Beyond Belief

Recently, we have witnessed a zealous campaign orchestrated by certain Jewish-anti-Zionist elements inside the solidarity movement in UK, resulting in the alienation and excommunication of Palestinians and other dedicated activists up and down the country.

Such elements left no stone unturned to ensure the exclusion of activists, the removal of articles and the elimination of links to Palestinian websites from the Solidarity websites. THEY demanded the removal of materials which THEY consider “racist” and “anti-Semitic”, according to THEIR OWN definition, and on the sole evidence of THEIR SAY-SO.

One example of entities involved in that campaign, can be found right in my local Friends of Palestine group (LFOP) of which I used to belong before it was seized by crypto-zionists *****.

In this local case the entity is called Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice, MJPJ, and is affiliated with JFJFP. The plot became public matters when these MJPJ, endorsed a vicious letter of libellous accusation of racism, and association with Holocaust deniers. Subsequently they also disseminated false information, altogether to further their dubious political objectives, i.e. smearing, crippling and interfighting.

They attempt to justify their actions by expressing alleged “concern(ed) that credence should not be given to contributors who are holocaust deniers or racist”, which defies logic and evidence to the contrary. And so this same small MJPJ group who endorsed the removal of my article and of the link to Palestinian websites, the removal of articles which examine Jewish-Zionist global networking and the role of world Jewish communities in supporting the Zionist entity, simultaneously demands that links to Jewish-Israeli campaigning groups should be added on LFoP Website; “… links to Jewish campaigning groups like ICAHD, New Profile, Combatants for Peace and Jewish for Peace.”

But it gets worse, and it even defies belief: On the same LFoP website from which they demand Palestinian articles to be removed, this same Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice (MJPJ) has published a hagiography of an “Israeli peace activist”, who notoriously is a convicted paedophile and a child-rapist.

The convicted Paedophile Ezra Itzhak Nawi (Hebrew: עזרא יצחק נאווי‎; born 1952) was forty years old at the time of committing his criminal act, and his victim was a fifteen years old child. Source

“He has had other convictions, including illegal use of a weapon and possession of drugs – he freely admits to smoking hash – for private use”. Source

“According to Ben-Gurion university professor Neve Gordon, in the video Nawi is seen disarming a Palestinian woman of a rock she had picked up some minutes before the alleged assault.” Source

“Nawi is on record as saying that, “I’m here to change reality . . The only Israelis these people know are settlers and soldiers. Through me they know a different IsraeliSource

Worse still, the paedophile rapist glorified by MJPJ, who “disarmed a Palestinian woman” of her stone of resistance, and who engages with Palestinians “to change reality” and beautify the face of “Israelis” is a Jewish-Israeli, former IDF who served in the a combat engineering unit, while his victim was a Palestinian child. The same paedophile Ezra is praised as an “Israeli” Ghandi by another self-proclaimed “supporter of Palestine” in the UK, who also took a leading role in the recent fiasco at AGM of PSC, to ensure that PSC stays focused on its “aims” of “fighting anti-Semitism” and “educating” people about the “unquestionable ideological dogma of the primacy and exceptionality of Jewish suffering”. In civilized countries, children welfare comes before any other. Child predators and convicted paedophiles are prohibited from having free access to children, children are protected by law. The opposite is true if you happen to be a Palestinian child living under “Israeli” occupation, and most certainly the opposite is true in the case of the convicted paedophile Ezra Nawi:

“For the last decade he has set up summer day camps for their children, brought in projectors to show them films, and taken them on trips to Jericho where, for the first time in their life, they can have an opportunity to swim.” Source

