Through the Fog of Deception

Why I am not writing on Palestine
Think Tank anymore

PeaceMonger asked…

“…Nahida, what
happened to your article from last year on Palestine Think Tank? ”


In April 2010, after
years of association, contribution and strong support for Palestine
Think Tank (PTT), I took the painful decision to stop contributing to it
anymore, and to ask that my articles be removed. I could no longer be
associated with it, for reasons I explained to Mary Rizzo, PTT’s editor.
To answer to PeaceMonger and to whomever may wonder why I vanished from
PTT, and also to shed a light on a pernicious problem inside PTT,
please let me share with you excerpts of my letter to PTT’s editor:

quote: (links added)

"The clarity of vision and the
unconditional support for Palestine with its all shades of resistance
-that we were used to and were in love with- is what made me a fervent
reader of PTT and a passionate admirer of you and your work

Lately, however, something has changed; I have
been very disturbed by the new direction and new political orientation
that PTT is taking:

* Attacking the stronghold of Palestinian
resistance Hamas
, tainting its integrity and participating in
spreading unfounded accusations and slanderous myths of corruption,
treason, terrorism and drug dealings. (even accusing it of illegitimacy,
and equating it with "israel").

* Smearing the Palestinian society at large,
at a moment when they need every drop of support, by focusing on some
criminal acts by certain Palestinians and tainting the whole society
because of such acts of criminality; it’s not a matter of denying the
crimes and wrong doings of few leaders and some members of the society,
it’s not a matter neither of silencing the necessary opposition against
corruption and self criticism, but rather, it’s the timing and the and
the failure to calculate the detrimental effect of over-emphasising such
issues, on the Palestinian cause. I view all this as fatal strategic

Demoralizing of individuals and groups who –more than anyone
else- have sacrificed their time, assets, effort and even lives in order
to stand by Palestine and to give the besieged in Gaza a message of
love and hope, that the world hasn’t forsaken them, as did Viva
Palestina’s convoy recently.

It has become obvious, that PTT has fallen under the influence of a
tiny clique who denies, misses or dismisses the fact that Arab (i.e.
also Palestinian) identity is deeply rooted and anchored in Islam as a
culture and way of life. Even Christian Arabs and other minorities
living in Arab countries, are more influenced by Islam’s customs and
social life, than by westernized Euro-centrism.

* This group
pretends to be representative of all Palestinians, they gave themselves
the right to speak on our behalf without the consent of all
Palestinians, which I and many other Palestinian contest and fiercely
object to.

* This ultra-westernized tiny circle now influencing
and steering PTT sees the USA, NATO and its allies as saviours of
Palestine, it sees and promotes racist ideas that Arabs, Muslims and
Palestinians are unqualified to sorting their own problems; their
societies are corrupt, backwards and dysfunctional.

Secularization and westernizing of Arab countries is a tool used by the
neo-colonial forces, the same who have engaged in ever more bloody wars
against Arab countries AND against Islam.

* I see that this
change of PTT feeds the zionists propaganda and serve it’s hasbara
machine, it offers them precious gifts that justifies their
self-promoting leadership as a necessity for peace, progress and
stability in the Middle-East

………… I can not afford to
be associated with the new direction that PTT has been taking, which is
extremely detrimental to the Palestinian cause

End quote.

of the people I allude to is Kawther Salam now co-editor of PTT, who
between a few good articles, often inserts massive deconstruction and
undermining of the Palestinian support, literally peddling zionist
manipulation, smear campaigns and hasbara.

With a "Palestinian"
like Kawther Salam –co-editor on PTT- who needs Hasbara:


“The Palestinian civil society is sick of the
so-called "Hamas
, the radical
Palestinian movement which distorts the face of Islam, and which has
turned the holy mission of the Palestinian struggle into a struggle for their own pockets and unknown foreign

all the Palestinians
, are sick of both of you.."

turned yourselves into the puppets
of Israel, USA, Khaled Mishal
, and other foreign countries and

“also remind the President-in-dreams, Ismael Haniyeh, and his unknown gangs of paid thugs and donkeys,
that his so-called "presidency" over Gaza is illegal, and that he is guilty of the death and the
of hundreds of the innocent Palestinians in Gaza, just like the Israeli are guilty of murders, terrorism and
other crimes
You are responsible for the death of hundreds of
sick Palestinians in the same way the Israeli criminals who imposed the
siege on Gaza and denied many patients the basic rights of medical

Your illusory presidency is responsible for the
death of many poor people trying to bring in needed goods in the
tunnels under the earth of Gaza. Your illusory presidency is responsible
and guilty of torture of many prisoners detained illegally. Your
illusory presidency is responsible for the famine and the poverty in
Gaza just like the criminal Israeli regime.”

