Repeat after me: “The Earth is Flat”

If you are one of those who think it might be a good idea to properly investigate the crime of 9/11; you become a “conspiracy theorist“.

Worse, if you somehow have a niggling doubt in your heart about the “factual narrative” of the event, and secretly, deep inside your head, think the words: “inside job“; you become a heretic.

But far far worse, if you suspect that a “foreign entity” might have a hand in it, that for sure qualify you as a full blown anti-Semite.

The 9/11 narrative of the establishment, like other previous narratives, is sacred.

To be an Agnostic, is NOT permissible.

To have doubts is NOT an option.

To struggle with believing is a criminal act.

Worse, to disbelieve; you are in for a lot of trouble. . . BE WARNED.

Imagine the surprise of the officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis

Zionist Involvement in 9/11


Never mind all the above, if you find that laws of physics are broken, blame your thick scull, if you find that testimonies contradict the conclusion, blame it on your hearing aid, if the images don’t make sense, blame it on your new glasses.

It’s so simple you see, all you have to do is to believe; just have faith in the “religion” and its own “Ten Commandments”:

Now, repeat after me: “I Believe in 9/11”

“Thou shall Never Forget 9/11”

“Thou shall believe the official narrative of 9/11 and every other narrative as told by the establishment”;

“Thou Shall be called a “conspiracy theorist”, if you ask any questions or voice any doubts”

Thou Shall be called a heretic, if you think of words like “inside job”;

Thou Shall be called an anti-Semite if you think words like “outside job”;

“Thou Shall bless and serve angelic Israel with all thy heart”;

“Thou shall never use words like: Cover-Up“;

“Thou Shall put the needs and security of Israel above your own”

“Thou Shall glorify the gurus of the 9/11 commission and only mention their names with reverence”

“Thou Shall learn about the “facts” from a very young age”

“Thou Shall establish a 9/11 memorial museum in every city”

“Thou Shall wage a “war on terror”, against the “Islamist enemy”, indefinitely”

“Thou Shall sacrifice your privacy, freedom and intellect, at the altar of security”

3 Responses

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  3. […] The problem of manipulating world policies through False-Flag operations. (access to information denied by accusation of being a conspiracy […]


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