You want a solution ? !! Here it is




You want a solution ? !! Here it is


To the zionist thieves:

If the zionist occupiers truly want peace… peace is nigh

Glamorous writings, pretence of humanity, lengthy debates, polished sentences, and cloak oneself with fake peace lyrics, cannot conceal the SIMPLE REALITY:

The ONLY way to PEACE is through JUCTICE

All they have to do is to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property

Palestine should be reunited with her beloved people

Villages should be allowed to rejoice with embracing their treasured farmers who’ve been forced out

You want to have peace, zionist occupiers?

You will get it if and when you:

Give back all stolen land and property

Allow all dispossessed refugees to return home

Stop your people from stealing our land

Stop your people from constructing an apartheid wall

Stop your people from building settlements on stolen land

Stop your people from demolishing our homes

Stop your people from dissecting our land with checkpoints

Stop your people from bombing us

Stop your people from shooting our children

Stop your people from imprisoning our youth and elected leaders

Stop your people from having different laws for different people

Stop your people from suffocating our freedom

Stop your people from turning our towns into concentration camps

Stop your people from causing us more suffering (which never ceased for almost a century)

And Pleeeeeeeeease, stop reiterating this blather that both parties are guilty!!!

We were living peacefully in OUR HOMELAND which the Zionist decided to STEAL and COLONIZE

Under all human and divine laws; we have the right to DEFEND ourselves from those who wanted to STEAL, OCCUPY and COLONIZE our land

YOU and YOUR PEOPLE have NO right to ATTACK us and CLAIM our HOMELAND just because you are Jewish and that God gave you our land!

Reconciliation comes AFTER you and your people GIVE BACK what was STOLEN from us, namely our PALESTINE

GOT that, zionist occupiers?

Read it several times until it sinks in

I reiterate, what is needed is for the THEIF to give up what he has stolen BEFORE any reconciliation begins

You CANNOT steal the land AND keep it then plead innocence, ask for forgiveness and reconciliation WHILE the real owners are starving, in ghettos, languishing in refugee camps; exiled and dispossessed

You and your people MUST GIVE BACK what you have stolen and GIVE UP your privileges that you have bestowed upon yourselves because of your Jewishness, namely the so called “right of return” (Aliyah) to each and every Jew, from each and every race, country and corner of the globe


A whole country

Your people have ethnically cleansed my people

Your people deny me and my people the right of return to our homes and orchids

My own personal land was confiscated and they built the colony of ramot alon on it!!

Yet, you still have the guts to come pleading innocence, pretending to want peace but offer us scraps of our STOLEN PALESTINE !!!

You stole the land and want us to accept that as a “forever-reality”, and accept YOU as partners of a peaceful future without giving us our rights and land back??

Furthermore, you dare to equate our legitimate self defence, resistance, and struggle for justice and freedom with your crimes of theft, ethnic cleansing and AGGRESSION!!

Our struggle against the occupation is not -as you try to present it- tit for tat hysteria and love of violence; it’s a struggle to gain back what was stolen from us, to gain back our freedom, and our rights

NO … NO… zionist thieves and occupiers

This sick kind of immorality is nauseating

If you truly want peace… you ought to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property before asking us to have peace with you

STEALING our Palestine is the biggest robbery in history:

If some homeless steals a house that belongs to someone else, this is theft, and it will always be, no matter how many people or judges vote for it to make it OK, no matter how many petitions or court orders are obtained by the thief in the name of his suffering or poverty.

Theft is theft.

Stolen property that was acquired by force against the wish of the rightful owner could never become lawful, moral or authentic right of the thief.
The stolen home can never become rightly owned by the thief even if he calls it “home”

Palestine was STOLEN unethically and immorally by the Zionists.

When Zionists violently, unethically, and with the use of genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing acquired our Palestine, the land was already belonging to someone else.
It was already owned by its native people

When Palestine was divided, Palestinians (the true owners of the land) were never asked!! Their objection was dismissed! And heir wishes were ignored!

So, if the Zionists start calling our stolen homes and land theirs, it will NOT become theirs; simply because it was acquired forcefully, unethically, immorally, and even illegally.

