This is My Palestine

Indescribable Courage 
Unwavering Faith
 Endless Sacrifice
 Warm, Tender and Hospitable Culture
Intense Love of Nature


 Nature Return that Love multiplied Many folds 
 Adorable Innocence
 Exquisite Beauty 
 Determination for Full Liberation 



Lala-Land: Minimizing Genocidal “Israel” as mere Apartheid and the Myth of “One State”

This poll which clearly concludes that “Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the establishment of an apartheid regime in Israel if it formally annexes the West Bank comes as a slap in the face of those so called “supporters” who want to trick Palestinians into accepting the so called “One State” solution as an alternative to liberating Palestine, thus inviting “Israeli” Jews to EXPAND and ANNEX the entire land of Palestine, while knowing that such fabricated “society” is rampant with supremacy and racism. Those who tirelessly advocate for “equal rights” for thieves and mass murderers conveniently “forget” that such “solution” would only help finalize the Zionist project.

How can “equal rights” ever be achieved when 70% of “Israeli-Jews” believe they are the “chosen”. It’s about time that our “supporters” took into consideration that ideological component which create such racist supremacist “society” and foment hatred and contempt of the “other”. It is crucial to understand such glaring factor -which they adamantly refuse to integrate into the equation, before suggesting “solutions” to Palestinians.

Promoting the one state solution – i.e the state of Israel – that will annex all the Palestinian land including those of 1967 and will grant equal rights to all, including supremacists and invaders who are still flooding to Palestine as we speak. Such solution would means that we give the occupier our blessing to finally their Zionist project and “peacefully” take full control over us.They are and they still would be running full momentum the apparatus of power; military, social, financial, economic, logistic, legal, educational, basically FACTS ON THE GROUNDS as usual would remain in the hands of SUPREMACISTS.

“One State with equal rights for all” is allegedly the “great solution”, the carrot, the bait which has been swallowed by some SOROS Fellows Palestinian “intellectuals” to the delight of Zionists. One Land, Two people UNDER THE BANNER OF ISRAEL !

This is NO SOLUTION. The only acceptable solution is the FULL LIBERATION of PALESTINE. and PERPETRATORS MUST BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Otherwise we will end up being slaves in our own land, because we are aware now of the supremacist ideology of our occupiers who -because of centuries of ideological indoctrination, lack the ability to view other non-Jews as equals.

Post-Zionist “Israeli” intellectuals and their supporters realize that time is running out for their entity, it is simply not possible for them to save and preserve their “Jewish state” without making a “deal” with Palestinians which would grant them legitimacy and absolve them from future prosecution for their crimes against humanity.

They understand that they need to reach a final settlement with Palestinians which would allow them to secure their permanent presence and control in Palestine, a land they illegally conquered and to polish their severely damaged reputation with the least possible “cost” and maximum gain.

Their “perception-management” experts approach fame-craved Palestinians, offer them platforms, open career-doors for them in return of promoting the sell-off  of the concept of liberation, and of preparing the ground so that Palestinians would give up on their rights and aspiration and voluntarily accept the final take over of their Homeland. They do so by presenting the illegitimate creation of the Jewish state i.e the theft of Palestine, the dispossession of Palestinians, ethnic cleansing and slow continuous genocide as mere “apartheid” comparable with South Africa, forgetting that the European occupation of South Africa occurred centuries before the establishing of International Law, Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Principles which declared genocide, wars of conquest and wars of aggression as illegal, all of which “Israel” is guilty of.

For this reason, and to achieve their aim of minimizing the crimes of  the Zionist entity, by promoting South African Anti Apartheid model instead of say Algeria Liberation model, they have engaged in what they call “anti racist” campaign that has targeted Palestinians and pro Palestinian activists who dared to expose the deadly supremacist ideology of the majority of the occupiers of Palestine, and who exposed the global Jewish-Zionist role and influence. This vicious campaign attempts to marginalize any voice, -Palestinian or otherwise, who instead of succumbing to enslavement in their own Homeland, make the perfectly legitimate call for a perfectly lawful LIBERATION OF ALL PALESTINE.

Supporting the illegal state of Israel by presenting it as a normal state with some apartheid policies that can be changed, and by calling for the EXPANDING of the state to include what is left of Palestine. we simply sell our souls.

Still live in La-La-land about “Israel”?

Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on their currency

My Hajj Experience

Humbled by the sheer number of people, their dedication, sincerity, and longing, enriched by the rainbow of eager fervent faces celebrating humanity’s full spectrum, empowered by an invisible bond of spiritual brotherhood, love, and togetherness; what a scene! All in a state of total devotion, adoration and gratitude to the One Most Loving Creator.
Stunned, I froze.
Everything else froze with me.
I wanted to capture every face, happy or sad, to save every smile or frown. I wanted to hold every heart with all its joys and sorrows, to wrap it up warm and hide it deep in mine. I wanted to whisper to every soul therein “humanity, I love you”.
Feelings! What can I say about feelings in such a time and a place? Fondness with absolute submission, elation with total humility, euphoria with utter serenity, weakness with boundless vigour, despair with endless hope, yearning with eternal contentment; permanently travelling constantly arriving.
Pilgrims floating in their own orbits in a peaceful august harmony, chanting their prayers, whispers of unspoken words, songs of silent sighs, transforming the ambience into one of stillness and tranquillity. Numinous music resonates charging the atmosphere,transcends into a realm of magnificent existence, hypnotizing you into a gentle unfathomable daze.
Submerged in an ocean of calm and tranquility, yet engulfed with joy and overwhelmed with uncontrollable desire to bounce, spin and fly, waves of ecstasy ran through my astounded being. Am I in Heaven!
The humble prayers and profound appreciation of millions hearts of devotees resonated as a mesmerizing melody

“labbaika’allahumma labbaik…
labbaika la shareeka laka labbaik”.
The eager soulful chants ascended the Mount of Mercy in a dazzling display of grace and purity echoing its nobility and sincerity at every level of existence; celestial and subatomic, known or unknown. On the Mount of Mercy Divine Mercy cascaded around; In a sublime embrace Divine Mercy showered all.


Swathed with love, held with tenderness, enchanted with splendour the entire universe spiraled upwards.
Before my very own eyes lines were erased and boundaries faded away.


The bond gets stronger and stronger as you start blending into the background of a magnificent masterpiece, diminishing into nothingness. You experience being one with the whole there is. You are an atom spinning passionately with the totality of the universe. The macro, the micro and all in between are in a state of unanimity as never sensed before, with such depth, scale or intensity. Mind dazzling, heart rendering and awe inspiring experience.

Engulfed in mystical mist of love and grace, and like all those around me I could find nothing but tears streaming down to tell of my joy.

Time lapsed, motion relapsed and all anguish collapsed as I stood there; drinking ecstasy and tasting infinity.


I thought I could sing before

Why can’t I hear my voice today?

I thought I could tell tales and write stories

Where are my words now?

Why can’t I find them?

To tell of how I felt and what I saw

I thought I could wave words and carve meanings

Like a dough, with ease

To speak of I want and plait my poetry

I thought I was articulate before

How wrong I was!

Melting like a July snowman

A flock of dears – foreseeing an earthquake- running away

Dry autumn leaves

Scattered in a stormy day

My words are gone!

How can I construct sentences when my dictionary is blank?

How can I?

Ashamed of their flaws

Fearful of their impotence

All escaped

Words are no more

For how could they describe the indescribable?

How could the finite define the infinite?

Motion falls into stillness

Space fades into nothingness

Sound faints into silence

Time ceases to be

In the presence of the Most Sublime

The Moral Compass of US Army

Where do you think the US army gets its “spiritual guidance” and “moral inspirations” from? 

Electronic Intifada: Integrity and Consistency Please!

I wonder if “Electronic Intifada” would show some integrity and adhere to its declaration as stated here by publishing my comment (captured in a screen shot below) and by adding my name to the list of signatories of those who oppose ALL forms of racism and bigotry?

I wonder if “Electronic Intifada” would show some consistency in opposing ALL forms of RACISM, BIGOTRY and SUPREMACY by also OPPOSING and EXPOSING  the most dangerous form of it, namely Jewish Racism?

I call the most dangerous because of three reasons:

1) Many of those who adhere to such form of racism hold senior and highly influential positions in the global political arena.

2) As it happens, they also sit on hundreds of nuclear heads with the potential to destroy our planet many times over.

3) The nature of their racism and supremacy runs deep and scores very high,  first because it is Ideological and second, it classifies mankind into two distinct species: Jews (chosen with a special divine Jewish soul) and Non-Jews (who no matter how good  they are can never achieve the moral, intellectual or spiritual standard of the “chosen”)

I wonder if “Electronic Intifada” would show some honesty and integrity in supporting freedom of speech and stop censoring my comments (I was censored many times on EI) and publish my comments with the same degree of enthusiasm they publish comments by Jewish-supremacist Kabbalists


NOTE: The Kabbalist book Tanya (now removed from the internet, but I have saved copies, for those interested) explicitly declares that unlike the Jewish souls, “The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever

Growing Spine!

Another attempt to ostracise a devoted and dedicated activist,
 but this time it has failed.

