Ashraf in the park

Ashraf in the park 

It was an autumn Friday morning

Children in their schools

Little Ashraf was lonely

How about… going out to the park ? I said

His face lit up with joy

Got ready in no time


When we got there

He couldn’t even wait to put on his hat

So exited… he ran out ever so fast 


We were delighted to see him so happy

Running… Jumping… experiencing the freedom of no curfew

The freedom to play with no soldiers around


My friend Hanifa whispered with joy

Let him do what ever he likes

Let him play… let that be his day

We’ll just watch from a distance

So, he doesn’t get hurt


Ashraf ran to the slide

Suddenly… stopping… standing there frozen

Not knowing what to do


After a while

He ran towards the swings

Suddenly… stopping… frozen yet again

Not knowing what to do


Moved towards the see-saw

He didn’t do a thing

Then he was moving from one ride to the other

Without even trying to try anything

He didn’t know.. what to do

He simply didn’t know… how to play


Tears filled out our eyes

And, we decided to go… help him

Show him how to play


I convinced him to try the swing

Sitting in the swing… frozen

He begged me not to push

I am scared… I am so scared

He kept on saying


Its ok sweetheart

Let’s try something else

That colourful rocket… over there

Unlike the swing it doesn’t move at all

All you have to do Ashraf

Is to climb up the steps to get to the top


Clinging on to me

He anxiously said

And then what?

What if the rocket takes off?


We moved on to the slide

Where we helped him

To climb up the few steps

All he needs to do then

Is to cross over the wooden bridge

To reach to the other side

He couldn’t move a foot… yet again


Hanifa, my friend decided to climb up

To help him cross to the other side

She gave her hand saying

Come on Ashraf

You can do it


Shaking… holding on so tight

He bravely ran towards her

She gave him a big hug

Wonderful  … you’re so brave

She said


A big sigh of relief

From little Ashraf, saying

I made it !!

I passed the check-point

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