"Most of the Hamas militants, just like their Fatah
counterparts, are criminals
and extremists
. Both
organizations are infiltrated
by the Israeli intelligence


the Palestinian Authority and Hamas
regimes are illegal and
have no real legitimacy…”

“Both Fatah and Hamas
have lost any claims to legitimacy
…… Both factions are infiltrated by jewish zionist interests…………….. they have
achieved nothing but to disgrace
themselves. They have no more
legitimacy than israel
Kawther Salam on May 20th, 2010
at 12:47:


contrast here are the views of Kawther Salam about the society of
zionist occupier and her “cute” soldiers from her own diary:

Israeli friends helped me
always to survive
, and "DINA LEE" is still responsible about all of my expenses.
Kawther Salam,
monday, 1st.April,2002

I remembered the Jewish family I lived with them in Tel-Aviv………
the small child I left him there, I should be with "Romi" instead to
be in the middle of the garbage.

15th,April 2002

(btw; by “the middle of the garbage she means the city of

soldiers asked me about my
political point of view, we talked together like human being, I respect all what they told me

16th, April 2002

the Intifadah, my people
made reverse 50 years against women
”, Monday, 3rd June 2002

called my Israeli friends
for a help, I don’t have money any more
.” !st, July

I looked like the Israelis, like the human
” !st, July 2002

I don’t care if "Tall",
"Sharon" or "Arafat", will be the winner through
this "Election".

I will not be sad, if it will be a
"Jewish State
“…..then we can lead the all
Middle East
!!….We can lead
all the Arab countries
, lead the Middle East "Economic
", We will be more
, more …and more!!” 2ed, July 2002

Israeli friends, who give me security and confidence in
their homes……………. I am part
of their daily life
.” 7Th. October 2001

“The evening brought
a pleasant surprise. Two gentle
who acted politely

and even said they were ashamed of their friends.” 9th.& 10th.
October 2001

“How could I teach the military commanders serving in Hebron, Colonel
DrorWineburg, Colonel Amon Cohen, and Lieutenant Hartzel
overcome racism, discrimination, and
intolerance?………………………….. These officers are still victimized” Friday,
October 12, 2001

"The government corrupts the
soldiers today, and corrupts the Israeli civil society for the future,
just for political reasons

"Lieutenant Hartzel is a good neighbour for my family in Haifa
October 12, 2001

“I got the news of murdering the
Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi.

was a bad news
like all other bad news I received about
murdering Palestinians.
Both of us, Palestinians and israelis, are
living a big "drama" of daily killing in a close, bloody reveange circle
Looking at this circle it
might be difficult to trace the
the first acts that cause revenge
that caused
revange……………………. The resistane of "non violent" Intifada
is Legitimate. But killing of innocent Israeli should not be acceptable
in this struggle.”
Wednesday, 17th of October 2001

" I love my Israeli friends and
really enjoyed the time together. We
have the same dreams
"just, peace and love"

few days in Israel with my good
, the sea and the fun, i feel that I miss "MY SOLDIERS" who remainde me always my duity
to proclaim how bad is the occupation.” 20th of October 2001

soldiers and this commander
are not responsible
to be in the security duties.
They are children who do not know
better and so are forced to humiliate
………… I also feel victorious
and powerfull with my Israeli friends
. Many friends
of October 2001

Israeli citizens
are good
and they are victimized

Even the soldiers who harassed me,
I am always forgiving them because I don’t have any reason to hate other people.”
Wednesday, October 31, 2001

I’m willing to have peace, life for everybody, in
this region, including my nice
who harassed me and caused psychological pain for
me…..These cute soldiers
should return back to their families and live their life
” Thursday,
November 1, 2001

the officer…………………
He came with other soldiers. He looked different than before. he smiled like a child. I tried
to turn my face to the other side. But the officer walked and approached

came to say to me good-buy
. He decided to make reconciliation with
me before I leave.
We talked together about nice things

were talking like friends
. Other soldiers were serounding us very
It was amazing meeting. The same soldiers who used to
harasse me im my appartement and the streetcame to say to "L’hitrot"
(good-buy). There was a sade expression on their faces
. Even on the
face of the officer who said to me the day before that he will be very
galde if I will leave Hebron.

