Open Wide

Eyes open wide…


Documenting the crime

Ears open wide…

Attentive, receptive… tuned so well…

Recording the screams of mothers and babes

Mouths open wide…

Never to be silent again…

Spreading and shouting the TRUTH


8 Responses

  1. “Spreading and shouting the TRUTH”

    I have been doing just that all my adult life, but always followed by actions. Unfortunately, this did not make the world any better. It did not even make my own any better. Yet, it purifies the soul to always spread and shout the truth even to a deaf world. For this, we require courage and sincerity.



    • Dear Basheer
      We might never know the effect of our deeds and words on the world, we might think that it had no effect, but the truth might be different.
      It is amazing how some times ONE WORD or DEED might do to others if it was said or done in sincerity and love.
      We need not even to know, we should carry on doing what we know deep in our hearts to be right, and not look for results.

      Our lives are too short and too limited to see the results of our words and actions. We are only responsible for OUR OWN DEEDS.
      May Allah gives you the strength to continue your work of spreading truth and making the world a better place. Ameen.


      • Dear Nahida

        I agree that we might never know the effect of our deeds although I have already witnessed the (mainly positive) effects of much of what I have done in and to my own life. In Islam, Allah says HE KNOWS, WE KNOW NOT!

        You are right that we need not to know and should carry on with our work and struggle. Allah has indeed made me strong and perseverant enough to do what I have done since I started the combat at college when I was still in my teens.

        Mujaahida Sylvia Stolz quoted Johann Gottfried von Herder as saying:

        “To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds the purpose of a life in reason”.

        Even if the translation may not be entirely faithful to the German saying, being quoted by Mujaahida Stolz gives it its fullest meaning.

        To think and to never fear telling what is true (unless special circumstances)
        To sense what is beautiful and to thank the Creator
        To want what is good for humankind and the entire Creation

        Is indeed to fight in the Path of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

        Thanks for replying and for your kind words. I wish you all the best.

        Barak Allah Fik



        • OH…. That is soooo beautiful Thank you dear brother, thank you so very much for this gift


          • Dear Sister Nahida

            I am glad I made you smile and maybe even happy for a moment.

            One of the beauties of Islam is to be thankful for the bounties of Allah. We are nothing. He is Everything.

            I may not have indicated this well, but the photograph I had used in 2009 with Sylvia Stolz was that of my then 2 year old grand daughter Aïshah.

            Sylvia Stolz proved to be braver than many of our ‘men’ and my baby girl is a real fighter.

            For people of faith, God is in control. So, there is always hope. Take care.

            Your Brother Basheer


            • Bash

              You lazy boy, where is the translation of my “Re-incarnated Virgin” about Palestine? I know you are very busy, but you took nearly 12 years to not finish the job. Yes, I know you told me nobody was interested, but maybe our Sister Nahida might be interested.

              You cannot write poetry, so how did you end up on a poetry website?



              • Good news!

                More Europeans seem to embrace Islam despite all the vilification.

                Daughter of world famous Armenian singer becomes Muslim
                Charles Aznavour is the Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

                Oliver Stone’s Son Converts (Reverts) to Islam During Visit to Iran





              • Ghys
                I am stuck with that translation. It is really hard although not impossible. The meanings are there but not the feeling. As for poetry, I was never good at writing or even at understanding poetry although I know without poetry one cannot write good English or French. This is true for Arabic, Pharsi, Urdu and Russian which are the main (if not the only) languages of modern poetry in the world. Europeans write modern poetry for Nobel Prizes only and for the Elite, but it is soulless. We cannot even understand their prose because of their doublespeak where black means white, good means bad, democracy means totalitarianism, nature means Monsanto, etc. But, don’t despair. God is Great!
                I also warned about those “conversions” to Islam. A few of them surely are infiltrators working for the “Intelligence” Services.
                Take care.


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