“I’m not just another activist” . Ezra brags. “Over the years I’ve come into contact with dozens of supporters from all over the world….. The fact that in Ireland and Europe they care about methis is our strongest weapon.” he proclaims. While Palestine, Palestinians their heartrending struggle and their incessant sacrifices fades into the background as the “light” of this “hero” illuminates the scene and his plight captures the hearts of the world of activism. Never mind the ten thousand unknown, unnamed Palestinians languishing in “Israeli” prisons many of them for decades. Never mind the hundred of thousands of Palestinians who have been in “Israeli” prisons at some point in their lives. Never mind the hundreds of Palestinian children who are still being tortured, raped and abused by “Israeli” terror squads. The value of life of Palestinian people cannot be compared to that of Ezra Nawi, the “extraordinary human being” who is certainly “not just another activist”, and who “deserves” hundred of thousands of letter of support from across the globe. Let me get this right: LFOP’s Jewish-anti-Zionist members engage in defamation against a Palestinian co-member, under the typical Zionist false and ludicrous pretext “anti-semite racist” allegation. They then demand the removal of articles and links to Palestinian websites. Then the same individuals engage in implicit promotion of an Jewish-Israeli who has been convicted of statutory rape of a Palestinian boy, by portraying him as a Jewish-Israeli humanist hero-victim! All this, we are supposed to believe “for the sake of Palestine”. I for one, doubt it is the agreed position of the majority of LFOP’s members, that MJPJ is given a virtual platform to promote on one hand the welfare of paedophile-rapists predators whose victims are vulnerable children living under duress of occupation, and on the other hand to use the LFOP website to dupe its members toward concentrating their efforts to yet another “Jewish-Israeli-hero-victim” and thereby diverting their energy, time and attention away from the Palestinians.

Activism that involves the promotion of the welfare of such an individual is at best detrimental to Palestinians and their children, as the promoters ignore as irrelevant the behaviour of paedophile-rapists “Israeli” predators whose victims are vulnerable Palestinian children living under duress of occupation, and at worst criminal as their praise and promotion indicates an implicit apologetic endorsement of such behaviour. This is appalling.

How could MJPJ and LFoP fail to perceive the distasteful obscenity of such positioning. Indeed recently some of us met a refugee from Gaza. A brilliant young man who has suffered atrocious torture and statutory rape by Israeli soldiers. He almost died under torture. Almost two decades after the facts, his body is still covered with shocking scars, and his soul is affected by far worse scars. Due to his tormentors, he had to escape from Gaza for 21 years. He was not there when his father died. He was not there when all his siblings were killed during the winter 2008-09 Israeli invasion. While improbable, it can not be excluded that this Jewish-Israeli rapist for which MJPJ wants you to concentrate your activism on, could well be the rapist and tormentor of this young Gazan refugee; and as a matter of fact, there is at least one verified Palestinian victim of this Jewish-Israeli predator “peace-activist”.

And yet, MJPJ has the gall to ask from supporters on LFOP’s website, to be active for the sake of this Jewish-Israeli rapist paedophile, and to campaign for him, and even present him in glorifying terms, almost religiously gloating in admiration for him!!!

“His name is Ezra” “Without Ezra…..” international activists would not be able to stay in south Hebron villages. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinian school children would still go the long way, under attack. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinian farmers would not be able to go to their land. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinians would still be attacked by settlers. “Without Ezra…..” Palestinians would have no one to call when they worry, under attack. “His name is Ezra”

…. Wow, all this by himself, single handedly?

Oh My Oh My… What a Jewish-Israeli hero we have here….!

What would poor internationals, poor Palestinians and their children do without him?

Does it not appear obvious, how obscenely manipulative this is?

This appalling obscenity did not happen in a vacuum, by sheer coincidence. Is it really difficult to comprehend that beyond all this attention, exaggeration and hyper-celebration of a such a persona there must be an agenda that is obviously divergent from Palestinians’ agenda?

Thus, is it hard to see that those who engage in diverting the attention from Palestinians to “Israelis”, from Palestinian suffering to “Israeli” suffering, from defending Palestinians to defending “Israelis” and from the aspiration of Palestinians to the aspirations of “Israelis” are indeed sabotaging the consensus that unite supporters of Palestine?

Is it not obvious that such diversion stands in stark contradiction with the general aims of any group that supports the Liberation of Palestine and Palestinians? How in the world would this reflect well on a group which calls itself “Friends of Palestine”?