I asked myself what happened. He was
sade and not happy. I decided to cut this love and hate, attractive
and rejecting meeting. I left them

I understood that we
are human beings that need love instead of hate

Friday, 2nd
November 2001.

the officer.
He was listening to me carefully with respect

I told him why I decided to arrive the
airport drunk. Because I’m not fond of alcohol and I never got drunk
before. The officer said, nothing was against me and he shook hands with me and apologized
with respect
.” Monday,
March 04

It was very clear that the soldiers were harassing me as a result of their
commanders instructions
” 22nd March 2002

"Colonel Igal Sharon was a nice commander of the " IDF " soldiers in Hebron. He used to
deal with all of the human stories I was published in the
newspapers…….And while I cuased alot of criticizem noise for Colonel
Igal Sharon in the media, he was a nice Commander in Hebron"

"Colonel Barokh Najjar was very nice colonel
with me either, while I criticized him alot in the media and I caused
noise noise for him, But he was

nobody interesting to hear, talk or write about the nice stories
between the Palestinians and the Israelis under this terrible war??"


Just a few observations regarding Kawther
Salam’s diary and narrative:

-Her relentless attack on Hamas,
Fatah and the entire Palestinian society is cold-hearted, callous and
shocking, in contrast with her warm feelings, gentle praise and
admiration for her “victimized” “peace-loving” “israeli friends” and
“cute, child-like soldiers”

-She spells Nakba like zionist do:
Naqbah, no educated Arab would write it with Q, because it would cease
to mean what it means

She said she doesn’t know where her “refugee” parents came from
originally, which is rather bizarre for a Palestinian refugee!

-In her diary; she never mentioned Palestinian
friends, it’s always “israeli” friends or soldier friends

-She claims she was “forced” to leave Palestine, when
in fact she begged and worked hard and with the help of her “israeli
friends” until she was finally allowed to leave (according to her diary)

– Her pet animal is called "Zahav", a name no
Palestinian would choose by any stretch of imagination, it’s a Hebrew

She also collaborated on three films for Israeli television stations

– There is even an infantile blog to promote her, laughable, but not
in a funny way, her "talents" are praised, she is promoted as a "gifted"
writer and an "inspiration" to all Palestinian women

Finally, I would like to share one of the "gifted" Kawther’s poems:

Quote: "I’m counting the sky stars,
hopefully to see him!! Talking to the birds flying, hopefully to meet
him!! Asking the sea waves, the zephyr hopefully to talk to him!!
Irrigating all flowers, hopefully to smell him!!

Day and night are

The hour hand pass slowly!!

I’m waiting and

They killed my hope…

They killed my dreams…

They killed my feeling…

They killed humanity…

killed and killed…

But tomorrow is coming…

should coming!!

Tomorrow I’ll dance and sing…

I’ll smile
and laugh…

Drink and drunk…

Kiss and hug…

and love…

Tomorrow I’ll meet him!!

I’ll get my

Freedom to live…

Freedom to love…

to talk…

Freedom to travel…

Freedom to have an ID.

Freedom, and freedom and freedom…

I’m dreaming daily…

Dreaming and dreaming…

But I woke up…!" End Quote

conclusion, whatever is the motivation of those who infiltrated PTT,
whether simply hatred and contempt to their people and culture, or utter
foolishness, or something far more sinister like for example perception
management, the result is the same: their articles and comments contain
poison, a poison extremely detrimental to the Palestinian cause at this
moment in time, precisely when public opinion just begins to see
Palestine and Palestinians in a more favourable light.

I can
not be associated with such smear campaigns waged against the entire
Palestinian society, leadership, people and culture


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