanging dicks could all exit thru the HELL DOOR?


  5. Oops. Did I say that out loud?


  6. Jewish men? Mexican men? Turkish men? White men? Black men?

    Arab men? Muslim men?

    Maybe it’s not just Jewish men. Maybe it’s just men. Think about it and don’t give me any MEN’S rights bullshi*.


  7. Oops! I forgot about Christian men. I have my druthers.


  8. When men, of every creed and color, would think about anything else but their penises…

    I have a motherfucking dream./


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