Finally, some in the Solidarity Movement appear to be growing some spine! They refuse to apply the Talmudic method of “Disavowal”

Unlike PSC in UK, and instead of slandering, defaming and ostracizing an active founding member Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement defended her and declared their support .
This attempt by crypto-zionist stooges to character-assassinate effective activists by means of intimidation and defamation, presenting themselves as “racists-detectors“, “anti-Semite-filters” and “holocaust-deniers-inspectors“, only to push visionary-activists out of the Movement.

Thus working as  Controlled Opposition, by framing the debate, blocking information and restricting the boundaries of  freedom of thought, disavowing those who cross their “red line”,  and promoting only those who follow their agenda.

We support justice in Palestine not demonizing each other

URGENT… BREAKING NEWS – Goodness is Life


 Goodness is Life

We all have seen the crime scene

Broadcasted live on our TV screens

We have seen the blood flowing

We have heard the deafening screams



The murder-weapon is known to all

Signed “with love” by some “chosen souls” 

It thundered down with a “gracious” fall


A sigh of relief 

followed the storm

It can’t get worse

We all exclaimed

We’ve hit rock bottom

We’ve seen it all


No my dears not so fast

That is simply not precise,

 Far from it!

 I forgot to tell you, 

Mr Worst is yet to come

He is knocking at our doors


The camp of gory fantasise their “glory”

Huffing and puffing for their “mighty rise”

“Smite them all” their favourite hymn

 Biocide became the madmen surname

Demons of Death, their middle-name

 * * * * *

The camp of goodness is a home for love

Not a predator nor a beast

Aggression is vice, he greatly abhors 

But when pushed down, he has a bite

For the sake of truth, he lays down his life


Just like life, rich and mysterious

full of grace… vigorous … arcane

Patience is his middle name

Kindness fills his heart and soul

* * * * *

O dear friends, heed my call

“Survival of the fittest” is one big lie

The kind and righteous are the heirs

Most able to love, care and share 

With open arms, they fully embrace

Dawn, fast approaching, open your eyes

Laws of nature can’t be destroyed  

Humanity is here to stay


Forces of darkness knows no way

To put off the light of one faint ray

Swarms of evil can’t exterminate

Seeds of nature, resilient, most pure

Thrive and survive, Divinely signed, DNA


Dear friend It’s not a pretty game


Abyss is a choice we can avoid

Come what may, don’t ever lose hope

With glad tidings, I speak to you  

Before the crowd, I gladly proclaim

Polarisation, well on its way

No standing on the fence, as per today



 Blessed are the kind, blessed are the meek

Blessed are the ones who stand for the weak

David and Goliath, don’t you recall?

Be the little Davids of our time

Exactly like us, he had only a stone 


Don’t waste time in pitiful blues

Shed off your pride and grumpy moods

Run to the arms of those who love you

Wipe off your tears and start a new


World, I Love You

We could learn so much from children, their love, their curiosity, their bewilderment, their optimism, their joy for the smallest things, their innate kindness, their natural ability to forgive and move on, and their resilience and miraculous way they bounce back after a fall, a fight or a cry
In times of great upheaval and when darkness prevails, it is the remembrance of what is important that will keep us going.
Hope thrives by sustaining and fostering our humanity, amidst the gloomy hours of turbulence and anguish.
The other day
I looked into your eyes

I saw Heaven
My heart giggled
Fluttered its wings
and flew away

Looking above, I saw my heart growing



Growing . . .  growing
Filling up . . . Overflowing
Pouring out love
Embracing All


Engulfed in euphoria
Trees swayed in jubilation
Mountains imbibed within
Meadows twirled in elation
Sand trembled of devotion
Beautiful grins bounced around
* * *
Dolphins raced butterflies
Creeks jumped into River and rivers dived into the Ocean
Earth splashed its feet in cosmic dust
Supernovas danced while nesting within
Galaxies chased baby stars to heaven
In one eternal moment of singularity
Time and space ran away
Steadfast, my heart remained
Filled with awe my heart contained
All … there … is
Besotted, swept off my feet
I hooped and looped I swirled with joy
In disbelief, I looked down
Is that me?


Petals scattered
A speck of dust . . . faded away
I am gone


فتن كقطع الليل المظلم

فتن كقطع الليل المظلم
 حين يقاتل المسلم أخاه

بدل أن يقاتل أعداء الاسلام الحقيقين .

الذين يعبدون أنفسهم


ويعيثون في الأرض فساداً


Listening to Zionist stooges like this person in the videos, I ask:

will the Zionist “October surprise” next FALSE FLAG target Mekka/ Ka’aba during Hajj or Eid-Aladha and blame it on Iran to ignite a catastrophic sectarian war between Shia’a and Sunni Muslims to justify a full invasion and destruction of Iran?



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