The UN, Europeans, and the world community did not own Palestine, Palestinian did

A third party cannot give away to someone something which belongs to someone else! Even with the vote of the whole of humanity

What is immoral IS immoral

Palestine which was owned by the Palestinians was given away by Europeans to compensate for their crimes against the Jews

Neither the Europeans nor the world community have the right to do so

Palestine was UNETHICALLY acquired by the Zionists through a process of severe injustice: land grab, racist laws, ethnic cleansing, ruthless murder, and genocide

A whole lot of people who came from all over the world attacked us and STOLE our homeland, dispossessed us, oppressed us, and still do so: all in the name of a mythical claim that goes back thousands of years in history

This is by far the biggest robbery human history has ever known!

No amount of polishing or glossing over could change this ugly fact

If your people could acknowledge this grave injustice, and could feel our grievances and pain, and if your people could say: “we love this land and we would like to live in Palestine in peace as humans with equal rights, and responsibilities regardless of our religion or culture and without being superior lawmakers or oppressive thieves” and if they could say that they are prepared to give back what they’ve stolen; then we would welcome them as our brothers and sisters, we would be able to forgive them, and we would have no problem in sharing with them everything we have.

But if your people still insist in dismissing us as human beings, keep oppressing us, stealing more and more of our land, and keep enjoying the privileges that they claimed exclusively for themselves on our expense and continue to build their nation on the ruins of ours; while refusing to give us back what is rightfully ours, and then claim victim-hood, and plea that it’s not practical to go back in time and give the stolen lands and properties back, then the process of reconciliation cannot even begin!

Your people claimed Palestine by going back some 3 thousand years in time, and we are asked not to go back 60 years?!!!

At this point in time, we have NOTHING to offer, zionist thieves, we have lost everything, if anyone would be able to change this grave, vile, despicable, mad and evil situation, it’s your people.

You ought to be working on convincing your people to give back the stolen land of Palestine, and to work for the right of Palestinian refugees to return home

The way forward comes through acknowledging the crimes you’ve committed AND correcting them

The ONLY way to PEACE is through JUCTICE

Got that, zionist occupiers?

I repeat:

If you truly want peace… you ought to GIVE BACK ALL stolen land and property

When that happens, our land could easily absorb good Jewish people who wish to live in peace with us, in Palestine
But no zio-nazi superiority is tolerable:
Free yourselves from the master race mentality
Free yourselves from the arrogance of your might and power
Free yourselves from your paranoid delusions that God gave you this land

What is most urgently needed -to achieve lasting and real peace- is to STOP ALL the zionist incessant ugly racism, supremacy, aggression and assault, to put a halt to your crimes, and to take a serious look in the mirror as a whole “population” and see what monsters have you have become!

You need to address within your immoral and utterly sick society the obscene injustices you’ve inflected upon us
You need to deal with the hideous, corrupt, aggressive, militarized and wicked society you they have become

Before worrying about hate and distrust, you aught to be worrying about the crimes of your people and the injustices they have committed -and still committing- and how to facilitate for justice to run its course, and how to restore back the rights of millions that you have violated.

That requires an inner reflection of you as a whole people, it requires an honest and sincere look within yourselves, serious questioning of the “history” that you were taught, a bursting of the bubble that you are living in, it requires that you stop all your acts of aggression, theft of land, humiliation, murder, and destruction of our community, and above all, it requires that you step down from the high ground that you placed yourselves on, and be prepared to GIVE UP ALL the privileges that you have bestowed upon yourselves by the “virtue” of your Jewishness!

It also requires restoring our rights back including the right of return of all refugees, AND the compensation to ALL those who suffered from your Frankenstein creation of the racist Zionist entity.

Then and only then peace is possible

If you make a start by:

0) Stop all form of your terror

1) Stop the outrageous laws of Aliyah which allows any Jew to colonize Palestine for his/her Jewishness

2) Correct the wrongs you have committed by giving us our homes and land back

3) Address the racism in your monster creation, and restore our rights as human beings back, the right to live peacefully and move freely with dignity without humiliation and oppression, and with our humanity respected as your equals not your inferiors

4) Give all our refugees the right to return to their villages and towns

Then and only then; we can say: “we will forgive you”.

We will NOT say as your people do; “never forget, never forgive”

We will forgive you.

But wasting time by coming in here or creating myriad chat rooms in fake pretence of searching for peace, in an attempt to beautify a supremely ugly face of theft and occupation, and to conceal hideous crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide, without being ready to STOP your CRIMES or GIVE UP what YOU have STOLEN is FUTILE

In simple words:


Now which part of that sentence you don’t understand, zionist thieves?

Nothing left to say!






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