URGENT… BREAKING NEWS – Goodness is Life


 Goodness is Life

We all have seen the crime scene

Broadcasted live on our TV screens

We have seen the blood flowing

We have heard the deafening screams



The murder-weapon is known to all

Signed “with love” by some “chosen souls” 

It thundered down with a “gracious” fall


A sigh of relief 

followed the storm

It can’t get worse

We all exclaimed

We’ve hit rock bottom

We’ve seen it all


No my dears not so fast

That is simply not precise,

 Far from it!

 I forgot to tell you, 

Mr Worst is yet to come

He is knocking at our doors


The camp of gory fantasise their “glory”

Huffing and puffing for their “mighty rise”

“Smite them all” their favourite hymn

 Biocide became the madmen surname

Demons of Death, their middle-name

 * * * * *

The camp of goodness is a home for love

Not a predator nor a beast

Aggression is vice, he greatly abhors 

But when pushed down, he has a bite

For the sake of truth, he lays down his life


Just like life, rich and mysterious

full of grace… vigorous … arcane

Patience is his middle name

Kindness fills his heart and soul

* * * * *

O dear friends, heed my call

“Survival of the fittest” is one big lie

The kind and righteous are the heirs

Most able to love, care and share 

With open arms, they fully embrace

Dawn, fast approaching, open your eyes

Laws of nature can’t be destroyed  

Humanity is here to stay


Forces of darkness knows no way

To put off the light of one faint ray

Swarms of evil can’t exterminate

Seeds of nature, resilient, most pure

Thrive and survive, Divinely signed, DNA


Dear friend It’s not a pretty game


Abyss is a choice we can avoid

Come what may, don’t ever lose hope

With glad tidings, I speak to you  

Before the crowd, I gladly proclaim

Polarisation, well on its way

No standing on the fence, as per today



 Blessed are the kind, blessed are the meek

Blessed are the ones who stand for the weak

David and Goliath, don’t you recall?

Be the little Davids of our time

Exactly like us, he had only a stone 


Don’t waste time in pitiful blues

Shed off your pride and grumpy moods

Run to the arms of those who love you

Wipe off your tears and start a new

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