So far, the picture does look pretty grim: they have alienated many activists, including the only Palestinian on board. No method was spared: lies, false accusations, defamation, personal attacks, meddling in private affairs and even psychological and emotional manipulations. Thus the humanist aims being polluted, discourse being stifled, information filtered, and without even realizing the Friend of Palestine group has been steered away from supporting the Liberation of Palestine, to supporting “peaceful coexistence” with “Israeli” war criminals and “former-terrorists” to be.

One would’ve hoped that a group calling itself “Friends of Palestine”, would have more capacity of independent thinking, and more astute ability to refuse to be hoodwinked or manipulated. How would this reflect on an organization that was established to support Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for Liberation? Considering the category of crimes Palestinians are exposed to, namely Genocide, considering the intensifying nature of such crimes, daily theft of land and property and the abhorrent hasbara that accompany such wickedness; these type of betrayals and crippling behaviour are a disgrace. But alas, the group has succumbed to the manipulations of few individuals who while hiding behind some faked efficiency which can be resumed in one sentence: “There’s nothing to think about or scrutinize, let’s go out distribute leaflets or let’s do a fundraiser”, thus preventing other members from perusing true understanding of the ENORMITY of the CATASTROPHE of Palestine:

Never mind using intelligently the individual talents and competences of LFOP’s members;

Never mind the ever-diminishing size of the group;

Never mind the abuse of the website and its potential by few members;

And above all: Never mind that the achievement of our goals of defeating the Jewish-Zionist occupiers of Palestine is simply not possible without comprehensive understanding of their ideology, their motivations, their method of operation and the VITAL ROLE of the global network of their supporters. Pity Palestine . . . Pity the World . . . to have such Control-Freaks and Political Commissars as “Peace-Activists” ! ***** crypto-zionists: They believe that “Jewish-Israelis” who occupied Palestine by wars of aggression have the right to keep what they acquired by conquest, have the right to colonize and reside in Palestine permanently (according to them giving land and property back to Palestinians will create another injustice!). ————————————————————————- ————————————————————————- From LFOP’s website:

“Merseyside Jews for Peace and Justice is an independent Merseyside organisation that campaigns for peace and justice in the Middle East. We work closely with Liverpool Friends of Palestine, e.g. organising public meetings, doing educational work and participating in joint activities. We also are in close contact with other Jewish organisations with similar aims, across the world. Some months ago, Jewish Voice for Peace and Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky and Neve Gordon reported the arrest of one of Israel’s most courageous human rights activists. His name is Ezra Nawi. Since then, over 11,000 people have written 110,000 letters to the Israeli attorney general and various embassies, and 20,000 have watched the remarkable video of his false arrest for trying to stop the demolition of a Bedouin Palestinian home. The outpouring has been amazing, and has strengthened all of us working to make a moral and just world. But the message has not gotten through, not yet. In the last month alone, Ezra has been arrested four times, twice in Susya and twice in Hebron, only to be released a few hours later with no charges. The last time he was arrested was right after this campaign began. His name is Ezra Nawi We need more letters, more media stories and more activism. This time, we will not only direct your letters to the embassies but also to the Minister of Public Security demanding that the police stop harassing Ezra. Ezra is just weeks or even days away from the sentencing. He may be sent to jail. I find myself starting to imagine the unimaginable, life without Ezra. Without Ezra, it would be extremely difficult for international activists to stay permanently in the south Hebron villages so they can help and protect families. Without Ezra, the school children of Tuba might still be taking the long way to school to avoid walking near the violent settlers. Without Ezra, the farmers of Gawawis, a small village that was occupied by settlers, would not have been able to return to their lands. Without Ezra, the people of Tuwane might still be enduring attacks by settlers from the Ma’on outpost every Friday night, and have no access to most of their lands. Without Ezra, many of the families in the South Hebron area would have no one to call when they are under attack, trapped at checkpoints, or worried about their homes. Write a letter now so none of us has to imagine life without Ezra Nawi, not even for a day. His name is Ezra Nawi.

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