Little Boxes

Little Boxes


Little boxes… little boxes… little boxes…

-Do you believe in God?
-I am a scientist, I don’t do religion

-Do you think we are here for a purpose?
-I am a biologist, I don’t do theology

-Can you see the splendour in this equation?
-I am an artist, I don’t do mathematics

-Isn’t this garden just fascinating?
-I am an accountant, I don’t do botanic

-Do you like this poem?
-I am a chemist, I don’t do poetry

-Do you think drinking water is good for you?
-I am a physicist, I don’t do nutrition

-What do you think of the war on terror?
-I’m a priest, I don’t do politics

-Do you like this ruby-red colour in my painting?
-I am a politician, I don’t do art

-Do you think there was once a country called Palestine?
-I am an historian; I don’t do geography

-Do you think separating people with a wall mounts to apartheid?
-I am a solicitor, I don’t do international law

-Do you think people have the right to choose their faith?
-I am an atheist; I have no time for irrationality and superstition

-Do you think Muslim women should have the right to choose the way they dress?
-I am a secular free-thinker; I don’t like offensive religious symbols

-Do you think killing thousands of innocent people is a war crime?
-I am policeman; I don’t voice my opinion

-Do you agree with bombing schools and children?
-I am a teacher; I don’t take sides

-Do you agree with the right of self-defence?
-I am a Christian; I always turn the other cheek

-Do you think boycotting a tyranny could be fruitful?
-I am a shopkeeper; I get the best value for money, I don’t care where it comes from

-Do you agree with illegal settlement, and land confiscation?
-I am a journalist; I have to give an impartial view

-Do you oppose oppression and occupation?
-I am a human right advocate; I have to be neutral

-Do you feel guilty after shooting little boys for throwing stones?
– I am a soldier; I only follow orders

-Doctor… doctor… I had enough, I think I am going mad, I feel sick, can’t breath, I’m trembling, sweating, aching all over, help me…

-I am an orthopaedic; I only do bones

When you come to see a doctor, you can’t be vague; you’ve got to be precise:
Is this pain in your lower abdomen or upper thigh?
Is it at the tip of your fingernail or at the bottom of your ear?
Is it in your left nostril or your right toe?
Is it above your hip or beneath your eye-brow?
I did my PHD in MCP (metacarpophalangeal joint ) known as knuckle/ finger joint;

Do you realize?
You need to be specific; I need to know before referring you to the relevant specialist,


– GRRRRRRR… Stop right there… Let me out

I don’t want your medicine

I don’t want to be trapped

I want to knock the walls down

I want to run out

I want to be the person I am … The authentic me

Whole… Flowing… Connected…

Winged… Untamed… Organic and… Free





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