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A century of savage aggression;
Ethnically cleansing us,
Slow-genociding us,
Slaughtering our babies,
Breaking the bones of our children,
Shooting at point blank our boys and girls,
Imprisoning and torturing our bravest,
Assassinating our finest,
Denying our refugees the right to go back home,
Eradicating our exquisite architectural heritage,
Dissecting and disconnecting our towns,
Uprooting our fruit and olive trees,
Stealing our water and resources,
Destroying our Biblical villages,
Demolishing our homes,
Mutilating our landscape,
Deforming our valleys,
Maiming our hills,
Polluting our environment,
Desecrating our places of worship,
Violating the sanctuary of our ancestors,
Defecating  our cultural buildings,

Disfiguring our treasured and much loved land into a nuclear dump,

Transforming our peaceful, hospitable, inclusive, agricultural, life-fostering spiritual Holy Land,
Into a satanic, exclusivist, tribalistic, unholy, militaristic fortress
For the production of weapons of mass destruction.

After all that;

They get “offended” that


How can one “love” evil?

Are they really humans,
Or was I right in my childhood perception ? *

 * * * * *

* When I was a little girl, and because people in my village used to speak of them in fear and whispers, for the massacres and bloodshed caused by them -Deir Yassin is just next door, so for many years I used to think that they are huge scary monsters











3 Responses

  1. Muslims had three Holy Mosques and they became decadent, were conquered and lost all Three Holy Mosques, One to the Jewish Hordes, the other Two to the Western Barbarians and savages who set up puppet kings and Saudi Crypto Jews to rule over them.

    Time permitting I’ll ‘translate’ into English Ghyslaine ROC’s “The Re-incarnated Virgin” written in June 2001 about Palestine and those barbaric savages.

    We, all people of righteousness, although we are few, are with you, Palestine!

    Basheer Ahmad


  2. Beautiful.


  3. We must start using a more accurate description of the zionist entity, even though there are many racist and discriminatory laws which operates in their system, but fact is: “israel” is and has always been since its inception a TERRORIST, GENOCIDAL, LAND-GRABBING, ARMY of WAR-CRIMINALS entity who acquired its position with WARS of CONQUEST and AGGRESSION..
    I’ve seen your “Jewish values.” Babies with shrapnel in their heads. Grandmothers with broken bones. Crushing poverty in refugee camps. The worship and love of the new Nazi state. I’ve seen your “Jewish values.” The perpetuation of racist absurdity. Chauvinistic, ignorant tribalism. You’ve tried to erase Jewish anti-Zionism from the history books just as hard as you’ve tried to erase Palestine off the face of the earth. I’ve seen enough, had enough, of your “Jewish values.” Your children are not being systematically abused in Israeli prisons, therefore, your opinion is invalid, your victimhood a myth. You’re either advocating for today’s victims of state violence, or you’re not. You’re either trying to protect your beloved Judeo-Nazi state, or you’re not. Your “Jewish values” don’t mean anything to me unless they are valuing non-Jewish life.” –


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