We are not alone

We are not alone


We –Palestinians- are
not alone
Best of humanity… on our side
 Mighty truth… Gracious morality… on our
Justice, dignity, human values, radiant hope

 Are on our side


Soil, sand, and stones
Trees, poppies, lemon zest, and morning mist

Jerusalem sunshine and
Jenin’s moonlight

Haifa’s Carmel and
Jaffa’s shoreline
Are all on our side


We stand firm
As the stick of Moses
Splitting good and evil

Refusing to bow down


Our tragedy is a sieve
Filtering the wicked away


We all live and die…

Better die standing

Than to live crawling


Better to live with a wounded

and a soul…whole

Than to live and die
with a disfigured soul

Weighed down by oppression

Bent by corruption
Inflated by arrogance
Twisted by greed

Intoxicated by power

Better die standing

With a soul…whole




Love, salutation, and

To all the great pure selfless
souls on board Flotilla

2 Responses

  1. Israel aint on my map, nor in my heart.It aint even there, as much as our enemy tears us apart.It’s army are killers, deserving no title of…soldiers.Sick minds built to shed our blood with their folders.Cowards, scream like women, confronted by stones.Their tactics for information gain, to break and crumble bones.Targets are babies, prisoners are boys and old men,Using same old excuses, again and again.They have no name where I am concerned,For the horror and pain over years I have learned.Animals, dogs have more morals and guilt.For they don’t destroy lives innocently built.Many may ask, well what about Palestinians?My answer is this, most are civilians!Those who bomb and those who shoot,Have more likely been under ‘Israel’s’ boot.Now tell me this, and be honest with me.If you were their victim, then would you agree?If they raped your sister in her own bed,Shot your brother in the head,Forced you too see one color, just red.All you love, because of them are dead.Then tell me, is attack of Gaza justified?If you say yes, I know you have lied.Is it fair? Is it ok? Is it ‘just’ a war?What are these civilians dying for?No human, no sane mind, can be comfortable with death,Gaza massacred, children fighting for a final breath.Protests are great and prayers are heard, but what now?Who takes a stand and please tell me how?If freedom loving America avoids this like the plague,The fighters of terrorism, who know what’s on the next page.If leaders remain quite, to this horror, this riot,The people will search for a guide and supply it.How long do you think the Muslims will slumber?For when they come, they’ll bring down thunder.And when they march they will strike fear.And sad to say that time is near.And when every Muslim feels an anger, the world will surely know.This nation look out for each other, and they won’t always keep their profile low.Cuz if your home is invaded, surely you rise and fight.You would not allow a killer to take down your family in the night.And we call ourselves the strangers, the Muslims will unite.And when and if the time will come, it will be a fair and equal fight.No mercy will be shown, to ruthless forces who feel they can,Delete the lives of every Muslim, woman child and man!Gaza we are with you, Gaza we can see.No media propaganda blinds the free.You call on your brothers, your Ummah are here.Allah chose the time, the location and year.God is great…..and justice will be done without the help of Islam’s enemies…greeting and prayer my dear sister allahu akbar . free palestine free Palestinians inshallah


  2. No, you’re not alone !Salam


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